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See Every Term the US Census Has Used to Describe Black Americans

Especially notable is that before 1960, Americans didn’t even have the option of picking their own race; it was the census taker’s job to do it for them. Which means that in 1890, for example, census takers were tasked with figuring out whether multiracial families counted as “mulatto,” “quadroon,” or “octoroon.”

It’s another illustration of how our understanding of what race is, and who belongs to which race, keeps shifting over time — even though people of every era are convinced that the racial divisions of their era are just scientific fact.


BNWOPLAN.TUMBLR.COM is growing it is time to talk:

When we reach 250 members we will recruit rl contacts world wide that agree all on the same points. 

So we need to talk about. Members that want to take a part in it, write me per mail or message me. 
Do you see the same. What are your view points. What do you think is necessary. 

Contact me: 

28. Points for the BNWO

Point 27 & 28: Added 06.01.2017

Point 29-32: Added 10.02.2017

!!! Don’t like or Reblog if you don’t agree to all the following points.!!! READ IT FIRST!!!!

This post should weed out the selfish or the once that only say it cause the get off from the idea.

1. I agree and want that political and financial power is shifted to the Black race.

2. I believe this can only be happening when Black people support each other.

3. I believe that the white people need to be brought to a point when there are willingly to give up power freely.

4. I believe that force will only lead to a backlash from the white community (which in my opinion already happens)

5. I believe that to achieve the acceptance of a BNWO by the white race. Respect and trust is needed till total power is achieved. 

6. I believe that the BNWO can only be achieved if the Black community becomes better in all parts off life then every other race or culture.

7. I believe that every Black men and women needs to see themself as genetically superior to all races. 

8. I believe every Black man and woman needs to understand that this superiority gives them the right to rule over all others.

9. I believe every Black man and women needs to understand that with this right it comes the biggest burden. The burden to become the best they can be.

10. I believe that every Black man and women needs to understand that selfishness only leads to the complete downfall of the BNWO. Cause it will lead to corrupt the BNWO from within.

11. I believe that every Black man and woman needs to understand that selfishness gives the power back to the other races cause it will weaken the BNWO every time.

12. I believe that every Black man and woman needs to become a role model. On ethnics, culture, knowledge and ecology. 

13. I believe that this means that a Black man and woman must be even harsher to them self by trying to improve than to the other races.

14. I believe that by this the Black men and women become the one race every other wishes to be and therefore give up their power.

15. I believe that other races must be also corrupted to see them weaker and less worth then the Black race.

16. I believe this must happen in a way that doesn’t seem threatening to other races.

17. I believe cause out of this every Black man and women might use and abuse other races but only in saves settings that respects the limits of one person or the race in general at this time.

18. I believe that violent images (domination, bdsm etc) can be used to corrupt the minds of other races but if these are lived out in a non save setting, the backlash will diminish the chances for the BNWO everytime. 

19. I believe that special education is needed how to corrupt other races minds and without making the Black race seen as a threat.

20, I believe that Black breeding should include optimization of the Black gene. Random Black breeding will allow weak whit gene material corrupt the Black superior gene pool. Special breeder and breeding subjects must be selected.

21. I believe that through cuckolding, sissification other races birthrate should be reduced. This must be done at the beginning willingly to avoid uprising. 

22. I believe to strengthen the economy and political influence of people of other races that support the cause is also vital importance. Which later can help to transfer by donation, testament, inheritance, Black breeding, Adoption of Black children back to the Black community and the influence can be used to strengthen Black people that support the cause.

23. I think it is important to understand the threat inside the own Black community which is the liberal tendency that believes in equality. Also believes this would be possible when all the other races are jealous or afraid of the Black race. 

24. I believe it is important to start with local Black lead communities that strengthen them self with security, jobs, education.

25. I believe the community needs to control itself all the time for fake supporter that in the name BNWO only try to satisfy their selfish goals.

26. I believe that all people that support the BNWO need to see their own health, protecting the environment, educate them self, improve their independence financially to become a productive part of it.

27, No white woman or man should have been allowed to have sex with a Black man or woman if they don’t fully commit to the BNWO. Which means turning over their income, and possessions to the BNWO. As long they live monthly donations, testament changed to Black child or a Black owner of them. Better lifestyles are allowed as long they are committed to help the BNWO by recruiting, seducing or corrupting others. 

28. White families that are committed to the BNWO will cut of the money for their children for further education or support beside the bare minimum if these children not also totally commit to the new BNWO.  

29. I believe that the Black race was created to lead all other races. This is reflected in the desire that white man and women become more and more drawn to serve Black Gods and Goddesses. 

30. I believe the attraction of the Back race lies in the strong spirit and connectivity with nature. This gives the Black race a strong will and the need for independence. Which other races are drawn too.

31. I believe this strong will and need for independence combined with their strong body can lead to not living up to there true potential because the feeling of natural superiority. I believe this is the biggest danger inside the Black race to achieve the BNWO and it is necessary for every Black person to focus this potential so they can become the leader they are destined to.

32. I believe that the white people have their biggest potential in working as a unit for a greater goal. If this is not aimed it can be a disaster (World War 2, fascism). The white race is in nature perfect as servant for a greater goal by having the urge to serve. That’s why I believe to be created to help the Black race to focus their will and become the BNWO. 

This are points i thought about it. I think vital importance to make the BNWO succeed. I gladly discuss that points. My as a white sissy would love to help with this. I am good at building concepts structures. Furthermore I am starting to train myself and hopeful others to become white sissies or snowbunnies for the cause. 



  • I & agree with all 26 points above and fully support the BNWO.
  • I live in switzerland, canton: graubünden my email is

if you don’t agree with all points you can gladly discuss with me. 

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Hello!! I absolutely love your writings❤️ It is my birthday today and I wanted to know if you would like to write an imagine how the overwatch boys would celebrate the S/O's birthday! Anybody of your pickings! (Hopefully soldier :") but you don't have to do him if you don't want to!) ❤️ have a wonderful day

 Sorry this took so long love!

Soldier: 76:

-   He won’t rest until he has an exact plan as to what he wants to do, this can take him a while as he feels that nothing is good enough for you

-   Eventually, he settled for taking you out. It was one of those classic drive in movie theatres and it just so happened that they were showing your favourite movie.

-   As much as it pained him, he asked McCree to borrow his pick-up truck for the two of you to sit in the back off. McCree’s face grew into a smug smile and 76 just rolled his eyes.

-   He packed the back of the car with pillows and food (thanks to a few people) and grumbled at the looks and nudges he received throughout the day – McCree couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.

-   But as if by some miracle, he was able to pull it off as a surprise. The look on your face made it all worth it.

-   Nothing could beat you being cuddled up to him surrounded by comfort and warmth. He smiled when you laughed and held you when you cried.

-   Overall you couldn’t have asked for a more romantic setting. With the food and the lights wrapped around the back of the truck, and your amazing boyfriend everything seemed too perfect to be true


-   Everything had to be absolutely perfect for you, he’ll stop at nothing to spoil you rotten

-   He’ll start by giving you probably way too much money to spend on yourself and send you off shopping with Widow and Sombra so they can help you with ‘girl stuff’ as he put it

-   Whilst both of them have quite a cold and manipulative exterior, out of Talon they’re probably two of the funniest and sweetest beings you know

-   The three of you spend most of the morning and afternoon in and out of places in the hopes you’ll find the right dress, which you did eventually, something black, short, a little sparkly and low cut, you knew he’d love it

-   He did, he could barely keep his hands off you when you first modelled it for him, you ended up being half an hour late for your reservation because of him

-   He’d take you out to a restaurant and then promptly followed by a taxi back to a hotel room

-   Having payed for an all-inclusive night of “magic”, you knew that your plans for the night were sorted, you knew that there was no point in buying that dress if it was going to be ripped off of you soon enough 😉


-   He’d pull the old “I forgot…” cliché when actually he’s pulled together everyone at overwatch to throw you a surprise party

-   Obviously, everyone knew what he had planned and so when you turned to Tracer for advice, you could tell she seemed a little off when she tried to change the subject

-   You finally managed to hint at Jesse that it was a ‘special day’ and that the two of you should go out for the night. He told you to be ready for 6:30 PM

-   When your shift ended, you raced back to your room to get ready, you spent all afternoon choosing your outfit, doing your hair and makeup. In the end, it was the most beautiful you’d ever felt.

-   But you received a text message around 7 PM. It was Jesse: “Sorry darlin, might have to cancel tonight… somethings come up at the base and I have to stay late”

-   Well that was it, you stormed down there looking all pretty in your new dress ready to rip your boyfriend’s head off, “jeSSE MCCREE I SWEAR TO- “

-   He knew you all too well. You almost cried when you saw McCree’s grinning face and all your friends stood there with decorations and the lot waiting for you.


-   He has no idea what he’s doing tbh, he tries to pull everything together last minute but nothing seems to work and everywhere is fully booked

-   Will definitely call up Genji and McCree for help, they’ll just sigh and shake their head in disappointment at him

-   The boys pull through with Hanzo putting full trust in Genji and McCree to set up whilst he went on the search for a present

-   Luckily for him, the girls of Overwatch had also come to the rescue, spoiling you with manicures and makeovers and anything that’s keep you away from the apartment

-   Hanzo returned, gift in hand and shocked to find the whole place decked out with fairy lights, romantic music and food – lots of it

-   He was forever grateful to his brother and Jesse but before he could say anything, he was rushed off to get ready

-   You returned no less than 20 minutes later, awestruck by the sight before you, Hanzo emerged with flowers in his hands. He looked to McCree and Genji who’d snuck behind you and they gave him the thumbs up

The Carriage: Part Two

Race x Reader

Part 1

“Jesus, (y/n). You’re movin’ at the speed of a snail.”

You roll your eyes and tighten your grip on Race, one hand on his chest and the other around his waist as you help him down the hallway. His arm is around your shoulders, and you’re happy to feel that he isn’t leaning as heavily on you as he used to. “You have to take your time if you want to get better.”

“I know, I know, and you tell me that every day.” He sighs as you start to walk down the steps together. “But they don’t call me Racetrack for nothin.’“

You giggle and continue to help him down the steps. “What do you want to eat, ‘Racetrack?’”

He grins down at you, and you fight back a blush at the way his bright blue eyes are twinkling at you. “Your soup, a ‘course.”

“But I make you that soup every day!”

“And it gets even better every time.”

You roll your eyes at his cheesiness as you reach the last step. Race has been recovering from the carriage accident for about a month and a half now, and you still haven’t let go of the guilt. So you’re doing anything you can for him, at the moment.

But you’re slowly realizing you would always do anything for Race.

You swallow nervously at the thought as you lead Race into the kitchen. He leans back against the counter, and you turn the stove on. It’s like this every day-he leans back and watches you cook, only two feet away from you. It’s a small kitchen, with one counter with a stove and one on the opposite wall for setting materials down and cupboards above it. Race reaches up and hands you a pot from the cupboard above him, and you smile gratefully as you take it. By now, the two of you work like a well-oiled machine.

Earlier, you had pumped a bucket of water from the well down the street just for this purpose. You pour it into the pot and chop vegetables as you wait for it to boil. Glancing behind you, you see Race still leaning against the counter with his arms crossed. “You know you can go sit on the couch, right?”

“I know. I just like looking at you.”

You’re glad he can’t see your blush as you sweep some chopped carrots into the soup. You have been the source of all of the groceries at the Lodging House for awhile now, which makes you happy. It’s the least you can do to help your friends.You take the vial of chicken broth you brought from home and pour it into the pot with the carrots, adding celery next.

“Hey (y/n)?”


“I love you.”

Your eyes widen in shock, and you almost cut your finger off as your limbs fail to cooperate. “What?”

“I love you.” You hear Race shift, and he limps the small step across the room to stand next to you. He takes the knife gently from your hands and sets it on the cutting board. You look up at him with wide eyes, and he smiles gently.

And then he kisses you.

You gasp into the kiss, freezing at the feeling that you’ve wanted for so long. His hand moves from your wrist to lace his fingers with yours, and you move your free one to rest gently on his chest. After a couple of seconds, you pull away.

“How long?” you breathe, keeping your eyes closed as his lips brush gently over yours.

“Since before the accident.”

“Me too.” You sigh and wrap both of your arms around his neck, pulling him down into a deeper kiss. He pulls you close, but you make sure not to lean on him so as not to make him fall over on his unsteady legs. You gasp against his mouth as he bites your lip gently, and you can’t help but pull him closer.

“Oh my god!” 

The two of you spring apart at the small voice, and you cover your mouth in shock and embarassment at being caught. Race catches himself on the counter just in time to miss falling over. Butch-a new boy, nearly nine-stands in the doorway with his mouth hanging open and his hat askew on top of his black hair. 

Just as you make eye-contact with the youngest newsie, he sprints away down the hall, yelling, “(y/n) and Race was kissing!” over and over again.

“WHAT?” someone yells in response-Romeo. The chatter of all of the boys echo down the hall towards you, and you can hear them all wrestling with each other to get to you and Race first.

You glance over at Race, who grins mischievously at you. “Worth it.” You go to swat him on the arm, but he catches your wrist and pulls you into his chest. You gasp slightly and he smirks down at you before kissing you again.

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cards on the table

He opened the door to find Spot already standing a few paces away, like he was deciding whether to stay or go, already a change from how the other boy usually stalked straight in.

‘Spot.’ He looked him up and down. He was dressed for cold and had a bottle of Jack clutched in his hand. ‘Coming in?’ Spot shook his head, shuffling his feet, glancing at the wall.

‘Nah. Not tonight. Come with me.’

Race eyed him cautiously. ‘You asking me or telling me?’

‘Depends how fast you do it.’ Spot finally looked up at him with agitated eyes. Race nodded and ducked back into his room to grab his keys. He managed a smile when, as he had started to close the bedroom door, Spot quietly spoke up. ‘Don’t forget your jacket.’

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*Pynch Laundry Mat AU, Part 4

They’re nearly out of Henrietta before Ronan finally hints at where they’re going. He tosses his trash in the backseat and pops open the glove box. Adam startles as a mass of papers and random items comes cascading into his lap.

“Sorry, sorry,” Ronan mutters as he pulls up to the stop sign and starts digging into the pile. Adam’s face turns bright red as Ronan’s hand accidentally brushes against his crotch and it’s all he can do not to jump at every slight point of contact. “I’m trying to find…” Ronan trails off before grabbing a menu for Nino’s. “Found it!”

Adam can finally breathe again once Ronan settles back into his seat but his heart is still racing. He starts shoving the papers back into the glove box, his hands trembling, making the process clumsier than it should be.

“Okay, so let’s see,” Ronan eases the car through the intersection, half of his attention on the crayon text scrawled across the menu. His forehead is scrunched up, his eyes hidden behind his expensive and flashy aviators. “Fuck, I can’t read his handwriting for shit.” He shakes the paper and flips it upside down. The BMW swerves over the centerline before drifting back into the right hand lane. Adam bites his tongue to keep from swearing and clutches the door handle; he’s having flashbacks to all the horrific times he was a passenger while Blue learned to drive.

“Can I take a look?” Adam offers. His voice sounds a bit high so he clears his throat and tries again. “I’d really feel better if you have both eyes on the road.”

“Knock yourself out,” Ronan replies, handing him the paper. “Noah said he had written down a scavenger hunt for us to follow but I can’t even begin to figure out what that shit says.”

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Hey! I love your work so much, it's the best. I was wondering if you would do more sprace. Any sprace is good sprace, but it would be cool if you did a follow up to the firefighter AU. Thanks! Love you ❤️

A sequel to this fic ^.^

It was another few hours before they were cleared to go home for some R&R. Race was running on 18 hours without sleep and 11 hours on the job and he wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed and curl up next to Spot for the foreseeable future. He climbed excitedly to his feet when the announcement was given but his knees buckled under him, weak with exhaustion. His bones had gone to sleep during the waiting and they weren’t in a hurry to wake up. Trying and failing to stop the shaking in his hands, Race realised he couldn’t get home under his own steam. The shift had taken too much out of him.

He hated admitted defeat but it was the safety of others as much as himself on the line so he pulled out his phone and dialled the contact with the little rainbow hearts after it.

“Tony? Are you alright?” Spot asked as soon as he picked up.

He hadn’t been able to find any peace knowing Race was working such a high intensity, dangerous shift. The news was on in the background while he read over legal papers, just in case. He couldn’t shake the fear that a report would come through of a firefighter dying in the office block fire, and that firefighter being his boyfriend.

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sprace 16 for the fall prompts? also i highkey love your writing. it's all incredible

[Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy this, I’m sorry it took so long.]

16. Blankets

The seasons changing was something most people enjoyed. Fall promised many things, cooler days and sweaters and Halloween. Most people loved it. Spot did not. Fall brought about many things and that included depression. The changing of the seasons meant that his depression got worse. There were more days where he had to force himself to get out of bed, more days where he felt dysphoria. He shut himself in his room and didn’t speak to anyone except Jack, who knew better than to try and get Spot to talk about it. It was a yearly constant in his life, something he always dealt with. That didn’t mean that his friends always understood or his boyfriend.

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Smarter Than I Look

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever done imagines, or anything xreader, so bear with me. :)

Imagine that you’re the bartender who Reid gave his number to, and his surprise when you call him. 

(Your POV)

I watched him walk away, pretty intrigued. I smiled to myself. We don’t get many like him in here. Actually, we don’t get any, and I found myself wondering if anyone like him even existed. He’d been so polite and obviously intelligent, not to mention adorably awkward. I picked up the card with his number on it and breathed a surprised laugh when I saw what was written on the back. 


He’d written his number in Roman numerals, which only served to make me like him more. I checked my watch and realized that my shift was over. I raced through the motions of clocking out and gathered my things. Once I got out to my car, I pulled out my phone and flipped it open. I didn’t have to hesitate as I read and dialed the number on the card. 


It rang four times, and then the voice of a certain Doctor Reid came over the line. 


He sounded cautious and curious all at once, and I wondered if he always sounded that way when he answered a call. 

“Hey, Doctor Reid,” I replied. “This is (Y/N), from the bar.” 

There was a moment of silence. 

“Wait, the one that I gave my number to, less than ten minutes ago?” he asked, sounding astonished. I smiled, pleased with myself. I got the feeling that he wasn’t the easiest to surprise. 

“The very same,” I confirmed. 

“You-you read?” he stammered, seemingly trying desperately not to insult me with his shock. I laughed. 

“Yes,” I said. “I can read Roman numerals. Very clever, by the way.” 

“I, um…thank you,” he said. “I honestly didn’t-”

“Expect me to call?” I filled in. “Well, expect the unexpected, Doctor Reid,” I teased. 

“You can-it’s Spencer,” he said. “And I am impressed.” 

“Just because I’m a bartender doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” I laughed.

“Oh, no, no, I didn’t mean that at all,” he told me in a rush. “It’s only that a very small percentage of the population can actually read Roman numerals without looking them up,” he said, and paused.

“Did you look them up?” he asked.

“No,” I said with a smile, “I didn’t.” 

“Okay, good.”

“So, Spencer,” I began. “I was hoping you would be willing to have coffee with me sometime.” 

“I would love to.” 

I smiled to myself. Finally, a guy who wouldn’t make my IQ drop after a two-minute conversation. 

This looked promising.