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Transparent Seiyuu’s for your seiyuu needs! (the random background next to shiki is not mine, its just a filler image)

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So I usually don’t write long fanfiction because it’s hard for my brain to connect concepts to paper or the computer in this case in a coherent format.  However, I am going to try because I have some time before classes and work consumes me.  I plan on posting all snipplets on tumblr and then hopefully posting a completed fic of the connected snippets onto fanfiction and ao3.  Everyone is welcome to suggest ideas because its been years since I have read fma and I don’t remember too much of it.  This fic can be found under the tag #fma dos xover.

So the premise for this fic, it begins shortly after Xerxes is sacrificed for the philosopher’s stone and just as Pride is being created.  Shikako falls into the fma universe because of a sealing accident and realizes that she won’t get a chance to return until the barriers thin or the gate opens again.  Which turns out to be when Amestris is going to be sacrificed for the philosopher’s stone, also known as several hundred years.  She is one of the bodies and souls offered up to create Pride.  Shikako uses her experience as a reincarnation and her determination to return to her team and Shikamaru to fuel her drive to be the dominant soul.

The fic will focus partially on Shikako’s ruthlessness that emerges in order to return to her precious people.  Her goal is to return home and she doesn’t really care about what happens to other people after the first few years, decades.  Her “humanity” begins to return once she starts to interact with the Elric brothers.  After this point, her plan is to give her philosopher’s stone to the Elrics and use the Gelel stone to heal herself of the damage.  The Elric brothers’ relationship pains her at time because it reminds her of hers and Shikamaru’s.  The story would probably end with the Naruto universe reaching out to her and her returning.  The time difference will also be significant.  It will literally be hundreds of years for her while for the Naruto verse it has only been a few months.

Right now, the possible snippet ideas include the creation of Pride, meeting the Elrics for the first time, reasonable meetings points between her and the Elrics, her “death” scene that I already wrote, and returning home.  I would appreciate any help with this, whether it is just ideas or snippets or reminding me of fma events.  Credit will be given to any who helps with this. I also welcome any Naruto verse perspectives.  Since most of this is going to start on tumblr, the tag #fma dos xover and #shades of pride are going to be used.  Also, I need a title for this and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks to anyone who contributes.

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Headcanon for Kakashi's favorite - Naruto thinks Shikako because Kakashi will give her the training she asks for - like boring evasion training. Shikako thinks Sasuke because of Chidori, more focused training, some similar issues, and because she remembers it that way. Sasuke thinks it's Naruto because Kakshi never subjected him to personal training.

Hehe, I love that Sasuke’s reasoning is directly counter to both of the others. ‘Never subjected’… hah. 

-Silver Queen

I’ve been horrible about maintaining my tumblr lately because I’ve had a lot of non-Naruto related art projects to work on. Does fan art make up for it? Here is a drawing of Shikako and Shikamaru from the latest chapter of @dosbysilverqueen’s story “Dreaming of Sunshine.” I just love the relationship between the twins so much. This is the moment when a badly injured Shikamaru starts to stumble and Shikako body flickers to him to steady him. I was going to draw it from a more distant perspective, but I wasn’t sure how to go about the fake ink arm that Sai had created.