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What’s the impact of an #HourOfCode? We just released a new study showing that after just one hour, more students reported liking computer science, and reported increased confidence towards their ability to do computer science. The group with the largest shifts in attitude and self-efficacy? High school girls.

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Always pivot.

When we note and consider our filter of view, in any situation, we have awareness and the potential to shift our perceptions by changing the lens through which we are perceiving. | sub-Textural | 

“Transcending the ego is to observe it with the Power of Presence from every angle possible inside of you - without any emotional reaction, judgment or personal identification with it.”   ~Anon I mus

You think it’s so easy to change yourself. You think it’s so easy, but it’s not. True, things don’t stay the same forever: couches are replaced, boys leave, you discover a song, your body becomes forever scarred. And with each of these moments you change and change again, your true self spinning, shifting positions— but always at last it returns to you, like a dancer on the floor. Because throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn’t that - just you - enough.
—  Leila Sales, This Song Will Save Your Life

“Every face that I see is but another mask of the Divine in form disguise.” ~Anon I mus

11/11 portal today. We are the creators of the new paradigm! Rebirthing ourselves as we rebirth humanity through our vessels of light. Knowing our value and self worth. Shifting into higher awareness of who we are and why we are here. Knowing what we deserve and how to set boundaries. Creating the new earth with all my brothers and sisters! This is an exciting time! Stepping up and standing up for the truth within us all. The truth of LOVE! Letting go and releasing fear consciousness from the “old paradigm” Remembering our mission and why we chose to come here N:OW! To do the inner work, healing humanity as living examples of our divine nature embodied. Channeling the creators light as microcosmic extensions of our own God Self. Sending the light/love of our God selves/higher self here to Planet Earth through our channels/physical vessels to bring darkness into the light. Raising the vibration of all life forms on this plane of existence and beyond!! WE ARE THE ONES!! We have the keys, and we know how to use them! By choosing LOVE over fear! Every time!!! Remember. Remember. Remember. Reawaken to our divinity. Reawaken to our purpose. Live as a symbol of LOVE in every mOMent. There is no other time than NOW!!! It’s up to all of us! Each of us!! No one gets left behind! We are rising up like the Phoenix from the fire as one collective consciousness. One social memory complex. So we rise in unity with our brothers and sisters of light. We rise up as the ONE that we all are. We remember. We guide each other inward. Into the depths of our own oceans, the cosmic seas within our own beings. Blessing our waters with affirmations of the highest good. Each of us. Finding our center. Finding our inner peace and our external reality directly reflects it. Embody peace and see peace. See your self love as a service to others!! Forgive yourself and love yourself again!! Begin NOW because there is no other time to start. Aloha Ke AKUA. Bless this planet and all beings with love and peace. May we all find the love held within us all. May we no longer seek externally. We have all the answers within. Sat nam!!

When the body dies, the kind of life you live now, succession of physical and mental events, comes to an end. It can end even now, without waiting for the death of the body. It is enough to shift attention to the Self and keep it there. All happens as if there is a mysterious power that creates and moves everything. Realize that you are not the mover, only the observer, and you will be at peace. Of course, that power is not separate from you. But you must begin by being the dispassionate observer. Then only will you realize your full being as the universal lover and actor. As long as you are enmeshed in the tribulations of a particular personality, you can see nothing beyond it.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj

anonymous asked:

Is it still executive dysfunction if I'm really good at making list and outlining all the steps that need to be done, but still can't get myself to start doing it? And not because I'm lazy or don't want to. Even things I really want or need to do I have a hard time starting. Like I sit on my bed after a shower and just stare at the wall and it takes so long to get back up to do skin care and comb my hair. Even though in my head I'm yelling at myself to just get up. (Idk if this made sense sorry)

That’s still executive dysfunction. Executive dysfunction can affect just some aspects of executive functioning or all of them. For most people it only affects a few aspects.

A list of executive functions are:

-Emotional control

You may have issues with one or two of these things or many. Regardless if you struggle with things on the list it is executive dysfunction even if you can do other things well.


Beyoncé was/is essential to my recovery.

Of course, I grew up singing her parts in Destiny’s Child songs and all the way up through 4, I adored her but something really shifted in 2013.

Self-titled came out just days after I got out of the hospital for suicidal ideation. Pretty Hurts really got me to challenge my eating disorder. ***Flawless/***Flawless Remix got me the hype I needed to make it through when I felt everything but flawless. Grown Woman gave me a confidence in myself that 19 year old me needed to start changing my life without the control of my parents.

When Lemonade came out this year, I was reeling from the worst heartbreak I had ever experienced. The person I loved more than anyone before him had hurt me so deep that I was angry or sad most of the time. It felt like a wound I kept wishing would heal but it just stayed open and I stayed lost. Watching her journey through hurt to a place of love and forgiveness really helped me accept that I needed to acknowledge my feelings. I needed to allow myself to be hurt and angry. And I healed. I learned. Changed for the better. And wouldn’t you know, true love came back and I was ready for it.

I’ve never been to a concert or anything but I hope one of these days I can tell her in person what her music has done for me.

Tattooed Metal

From this request: can I request tattoo soulmate au with Bucky ? (After Civil War)


**Obviously, we’re going to pretend the real events of the end of Civil War didn’t happen for this story


“Come on, Bucky. We’re going out.”

“Out? Where?”

“I don’t know. The park. The movies. The museum. Anywhere. You just need to get out.”

Steve watched as Bucky self-consciously shifted, putting his metal arm behind him, out of the line of sight. Steve knew the arm bothered him more than he let on. But he’d been stuck inside for too long.

“I… can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Besides, there’s two lovely ladies downstairs who I promised we’d take to lunch.”

Bucky stared at his friend before shaking his head slightly. “I never would’ve thought it.”


“That we’d be to the point where it was you setting me up with someone. Seems like not that long ago, you were a skinny little punk who couldn’t even think about talking to a girl without quivering in his boots.”

Steve smiled. “What can I say? I learned from the best.”

The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitched. “I… I don’t know. I just…” His eyes dropped to his arm.

“Hey,” Steve said, stepping up. He laid his hand on Bucky’s left shoulder, showing him that he wasn’t afraid of the arm. “It’s okay. Just… wear long sleeves, test the waters.”

Bucky’s eyes dropped to the floor.

“Buck. I promise you, one of these days you’re gonna find the best girl ever and she’s gonna love you, all of you.”

The two were silent for a few moments.

“Thanks, Steve,” Bucky finally said. “I, uh… don’t suppose there’s any way to get out of this lunch, is there?”

“Not at all.”


The lunch passed without anything exciting happening. The girls were pleasant enough but Bucky didn’t feel anything drawing him to either of them. The group went their separate ways after lunch, the girls promising to call.

“They’re not going to call,” Bucky said as he and Steve turned and headed back to the apartment.

“No, they’re not,” Steve agreed.

The two passed a small fruit stand, one that was visible from the apartment’s window. Steve sometimes stopped by the stand to pick up some plums for Bucky.

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve said, waving to you.

“Hi, Steve. Hi, Bucky.”

Steve saw Bucky’s eyes widen and his body stiffen.

“You want some plums?” you asked. “They’re on the house.”

“Oh, Y/N, we couldn’t accept that. We’ll pay for them, just like everyone else.”

You smiled and shook your head, pressing a few of the fruits into Steve’s palms. “Please. You’re one of the most loyal customers. It’s the least I could do.”

Steve smiled. “Thank you, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” Bucky mumbled.

The two headed across the street and up the stairs to their apartment. Once inside, Steve put the plums in the bowl on the counter. He watched as Bucky drifted into the living room, standing near the window.

The window that looked out upon your fruit stand.

Steve slowly approached. “You like Y/N.”

Bucky said nothing for a while. “She’s very pretty. And sweet. And smart.”

“You should ask her out sometime.”

Bucky shook his head. “There’s no way she’d ever…”

Steve began to put together a plan. Bucky wouldn’t like him going behind his back, but it was for the best in the long run.


A few days later, when Steve knew Bucky was distracted by a book, Steve went back to the fruit stand. It was a hot day and you were dressed in a modest tank top.

“Hi, Steve,” you said when you saw him approaching. “Back for more plums?”

“Actually, I’m here for something a little different.”


“I was, uh…. I was wondering if perhaps…” Steve’s eyes trailed over you, trying to figure out how to get the words out.

But then his eyes landed on your left bicep.

“What’s that?”

You were startled by the question and looked at where his gaze had landed. “Oh, um… it’s my tattoo.”

“What’s the significance of it?”

“Seriously?” you asked with a tiny smile. “Steve, it’s my tattoo. The symbol that will lead me to my soulmate?”

“What? When did you get it?”

“It appeared a few days ago.”

Steve couldn’t help but smile to himself.

“Although,” you continued. “I doubt I’ll ever find out who it’s directing me toward. After all, it’s not very telling—it’s just a red star.”

“Y/N, you don’t know how wrong you are.”

You cocked your head to the side.

“Would you like to come to dinner at my apartment tomorrow night?” Steve asked.


And so, the following night, Steve set about preparing dinner. Bucky paid him no mind, thinking nothing was out of the ordinary until the doorbell rang.

“Hi,” Steve said as he answered the door. “Come on in.”

Bucky listened, trying to figure out who was at the door.

“Buck! Come here.”

He slowly entered the kitchen, finding you standing next to Steve. His heart began to pound, his palm began to sweat. “What is she doing here?”

“I invited her over.”

Bucky felt light-headed. He realized that he was in short sleeves—his arm was on full display. He turned and ran down the hall.

“Hey,” Steve said, sprinting after him. He followed Bucky into his room, watching as he began to tear the room apart, looking for another shirt. He searched for a few moments before crossing to the window, planning an escape.

“Buck, no,” Steve said, leaping across the bed. He stood in front of the window, blocking his friend’s path. “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not! She’s here, in our apartment. She saw my arm!”

“And was she horribly disgusted by it?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“The answer is no, she wasn’t. She barely even glanced at it.” Steve watched his friend. “Come on. Let’s go eat.”

Bucky let his friend lead him back to the kitchen where you were still standing awkwardly. Steve made Bucky sit at the table while you followed suit.

You smiled at Bucky. “You okay, Bucky?”

He nodded, eyes on the table.

Steve brought the food out and the meal started, awkwardly quiet. Steve tried to make conversation and you played along, but Bucky was nearly silent, giving one-word answers.

Finally, Steve pulled out the hail mary. “Hey, Y/N, would you mind showing Bucky your tattoo? Maybe he’d have an idea as to how to find your soulmate.”

Bucky looked up as you rolled your sleeve up, revealing a red star. “What is that?”

“My soulmate tattoo,” you said. “It showed up a few days ago. And I have no idea who it’s supposed to lead me to.”

Bucky looked to Steve who gave him a wink. He turned back to you, studying your tattoo again.

It couldn’t be real.

He stood suddenly and ran into his room once again. He sat on the bed, head in his hands.

This couldn’t be happening.

A few minutes later, there was a slight knock on the doorframe.


Bucky looked up and found you standing before him. He straightened up, tucking his metal arm behind him.

“Are you okay?”


You stood for a moment. “Can I sit next to you?”

Bucky nodded, watching as you slowly approached him. You sat down on the mattress, not too close, not too far away from him.

“What’s going on with you?” you asked gently.

“I…” Bucky bit his lip. “Your tattoo…”

You cocked your head, waiting for him to continue.

“Can I show you something?” Bucky asked.

You nodded and watched as he turned himself toward you. He rolled up the sleeve of his shirt over his metal arm, revealing the red star. Your mouth fell open in surprise—was this really happening?

“May I?” you asked.

Bucky studied you for a moment before nodding. He watched as you slowly reached out, your fingers running over the star. The look on your face was one of wonder, not fear, not disgust.

“I… I can’t believe this.”

Bucky felt his lips pulling into a smile, but his brief moment of happiness was destroyed by another thought. He pulled away, looking at the floor.

“It can’t be me,” he said. “I don’t have a tattoo. And I can’t get one where you have one because…”

You were quiet for a moment before standing, walking out of the room. Bucky sat in silence, knowing that he’d ruined the moment, ruined your happiness forever.

But a few moments later, you reappeared. You said nothing as you sat down on the other side of Bucky. Your fingers pushed his sleeve back up and Bucky watched as you uncapped a sharpie, scribbling something onto his metal bicep. You smiled at your work before looking up at him.

Bucky glanced down and saw writing inside the star on his arm. After a moment of studying, he saw that it was your name.

“What’s this?”

“Your tattoo.” You capped the marker and set it on the bedside table before slipping your fingers in between Bucky’s metal ones. You stared up at him. “It’s only fair.”

Bucky couldn’t help but smile.