shihfu art


T-shirt design for the awesome band Slime Girls! I screenprinted the shirts myself with the help of a friend about a month ago but didn’t get a good picture of someone wearing it til now. We only printed 4 of them, but I plan on working with the band to print some more in the future :>


Previews of Skullgirls Wallpapers for the IGG rewards! I’m doing these in Illustrator so that they can be sized to whatever I want (I could print them to go on the sides of buildings if I really wanted), and it’s really great practice for using Illustrator! These are just the illustrations for the wallpapers; Brady is going to put them in really spiffy backgrounds and stuff :>

We feel really bad that the backers have been waiting for so long for the digital rewards, so Black and I have been trying to hurry it up but we’re both really busy and actually graduating this semester!! ;3;

Only 7 more characters to go, haha ;_;