[ this is me popping in to say that I am DONE school except for exams next week, so you guys can expect to see a lot more of me starting monday (after I’m done my weekend of work) until September! I look forward to getting into the swing of things again soon. ]

“So, after that party, I think it’s safe to say that I should probably be going to the nearest confessional as soon as possible. I looked through my phone and there’s so many pictures from events I don’t even remembering happening. The only event I remember vividly is losing my virginity with Brett.” The male spoke, biting down on his pinky finger as he tried to recollect the other events from that night. It was his first real college party and he had experienced way more than he was ready for that night. He had gotten drunk, danced provocatively with guys, had premarital sex and flooded his instagram with risque pictures. “Oh, not to mention, my parents are in town for the week and they saw everything on my instagram, so I’m probably dead after they see me. So, you’re in charge of making my tombstone, okay?”

Off my ig story. Bc it’s true.

If y'all have been wondering wtf I am, I’m still alive, just suffering through a cycle of MUST STOCK STORE SO HAVE MONEY WHEN IS THERE EVER TIME TO ART funk 🙃
I have been noodling on this here and there for the last like… month tho ?! Yay

When people get all snippy about enforcing antiquated grammar rules, all I can think of is Edmund Spenser.

In the 1590’s, some dude named Edmund Spenser decided to write a flowery epic poem, basically a transparent allegory praising Queen Elizabeth. Fair enough. He was like, “I want this work to be remembered forever, so I don’t wanna use, like, MODERN SLANG or the CASUAL DISREGARD FOR GRAMMAR or FOREIGN INFLUENCE that THESE YOUNG UPSTARTS keep using. Nobody will read or understand their stuff in the future. I know, I’ll write in the style of Chaucer, because Chaucer is a ‘well of English undefiled.’ Now my piece will be a classic of pure and untainted English. 👌👌👌”

So he wrote this semi-incomprehensible fake-Chaucer poem. But FUNNNN FACT, guess who else was writing poetry in the 1590’s? Some young upstart using modern slang and casual disregard for grammar and foreign influence named William Shakespeare. And his stuff was good enough that a huge chunk of literary education is devoted to understanding his use of language… meanwhile, who’s ever heard of a Spenser Theatre Troupe, a Spenser Studies degree, or Spenser in the Park?

So ease up on that grammar policing. Shakespeare is widely praised for his inventiveness with language, creating and popularizing tons of new words and being the first recorded example of loads of common slang terms. Let’s appreciate it when 21st-century creators do the same!


I call upon the power of the Pentagram. Azazel, I summon thee. From within our realm, into this mystical confinement, I summon thee. You seek the mortal cup, we seek the return of our friend. For this exchange, I summon thee.”