Attack on Dust by SweetLittleVampire

On that day, the dust under our beds received a grim reminder. O__O

Little fanart of this gem by the lovely shikarius. Asked permission via askaheichou.
Thanks for allowing me to draw this piece! ♥

Levi Ackerman / Shingeki no Kyojin © Hajime Isayama
Idea & original picture © shikarius

…I wish the Shingeki outfits had fancier variations, beyond the game outfits….

(heavily inspired by Thores’s novel illustrations, Heika’s SnK outfit, and my own love of excessive belts.  This ain’t done at all, and I gave up before doing anything on the back/longer bits, and screw my designs for fancier 3dmg and oversized weapons. >.< Will I ever finish? Will I finish Eren’s? We’ll see…. >.>)

*posts too late again whoops*


  1. Scar Wax is awful, liquid latex next time
  2. Ear fins are always laying around my room… until I actually need them
  3. Dyeing one’s tongue with navy food dye works for… maybe 2 minutes. Also ew.

So heeeey~ I was recording today and afterwards decided to add some on for MerLevi before showering. It’s all a bit rough and now my teeth are blue, but it was fun.


Pictures from before and after the Eruri meetup at AX! 

Erwins: papaerwin, napalm9, nikitachikita005, bolo-tie-babe

Levis: shikarius, angryoldheichou, taymeho

Krista: asksmallgoddesschild

Ymir: siriex

Hanji: askerenscreeper

I know I missed a few people, so if you know who the other cosplayers are, please let me know!


Well shit   yea it was fucking 8 am so i froze my ass off. thanks anon

I nominate my parents arseniksofficial and shikarius. have fun getting wet.

(not full cosplay sorry i didnt want to destroy my entire costume)

it’s blurry too but im not redoing it~if you click the image it comes up in better quality yo~