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Beach Shenanigans Part One!

Hoshi and Subaru are up first!


Hoshi was arguably the most excited when the families were informed that Karlheinz was affording the lot of them an all expense paid beach vacation. He rented them a house large enough for the fourteen of them to stay in and Hoshi had been dragging poor Subaru here and there the entire time. But what was the poor man to do when she looked at him and asked to go to the Aquarium?

Mother fucker booked and bought aquarium tickets for the two of them by God. And now here he was staring at a small Stingray that he was told he could touch. Hoshi was fearlessly dipping her hand in and petting the creatures. He just stared at them… Confused and concerned.

“Just touch it!” Hoshi encouraged, giggling as the stingray swam past her fingers.


“No! Toooouuucchhh iiiiittt!” She whined. A small Nurse shark swam towards the pair and Hoshi snatched up her brother’s wrist.

“OI!” he paused as his hands glided over the slick skin of the shark, and Subaru tensed. Hoshi giggled, seeing her little brother relax as the shark nudged past his hand and continued its journey around the tank.

“See? Wasn’t that great?” she smiled.

Subaru would never admit that he was scared, and nodded numbly, still processing the fact that he just touched a goddamn shark.

Subaru huffed and walked away from the tank as Hoshi skipped along behind him towards the squids, Octopi, Starfish and Jellyfish tanks. They were kept together under a blacklight to help simulate the darkness of the deep ocean.

“Squish!” Hoshi giggled, tapping the glass lightly where a jellyfish floated past.

“Oi! Momo! Don’t tap it!”

“I just touched the glass Ika, they’re fine,” Subaru grumbled in protest and sighed.

It wasn’t long after they had visited their favorite spots that Hoshi began to get tired and needed to go home. “Ika-nii… I want to go to the gift shop now.” She said, trying to hide the labor in her voice.

“Are you sure? You sound tired, we can come back tomorrow.” he asked worriedly. He knew they had done a lot of walking, and with her excitement, he knew Hoshi would tire herself out quickly.

“Noooo I want to go to the gift shop!” she whined, “I don’t want to go home yet.” Just as Subaru was about to protest, he saw the puppy eyes and couldn’t tell her no. So off to the gift shop they went, Hoshi still excited despite her growing exhaustion.

He grumbled and lead her to the shop by the exit. She was absolutely in love with looking at all the books and souvenirs but simply couldn’t make up her mind. Subaru, himself was browsing, not for himself but for something for his sister. His eyes landing on a plushie that was on the shelf. It’s legs dangled to the floor and when he picked it up it was half as tall as he was. Perfect.

Hoshi, on the other hand, picked up a small key chain with Japanese moss and coral encased in black-backed resin and in it sat a small starfish. She smiled. It was just perfect for him. When they met at check out they both flushed bright red as they saw the gifts but Hoshi happily squealed and snatched up the squid. She handed him the keychain and they both paid for the items and left so Hoshi could have a nap.

After her nap, Hoshi was trotting around the beach house with her new squid in tow. She spotted an unassuming Yuma sleeping on the sofa and smirked as she slunk her way behind the sofa. She stood up and saw him sleeping below her before dangling the legs of her squid over his face and then plopping the head of it on Yuma and crying “SQUISH!!!!!” startling the poor farm boy to the point he fell of the sofa. He grumbled and scolded her while she just giggled and wiggled the legs of the squid at him.


Subaru stood out staring at the ocean before him. His toes were buried in the sand by the tide at this point. He looked to the small keychain in his hand before he felt the tears well up once more. It had been fifteen years since that trip and five since… since she set sail. Her letter said to never miss her when he was by the ocean. She was now the waves and the tide rushing in around his feet was just her hugging him because she had missed him so deeply.

Yeah. He missed her too.

  • Prussia: *pulls out huge canon from back pocket*
  • Austria: What are you doing?
  • Prussia: *faces camera* this is not canon
  • Austria: what
  • Prussia: ..yet *wiggles eyebrows* but this is *shoots canon to nearby ship*
  • Italy: *on the ship* OUR SHIIIIIIP!
  • Germany: *hugs Italy*
  • Prussia: oh my, Japan you got that? *faces camera again*
  • Japan: yes, Prussia-san
  • Austria: Japan, turn that thing off right now, Germany and Italy are drowning! Gilbert do something!
  • Prussia: pfft joy killer
from under the cork tree
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song I'm Not Typing OUt The Song Titles Anymore Because I'm Tired: cameras!??this is probably a metaphor for fame but pATRIck's SOul VoIce IS stARTiNG fuCK ME geNTLY wiTH aCHainsW?? we're only liars buT we'RE THE BEst
  • Of ALl The Gin Joints: hella catchy but what the fuck is he saying patrick baby please o!!! i'VE GOT HEADACHES AND BAD LUCK BUT THEY COUDN'T TOUCH YOU NO--O-O-OO-O-OOO
  • Dance Dance: play this bassline and if i'm within a fifty mile radius i will fling myself through solid walls towards the source of this song!!! patrick's breathing is my sexuality wHY DON'T YOu ShOw ME tHE LiTTle biT of SPine You' vE bEEN SaVING of RHIs mAterREs *looks u in the eye and whispers* loVE *drops mic*
  • Sugar We're Goin' Down: if you play this at my funeral i'll rise out of my coffin screeching aM I MORE THAN YOU BAGAINED FOR YET
  • I've Got A Dark Alley: MAN I'M SO HYPED FROM THE A-SIDEWait wait this is a saD sOng/? peTE WENTZ MY BABY BOY LET ME HOLD YOU AND NOT LeT aNYthiNG toUCh oY YouRE oto peRfevT fo RTHis WOrlD yO'Re noT A Kid WHo dIDNºt MAke iT M bABby
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven: if u listen closely you can hear fetus brendon urie wailing in thsi song. no joke.
  • Sophomore Slump: i swear i'd burn this city down to show you thi glIHT WE'E RHTE HTPEAPR IST BPMPIN YHROU OYU RPSKERS WHAT HTE FUA CKK SI THI? ADSA.>>wait didn't they use this in the a little less sixteen candles video wAIT TINY EMO PEOPLE DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE I STILL HAVE QueStio-
  • Champagne For My Real Friends: what?////? GEtaway cars???? fire??? iit's just past 8 and i don't even understand what he's saying anymore but this tune is hellaso i'm going to make weird noises with my mouth along to him
  • I Slept With Someone in FOB: ?////?//?/ im in a permanent state of confsion nwo???? peteE WENTZ IS SCREAMING????/??? WEDDINGS??????? SEXUAL REFERENCES AS USUAL/?/?/// thIS IS Sog odoOOd
  • A Little Less Sixteen Candles: don't talk to me about this song. we don't talk about this song. we song. we
  • Get Busy Living: oh this sounds nice wait. are. are pete anrd patrick. singing togethe-together give me a moment i'm nt crying there's just a lil from under the corkt ree in my eye
  • XO: when i die play this song as i fall to the ground, lifeless, dramatically i don't care that it's about one night standslOOOOoOooOoSE
  • SIiiIINK
Savage - October 13th, 2016 - ZPD Headqarters
  • <p> <b></b> *Nick and Judy walk into the ZPD together, talking*<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> Welcome back you two!<p/><b>Judy:</b> *waves, nudges and says something to Nick, heads off to her office*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *walks over to Clawhauser, smiles* Hey Ben.<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> *smirks* How did things go? Did you tell her?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *rolls his eyes* No, I didn't. Obviously. The most that happened was I saw her in a bathing suit.<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> *smirks* ooooooh... I bet that made your day...<p/><b>Nick:</b> *laughs dismissively* Yeah sure but... You know how she hates being called 'cute'?<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> Yes...<p/><b>Nick:</b> Well it took all of my willpower not to tell her how adorable she was in her little tankini. *smirks*<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> O-M-Goodness... That sounds so cuuuuute!<p/><b>Nick:</b> Shush! She might hear you.<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> *smiles and shrugs* Anyway, looks like Chief wins the pool since you haven't told her yet. Well, you should tell her soon... If you're going to.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *lowers his voice* What's the rush? It's not like she's going anywhere. I will tell her.<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> I just think you should tell her before Jack gets here.<p/><b>Nick:</b> Who?<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> Jack Savage. Really? You don't know him? He's a secret agent?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *shrugs* What's so special about that?<p/><b>Clawhauser:</b> He's a rabbit in a tuxedo with a voice smooth as butter. Do the math. He gets here tomorrow morning.<p/><b>Nick:</b> ...Oh. Uh... See ya later, Clawhauser. *speedwalks to his and Judy's office*<p/></p>