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Do you think that there is a chance that Shikane will become canon and end up together? I just stumbled over that weird interview where the writer says he understands how ppl see them as romantic but it's more than that - it was quite a weird wishy washy answer. Like are they just buddies or more?

I don’t really think there’s a chance, no, but there is absolutely more between them than a platonic relationship. I think the writers are way too sold on what they planned vs. what the story became (and not just with Shinkane–I mean that in a number of ways, which is where a lot of my criticism of the newer installments comes from). What they referred to in the interview is the lovey-dovey kind of love anyway, not romance in what our sense of it in the English language entails, which is pretty broad. Seems to be a really common issue in translations. This isn’t the only series it’s happened in, or so I’m continually finding.

That said, I don’t think it’ll happen not because it’s not written in or because there’s some great reason behind why it won’t. I think it won’t happen because the writers seem far more keen on moving away from character in favor of Plot™. It’s a shame, because so many loose ends could be salvaged if they’d just turn inward again, Shinkane or not. In the end, characters are more important than any plot and certainly more important than any ship. The thing is, the writers just seem perfectly comfortable in leaving said characters and the connections among them stagnant.