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Well today was definitely a productive day like I got all my math homework done, I went out to eat with some friends and then i went to my first concert ever and that was pretty amazing And now it’s two in the morning and I got work in 4 hours but I’m fucking lit right now

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Thinking that culture is divided by skin color is disingenuous. Thinking "white people" can possibly be "bred out of existence" along with their culture and values is dumb. Cultures evolve and change. As revolting as state-sponsored criminal immigration is, and as cliche as this sounds, you're speaking from a deeply racist point of view. If you want to be taken seriously, focus on the problems at hand and not a silly reductionist "white vs colored" game.

“Thinking that culture is divided by skin color is disingenuous.”

It largely is divided by skin color. The cultures of white nations are far more similar to one another than they are to any culture from a black nation.

As far as assimilation goes, statistically speaking few people are able to assimilate to other cultures

“Thinking “white people” can possibly be “bred out of existence” along with their culture and values is dumb.”

The birth rate of whites is already low. The white population is in decline as it stands due to various causes. Meanwhile, the population of Africa continues to grow and is projected to reach 5.6 billion by the end of the century. How much of that population will come to the West, in addition to the decreasing white population and increasing black and hispanic populations already in the West?

If white people are bred out of existence in the West, yes, their culture and values will go with them. Their culture and values are already largely not present in the black and hispanic communities of the West. Those communities are either insulated in the culture of their homeland, or have created a synthetic culture of their own (as is the case with african americans). These cultures are not compatible with western values. The synthetic culture african americans created more closely resembles the cultures of Africa itself than it does any white culture.

Furthermore, it’s not simply going to be whites getting bred out of existence. They will get bred into minority status, and then they will start getting killed off. Whites do not receive kind treatment upon becoming minorities in countries they ruled. South Africa, Haiti, Zimbabwe, we have multiple examples of what happens when whites cease to hold power in their countries. They are turned into second class citizens, discriminated against, and often massacred to a heinous extent.

“Cultures evolve and change.”

Yes, but that is not what’s going on. The culture of whites is being deliberately subverted and demonized so that it can be replaced by a foreign culture that is hostile to it and to white people themselves.

“you’re speaking from a deeply racist point of view”

If caring about the survival of my people makes me a racist, frankly, I’m okay with that. I would rather care and be demonized than be apathetic and accepted.

“focus on the problems at hand”

This is a problem at hand. You simply refuse to acknowledge it as such.