shijiro aragaki

Dear ventace,

That’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. Not like I was allowed to do it, but, screw that. Someone’s gotta smack some sense into Aki’s head and I’m not gonna let some cosmic-order-bullcrap get in my way there after four years.


You’re still stuck up in the past, aren’t you? You should straighten up and allow yourself to be a bit proud of what you’ve done too. What you guys pulled back then was amazing. And there’s a ton of people who admire you. Like Ken or that girl you had the match with at that Tournament. So stop holding yourself down with how you couldn’t protect me or anyone else. I’m sick of your moping about how much stronger you still need to get every time you stop by. Sure, improving is good, but… wear your head a bit higher, ‘aight? 

Telling you that and telling Ken to keep looking forward… Maybe, apologizing to Mitsuru for giving her a hard time. I’d see as a reason to come down here for. 

…Heh. You haven’t changed. Always complaining about how I do things. But don’t think you’re getting off this easily…!

> Akihiko tries to throw a punch right in Shinjiro’s face.

> It goes straight through,


…Heh. Sorry, this will have to wait a while a longer. But I swear, once we’re there, we’ll make it a good one.

…Hm. Right. I’ll hold you by that.

~Shinjiro Aragaki

~Akihiko Sanada