Mushrooms by Sara Ghedina


Savory spicy rabbit loin.
December 12, 2016

Rabbit loins browned in bacon fat, The pan was de-glazed with a pale ale, then the rabbit was pressure cooked with carrot, onion, potato, pepper, tomato, and a heaping load of shiitake mushroom. It was served with brown rice, splash of apple cider vinegar, kicked up a notch with a garlic chili paste. Sided with a seaweed and fresh herbs.

With as much experimentation as we do with cooking it is not uncommon to miss the intended flavor set. But, we nailed this one. The flavors were so balanced and the spice from the chili paste worked so well with the tender rabbit loin and fresh herbs.

I hope our latest post find you guys staying warm and excited about what it is you’re doing.