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Behind the scenes: NG scene, and when the actors saw Yuzuru walk in for the first time at the rehearsal.

Abe-san said they only knew when they saw him on the day of filming, at the rehearsal.  Before that, they did not know at all who was acting that role.  When Yuzuru walked in, they were very surprised. (2:25 of video) 

[scene of Yuzu walking in as Lord Date Shigemura, and later he bowed and introduced himself] 

Isoda-san said they first took the script to Yuzuru’s father who read it and said it might be good for Sendai and good to learn about performing.  Later, after father and son had discussed it, they accepted the offer.  

Isoda-san also said he was relieved that Yuzuru got world record scores after that and the filming did not hinder his skating at all. 

(Movie: “Tono, Risoku de gozaru”) (more translations about this in my previous post)