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Shikatema prompt: the moments after the first time they have sex

writing is weird after studying shakespeare for 3 weeks and nothing else 

What happened after, wasn’t something Shikamaru really wanted to think about.

There was no way to plan for it, no method or idea or execution to after. He didn’t even have the comfort of sleep afterward, for sleep came with the silence of thought – and, contrary to the usual aftereffects of sex, his brain didn’t want to be quiet. Certainly not now, as his mind was abuzz with snatches and thoughts that were (while not unpleasantly) disjointed just moments before. Coherency was welcome once more, but with coherency comes the inevitability of consequence – this: the after.

He sighed.

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ShikaTema Headcanon
  • Marriage official:And I just need your ID and we'll finalize the marriage certificate.
  • Temari:I'm a shinobi from Suna, we don't carry ID.
  • Marriage official:oh.... um... then I can't... give this to you.
  • Temari:Excuse me?
  • Shikamaru:Tem.
  • Temari:You want ID?
  • Shikamaru:Temari.
  • Temari:Go open a freaking textbook on the shinobi war and you'll see my name.
  • Shikamaru:Oh hell.
  • Temari:Or we can just call the Kazekage and he'll come verify my identity.
  • Temari:Oh! Or we can pull up my criminal record from the time I killed those Konoha shinobi. Is that suitable ID?
  • Shikamaru:*takes certificate from official* Don't worry about it, buddy, I'm your superior anyway.