Ino glanced over at the ‘fanart’ of herself with her labcoat as well as the hat that some of the more permanent medical ninja tended to wear… and she was skipping and holding hands with wait for it- Uchiha Shisui.

The fanart was incredibly cute.

But dead WRONG.


I’m either shopping or leading him to a ditch.”

あの酒盗のしいの食品からモダンな珍味が。カルパッ珍シリーズだー。いかバジルとタコのガスパチョが好きたな。冷えた白ワインね!#shiino #igfanjp (Instagramで撮影)





I did the package illustration of the released “Eno cat” cookie from a “Shiino food state Co., Ltd.”.
I drew a cat with a fish in its mouth backed by scenery of Enoshima Japan.
I sell it in several shops along the Enoshima approach to a shrine and net shop “delicacy shop" now. 

Everybody of the cat lover thanking you in advance.

i used to laugh at shiino’s room, like man this chick’s a mess, and then i started drawing manga and lemme tell ya, her room is no different than mine now.