BBRAE WEEK Day 1-Midnight 

I have this idea that beastboy and raven do cute cuddly things in the wee hours of the night when everyone else is sleeping VuV! Don’t worry, they keep it PG ;) They probably cuddle and smooch and play videogames and stuff. They just don’t let the others know about it ;) Happy BBRAE week 2015!! 

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  • people in the ladybug fandom: I mean, yeah, Ladynoir is cute and all, but we really need more stuff for other ships!
  • Me: *looks up from ladynoir fanfiction, while sitting in a pile of ladynoir fanart and ladynoir edits, listening to ladynoir playlists while thinking about ladynoir headcanons, while wearing adrinette footie pajamas and a marichat hat for good measure* other... ships...?

Me: *reblogging my ships and minding my own business* This ship is sooo good!

Random person: EWW!! Why do you ship that?*queue a series of different reasons why my ship is awful and not popular with the masses* 

Me: *Looks at the person with fire in my eyes and a demonic smile* Why? Because I can. Because I like it. Because you can’t stop me.

so give me a smile or give me a sneer → a teen!dipper/pacifica fanmix | FOR LISSI, who drew the cover art (i colored it; forgive me)

(feat. owl city, carly rae jepsen, freelance whales, motion city soundtrack, & more) 



Bacon Rebellion - a fast, fun and frantic top down roguelike shooter that sees you fending off hordes of bloodthirsty pigs with all manner of deadly weaponry, from flamethrowers to Worms-style exploding sheep!

You play lonely shepherd who’s pasture has been invaded by thousands of crazed pigs, you’re not going down without a fight though - you’ll have 12 weapons, 18 perks and 8 power-ups to aid your plight.  As you shoot, stab, burn and blow up pigs you’ll earn XP, level up, choose from a selection of perks and play with a nice selection of deadly firepower.

It’s a fun game, that plays like an endless horde mode roguelike, with you tooling up with various stackable perks as you attempt to squash the bacon rebellion.

Play The Full Game, Free

Shipping problems #6

When Otp makes something adorable and then it just kinda crumbles and turns into a fight.

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