Feeling like a Mayan princess… On top of the world! The Mayan ruins are incredible. There is so much history here, you feel it in the earth.

Tomorrow we are going in the temazcal. Big things are happening. The world is shifting! We are moving mountains with our breath.

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What’s the name that you give to the hurdles in your life? Self-Doubt? Self-Pity? Selfishness? Sellout? Whatever it is, make a plan to separate yourself from wishing you could get over to making a plan on HOW to get over this/these hurdles. Determination and courage are supported by healthy conversations and admissions about your abilities. You can start right now by shifting your perspective from “wishing” to “willing”. #PauseProcessPlanPursue #ShiftYourPerspective #AmazingAwaits #YouCanDoIt

Get into a Good Feeling Place

If you are reading this you probably already know about energy and that everything is connected in a multi-dimensional way. What we think about, we attract and when we’re in a negative space, we get more of the same. When we’re in a good feeling place, we get more to feel good about.

 The Most Important Thing to Do, to Shift your Energies is to find a way to feel better.

 Here are some ideas I use when things don’t feel so great.

Take a nap


Take a shower or splash water on my face

Practice gratitude

Journal about my dream life

Take a walk


Look at pretty pictures online or watch funny cat/dog videos

Do some yoga

Call a friend (but don’t talk about my problems)

Listen to some soothing music

Watch a feel good movie

 Do anything and everything you can think of to Distract yourself and re-set your energies.

Last but not least – Hunker Down. If nothing is working, realize this too shall pass and when you sleep tonight, you’ll slumber and re-set your mind and you can start again tomorrow, in a more positive place.


My #whinefreezone challenge to you today… EVERY TIME you complain, donate $20 to your charity of choice.
OR donate to help sponsor my street pup rescues in Tulum, MX.
Are you in????

If I think about the silly things I complain about compared to how I see some people live here or the thoughts of what would happen if we wouldn’t have taken in the little fur babes… perspective. Take notice of the urge to complain and shift it to find the positive. If you’re about to judge or criticize, stop and say something nice. And if you can’t do that, zip it ;-) Let’s see how we feel by this time tomorrow… share and tag
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