shigeki maeshima



- After seeing this, it only makes me even sadder that this game is a Wii U exclusive. Which also means the game IF ported won’t play very well unless its reworked entirely which means, that PS4 and XboX One gamers won’t see this game on their consoles until 2017 if at all.

I actually dig the new design, but I think the original one still holds some nostalgia. I’m really digging her hair though–frames her face much more, and the earrings accent her face and create a different sense of dynamism in her overall design. It also allows for the other attacks to be more aesthetically pleasing with her silhouette (compositionally).

I hope that this game is secretly being developed for other consoles. I really don’t want to miss out on this game.

I think it’s great that Bayonetta underwent this design change–and while there are some aspects of the original design that I miss I think this design allows for a completely new, and visceral experience playing with Bayonetta.

Also, I fucking love short hair on. Kinda goin’ crazy right now.