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you think Deacon's ever had this weird sudden realization hes old? a midlife crisis?

That’s a really good question that I’ll probably overcomplicate, because that’s my signature move: over complicating things. I’m also Tumblr old (early 30′s) so my perspective on this might be different than someone younger, and might be different than someone older (and I’d love to have them chime in).

I personally put Deacon in his mid-40s so he’s midlife for a Wastelander, maybe even older than midlife, I’d say? The thing is, I never got the impression that being “old” was held in the same negative regards as we do in the US now. In the US we’re obsessed with youth and beauty. I haven’t experienced those things being valued in the Commonwealth. 

Surviving to your 40′s might be a big accomplishment in the Wasteland, maybe you’re more respected for your wisdom and life experience? Maybe you know trying to hold onto your youth, or being perceived as youthful, is pointless in comparison to staying alive?

Deacon’s survived many (at least 5-8) attacks by the Institute, however many partners, run however many synths to their new homes, and he’s seen many people he’s cared about, die. Just within the events of Fallout 4 he loses everyone at the Switchboard (at least 10 named people, countless unnamed), loses the people in the simultaneous attacks on four other safehouses, Ticonderoga where he loses High-Rise and all of his people, then Glory and the other agents killed during the BOS attack at Old North Church. He can keep track of the years that have passed based on the number of synths they’ve smuggled out and who they’ve lost to bullets or bombs.

If anything, I’d think this would set his perspective for what’s important and what isn’t important. Being young, holding onto his youth, expressing it by getting a hairpiece, a red hot rod, and dating a young piece of ass, might not be very important to him. It might be more likely that he has a secret case of survivor’s guilt when he thinks about the age he’s managed to survive to, while countless others haven’t.

This a really roundabout way of saying that I don’t believe Deacon would think of being old in the context of a midlife crisis, of trying to reclaim his youth, but more likely that he thinks of being old in the context of the time that he’s spent, the life that he’s lived, and memories of all of the good and bad events that have occurred within that time.

Also, if you believe his story about Barbara, he extra-hated the person he was when he was young. I don’t think he’d try to recapture or relive that time in his life.

Day Three Hundred Seventy.

Are you happy?

the question hangs in the air
pregnant with possibilities,
the uncertainty of such a precarious
word full of promise
is frightening.
to say yes is to
open doors to rays of sunshine,
a mindful paradise.
to reject it is to be drenched in
rain clouds and darkness,
devoured by the absence
of light.
these two absolutes are
too far from the truth,
perched on opposite sides
of a grand spectrum.
we often sit in the middle,
swaying from side to side,
gently nudged in the right
direction by the tides of the day.
there is nothing wrong with
losing balance,
dwindling for a few
moments longer,
taking the time to
wander the in-between.

as i ponder,
thoughts trailing,
reflection encircling
us both you
ask again.
with the utmost certainty
i reply

i don’t know.

and somehow, that’s okay too.

Shift (Bucky x Reader Series) (Part 2)

Summary: You and Bucky had been friends for years but when he ships off to England, you think it’s the last time you’ll see him. Boy, were you wrong.

Word Count: 549

Warnings: None :)

A/N: Guys, tell me where you would want this story to go because there is no plot outline as of now so tell me your ideas!


<< Previous Part

Manhattan – 2015

The office was dark; the only light being offered came from the small reading lamp that sat on the mahogany desk top and the moonlight which streamed through from the panelled window. You had him pressed against his chair, your dagger grazing his neck ever so slightly as you stood behind him. Beads of sweat had scattered over his forehead and his bottom lip had begun to quiver. Patience wasn’t really your forte and you had almost used up the limited amount you had to begin with.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, where is it?” You questioned, your voice coming out somewhat muffled due to the black mask covering the bottom half of your face.

“I told you, I, I don’t know,” he whimpered as you pressed the knife into his neck a bit more, causing a drop of blood to emerge, dripping onto his pristine white button down, enhancing the fear within him, “Okay, okay, I sold it. I sold it. I don’t have it anymore,” the man cried out.

You inhaled deeply, they were not going to be happy about this, “To who? Who did you sell it to?” You asked with gritted teeth, your patience wearing thinner and thinner as each second ticked by.

“T-t-to th-” His answer was interrupted by the door slamming against the wall as a heavily built man marched in. Moving your dagger away from the man, you stepped into a fighting stance. You had taken on Captain America before; this time wouldn’t be any different.

“This doesn’t have to get ugly,” the star-spangled man said, prepping to fight.

“Doesn’t it?” You muttered before jumping onto the desk and using it as leverage to deliver a sturdy kick to Captain America’s chest, sending him flying back into the wall behind him.

You approached him, towering over his vulnerable form. You were built to kill, one shot to his head and it was over. But some moral compass in you told you to stop. Why? You had no clue.

Before you could do any more thinking, Steve muttered out a phrase. Bucky? Is that what he said? Realisation swept over you, this was his plan, a sniper. Get you to the far side of the room and get the sniper to take the shot.

Swiftly, you spun around as the bullet cracked through the dirtied pane of the window. It travelled all the way to your chest before coming to a complete stop and dropping onto the wooden floor, the sound of the impact clattering through the room.

Captain America remained on the floor, completely dumbfounded as to what he had just witnessed.

Noticing that the man you had been interrogating had made a quiet escape, you decided it was time to bid farewell to the hero, “Trust me Cap, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that.” And with that, you crashed through the fractured window before gracefully landing on the concrete of the street below.

Before anyone had the chance to have another go at you, you disappeared into the blackness of the night. You had to stay vigilant, you weren’t safe, not yet, but one word from your encounter kept ringing through your mind as you ran down the abandoned streets. Bucky.

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  • Armin:But it's my first time doing this what if I hurt my self and don't shift? What if I hurts you!? *trembles*
  • Eren:*smiles warmly* Don't worry Armin, I'll do it for you, just trust in your self ok.
  • Armin:...Ok
  • Eren:*Placed Armin's little hand in his mouth*
  • Armin:*blushes*
  • Eren:Wait I forgot one thing
  • Armin:What, it's there something wrong?
  • Eren:*Smooch Armin's forehead right before he bites Armin's little hand*
  • Armin:*Shifts into a majestic titan eagle*
  • Eren:*Smiles* I told you everything is gonna be alright.

Gauging interest since I have been asked about it, but after the give away, would anyone want that 707 charm to be available for normal purchase? If enough want him, I’ll open up preorders at some point along with some spare Yoosungs I’ll have when he’s done since some friends want him


160930  SHINee IG update

SHINee’s Pick! 「이 노래 어때?」
‘Shift’ from 태민

SHINee’s Pick! 「How’s This Song?」
'Shift’ from TaeMin

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Hello! I was wondering if you plan on updating any of your fics any time soon? I'm addict to them. It's okay if you don't have time or something, though... No rush, just that I find your way of putting words in order pleasing.

Oh dear Nonny… you don’t know how BADLY I want to update… I have been sooooo insanely busy with RL (how dare it interfere with fic pleasures?) but I truly hope that maybe the weekend will do the trick… there are some people who have had a glimpse ( @thedeliriumtennants , @ktrosesworld, @lunaseemoony, @hazelcmist, @draco9236) and can vouch for the fact that a new chapter exists… soon, my dear Nonny, soon… and it makes me so eternally happy to know that you find my bumbling word smithing attempts pleasing. Thank you! Attack hug for you…

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