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omg Em could you please write a part 2 of the bartender drabble where liam asks zayn about what he said that night?? it was so good!!

Sorry this has taken me a million years to write rip. PART ONE.


Liam knows it’s a bad idea to go see Zayn. He’d be hung over, for one thing. Plus he might remember what he’d said last night and get all uncomfortable. Or, worse, he might not remember and Liam would be left with the horrible dilemma of either telling him what he said or just going the rest of his life with Zayn’s voice rattling in his head: why won’t you ask me out?

Regardless, Liam goes to Zayn’s apartment.

It had taken the better part of an hour to get from the bar to Zayn’s place the previous night, mostly due to Zayn being so off his face that he couldn’t be trusted to give directions, but also partly because Zayn kept leaning over the gear shift and whispering nonsensical things in Liam’s ear that Liam guesses were meant to be seductive. (Instead, they came out as jumbled and adorable. Liam didn’t stop blushing the entire night.)

Liam knocks, but Zayn doesn’t answer. He waits a minute and then knocks again. He hears this low, disgruntled noise, like a deer screaming, before he hears heavy thuds on floorboards and then Zayn’s swinging the door open, looking like a seething kitten.

“Good morning,” Liam greeted, grinning widely.

Zayn just looked up at him helplessly. “What day is it?”

“Sunday,” Liam tells him.

“No,” Zayn says, shaking his head. “What day is it, Liam?”

Liam frowns in confusion. “Um-”

“It’s doom’s day, Liam,” Zayn says. He suddenly steps forward and buries his head in Liam’s neck. “I think I’m dying.”

Liam smiles fondly. “You’re not dying, Zayn.”

Zayn pulls away and sighs dramatically before Liam has the chance to give him a hug. He’s just so soft looking, is the thing, with his hair in disarray and only one sock on his feet and a huge shirt hanging off of him, inside out and backwards.

Zayn waves him off dismissively but almost immediately pulls him into the apartment. It’s an absolute mess inside, but Liam finds a clear spot on the couch and sits down on it while Zayn makes coffee. A couple minutes later Zayn sits next to him, thighs touching.

“Have you come to see how pitiful I am with a hangover?” Zayn asks. “Or have you come to show me videos of stupid shit I’ve done?”

Liam freezes. “You don’t remember last night?”

“No, I do,” Zayn says, suddenly looking shy. “I was just sort of hoping you’d forgotten.”

“Oh,” Liam says. He takes a sip of his coffee.

“You don’t have to say anything about it, obviously,” Zayn says quickly, putting his own mug down. “But just, like. You’re an amazing friend. So I’m hoping that me having, like, feelings for you, or whatever, won’t drive you away. Because I honestly don’t want to lose you, Liam. So please just ignore what I said.”

Liam has to breathe for a moment while he works through the shock. “You meant it?”

Zayn looks at his hands. “Obviously,” he says, sounding a bit sad about it. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Liam repeats, incredulous. He puts his mug down so that he can grab Zayn’s hands. “Zayn, this may be the best news I’ve ever heard.”

Zayn’s head snaps up. “What?”

“Go out with me,” Liam blurts, turning to face Zayn properly. Zayn stares up at him, eyes wide. “I’ve been wanting to ask you out for ages but I thought you were straight, but. That doesn’t matter now. Go out with me? Please?”

Zayn looks stunned. “Am I still drunk?”

“I don’t think so,” Liam says. He’s smiling wider than he’s smiled in a long time. “If you are, then I’ll ask again when you’re sober.”

Zayn shakes his head. “You don’t need to do that.”

He doesn’t say anything after that. He just slowly, calmly, slides off the couch and onto Liam’s lap, and presses their lips together so tenderly that Liam felt like no more words needed to be spoken at all.
and death smiles at murder - tokyonightskies - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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“I know this song.” Widowmaker murmurs, shifts in her seat, squeezes the armrest subconsciously and straightens her back. Her mind’s fogged up, as if she can’t decide whether she’s still there in the motion of the dance or sitting here on her way to the UN Headquarters.

Reaper snorts and retorts brusquely, “Everyone does. It’s a classic tune.”

She blinks owlishly, regards her rifle pressed into the space between the driver’s seat and the backseat for a brief moment and tries to shake off this sense of dissonance, of disassociation.

Yet she finds herself voicing the question on the tip of her tongue, “What’s the title?”

There’s a tense silence, tempered with only by the driver shifting gear and taking the exit for the bridge, then the song skips to the next one. Reaper eventually mutters, “Fuck if I know what it’s actually called.” After a curt pause, he continues, “It’s part of Swan Lake. Tchaikovsky.”

nicomaki science babies

naoko: the poster good child. the only one nico and maki can control. the oldest and the wisest. a blessing not in disguise. how did these two losers create her and where did they go wrong with the other three.

tomomi: her entire life is one continuous scene phase. abrasive, likes to annoy the fuck out of her twin brother (tooru). has a rivalry with himeno. her entire wardrobe is full of black clothes. japanese punk aesthetic. basically mandy from the grim adventures.

tooru “prettier than thou” yazawa: puts his moms’ vanity to shame. named after oikawa tooru because nico’s a weeb. has switched places with his twin sister (tomomi) multiple times and enjoys wearing a skirt. auditioned for a girl’s role as tomomi once and came to school the next day with a bruised cheek.

mieko: maki named her. a phonetic mashup of (m)aki and n(ico). a literal princess who needs to be waited on. doesnt listen to anyone except naoko-nee. basically princess morbucks.

Shifting Gears

Hey everyone! :) im bringing you another fan fiction that i started back in 2014 and i STILL haven’t finished it *gasp* you can;t believe it right? haha. anyway the gifs that ill be posting with each chapter most likely wont really matter unless i can find SOA ones that match something in the chapter. 

Chapter 1 of ?

Warnings: There is violence and cussing and a bunch of other warnings throughout this whole fan fic so just keep that in mind please:) 

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I ran out of the house as fast I could fiddling with my keys trying to unlock my car as my dad ran after me yelling curse word after curse word. I could hear motorcycles in the background somewhere but I didn’t think anything of it. I was to busy trying to get to my car to care. I tripped over something and before I could get up my dad was on top of me punching me repeatedly anywhere he could. I know I can’t stop him so I just focused on what noises were around me. I knew this was going to be my last moments on this earth and I wanted something pleasant.. I heard the breeze, the birds chirping and I swear I heard the motorcycles getting closer. I’m sure I’m just imagining that. I focused on the breeze and the birds as I slowly drifted off into the darkness.
My life started flashing before my eyes. My first day of school, my first kiss, my first boyfriend. All of the things my dad had done to me, all the beatings and trips to the hospital. My broken leg my broken arm, concussion after concussion, all the lies that were told to social services. How he shattered my right knee. Just everything. My graduation from highschool. My first job, when I got my own car. And now it was all being ripped away from me, the money I had saved up to get out of that place that I will never call home. That’s why I’m here and my dad is doing what he is doing. I told them I was leaving and he just went off, started cussing me and threatening me not to leave. How my mother just cried. I didn’t care I was leaving either way. And if it meant dying, I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t have to deal with all the bullshit I was put through.

No more…it was over, for good.

Authors note: This chapter is obviously really short. the 2nd chapter is already in my queque to be posted later on at 5pm ish EST once i wake up (if i can remember) ill add the link to the 2nd chapter on this. 

Shifting Gears

Chapter 2 of ?

chapter 1

Warnings: legit non.

apparently i loved to make extremely short chapters in 2014. 3rd chapter will be out around 9:30pm EST

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I slowly opened my eyes to see my mom who was fast asleep and snoring. Something I never thought I would be able to do again, open my eyes that is. I sat up and adjusted the bed so it was upright, I touched my face and felt the bumps and cuts from my dads rings. Just as I was about to wake my mom up the door to the hospital room opened and in walked an older man with grey hair and a leather vest that said president walked in.
“Ah your awake!” He said
“Uhm yeah I am why? And who are you?” I asked him with a puzzled look on my face.
“My name is clay and I am the president of The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club” he said smiling kind of proud of himself. He looked familiar to me…but I can’t place it at all.
“Ugh okay. Nice to meet you” I said unsure
“Oh we’ve already met on other occasions. But it’s nice to meet you too” he laughed. I just looked at him like he was crazy.
As clay finished laughing
“Uh okay?” I said confused.
“Oh you don’t know?” He said looking at me curiously.
“Know what?…” I asked cautiously.
“I’m your really father!” He said smiling.

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Shifting Gears by Johnny Hammond (1975)