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Miyamoto is vandaag 59 jaar geworden. Miyamoto werkt al sinds ‘77 bij Nintendo en brak door met Donkey Kong en Jumpman. Later werkte hij mee aan de Wii-controller. Maar wat zijn rol precies is, is niet bekend. “Mijn droom is dat de Wii een apparaat wordt dat iedereen beschouwt als het natuurlijke ding naast de TV”, aldus Miyamoto.



iJustine recently managed to sit down and interview Shigeru Miyamoto! She asked about all of the upcoming Nintendo titles, including the ever-so-popular Zelda U! During this interview, we learn not only about their development plans for Zelda U’s world, but also about what to expect when playing it and how it’ll have some form of amiibo support! 

Rather than list all three different topics here and end up making this post extraordinarily long, I’ll just let you guys hear what the man himself has to say! [Or, rather, the translation brought to us by Bill Trinen from Nintendo.] I’m not completely heartless, however, so I will post the timestamps for the different topics in case you just want to hear about Zelda U and not have to sit through a 20-minute interview.

- Development of Zelda U’s World [It’s Size]: 3:25 - 4:30

- Gameplay Design for Zelda U [Sidequests?!]: 4:31 - 5:31

- Possible amiibo Support for Zelda U: 8:00 - 8:34

Everyone remembers their first time

And by that I mean their first In-N-Out burger which is the coolest thing California has given to the world since Steve McQueen. I don’t know if this is Miyamoto’s first time, but it probably won’t be his last. In-N-Out burger’s are delicious as all hell. I’m lucky to have one by my house! Apologies for those not in California.

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