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New Polls: Tight in NC while Trump tops in AZ

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in North Carolina, a state solidifying its position as a perennial presidential election battleground, while Trump holds a 5-point lead in the traditionally GOP-tilting state of Arizona, according to new CNN/ORC battleground state polls. Trump is the choice of 43% of registered voters in Arizona, while Clinton stands at 38%, followed by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 12% and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 4%. In North Carolina, Clinton stands at 44%, Trump at 43% and Johnson at 11%. Stein will not appear on the ballot there. Looking at the narrower pool of those likely to turn out in November, the race doesn’t change significantly in either state. Trump’s lead in Arizona widens slightly to 7 points, while the 1-point difference between the two candidates in North Carolina shifts to a tied race. Likely voters become a more meaningful subgroup as the election gets closer and voters settle on whether they will turn out and whom they will support. North Carolina could be critical to Trump’s campaign, given recent polling suggesting Clinton holds a wide lead in neighboring Virginia and in Pennsylvania. Should those electorally-rich states remain off the board, North Carolina’s 15 votes become more important for Trump’s path to victory. The education gap among white registered voters that has been among the sharpest electoral divides in pre-election polling on this race thus far continues in both states, but it is nearly twice as wide a gap in North Carolina as in Arizona. Clinton tops Trump by 8 points among whites with college degrees in North Carolina, but Trump tops Clinton by a whopping 42 points among those whites without degrees in North Carolina, meaning the education gap there stands at 50 points. In Arizona, Trump is ahead in both groups, by a statistically insignificant 2 percentage points among those with degrees and a far wider 30 points among whites without degrees, making for a 28-point gap between the two groups. Both North Carolina and Arizona also illustrate the challenges Trump may face in his newly launched effort to appeal to minority voters. In North Carolina, more than 20% of the electorate was black in 2012, and about 18% of Arizona voters were Latino, according to exit polls in each state. In the new polls, Trump trails by a wide margin in both subgroups. Among blacks in North Carolina, 88% say they support Clinton, 7% Johnson and just 3% Trump. Among Hispanic voters in Arizona, 57% back Clinton, 20% Trump, 15% Johnson and 5% Stein. A key component of Trump’s pitch to these groups is his claim to be able to improve their economic situation, yet in both states, non-whites broadly trust Clinton over Trump on handling the economy, with Hispanics in Arizona breaking 61% to 36% in Clinton’s favor and blacks in North Carolina breaking 85% for Clinton to 12% for Trump. There’s a gender gap between Clinton and Trump in North Carolina, but women and men in Arizona are largely on the same page. Women break 48% to 40% in Clinton’s favor in North Carolina, while men break 47% Trump to 40% Clinton. In Arizona, women and men both favor Trump by narrow margins, 4 points among women, 5 points among men. Trump’s lead in Arizona is also bolstered by support from independent voters, who back him by a 41% to 27% margin, with 20% behind Johnson. In North Carolina, independent voters are more evenly split, 40% Trump to 38% Clinton with 18% behind Johnson. In both states, Trump has an edge over Clinton as more trusted to handle both the economy and terrorism, two top issues for voters nationally. Voters in both states say Clinton is better able to handle foreign policy. In Arizona, where immigration policy has been a front-and-center issue for years, Trump holds a 6-point lead as more trusted on that issue, and he also narrowly tops Clinton by 3 points on handling health care. Arizona has been deeply affected by insurers curtailing their presence in the health care exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, with Pinal County becoming the first in the nation where no insurers are selling their policies on the exchange there. In North Carolina, Clinton and Trump are about even on who would better handle immigration (49% choose Trump, 47% Clinton), and Clinton has a 5-point lead on handling health care. Clinton’s position in North Carolina is bolstered by a sense that she can better handle the responsibilities that come with being commander in chief (50% trust her vs. 43% who trust Trump on that score) and that she better shares voters values (47% think Clinton does, 42% Trump). Trump tops Clinton as more honest and trustworthy (49% to 39%), and 11% say neither major party candidate for president has the edge on honesty. In Arizona, the share who see neither as honest and trustworthy rises to 16%, and Trump continues to top Clinton on that measure (49% to 33%). The two are closer on shared values in the western battleground (44% Trump to 43% Clinton), but Clinton holds a 5-point lead as a better commander in chief. Among veterans, however, Trump tops Clinton on that in both states. In Arizona, veterans say Trump would better handle being commander-in-chief by a 56% to 35% margin; in North Carolina, it’s a narrower 49% to 42%. Trump also holds an overall lead in veterans’ vote preference in both places. President Barack Obama’s rising approval ratings have been a boon to Clinton nationally, though in these two states, the President’s ratings remain mixed. Among registered voters in North Carolina, 49% approve and 49% disapprove, while in Arizona, they tilt toward disapproval, 51% disapprove and 46% approve. Those North Carolina marks represent an improvement for the Democratic President compared with 2014, when majorities disapproved of his work as president just before that year’s midterm elections. Both states also feature high-profile races for the Senate in addition to the presidential battle this year. In Arizona, John McCain, the former Republican nominee for president, holds healthy leads over the Republican challengers he will face in next Tuesday’s primary election and over his likely Democratic opponent in November, Ann Kirkpatrick. McCain tops Kelli Ward by a 55% to 29% margin among likely Republican primary voters, while he tops Kirkpatrick by a 52% to 39% margin among registered voters. In North Carolina, the race between incumbent Republican Sen. Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Deborah Ross is near-even; 49% of registered voters back Burr, 46% Ross. Burr holds a slightly larger 5-point lead among those likely to turn out in November. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory trails his Democratic challenger Roy Cooper in that race, with Cooper up 6 points among both registered and likely voters. The CNN/ORC polls in Arizona and North Carolina were conducted by telephone August 18 through 23. In Arizona, 1,003 adults were interviewed in English or Spanish depending on the respondent’s preference, including 842 registered voters. In North Carolina, the sample of 1,009 adults included 912 registered voters. The margin of sampling error for results among registered voters is 3.5 percentage points in each state.

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Need For Speed: Pitbull, Flo Rida & LunchMoney Lewis Race All Over Miami In “Greenlight”

Miami’s world renown artists Pitbull, Flo Rida, and LunchMoney Lewis shift gears as they race around the city in their new video for “Greenlight.” Mr. 305 and the “My House” rapper start their engines at the Port OF Miami and speed off in their luxurious race cars between South Beach and downtown Miami.

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Later on, the trio of Dade county natives meet up in Wynwood to party with a crowd of gorgeous women and homies like rising Miami rapper Bobby Biscayne while surrounded by a fleet of tricked-out vintage cars. Pitbull’s single “Greenlight” is set to appear on Pitbull’s forthcoming album Climate Change which drops Oct. 9. Along with Flo and LunchMoney, the album will also feature Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo and Robin Thicke.

Watch the official video for “Greenlight” starring Pitbull, Flo Rida and LunchMoney Lewis below.


Secret Invasion #1-8 Complete Set (2008-2009) by Marvel Comics 

1 Blank Variant Cover (June 2008)
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2 (July 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU The Invasion is here!! The Marvel Universe is in shambles. The Skrull Empire’s plan has birthed itself into perfection. It is hero versus hero!! Resurrections and reunions!! Is Tony Stark a Skrull? And is that actually Captain America leading the heroes into a new era?? EXPECT CHANGE!! 

3 (August 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. THE BLOCKBUSTER EVENT continues. Its Avenger versus Avenger. Hero versus hero! Norman Osborn versus Captain Marvel?? The Initiative versus an army of Super-Skrulls? Is Tony Stark really a- -? And who’s that guy with an eye patch coming to save the day?? And, oh man, who did he bring with him? 

4 (September 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. The world has turned upside down! The Skrulls have taken the Earth as part of their empire, the Avengers and Initiative are scattered…but there are two people who want some answers. One has a hammer and one has a shield.

5 (October 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. Embrace change. With these two words the Skrull Empire declares their intentions to the entire Marvel Universe. Embrace change. With these two words thousands and thousands of comic fans who have declared Secret Invasion the comic book blockbuster of the summer brace themselves for the shocking changes that are about to happen to their favorite characters and institutions. Embrace change, True Believer, because change is coming! 

6 (November 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. EMBRACE CHANGE! With these words, the Skrulls have made their intentions clear but not everyone thinks they sound all that bad. Which heroes and icons are hell-bent on defending the Earth from the invasion, and who thinks a new era has dawned for mankind? The final double-page spread of this issue will send chills down your spine, and that is a promise!! The blockbuster event of the year heads towards its shattering conclusion by Bendis and Yu. 

7 (December 2008)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. THIS IS IT!! The Marvel Universe versus the Skrull Empire - a battle of unity and spirit the likes of which the Earth has never seen. The comic event of the year starts its shocking conclusion.

8 (January 2009)
Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS Pencils by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. THIS IS IT!! The truly shocking conclusion to THE comic event hit of the year. And you are not prepared for what will happen in these pages. Heroes will rise, heroes will fall…and the Marvel Universe will, and we’re not joking, NEVER be the same again!

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Trump's Slide Leaves Republicans Anxious About Holding Control of Congress

A campaign that Republican leaders have been praying will soften its rhetoric is now led by Stephen K. Bannon, the chief of the scorched-earth Breitbart News. A candidate who bragged during the primary about having no need for pollsters now has one, Kellyanne Conway, as campaign manager. And campaign chairman Paul Manafort, a Washington insider who worked to repair and strengthen ties with Republican leaders, is out.

The resignation of Manafort on Friday completed Donald Trump’s third major staff shakeup this year, but it also signaled a new phase of uncertainty for Republicans nervous about maintaining control of Congress.

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Trump’s polling slide since the July party conventions has led to diminished standing of Republicans in competitive Senate races. The nonpartisan Cook Political report shifted five race ratings this summer—all toward Democrats. The GOP is likely to lose four to six Senate seats, said Cook analyst Jennifer Duffy. Democrats need five to secure the majority; four if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

The harsh reality for down-ballot Republicans in tight races is that the Trump campaign is dragging down their prospects, and despite the shakeup they’re being urged by some strategists to distance themselves from the nominee.

More from In a Shift, Trump Expresses ‘Regret’ for Caustic Campaign Rhetoric

“Trump won’t be making any attempt to unify the party, which may make it easier for down ballot Republicans to distance themselves from Trump and for the RNC to shift resources away after the first presidential debate,” said Texas-based Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, reacting to this week’s shakeups. “The Senate majority was in danger all along, but now it really looks tough.”

In the House, Republicans are currently projected to lose between 10 and 20 House seats, said David Wasserman, an analyst for the Cook Political Report. Democrats need to pick up 30 seats to win the majority, which Wasserman describes as “not unthinkable, but it’s unlikely” under current circumstances.

More from Ads for Presidential Race Drop 60%, Hurting Local Broadcasters

“As for what the changes in [Trump] personnel do—nothing. Everyone keeps expecting some new Trump to emerge. That other persona doesn’t exist,” said Rory Cooper, a Republican communications strategist who opposes Trump. “Trump will be Trump and that threatens the Republican grip on Congress and in other state and local races.”

Some Republicans see a ray of hope in Trump’s latest attempt at charting a new course by making a rare statement expressing “regret” Thursday night for some of his rhetoric that “may have caused personal pain.”

“The Republicans in the House will maintain the majority as long as they keep their focus on the people instead of the politics,” Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a member of the hardline Freedom Caucus, told Bloomberg Politics.

“Manafort’s resignation will have far less impact on the presidential race and down ballot candidates than Donald Trump’s speech in North Carolina yesterday,” he said. “His willingness to admit he has said things he shouldn’t have said and made mistakes is of far greater concern to voters than who runs a campaign.”

Stuart Stevens, a Republican strategist involved in down-ballot races this cycle, fretted that if a new Trump ad on immigration reflects the direction of the campaign, Republicans could sink to the single-digits among Hispanics in battleground states like Florida in this election cycle and severely damage the party’s appeal in future ones as well. 

“It’s a disaster,” said Stevens, an outspoken critic of Trump.

But Trump-allied Republicans saw the latest shakeup as a reason to believe that Trump was serious about eliminating distractions that threatened his chances, like scrutiny of Manafort’s work for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

“Look at how many generals President Lincoln had to go through during the the Civil War,” said Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, one of the first House Republican to back Trump. “This is a war.”

—With assistance from Billy House

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Robotek HD

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Secret Invasion #1 Director’s Cut by Steve McNiven


Penciled by LEINIL YU


Go behind the scenes of the event that will change the Marvel Universe forever! The shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls has secretly infiltrated every super-powered organization on Earth with one goal: full-scale invasion! Now, get closer to the action than ever before! This bonus edition reprints SECRET INVASION #1 in its entirety - plus the SECRET INVASION PROLOGUE, previously available only online, and other choice extras!

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Status Racing Shift Knob Installed In a Customers Ford Focus ST

External image

New Shift Knob Installed from the Renowned makers of Status Racing Seats.

Status Racing is known best for its quality racing seats and harnesses. Now they have branched out to try and fill in the missing spots for interior customization. The company released a very attractive carbon wrapped shift knob which has a nice weight and feel. It has a longer shifter handle which can accommodate your full hand very well. The whole thing is finished in a quality semi gloss black which adds durability and looks good inside of any vehicle. There is a carbon ring around half of the upper portion which looks great. To finish the whole thing off, there is a Status logo engraved and colored into the top to show others the company you are supporting.

We had one of our customers proudly display this knob in his Focus ST. We have put these in multiple different vehicles and they have always impressed those who have tried them. The shifter is available with optional pitch thread M8x1.25 M10x1.24 and M12x1.125 so it can fit an array of different makes and models.

External image
External image