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My Dream Avengers Roster

I talk shit about Marvel every day, I mean like every day I talk shit about Marvel. So I decided to do a post where I just have fun as a fan of the characters that Marvel has managed to produce. This post is going to be about the characters, why I would want them in the adventures, and maybe a bit more. Perhaps if you all like this roster I’ll make further posts about how I think interactions and dynamics would work out. Hell if I enjoy making the stuff I could even do a slice of fan fic so do like me know what you think. Also it’s worth noting this is my dream roster for like me to write, or like a writer I really trust cuz most these heroes I trust about 3 writers to do write in the current mainstream talent pull.

Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl: Doreen is the leader of this group of Avengers, it really only makes sense for someone unbeatable to lead a team given that track record would apply to any team she leads too. Doreen has been on several Avengers rosters before and her style of leadership for the avengers would finally have the Avengers really focused on helping people. There would be a lot of trying to talk to baddies and conflict resolution going on.

Angela: Angela has chosen to live in New York, to shop at Ikea, to work a job but you can only do that so long before you want to pay some bills with that Avengers money. I don’t think Angela would sit idly by as bad things are happening so she is a great contender for my avengers roster. I think she also works in pretty nice contrast to all the other heroes in the book since her moral code would be really different than everyone else. Everyone has to be like “Angela no don’t kill them” and Sera jumps up and goes “Baby do it if you want but this is an avengers book, people will be upset. ”

Sera: If Angela is on a team then Sera would sure as hell be on that team too (*coughs at Brian Michael Bendis aka awful writer who is popular*). Sera isn’t just a tag along though, Sera is a powerful trans woman and maybe the most powerful trans woman in all of mainstream comics. Hell as a magical character she is likely on the stronger end able to send magic from Hel to the world of the living, having meta awareness, fighting giant monsters, Sera is an angel who kicks all sorts of ass. I see her really being able to establish herself in the halls of other great meta aware characters given a bigger platform.

White Tiger: I’ll be real here, I really like White Tiger. Ava is a really cool girl, she is Latnix, she is friends with Dorren. Ava should be on the team cuz it’s my damn team and it just makes sense. Seriously she is always a stand out Avenger and has actually only been a highlighted character in Avengers related books.

Ken Shiga/Koi Boi:  Who you gonna call when people are near bodies of water? Well none other than Koi Boi. Ken is one of  Squirrel Girl’s best friends so I think he gets the invite to move up to an avengers team from her. He obviously wanting to be a force for good signs up for any extra chance of heroing. I imagine Ken as the spirit the person who is ready to stick his neck out even when all the chips are down. It’s also great to have a trans man on a team cuz trans characters in general don’t get to join up in the big leagues. Most importantly, Ken would be a really funny addition and would have nice comedic moments.

Kate Bishop: Kate Bishop has the ultimate super power, being good with a bow and arrow. Real talk though Kate is a funny character who would fit in with the rest of the team while being a bit more grounded. She really cares about doing good and she would be really into the idea of being on an Avengers team that is trying to talk things out instead of punch every problem.

America Chavez: The second America heard Kate was going to be on a team of heroes she would sign up. America and Kate are best girlfriends, who are dating in this book, you know gals being pals. She likely also wanted a cool chance to work with Dorren since they have meet before but never really hung out. Oh yah and she is a really powerful superhero who could really help take care of all the bad people they have to deal with. America would be the powerhouse of the team ready to bring the fists or feet needed to taking out a baddie.

Kamala Khan: Kamala Khan is the heart of anything she is in, this lovable nerd just makes so much sense on just about any line up. Obviously Kamala would have to not be committed to any other teams at the time but I think she would be very into the idea of this Avengers team. Fights baddies when you got to but talks things out at other times. Plus there is two adorable couples on this team, time to watch the OTPs in action am I right?

Loki: Goddess of Stories version to be particular, look I’m not going to make any list of Marvel characters unless it’s ones that suck that doesn’t include Loki. Loki is the gender fluid coolest enby around and my heart is always with Loki all the time. Loki pops into the reality deciding to revisit their home reality and is requested to join the new team by Dorren. Beyond that Loki is friends with Kamala, Dorren, America, and Kate. They are also Angela’s sibling so they would have good reason to join up when 6 out of the 9 other team mates are People Loki at least kind of cares about.  It be nice to have Loki on a team without the “Will Loki betray them” because Loki cares about this team.

Nadia Pym:  Ima be honest, I am just really excited for the Unstoppable Wasp by the amazing creative team of Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Carter (and a colorist and letterer that were not announced as far as I know at the time of writing this). I haven’t read much of Nadia but she is super smart and has assassination training. I love that she has a castle inside of a necklace where she does science, that is awesome. Every team needs someone brainy so Nadia in this book would be the person creating the tech for them.


西教寺 by かがみ~


日吉大社 by かがみ~


Yuuki Ogoe as Kaneki Ken for Tokyo Ghoul Stage Play

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