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You’re his celebrity crush and you say your ideal type is another member (B1A4)

Jinyoung: -You said if you had to pick a member of B1A4 as your ideal type you’d pick Cha Sunwoo. So Baro was checking to make sure there was no hard feelings but Jinyoung was still pissed- *gif*

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Sandeul: -they were watching to see who each member of your group would pick from B1A4 and when it came to you, you said that you found the youngest member Gong Chan Shik very attractive and Junghwan wanted none of that- “no no no Y/N you’re supposed to love M E not the maknae”

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CNU: -it wasn’t that you didn’t like Dongwoo it was the fact you liked Sandeul a bit more and you felt horrible saying it. Fans were well aware that he liked you and now all he wanted was Junghwan dead- “run now Junghwan run”

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Baro: -he was having a hard time accepting it because you guys were good friends and he even said he liked you but during an interview you said you liked Jinyoung a pinch more than you like Sunwoo but you loved both boys very much. Jinyoung kept telling him that he’d never date you because the fact one of his friends was inlove with you already-  “that doesn’t help the fact she likes you better than me Jinyoung, I don’t know if I can look at her the same now”

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Gongchan: -Dongwoo held a special place in your heart because he was your childhood friend but that didn’t stop Chanshik was inlove with you. During an interview you were asked which boy you’d date and you responded either Dongwoo or Chanshik but most likely Dongwoo since he was your age- “that’s not fair I can’t she’s my noona”

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