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See Every Term the US Census Has Used to Describe Black Americans

Especially notable is that before 1960, Americans didn’t even have the option of picking their own race; it was the census taker’s job to do it for them. Which means that in 1890, for example, census takers were tasked with figuring out whether multiracial families counted as “mulatto,” “quadroon,” or “octoroon.”

It’s another illustration of how our understanding of what race is, and who belongs to which race, keeps shifting over time — even though people of every era are convinced that the racial divisions of their era are just scientific fact.


BNWOPLAN.TUMBLR.COM is growing it is time to talk:

When we reach 250 members we will recruit rl contacts world wide that agree all on the same points. 

So we need to talk about. Members that want to take a part in it, write me per mail or message me. 
Do you see the same. What are your view points. What do you think is necessary. 

Contact me: 

28. Points for the BNWO

Point 27 & 28: Added 06.01.2017

Point 29-32: Added 10.02.2017

!!! Don’t like or Reblog if you don’t agree to all the following points.!!! READ IT FIRST!!!!

This post should weed out the selfish or the once that only say it cause the get off from the idea.

1. I agree and want that political and financial power is shifted to the Black race.

2. I believe this can only be happening when Black people support each other.

3. I believe that the white people need to be brought to a point when there are willingly to give up power freely.

4. I believe that force will only lead to a backlash from the white community (which in my opinion already happens)

5. I believe that to achieve the acceptance of a BNWO by the white race. Respect and trust is needed till total power is achieved. 

6. I believe that the BNWO can only be achieved if the Black community becomes better in all parts off life then every other race or culture.

7. I believe that every Black men and women needs to see themself as genetically superior to all races. 

8. I believe every Black man and woman needs to understand that this superiority gives them the right to rule over all others.

9. I believe every Black man and women needs to understand that with this right it comes the biggest burden. The burden to become the best they can be.

10. I believe that every Black man and women needs to understand that selfishness only leads to the complete downfall of the BNWO. Cause it will lead to corrupt the BNWO from within.

11. I believe that every Black man and woman needs to understand that selfishness gives the power back to the other races cause it will weaken the BNWO every time.

12. I believe that every Black man and woman needs to become a role model. On ethnics, culture, knowledge and ecology. 

13. I believe that this means that a Black man and woman must be even harsher to them self by trying to improve than to the other races.

14. I believe that by this the Black men and women become the one race every other wishes to be and therefore give up their power.

15. I believe that other races must be also corrupted to see them weaker and less worth then the Black race.

16. I believe this must happen in a way that doesn’t seem threatening to other races.

17. I believe cause out of this every Black man and women might use and abuse other races but only in saves settings that respects the limits of one person or the race in general at this time.

18. I believe that violent images (domination, bdsm etc) can be used to corrupt the minds of other races but if these are lived out in a non save setting, the backlash will diminish the chances for the BNWO everytime. 

19. I believe that special education is needed how to corrupt other races minds and without making the Black race seen as a threat.

20, I believe that Black breeding should include optimization of the Black gene. Random Black breeding will allow weak whit gene material corrupt the Black superior gene pool. Special breeder and breeding subjects must be selected.

21. I believe that through cuckolding, sissification other races birthrate should be reduced. This must be done at the beginning willingly to avoid uprising. 

22. I believe to strengthen the economy and political influence of people of other races that support the cause is also vital importance. Which later can help to transfer by donation, testament, inheritance, Black breeding, Adoption of Black children back to the Black community and the influence can be used to strengthen Black people that support the cause.

23. I think it is important to understand the threat inside the own Black community which is the liberal tendency that believes in equality. Also believes this would be possible when all the other races are jealous or afraid of the Black race. 

24. I believe it is important to start with local Black lead communities that strengthen them self with security, jobs, education.

25. I believe the community needs to control itself all the time for fake supporter that in the name BNWO only try to satisfy their selfish goals.

26. I believe that all people that support the BNWO need to see their own health, protecting the environment, educate them self, improve their independence financially to become a productive part of it.

27, No white woman or man should have been allowed to have sex with a Black man or woman if they don’t fully commit to the BNWO. Which means turning over their income, and possessions to the BNWO. As long they live monthly donations, testament changed to Black child or a Black owner of them. Better lifestyles are allowed as long they are committed to help the BNWO by recruiting, seducing or corrupting others. 

28. White families that are committed to the BNWO will cut of the money for their children for further education or support beside the bare minimum if these children not also totally commit to the new BNWO.  

29. I believe that the Black race was created to lead all other races. This is reflected in the desire that white man and women become more and more drawn to serve Black Gods and Goddesses. 

30. I believe the attraction of the Back race lies in the strong spirit and connectivity with nature. This gives the Black race a strong will and the need for independence. Which other races are drawn too.

31. I believe this strong will and need for independence combined with their strong body can lead to not living up to there true potential because the feeling of natural superiority. I believe this is the biggest danger inside the Black race to achieve the BNWO and it is necessary for every Black person to focus this potential so they can become the leader they are destined to.

32. I believe that the white people have their biggest potential in working as a unit for a greater goal. If this is not aimed it can be a disaster (World War 2, fascism). The white race is in nature perfect as servant for a greater goal by having the urge to serve. That’s why I believe to be created to help the Black race to focus their will and become the BNWO. 

This are points i thought about it. I think vital importance to make the BNWO succeed. I gladly discuss that points. My as a white sissy would love to help with this. I am good at building concepts structures. Furthermore I am starting to train myself and hopeful others to become white sissies or snowbunnies for the cause. 



  • I & agree with all 26 points above and fully support the BNWO.
  • I live in switzerland, canton: graubünden my email is

if you don’t agree with all points you can gladly discuss with me. 

cards on the table

He opened the door to find Spot already standing a few paces away, like he was deciding whether to stay or go, already a change from how the other boy usually stalked straight in.

‘Spot.’ He looked him up and down. He was dressed for cold and had a bottle of Jack clutched in his hand. ‘Coming in?’ Spot shook his head, shuffling his feet, glancing at the wall.

‘Nah. Not tonight. Come with me.’

Race eyed him cautiously. ‘You asking me or telling me?’

‘Depends how fast you do it.’ Spot finally looked up at him with agitated eyes. Race nodded and ducked back into his room to grab his keys. He managed a smile when, as he had started to close the bedroom door, Spot quietly spoke up. ‘Don’t forget your jacket.’

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anonymous asked:

(( you should write more of that ghost hunting au if u ever have time bc it's like my fave au series tbh ))

Race and Spot do a liveshow. When will they ever learn.

Part of this series

Race scanned through the comments in the column at the side of the screen, trying to catch one he could answer in the flurry. This was one of the reasons they didn’t do liveshows too often – it was great to connect with their audience but there were an awful lot of them to connect with at once. Meet and greets were far easier, but not everyone could get to them so they had to settle for this every now and then.

“‘Where’s Spot?’” Race read out, catching a comment before it disappeared. “Spot is making tea in the kitchen, stalling, because he hates liveshows,” he laughed.

“Spot can hear you!” came a yell from the next room.

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A definitive ranking of Fast and Furious movies based on how many times they visibly shift gears

The Fast and The Furious: Only 16, off to a pretty weak start. It left me a little nervous because I thought maybe I had misremembered the amount of gear shifting in the franchise, but it just turned out to be the lowest. 2/10

2 Fast 2 Furious: 61!!! There were more visible gear shifts in the first race of this one than there were in the entirety of the first film. Truly a cinematic masterpiece. 10/10

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift: 56! I was worried going in because I couldn’t remember if they had to shift gears to drift, but good news! They did. This one had so many jump cuts it gave my roommates anxiety. 9/10

Fast and Furious: 47, a decent number considering they crammed too much plot into this one. A little less talking, a little more gear shifts, please. 7/10

Fast Five: 25. A real disappointment, especially considering there was one scene where they went to race, and then it just immediately cut to the end where they had already won. I guess they cut that scene to make sure Vin Diesel said “family” as many times as he’s contractually obligated to do so, but I’m still pissed. 2/10

Fast and Furious 6: 41, a nice bounce back to the good stuff. They’re really working on honing those plot-to-shift-to-explosion ratios. 6/10

Furious 7: 47 again. I can’t complain this time because the final race between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker has a very heart-wrenching speech about how they’ll always be brothers instead of visible gear shifts. 7/10

Fate of the Furious: 38. I should have counted how many times Dwayne The Rock Johnson broke someone else’s bones instead. Still, it’s good to know that they’re staying true to their roots and not cutting out the gear shifts just because they can afford not to. 6/10


Pairing: Jack/Davey, Spot/Race
Verse: Modern! College AU
Notes: I wrote this in like five minutes so ha yeah, have some jealous and protective Jack and Race being a sexy guy, happy birthday


“I am not kissing you, Jack.”

“Aw, c'mon, there’s mistletoe.”

“You and I both know perfectly well that you put that there so I could kiss you.”

“Yeah okay I did.” Jack chucked, leaning against the doorway, smiling at the pouting Dave. “You kiss me anyways, why not now.” Dave huffed, looking at him.

“It’s mistletoe, on Christmas. It’s so unbearably cheesy I refuse to do it.”

“So you’re not kissing me because it’s too cliched.”



“Look at the lovebirds.” Race said, looking over at the bickering Jack and Dave.

“It’s sickening.” Spot sighed, sitting on the arm of Race’s chair.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Race asked.

“Probably, rock-paper-scissors for it?” Spot sat down his drink, placing his fist in his hand. “Best two out of three.”

“You’re on.” Race shifted to face him. They pounded their fists into their hands. “Yes.” Race hissed when he turned up with scissors and Spot with paper.

“Ahaha.” Spot laughed, when he won the next round.

“Hell yes.” Race stood up after winning with a rock, rejoicing in his victory. He adjusted his collar, smirking at Spot. “Try not to get too jealous.”

“I’ll do my best.” Spot wiggled his eyebrows.

Race sauntered over behind the arguing Jack and Dave.

“Relationship issues, boys?” He asked languidly.

“Go away, Race.” Jack said.

“Yeah, no problem. I just need to get through here.”

Race slid past Jack, pausing next to Dave, then grabbing his face and planting a kiss on Dave’s lips. Dave made a shocked noise, then after a second wrapped his arms around Race, kissing him back dramatically, nearly lifting him off the ground. Jack spluttered from behind the two of them. Race made a mental note to get Dave a drink for playing along excellently. After a couple minutes of making out, Dave wasn’t a bad kisser, Race slowly pulled away from the kiss. He looked at Jack, who’s face was red and looked about ready to explode.

“Mistletoe.” Was all Race said, walking away. There was a moment of silence, then-

“RACE!” He started running, hearing Jack sprinting after him. Race ran to the table, grinning at Jack on the other side. “That was my boyfriend you kissed, asshole. How would you feel if I kissed Spot?” Jack growled at him.

“Go ahead, use tongue, he likes that.” Race teased. Jack ran at him again. Race darted into the living room, leaping over a table and landing in Crutchie’s lap.

“What the f-” Crutchie started to yell, before Jack came skidding into the room. He pointed a finger angrily at Race, who was now sitting in Cruthies lap with an expression on innocence on his face.

“I’m going to kill you slowly, Higgens. I can’t believe you kissed my boyfriend.” Jack shouted.

“Looks like Dave didn’t mind.” Specs muttered. Jack spun around, now pointing at Specs who held up his hands and walked away.

“Sorry, Jacky boy.” Race said. “You can go kiss Spot if you want.”

“Yeah, okay!” Spot said eagerly.

“Look, Jack, sorry. It was just a joke, truce. Okay?” Race sighed, looking up from Crutchie’s lap. Jack stared at him for a moment, before shaking his head and stomping off. Race grinned down at Crutchie. “Thanks.”

“Get off my lap.”


A story about my favorite SC, Eva

It was a hot day in May at the private high school where I taught; the school was buzzing with noise, and students. It was to be their last day before the summer and for some of them, it was their last day as high school students. Now that the school year was ending, a part of me was excited about sleeping in, vacations and more time with my friends and family but I was also sad to see my favorite students leave the high school for good.

It was my third year teaching and the students who I had taught my first year, were graduating in a few days. I had grown quite fond of a select few students who worked their way to my heart. My absolute favorite one, Eva, was moments away from walking into my door to do a make-up test. It was hard to believe three years had gone by with Eva in my life. I never had her as a student, thank the gods (she would have driven me insane). Regardless, we still formed a unique and special bond. I would surely miss her the most: my Student Crush.

I can’t really put into words what Eva is like…her eyes are like the rain on the parched ground in Autumn. Her smile and laugh are like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day in January. Even though she is short, she’s built like an Amazon goddess…her skin: soft like flowers in the Spring…

While in my daydream, I hear a knock on my classroom door and the door swings open. Normally, my door would be wide-open, beckoning fellow teachers and students to come and hang out or chat but because of finals week, my door was ajar with a note outside of the door indicating finals and make-up tests were being conducted. I wasn’t expecting my students until much later but I had agreed to help Mrs. G, the French teacher, with make-up tests because she had to attend her daughter’s middle school graduation. Seeing Eva was like poetry in motion. The sun was to her back which made her appearance even more celestial. I could see every strand of hair, every fiber on her clothes and most obvious, her beautiful smile. I stood up to greet her as she walked towards my small and awkward desk. As she approached, I immediately noticed she was wearing every bit of article of clothing that I liked on her; everything from her white Lacoste shoes, to the short gray-blue cotton skirt, teal tank stop and a thin, white cardigan. Ugh why is she torturing me, I thought.

“Good morning Eva! Please come in.” I said, casually. It was hard for me to hide my emotions from her. She was grinning. I couldn’t help but smile. She had a mischievous look on her face.

“Hi M! Am I the only one from Mrs. G’s class that needs to make up a test?” she said, looking around as she approached me. I both loved and hated how she would refer to me by my first name.

“Mrs. G was expecting a few more students to show up. Are you excited to be done with your Senior year and high school in general?” I try and act natural but don’t know what to say. Normally our conversations consisted of personal topics but it was in a public setting and with her graduation pending, we didn’t really know how to act around each other. Instead of answering, she hugged me. Eva had the best hugs ever. Her embraces were meaningful and intimate. I hugged her back holding her close thinking how much I will miss her, until I could feel my private parts start to awaken with lust. I think she felt it too. Immediately, I chose to end the moment and awkwardly moved away trying to hide my inappropriate bulge. She giggled and turned to sit down.

“Duh! Of course I’m excited to be done! I can’t wait to graduate and start college.” She says enthusiastically. Eva will be attending a prestigious university in the east coast in the fall. While I am excited for her, I can’t help but feel selfish in wanting her to stay forever.

I had arranged the chairs in a certain way but in true Eva fashion, she picks one and moves it over right in front of my desk. I begin to object when Eva knowingly bent over her desk to pull out her pencil and an eraser. The first thing I notice is her lovely hands and wrist. She always managed to keep her skin olive bronze color even in the winter. But I quickly notice her cotton skirt has purposefully risen on her waist to the point where her butt was slightly exposed. It was enough for me to see gorgeous round ass. Eva played soccer and lacrosse so she had an athletic build and a stunning body. As I am taken-back by the scene, I become aware of the small lady parts covered by her teal thong. It was almost too much to witness. It was incredible how her lips bulged out. How was that tiny thong holding that delicious mound in place? And do I detect the faintest hint of a wet spot forming in the center of her thong? I can do nothing other than gawk. I manage to shift noticeable in my chair which creaks loudly. Eva laughs. “Oh my god, at least try to conceal the fact that you’re staring, perv.”

I looked away immediately. I was ashamed and frustrated that she had that kind of control over me and the situation. I could feel my face flush with heat along with my throbbing member who was aching to be released. Nevertheless, I looked up again hoping to see the wonderful sight of her forbidden regions.

“I thought you had a test to take unless of course you want to come back next year.” I said quickly. I thought I was being cute but my comment didn’t have the desired effect.  She promptly adjusted herself and the moment was over. I try to recover but I had nothing to say at the moment. Eva began writing rigorously while I tried to comprehend want just happened.

After an hour, Eva looked like she was wrapping up her test. She flipped through the pages of her test, quickly reviewing her answers then she stood up. I looked up not knowing how to react. A part of me wanted to make a bold move but it was bad enough we were pushing the boundaries. I had to remind myself that my purpose as a teacher was to help mold minds, cultivate a safe environment for learning. I smiled as Eva approached my desk. She was smiling too.

“All done?” I tried hiding my disappointment.

“Yup! You can check but I’m pretty sure I aced this test.” she said coolly. She knows I can’t read French. She’s toying with me. How is she so calm right now? I can barely contain myself right now. I’m about to get up but I notice that my throbbing member is still fully erect and leaking. Thank goodness I wore my dark blue slacks. I take her test and look over it.

“Hmm, B/B+ at best. Are you sure you’re happy with what you wrote? I see a few errors.” I said, jokingly. I’m stalling. I don’t want her to leave but I don’t know what to say to make her stay. Nevertheless, she laughs her loud and rich laugh that I’ve grown to love.

“Oh please! If you want to see me bend over again, all you have to do is ask.” She said, laughing hysterically. Ugh she did it again. I’m blushing once more. An awkward silence starts to form and once again, I don’t know what to say even though my mind is racing. She shifts uncomfortably.

“Ok well M, as much as I loved to stand here uncomfortably while your class comes in for their final, I need to get going. I need to get my cap and gown. Come and give me a hug…please.” That’s it? After 3 years, that’s all that she has to say? Of course it isn’t but this isn’t the place or time to have our ‘good bye’ moment. I look up at her, terrified. I’m partially concerned about saying one of our final farewells but I am mainly worried about my painfully swelling lump in my pants. I decided to drop the act and talk to her, frankly.

“Dammit Eva, after your brief strip tease, I’ve got this huge boner that won’t go away!” I interject. She lets out a laugh that could be heard down the hall. She covers her mouth as he stifles her laugh and blushes.

“Oh geez, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Come on. Quickly, before anyone sees.” she said in a knowing voice. As I tentatively get up, she makes her way around to where I sit. I brace myself for her sly comments but instead she hugs me close. I tried to maneuver my body so that she doesn’t feel my knob but she presses her body close to where we’re touching completely. My heart starts racing and I try to act calm but I’m a mess. I can feel that Eva is tense too. Her breathing was interrupted as if she was trying to fight back tears. I give in and let my true feeling take over. I bring her in even closer and press my full body to hers, whispering in her ear, “Thank you for being the wonderful light in my life here. I will truly miss you. Best of luck in college. You deserve wonderful things in life.” It was cheesey but I didn’t know what else to say. Eva started to sob lightly and I began to tear up as well. There was no way to summarize the up’s and down’s we endured the last 3 years. It was difficult to say good bye. Just then, Eva started to chuckle.

“Oh my god, you really are HARD!” She laughs, breaking the tension. She quickly wipes the tears away and turns to leave. I grabbed her arm and pull her in for one last hug. Just then, she pressed the front of her woman parts to my knob and gave it a meaningful but gentle thrust. I swear, I blacked out for a second. It was almost too much. I gasp uncontrollably. Eva giggled and turned around so her back was facing me.

“Grab it.” She said. What? I thought to myself. “Grab it, now!” she said more urgently this time. At any minute my students could be walking into my classroom. I reach under her skirt and lightly squeezed her left cheek. It was heavenly. Her ass was luscious and firm yet soft. I was convinced I had exploded in my pants. She giggled again, shook her butt and just like that, she moved away and the moment was over. As she collected her things, students were making their way down the hall. I could make out a few voices: Alexandra and Lisa, my other sc’s. Eva was turning to leave when she said, “I’ll see you in a few days at my graduation and you better show up to my grad party afterwards!” Before I had the chance to replied, my students start walking in. Their chatter sounded much like the buzzing of bees and in the confusion, Eva was gone.

BTS: SMUT: Jimin: First time.

You were finally alone with your boyfriend Jimin. He’d been busy with dancing. The other boys were out clubbing, when Jimin decided to stay in for the night, spending it with you. You guys were lying in his bed watching a horror movie. You were hugging a pillow to death, you hated horror movies. All of the sudden you screamed because of the ghost from the movie. “Y/N, I thought you said you liked horror movies?” Jimin giggled at you. “I hate them!” You screamed into his pillow. “Why did you lie to me?” He laughed. You didn’t answer him, you were embarrassed that you couldn’t even watch a ghost movie. “Yah, answer me, or else..” He warned you. *No response*. He tickled you, and you screamed in laughter. He knew exactly where and how to tickle you. “Please don’t Jimin, omg!” You laughed. To hold you down he had to sit on top of you. He held one of your wrists above your head. He stopped his movements when he noticed your bare shoulder. You shivered by the way he looked at you. He let your wrists go and placed his hand onto your cheek, caressing it. You felt fuzzy, you felt like your world stopped as soon he kissed your shoulder. You didn’t even know your shirt had fallen a bit. “You’re not wearing anything under this shirt, are you?” He asked, even though he already knew the answer. Your heart started racing. He shifted to your neck, probably giving you blue and purple marks tomorrow. Your hands out of pure pleasure grabbed Jimin’s hair. You suddenly moaned, loud. “I’ll take that as a no” He whispered. You pushed him roughly off of you. You both sat there, looking hungrily into each other’s eyes filled with lust and dirty thoughts. You moved yourself closer to him, looking at his plump lips. You wanted to feel them so bad. You kissed him slowly to start off with, but it soon became more animalistic. You caught him off guard. You’ve had episodes like this before, but you felt like he didn’t want to take your virginity because he wasn’t a virgin. He always stopped himself. You were still kissing roughly. You could feel his hands started to move to your shoulder, you know that it was his stop sign. You weren’t having any more of that. You pushed his hands quickly off your shoulders and pinned him down. “Jimin, please don’t stop” You begged innocently. He smiled and he pulled your shirt off. “Tell me when to stop, okay?” You nodded in response. You kissed back and forth, taking your time. You pulled each other’s clothes off. Your lips were wet, red and swollen from the abuse.  He took the blanket behind him and rapped you in it and lifted you bridal style. “Jimin!” You laughed.  He just smiled and kissed your forehead while walking with you in his arms. He then walked backwards with you, using his elbow to open the door. He threw you on the couch. “Let’s begin” He whispered and winked at you. He hovered over you, intertwined your hands, using his free hand to spread your legs. Your face turned a few shades more red. He looked into your eyes with a hint of sadness. You hand immediately caressed his cheek. “Jimin, what’s wrong?” He just smiled lightly. “You don’t have to do this jagi, I understand if you want to do this with someone who hasn’t done this before either” You kissed him. “I don’t care Jimin. I want you to be my first, not anyone else”. He just nodded and his smile turned to lust. He rubbed his shaft through your folds. Making you a moaning mess. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to have you. He pushed himself a little further into you. He could see by the look on your face that it hurt, a lot. You dragged your legs around his waist signaling that he could go further into you. “Jimin, it feels so good” You whispered with a shaking voice. He fastened the pace and you soon followed. You moved your hips to his rhythm, making your skin meet each other and echo in the room. You felt your insides started to clench around him. “y/n, you’re so tight!” He growled into your neck and ear. That was it, hearing his harsh voice pushed you over the edge. You felt your juices run down your inner thighs. He followed soon after, inside of you. You laid there, on the couch all sweaty and in love. “I’m glad I was your first jagi” He kissed your hand. “Me too Jimin”.

Gone in a Flash

Warnings: Blood, violence, torture

Imagine you work with the Justice League and the Flash, and one day are taken captive for it. They all think you die- including Barry. Then one day- you show up on Barry’s front door - but you’re not the same person as before…

Tell me if I should write part 2! Feedback is always appreciated.

Part 1:

        Driving down the dirt road in the middle of the forest, you thought nothing could go wrong. The sun was streaming through the trees, the temperature was perfect, and for once you weren’t screaming into a microphone for Flash to ‘duck or you’re going to get your head knocked off’.

It was a relaxing feeling. You had been busy watching Damien Wayne, and now he was sending you to get breakfast. Even though he was a ten year old, you really didn’t want to keep him waiting. So, you had left promptly to get donuts from the nearest shop. Honestly, you welcome the stress free drive into town. It was the opposite of your usually hectic life. You smiled and leaned in to turn up the radio- and that’s when everything went wrong.

A blinding flash of blue enveloped your vision, and crumpled the front of your car. The car stopped- but you didn’t. You felt your seat belt snapping, and you were flung forward breaking through the windshield, rolling across the ground.

What had hit you?

Every part of your body ached, and you noticed that your right arm was pinned under your body in an unnatural way. You shifted and pain raced up your arm.

It was definitely broken.

You took a shaky breath, almost crying out when another wave of pain racked your limp body. An air of chillness was seeping over your legs. Tilting your head down towards your shoulder, you could see a brief glimpse of ice near your car.


You shifted your body, and flung yourself onto your back. You cried out, but if was worth it because now as you breathed heavily on your back, you could see that a massive barrage of icy spikes had impaled the front of your car. Furrowing your eyebrows, you suddenly got a chill down your spine. Not a literal chill from the ice, but you know- a bad feeling. You reach back with your left arm and try to drag yourself away from the wreckage. It hurts like crazy, but you knew the farther away from the car you were- the safer you would be.

Which in this case wasn’t much. Because- you know- the injuries, blood and all. Just as you were twenty feet away from the icy car, you heard tramping on the ground that you related to footsteps. Your breathing quickened, and you shuffled back and forth on your sides.

Where were you supposed to go?

Before you could make anymore sudden movements you were grabbed around the throat and lifted into the air. You gasped for air, but nothing flooded into your lungs. The leathery grip of sausage fingers around your neck was unrelenting. You looked around, bug eyed. The fingers and arm were attached to a behemoth of a gray man. You gasped like a fish out of water, the man and the four other figures registering in your oxygen deprived brain. You knew all of these people.

And they all knew you. They knew who you were- and who you worked for.

And that was unfortunately not in your favor.

Your eyes landed on the one most familiar.

Leonard Snart. If you still had breath in your lungs, it would have caught. He wasn’t supposed to be- he had changed. You had seen it. After his time with the Legends, he had been a different person. So what was he doing with these people?

You frantically glanced at him. Your eyes met, and it seemed like he suddenly realized whose car he had totaled.

He looked at the girl next to him- Poison Ivy- and glared.

“You didn’t tell me the woman we needed to capture was (F/n)(L/n).” The girl looked at him and shrugged.

“Does it matter? You’re just being payed for this extraction. You won’t have to be here much longer.” She said, green lips curling up in a smile. Leonard looked up at you, your face turning purple. For a moment, you saw a flash of sympathy in his icy eyes.

‘Help me. Please.’ You pleaded wordlessly. These people were going to kill you. Leonard was your only chance out of this. He looked up at you, dangling off the dirt road with your neck wrapped in dirty gray fingers. He turned towards his companions, who you now couldn’t make out.

“Whatever. Just give me my money and leave.” Snart turned on his heels and began to walk away.

No. No, he couldn’t leave.

You needed his help. You wouldn’t be left with them.

With the last bit of your remaining strength your tried to cry out, only for your cry to come out as a strangled squeal.

And then you blacked out.


“Wakey, wakey little (F/n).” You awoke to these words and a blow to the head. You jolted, head stinging from the hard knock to your noggin. Bleary eyed, you looked around the room. Dimly lit and spooky- and only the size of a small bedroom.

Just what you had expected.

You were bound to a metal chair by your wrists and ankles, and there was a gag tied tightly around your mouth. It was enough to scare a normal person out of their wits. But this wasn’t what terrified you.

No- the looming man above you was your source of terror.

The Joker.

The man who had murdered your parents. You shrieked behind the gag, and almost tipped the chair back onto it’s back. Your tormentor snagged the back of your chair and steadied you, blood red smile never shifting an inch. He knew you were terrified of him.

And he loved it.

“Sleep well? I hope you did. We’ve got a-” he dragged a pale, yellowed finger down your cheek,”- big day planned.” This comment sent him into a fit of giggling, watching your eyes widen in fear.

So he was one of two others who had kidnapped you. Your mind was racing- who else was here?

“Oh, your little heart is racing! Almost as fast as your parent’s when I did them in. We’ll fix that though, it won’t take long for the little poundings of your heart to recede…” The Joker poked spot over your heart over and over.

“ Bu-dump, bu-dump, bu-” A door to your right was flung open, and pale blue lighting flooded your little room. For a moment, you wanted to burst out of your chair and thank whoever had stopped the Joker.

And then you actually saw who had done it- and your blood ran cold.

Lex Luthor.

The man who had almost killed Superman.

You had the worst luck.

Scratch that- you had just decided to stick around in a job that you knew was a threat to your life. Regrettably, just a few hours ago you would have laughed the threat of your present predicament off.

Karma was a cruel mistress.

Lex called your attention back to him by clapping his hands. The only thing different about him from the pictures you had seen of him on the internet was his hair- he had none. It was the direct opposite of how you had last seen him, long curly auburn hair and all.

Nevertheless, you were terrified. He wasn’t like the Joker- not directly insane. But he had a craziness that put you on edge- it was calculated.

It was evil.

His very presence sent shivers running down your sweaty back. Luthor smiled and gestured to what was inside the door. The Joker had gotten up from his crouch and was staring back at Lex. His face twitched for a split second, and then he seemed to consent to what Lex wanted him to do. You observed quietly, gathering that Lex was obviously in charge. He then moved towards you, after the Joker had left. Again, another man had to crouch down to your eyesight. If you weren’t so shaken it would have been something that really ticked you off. He looked you over for a brief second, seeming to take in your entire predicament. Lex then ripped off your gag and sat back on his heels. You coughed, spitting out lint and other grimy particles.

“Now that’s better isn’t it?”

You didn’t respond. The only attention you gave Lex was a piercing glare, which you still retained even through all of this. The ex-billionaire looked at you sadly.

“What? No thank you? Without me you’d still be shut up in here with a gag around you mouth, sitting in darkness.” He leaned forward and grabbed the nape of your hair, yanking your face towards his.

“So if I were you, I’d still be a little more lenient with your words.” Luthor said, his voice suddenly chilly and hard, like the sound of something scaly sliding against stone. You gulped, wetting your dry lips.

“Why am I here?” You croaked. Lex smiled. To you he looked like you had just guessed the answer to the million dollar question. He stood up and poked your nose lightly with his pointer finger.

“That Ms. (L/n), is exactly what you needed to ask. A plus.” Lex smiled and walked behind you. He grabbed the back of your chair and began to drag you into the open doorway, scraping sounds echoing in your ears.


“This is her car?” Barry Allen stood by the wreckage of your vehicle, fully decked out in his red and gold suit. But the smile that usually accompanied the Flash was gone. Not when you were gone.

And definitely not when you were gone in this kind of situation.

He remembered when he first met you.

How could he forget it? Barry flashed back to a few months ago when he had first worked alongside the Justice League. And the first time he had forgotten to call ahead before entering the Batcave. You had pulled a gun on him. Thankfully he hadn’t been shot, but it had been a close one.

Then the earpiece in the suit buzzed, knocking Barry out of his daydream.

“Yes- but technically it’s mine, she must have borrowed it when she left to get things for Damien.” Bruce- or Batman as he liked to be addressed- spoke on the other side of the line. Barry walked around the car, even though he already had a feeling he knew what had happened here. It wasn’t hard to forget what the distinct marks of a freeze ray looked like.


Barry rubbed his mouth, face creased in worry.

If it had just been Snart, there would have been hope that whatever was going to happen to you wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. But he saw other foot prints. Other large foot prints. The glass that was shattered in front of your car was stained a rusty red color, and he could see there had been a struggle- and then it just stopped. Any trace of you on the ground had disappeared. Barry wet his lips.

“Well, I at least know one of our suspects.”


“Yeah, they’re signs of multiple hostiles. Around five I think.”

Bruce paused, the silence over the comm making Barry anxious.

“Okay. Then who have you confirmed? I can send Clark or Diana to round them up-” Batman was cut off by a loud ringing in the background. Barry winced, bringing his hand up to his ears.

“Bru- What was that?!” Barry felt a little annoyed, the ringing noise was still lingering in his ears.


Barry heard tapping on keys, and deadly silence.

Another long pause.

“Barry,” Bruce’s voice was low and hard, “ I suggest you get over here as fast as you can. We have mail.”

And Barry did exactly that. Batman was at the Justice League’s secret headquarters, which was where you had been when they had last seen you. Getting there wasn’t a problem.

It was what he saw once he got to the briefing room.

It was you.

Well- not really you.

For one, you were on a screen. The large holographic screen that hovered close to the wall was being manned by Batman, and the other members of the league were crowded around the low desk. Oliver looked back at Barry, who once he had seen you on the screen had come to an abrupt stop and was now slowly walking forward. Wonder Woman’s hands were clenched on the back of Batman’s chair, and Superman stood next to her, staring up at the screen.

Someone had hacked into the Justice League’s internet and sent them a live feed.

The video was of course- of you.

And what Barry saw broke his heart.

You sat in the same chair you had woke up in, but now you barely needed the restraints. Your face was bloody and battered, the worst injury on it was your eye, which was bleeding and swollen. Your legs were twisted in unnatural angels, and you had numerous stab wounds, burns and scrapes. The entirety of your skin looked like it was going to turn black and blue. Barry wanted to turn away- who could do this to you? He didn’t have to ask why- he knew why someone would hurt you- they were hurting you to get to them. Hurting the breakable one in a group of superheros. You were just the ‘secretary’.

But of course- that’s why they went after you.

The camera angle wobbled and someone yanked up the camera and spun it around. The view landed on a closeup on your face. Cackling filled Barry’s ears.

A loud slam thundered through the room. Batman’s fist had connected with the holographic keyboard and had shattered the glass.

This didn’t faze anyone. If anything, it confirmed whose voice was filling the room.

The Joker.

The very thought of the villain had made Barry queasy before, but now-he just wanted to kill him.

The camera turned and faced the cameraman- who was infact the Joker- his white face standing out like a sore in the murky background. The only other bright lights were off camera.

“Hello, Justice Losers. As you can see, we’ve taken the liberty of borrowing your pet.” The feed fuzzed and showed images that had already been filmed- you were crawling across the floor with your arms, struggling. The video cut to another scene, where your head was being forced under water with extreme force. Bile rose in Barry’s throat. The video cut back to the live feed, now trained on the Joker crouching on the floor next to you, arm draped over the back of your chair. He held a slim syringe in between his fingers. He brought it up to his face and flicked the vial a couple times and watched as the iridescent liquid encased rocked around in it’s glass cage.

“You see this?” Joker asked and held up the vial to the camera.

“Do you know what this is? Because I sure don’t. My friends and I all helped throw this mix together. I don’t really know what everyone else brought, but man can I pick a dangerous chemical.” The Joker traced a smile on your face with the needle, drawing small lines of blood across your cheek.

“Anyway,-here’s the deal we’ve concocted. You come unarmed and drop off that special something you had confiscated from C.A.D.M.U.S.- or you can watch the live feed of your (F/n) dieing. And just for a little incentive-” Joker interrupted his monologue by reaching up and stabbing the syringe straight into your neck and emptying the vial. You’re already droopy eyes dilated, and a rough gasp left your lips as you slipped into unconsciousness.

“- Now that our poison is in your system, your friends will have even more of a reason to get here. Whatever I just injected into that neck of yours can’t be good- so I guess the race is against the clock. Wouldn’t you think?” The Joker said as he looked from you to straight into the camera as the feed cut to black.


Barry’s feet passed soundlessly across the cement roof. They had found were you were being held. But The Justice League couldn’t run in the building all at once. It was of course- a trap, but it was one they had to walk straight into. Well everyone but him and Oliver. The Arrow was set up across the street, positioned so he could have a straight shot through one of the dim windows.

And Barry?

He would be your getaway.

As soon as Bruce, Diana, or Clark got wind of where you were, Barry would blast through there and get you out before the others could hand over what the Joker and his friends wanted. He wanted nothing other than to make you safe. Nothing else mattered after he had seen that video. All Barry could see was the images of you suffering.

And the fact that he hadn’t been there to protect you.

Barry crouched on the walkway, looking down on the building that held you. He had been waiting for five minutes. He thought that they would’ve found you by now. Flash rubbed his hands together.

He was getting impatient.

Suddenly, a section of the wall exploded, showering rock into the street. Barry shot up, his com-link crackling.

“Flash-” But Barry was already running.

Barry ran straight through the hole that had been ripped in the building, and weaved around Superman’s outline and under slowly falling rubble. Sure, he should have been paying attention.

It was rule number one of fighting crime to keep your eye on your opponents- but Barry didn’t care.

Not when he could see you, sitting tied to a chair on a cargo ramp. You were so out in the open, Barry almost lost his footing. He couldn’t wait to have you safe in his arms, running away. He needed you safe.

But your eyes widened when you saw him- you were scared. Not of everything around you- him. You shook your head frantically. Barry’s brows creased in confusion. Nevertheless, Barry wasn’t stopping. The Flash skidded to a stop next to you and bent down, going to untie you.

One problem.

His hands past straight through you. Your image flickered as Barry’s hands disrupted the lifelike hologram of your frail silhouette.


You looked up at Barry as tears began to flow down your beaten face.

He couldn’t save you.

You weren’t here.

The loud fighting and chaotic noises in the warehouse had died. A pin could’ve dropped, and it would’ve sounded like roaring thunder in Barry’s ears.

Suddenly, haunting laughter interrupted the silence, which was like hearing nails dragging down a chalk board. With great difficulty, Barry ripped his shaking head away from your hologram and turned to see the Joker hanging by his collar from Batman’s hands,-laughing.

Barry grit his teeth and felt surging anger bubbling up from his chest and into his throat.

“What? You idiots didn’t think we were really keeping her here did you?” You really are stupid!” The Joker cackled and grabbed something out of his pocket.

“And now- she’s gonna explode!” Batman made a grab for the remote in his pasty pale hands- but it was too late.

The button was pushed.

In the distance, a sound like fireworks ripped through the air. The ground shook and Barry stumbled. He turned- and your hologram fizzed out.

You were gone.


Imagine: Dean teaching you how to handle the sniper rifle.

(Dean x Reader, Fluff!!)

You followed Dean up the grassy knoll. He had no trouble mounting the steep incline even with the long gun strapped over his shoulder. You struggled to keep up, trying to mask how winded you were every time he glanced behind. The sun broke through the trees above and Dean paused looking out of the forest. The last few steps, he had pulled himself over a five foot wall of mossy rock. You reached up trying to grab a branch for support. Dean reached down to grab your hand. With his help, you made it over the natural wall.

“You good?” He asked, hand lingering on your shoulder.

You nodded and he stood.

“Alright, well, we’re almost there, so hurry up.”

You smiled. His gruff demeanor not even registering past your excitement. His hand slid down your back resting on the curve before finally moving out of reach. You pushed to keep up with him, falling into his hurried pace, letting the fabric of your jackets over your arms brush as you walked. He paused at the crest, dropping the gun off his shoulder and shrugging out of his jacket. He rolled his shoulder where the strap rested. His black shirt clung to skin with the perspiration of the hike. He remained oblivious to your gaze crouching to the ground and squinting into the distance.

“Alright,” He unzipped the case around the sniper rifle pulling the gun out. The well maintained metal gleamed in the midday light. He pointed at the scope. “This is the scope, this is the upper receiver… recoil pad… pistol grip… and you aren’t listening to anything I’m saying are you?”

Your eyes snapped from where his finger traced the gun. It was difficult to concentrate when you had rare unrestricted viewing access to his arms. You smiled guiltily. “I just wanna shoot the big gun already.”

He sighed, but the corners of his mouth twitched up. “Fine. C’mon.”

He spread his jacket on the grass and motioned you towards him. You kneeled down awkwardly as he shifted to his elbows lying flat on his stomach in the grass just off his jacket. He patted the fabric silently directing you to copy his position. You fell on your forearms relaxing your hips against the ground. Dean reached over you, chest pressing against your shoulder and back as he moved the rifle in front of you. You ducked your head as he lowered his making sure the sight was aligned. His breath washed over your hair as he did. Heat crept under your collar and your heart began to race. He shifted to your side, his shoulder squeezed against yours, face inches away.

“Okay, you wanna look out to where we’re shooting.” He nodded down the incline to where he set up a row of targets earlier. “Line the gun up as much as possible, then try to find it in the scope.”

Your eyes narrowed searching out the blur below. You aimed the tip of the gun in line with the blur in the middle, then sank down to look through the scope. You were met with a circle of grass. You moved slightly to the right. The picture blurred, objects whizzing. You moved back unable to find anything but grass. You frowned moving back from the scope.

“I can’t see anything…” You admitted reluctantly.

“That’s alright. Try again.” You sighed. Chewing the inside of your cheek you repositioned the gun. “That’s right. Now barely shift it in a direction.”

You nudged it a fraction. A target appeared and disappeared in an instant. You nudged it back. Finding nothing, but grass you huffed pulling back to shoot Dean a pleading pout. He chuckled. You rolled on your side as he slid over. He repositioned the rifle, then carefully moved on his side gesturing for you to take place. You rolled to your stomach cautiously, taking care not to disturb the gun. You settled on your arms peering down the scope where a target was fixed neatly in the crosshairs. Instead of moving away, Dean pressed against you. His hand rested between your shoulderblades eliciting a tingling sensation down your spine. When he spoke, his voice was low and gravelly, breath warming your ear.

“Okay, now focus…” His voice was near a whisper. “Keep it steady.”

You wrapped your hand over the pistol grip, finger hovering over the trigger. With each thump of your heart the crosshair bounced.

“It keeps moving.” You whispered back.

“Try to relax. Slow your heart rate, take long, slow breaths…” He suggested, hand slipping to the small of your back.

You took a deep breath, but your ears burned from the heat radiating off his lips and your nerves were tight anticipating stimulation from his fingers resting on your spine. You heart thumped in your chest keeping the crosshair moving despite your best efforts to ignore it. You attempted exhaling a long steadying breath. Your finger squeezed the trigger. Instantly, a crack reverberated through the air. The surprise and excitement muffled the pain of the gun kicking back into your shoulder. It took a few seconds, before the pain bloomed in your arm. You fell against dean dramatically, your head resting on his forearm.

“Oh Jesus Christ, that was loud!” You exclaimed louder than anticipated. “Did I hit it?”

“You’re a few miles off. And what did you expect, Y/n? It’s a sniper rifle.”

“Yeah… sniper rifle. It’s suppose to be sneaky and quiet.”

He nodded to where your hand clutched your shoulder. “You okay?”

You began to deny the pain, then stopped smirking up at him. “Why? Are you going to kiss it all better?”

He looked up to where the targets were in the distance, a smile brightening his face, unable to shrug off your teasing. He shook his head in amusement dropping his gaze to yours, then your lips. He shifted, his leg slipping between yours as he braced himself over you. He studied your eyes for a moment watching as pupils dilated and breath hitched in your throat. He seemed to consider something. You were afraid he was going to pull away when he leaned down. His lips melded against yours, softly, intimately… drawing butterflies in your stomach and lust between your legs in equal measures. Your hands fisted the fabric of his shirt, back instinctively arching to deepen the kiss, but he kept the speed slow and deliberate until light burst behind your lids. He pulled back leaving you breathless.

“Better?” He teased gently.

“Are you going to do that every time I shoot?” You asked wrapping your arms around his neck.

He smirked. “Imagine what I’ll do if you actually hit the target.”