New to the Fandom, and Not Sure Where to Start?

Look no further! The Sherlock Welcome Wagon is here to offer you a good cuppa and a slice of Mycroft’s best cake, to give you a guided tour and one-on-one support as you get sucked inevitably into Sherlock hell.

We’ll be here with plenty of fic recs (for every ship, and for those who roll ship-free~), a quick guide on some of the highlights of the fandom over the years (like: “Why the hell is Fawn!lock even a thing??”), and a whole lot more.

So pull up a chair (or a table, or a spot beside a new corpse, or whatever) and get cozy. Send an ask, or get ready for an awesome, supporting space to ask all the questions you might be afraid to ask. @vanetti and @chucksauce (and maybe a few others!) are here for you.