It was the weekend again, a Saturday to be precise. Frost got up early, much earlier than Perry and even her two pets, Pippin and Artemis. Her bare feet barely made any sound on the floor as she slowly made her way throughout the house. Outside the birds were chirping to the chill weather, and enjoying the last rays of the sun. Who knew when it would start to snow? It could be tomorrow. Hopefully the birds and bird pokemon would leave the island for warmer places before the weather changed dramatically. 

Half an hour passed in more or less quietness. On the floor stood frost’s bag, and frost was right besides it, her eyes closed as she mumbled something, then bowed to a small photo on the mantle piece. “I’ll be there soon” she said, picked up her bag and hurried outside in the chill autumn air. 

The road to the Pallet Hills wasn’t far, and there were barely anyone outside at this early hour. She really didn’t want to talk to anyone right now anyway. This was her alone time. The early hours of each Saturday. The few people she passed was either slowly hurrying along with sleepy expressions, either on their way from a late night of work, or an early morning of work. 

About an hour after Frost had gotten out of bed, she had made it there, standing in front of the row of small stones. Small letters adorned each one. If one didn’t know what to look for, one could take the place as a normal forest clearing with a bunch of just common, plain stones in the middle. On the sides of the makeshift gravestones grew a few wild flowers with different shades of blue and white.

Frost sighed, sat down on her knees and folded her hands up to her chest. “I’m here again…. Have you guys missed me?” she opened her eyes and took out two small bouquets of flowers, putting them besides the stones. She also put one rose of each of the two extra gravestones. Then she started to tell her late friends how she had been the last week.

However, she didn’t notice the blueish fog settling around her and the graves.

New ref and new clothes~ ))

478# Froslass

Snow land pokémon

Name: Shii Frost

Age: 31

Height: 4’11’’/149cm

Team: Acuity

Deathday: July 8th

Likes loose fitting and large clothes to keep her cold near her body instead of letting it out and away from her. She has a cooling system that easily overheats on warm days or when she overexerts herself. Because of her built in cooling system, she has a breath that can be as low as -58F/-50C.

Her biggest fear is to be all alone, forever, and is the reason she didn’t pass on. 

Frost Vs. Cappucino - A battle of Endurance by =Quco

Frost gasped for breath as she was flung backwards yet another time. She and cappucino had been going at it for over an hour now. blood and toxic spit was spread on the ground and frosts ears were filled with an unpleasant buzzing. she had been hit with thunderbolt after thunderbolt with some toxics here and there. she had managed to get poisoned, not too badly thankfully and paralyzed. she could feel her body being more or less numb, and this was after she had used pain split. tat least that meant that cappucino was equally worn out. she could see that. cap hadn’t even wiped way the last toxic remains on her lips, and she had a bad bruise on her face from an earlier ice punch from frost. 
slowly, frost rose to her feet, stamping a bit on the rocky grounds with one foot. one more move. if that didnt decide it… well…. frost was too worn out, she could feel her body being all worn up….. she almost felt sick. she took a deep breath and watched cap as she put up a defensive barrier. not this time. not yet… frost backed up in the air, higher up, further away from her opponent as her fists started to get incased in ice. Cap’s protect failed and frost charged forwards. cappucino fell backwards against some stones, heaving for breath as she raised her hands readying yet another thunderbolt. this wouldn’t be good if that hit frost now. she needed to be quick.

ooc: i need a cool skirt design plz… why are skirts so hard to draw… *sobs*  

so frost’s been in the hospital after a bunch of shit went down. so now that huge scar on her face is gone, she cut her hair. and she’s a little bit more scared than usually. i’m not sure yet, but i’m noticing a slight change in her personality in which she’s gonna turn a bit more quiet, at least for a little while as she recovers. poor thing is gonna be out of commission for a few months. 

and in the mean time… i’m gonna work on some outfits for her. i need a new, cooler one. she deserves something better than the big sweater i usually draw her in. something fashionable…. good thing i’ve saved up so many pictures of clothes~

i want something that makes her look more like a Froslass…. thats much more distinct… and NOT a freaking kimono.

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i’m not sure if i’m feeling giddy or if im nervous that everything and me is going to go to hell, while half of me wants that to happen, while the rest wants a peaceful trip.

oh yes, going to croatia with school.

wish me luck so i dont kill anyone, or anyone kills me….. dear lord, eitherway someones going to die, i bet it’s my sanity. if i ever had one…..

i got some lovely froslass pictures on a steady que for everyone~ in the mean time, have some sexy Frost!