shifting gears

Samurai Sword Shift Knob

Little do people know these days that the Samurai had a manual transmission. Pimp your ride and change gears as fast as legendary warriors with this Samurai sword-style shift knob as you dodge through traffic.

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Our Night (3x23 spec fic) Explicit

(image via Andy’s Twitter)

How I think S3 should end… I hope you all like!

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“You’ve got that sappy grin on your face again,” she said, her voice raised to be heard over the wind rushing past them.
“It is not sappy,” Oliver said, rolling his eyes, but the stupid sappy grin grew and she giggled. She giggled, and it was the most amazing thing he’d ever heard. “I’m too macho to be sappy.”

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Nancy’s new album, Shifting Gears, is now available on iTunes and Amazon mp3.


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Shifting Gears

Did you know that even the feminine stuff of the girliest lady in town could be smoothly switch to having a sporty look? Yes, it is possible but do not expect for too much because one way to lessen the femininity of apparel is to combine it with different style of clothes. Hence, there will be no getting rid of garment character involved but there will be addition of twists and spices to give it a distinctive look through a different direction of styling. With that, I came up with another way of styling your favorite corset and make it flexible enough in pulling off even in your casual days.

On Trice Nagusara: Corset and Shorts ILoveNLClothing | Cardigan worn as wrapped around Forever 21 | Sneakers Keds

Corset, high waisted denim shorts, cardigan and sneakers were my styling ingredients to come up with a sporty casual look. The denim shorts balanced the mood of the corset while giving it a casual vibe instead of its usual semi formal appearance.

On the other hand, for accents and colors, I pulled off my yellow cardigan as a wrapped around.

Sporting these light pink sneakers from Keds was of course a great deal as well to shape a sporty and cozy ensemble.

Petites have nothing to be hesitant about this kind of look. With high waisted shorts to give illusion for longer legs and with corsets that emphasize their chest and body figure, they will certainly look fabulous and chic even in a pair of sneakers. Plus, wearing cute components such as what I am wearing never fail to suit the cuteness and adorableness of our height, right? So what do you think of this outfit? 

Shot by Seph Cham