shih tsu

The Signs as Dog Breeds

Aries: Doberman (sensible, loyal, fearless, observant)
Taurus: Great Pyrenees (affectionate, easily spoiled, large, gentle)
Gemini: Border Collie (active, easily distracted, well rounded, playful)
Cancer: Whippet (emotional, affectionate, loyal, dependent)
Leo: Shih Tsu (lap dog, curious, loud, big personality)
Virgo: Boston Terrier (active, demanding, adaptable, friendly)
Libra: Labrador Retriever (friendly, outgoing, non-aggressive, willing to go to anyone for affection)
Scorpio: Terrier (aggressively loyal, imprints on one person, undyingly loving to that person, intelligent)
Sagittarius: English Pointer (determined, purposeful, affectionate, active)
Capricorn: Poodle (proud, active, highly intelligent, demanding)
Aquarius: Bloodhound (inquisitive, reserved with strangers, independent, generally friendly)
Pisces: Daschund (empathetic, kind, spacey/lazy, natural carers)


We have like a hundred photos so heres a few of my favorites. He was so grumpy on the way home! But he settled nicely into his area, and played with all of his new toys! Luca was really sad for the first night because he missed his puppy siblings a lot, and on top of that he got scared because he was all alone! 

Also, we had to find a way to carry him into town safely because he can’t be left alone quite yet. We tried the backpack, but ended up just using a huge scarf as a sling and it ended up being safer and more comfy for him

We have dubbed him “actual jellybean” “luca-poop” and “small woof”

Many of you have met my cat, Meringue, since she lives in my apartment but I rarely post about my dog, Toto. He lives at my parents house but he is at my apartment for the week!
He’s my baby ❤
I got him when my dad died in the 4th grade and he helped me heal. He’s the best dog anyone could ask for UvU