shik gong


Attention please! Due to a blockage on our track, we have stopped at East Daegu Station. We should either wait for the rescue team, or we’ll have to reach Busan in another train. As soon as I end this announcement, I will find a working train and put it on left most track. I repeat, left most track. If you’re alive, please transfer safely! Godspeed. 

- Train to Busan; 부산행  (2016)




Train to Busan (2016)

Director - Yeon Sang-ho, Cinematography - Lee Hyung-deok

Snakes on a Plane? How about Zombies on a Train. This fast paced South Korean disaster/survival movie delivers on thrill and entertainment. For what seems like a pretty simple story it sure had really good characters and above all I felt it had alot of heart to it.