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Unicorn [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: evil!barry is toxic now lol. Is it possible for you to write about the heroes testing barry’s child to see if they have inherited his power but barry didn’t know and gets angry? Or something like that? I just love protective evil!barry as a dad.


Barry had left for…well, not even a hour on a heist and came back home to you balling on the couch. Something is wrong. There’s no little munchkin running around, singing Disney princess songs. Curling his hands to his sides, he speeds over to your spot, taking note of how low your black shirt is - not the time. Daughter first, then seduce the wife.

You peer up at him through blurry vision, clasping your thighs tightly, “Barry, they - they took - they took her! They took our baby! They took her away - away from me!” you sob, covering your mouth with your hand, messy hair tumbling in front of your face. This whole thing is tearing you apart, piece by piece.

Blood boiling, Barry squats down, cupping your cheeks in his midnight colored gloves. He hate - no, no, loates seeing tears in your Y/C/E eyes. “Who? Who took her?” he growls, trying not to sound angry at you. You shake your head, gulping, and Barry knows. He just knows. “Citizen Cold.” he grumbles; if this was a cartoon, smoke would be sprouting from his ears like a fucking chimney.

Before speeding to the Cold Cave, he kisses your forehead, reassuring you Y/D/N will be safe. His steel toe boots create an awful noise when he enters Leonard Snart’s secret lair. “Daddy!” he hears his daughter shout in a gleeful tone. He spins, seeing the little girl hooked up to a machine that looks like one that would be in a hospital.

He sighs, zooming over to her, hands latched on her tiny waist, which is covered by a bright blue fluffy unicorn onesie. “Baby, you sure gave daddy a scare.” he mutters, more to himself than anyone else, “Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you did he?” he asks in an warning voice, his scrutinizing her face as he unhooks her from the machine. She shakes her head, long light brown waves bouncing around.

“Chill, Flash. Just making sure we don’t have another speedster on our hands.” Leonard explains, raising his hands in defeat. The dark blue parka shifts at the movement, showing the famous cold gun strapped to his black jeans. “We don’t. No harm done.” he drawls, cocking his head to the side.

“Thought we had a deal. You leave my girls alone, I don’t….” he grits his teeth, mouthing ‘kill people’. He won’t say it in front of his daughter. She’s too innocent for that; she’s barely three. “You broke that.” he sighs dramatically, peering at the little girl on his hip. She plays with his black hoodie, mouth open, showing off her chubby cheeks. His fingers curl against the fluffy pink circle on her chest. “Deals off, Cold… But next time, I’ll vibrate my hand through your chest.” he promises, turning on a dime.

Tucking his baby into his chest, trying to remain serious as the unicorn hood covers her eyes, he races back to the safe house, landing on the couch. Instantly, you pull Y/D/N to you, hugging her tightly. Oh, oh your baby’s back. Barry scoots closer to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders while he leans down, kissing her chubby cheek.

She opens her mouth, staring at him in a daze, “Daddy!” she beams, putting her tiny hand on his nose. Yeah, that’s his adorable unicorn. He’s proud.

Another Girl (Leonard Snart x Reader)

(White Knights, 1x04 spoilers)

Words: 664

A/N: This is a little thing I thought of after 1x04. It was really quick and not meant to have much of a plot, but I really like the idea of a scene like this if Len had a SO. So, here it is!

You limped in, the weight of the twenty-something, half of FIRESTORM leaning on you as a crutch. Jax had been bleeding from his abdomen, but you, being the great person you are, was able to stop the bleeding enough to get him to the med-bay so Gideon could heal him or whatever the hell that futuristic AI does.

Sara, Kendra, Ray, and Len didn’t go on this mission to kill that timelord or timemaster (not like you knew the difference) who Rip had known from 2166. Ray and Len were on a different mission to get something from the banging physics lady who worked for Savage. You and Len are dating, you were someone who worked with ‘Captain Cold’ and ‘Heatwave’ occasionally and the Flash on the other half of the occasions. You were inducted into this time-traveling hit crew and decided to go because of the ‘time-travel’ reason, rather than the ‘save-the-future’ reason. It had been fun, until two people had died on the Wave Rider. However, right now, you were pissed.

One, you were pissed at Professor Stein for pushing Jax so much that Jax put himself in harm’s way just to defy him. Two, you couldn’t kill the bastard you had meant to because he zapped a button on his watch and he disappeared, and three, you heard from a little birdie that your boyfriend had kissed the little lady working for the evil future-dictator.

“You need to get to the med-bay immediately.” Rip said to Jax, who unhooked his arm from your shoulder and began walking to the med-bay. You started walking to the table/computer where Len was standing, waiting for everyone to come in. Your steps were heavy with anger and you walked to Len, who had turned to look at you.

“(y/n)-” Leonard didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence because, with a mind of it’s own, your fist had used all of your force to punch him in the jaw. Your body had leaned forward with the momentum and Len had doubled over, his hands going to hold his jaw.

“What the hell, (y/n)?” Ray asked, looking at you and Len with wide eyes. You and Ray hadn’t become close enough these past few weeks enough to see your true personality yet. Maybe this would be a good indicator.

You brought Len up by the collar of his black shirt and pulled him up to his full height, then slammed his back on the table. You leaned over to look him in his ice blue eyes.

“You kiss another person, besides me, willingly,” You made a quick glance at Ray who was staring at you with wide eyes, “I’ll shoot you with your own gun and take you to live with the polar bears. Are we clear?”

“Crystal,” Len stated, not phased by being held down by you, but rather smirking.

“Good.” You said quickly, letting go of Len’s collar and leaning off of him to let him get up. He stood up straight and rolled his shoulders back, his blue parka shifting. You grabbed his chin with your fingers (with your throbbing hand from that damn punch) to make him look down at you. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” He responded. You smirked. Leonard Snart was a criminal who had maybe four people who cared more to him than money, and you were one of those people. You moved your hand from his chin to the back of his neck to bring him down to your height to press your lips against his in the umpteenth kiss the two of you have shared.

“You two have the weirdest relationship I have ever seen.” Ray stated from the side, where he had been watching you and Len.

“Better than what you have, Palmer.” You quipped at him after separating from your boyfriend, who would never dare do anything that would make you want to kill him. Except for a few things on his bucket list.