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Gone Fishing - F!Reader x Noctis

Here we have it, guys. After two weeks, many hours, and over 6,000 words we have a sexy angsty tearful delight. Get ready to cry some horny tears and then some regular sad tears. Just to throw out a warning, this is SUPER NSFW and also REALLY SAD. At least to me, ok. I’m sensitive and this was hard to churn out wtf was I thinking. But, in all seriousness, some pretty heavy discussions involving death take place, and there is an ash scattering. So. If that kind of stuff triggers you, this may be something you want to avoid. IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED AWAY YET, THEN PLEASE DO FOLLOW ME. I have tissues ready. Tagging some loves that may enjoy (at least the nsfw part lmao) @themissimmortal @the-lucian-archives @insomniascure @angel-dream @cupnoodle-queen

A fraught silence overtakes you as your eyes follow the headlights to Talcott’s truck. Your mind suffers disquiet. Though the eternal night’s air is cool, you find your palms to be dampening at the sight of the truck growing nearer. Prompto is pacing—a straight line, back and forth, over and over—beside you until the familiar honk of Talcott’s horn shakes everyone from their thoughts. Prompto scrambles to push the chain-link fence open and you shield your eyes from the light as the truck sputters to a halt in front of you.

Your arm falls back to your side as the headlights flicker off and car doors swing open. Talcott beams at you, looking absolutely ecstatic. A meek smile plays on your lips and you acknowledge him with a nod before your gaze shifts to Noctis, who hops out of the truck with a bounce in his step. He’s dirty and unkempt, but he’s alive and right in front of you and your calm exterior betrays the feverish beat of your heart.

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Here is Shift Hop, a Starcadian music video I have been slaving over for the past few weeks.  It is another chapter in my ongoing project, Tales from the Sixth Sun.

The more psychedelic visuals come from my experience with audio-visual synesthesia, a condition where sounds and music present themselves as forms, motion, and color.

BUT THE REALLY EXCITING PART IS  that this video (along with some longer, reformatted versions) will be playing on a HUGE screen at BONAROO music festival in june!  I’m so stoked to see it and I hope some of you, my beautiful (and surprisingly numerous) followers, will be there and see it in action.

Be sure to check out Starcadian’s other stuff, he’s awesome!

Medicine | Changkyun Oneshot

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

Genre: College AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: “You opiate this hazy head of mine.”

Monsta X College AU Series: Wonho / Changkyun

     "There he goes again.“ You muttered to Shownu, your eyes following the boy running down the quad to the Medical School building in dark blue scrubs.

     "He’s got an big exam coming up, do you blame him?” Your best friend replied, shrugging and going back to his sandwich, becoming easily distracted by his hunger. Shownu had been working on his business administration project all day and he was finally able to have his first meal.

     Changkyun pushed the door open with his shoulder, his hands occupied with a stack of books, pens, and a lab coat gripped tightly in his palm. There were deep, tired bags under his eyes and his face was pale. It made you wonder how many hours of sleep he was getting these days or how many cups of coffee he had downed that morning to still be able to stay awake like that. You two didn’t know each other well; you only spoke to him when he and Shownu were hanging out, yet you worried about him greatly. Everyone knew Changkyun was a hard worker who poured his mind and soul into his studies and most people avoided him in fear of disturbing him, resulting in him not befriending anyone outside of his friend group.

     “No,” You tapped your pencil on your chin, lips between your teeth, “ Has he been eating? Sleeping?”

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 17)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2211

Warnings: Minor swearing

A/N: Thank you all for being patient with me, I really enjoyed writing this bit, and I hope you like it!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16]


This is it. The day has finally arrived. After weeks of training, of pushing yourself mentally and physically to the limit, after years of working towards and dreaming about this opportunity, you have your shot at being offered a contract for the CWHL.

You spring out of bed, trying not to wake a still-sleeping Steph, and quickly get dressed.

The morning greets you a little colder than normal, damp and overcast. A thick blanket of fog covers the entire camp, and you can hardly see a couple feet in front of you. You don’t mind the cooler weather, however. If anything, it energizes you, and you feel fresh as you walk cheerfully down the path to the mess hall.

As you’re heading around a curve, a large shadowed figure emerges from the fog. You stop dead in your tracks, unsure if a bear has accidentally wandered into camp. The figure moves closer, and you hold your breath. You’re trying to remember what to do in the event of a bear attack. Run? Play dead?

Deciding on the latter, you drop to the ground and curl up into a fetal position, peeking out from between your fingers.

But as the figure approaches, you realize it’s human - just concealed underneath a dark, baggy hoodie. As the person takes a step closer, you recognize the familiar tired brown eyes and chubby cheeks.

“Y/N, what the hell are you doing?”

“Jesus, Auston - you scared the crap out of me! I thought you were a bear,” you exclaim, scrambling to your feet.


“You looked like a bear, coming from the fog out of nowhere like that. I was trying to play dead. At least, that’s what I think you’re supposed to do.”

He smiles and shakes his head. “Of course your first thought would be to play dead.”

“Oh, shut-up.” You push him playfully. “It’s called survival instinct.”

“Yeah, I know - it’s called running and getting the fuck out of there.”

“No way you could outrun a bear.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” he says, giving you a smug grin. “My fitness test results today will say otherwise.”

You raise your eyebrows. “Fine. Ten bucks I beat your agility score.”

“Twenty I beat you in the wingate test.”

“Mean or peak power output?”


“Cocky much?”

“Just confident.”

You roll your eyes. “Okay there, hotshot. We’ll see what happens.”

“Alright, just try not to cry when I beat you.”

“Oh, I won’t be the one crying, rest assured.”

Auston pushes open the door to the mess hall, stepping to the side. “After you.”

“Why thank-you,” you say graciously, walking through the entrance. “Winners first, losers second.”

“That’s not what I-”

But you skip ahead into the hall, not hearing the rest of his sentence.

After a light, nutritious breakfast (there were no pancakes today, much to Mitch’s disappointment), you and Auston head over to the parking lot where everyone has gathered. Some people are milling around, jogging or hopping on the spot to relieve nervous energy, while others look half-asleep, yawning like they just rolled out of bed.

You both find Mitch and Steph in the crowd, and stand next to them while you all wait for the coach to show up and give further instruction. Mitch is an energizer bunny, hopping from foot to foot, his blue eyes widened with a slightly crazed look to them. Steph couldn’t be more the opposite. She’s staring straight ahead with a determined expression. You know she won’t break focus until everything is over, regardless of how many bad jokes Mitch tries to crack.

“You guys ready?” Mitch asks.

“Yup,” you say as Auston nods. You’re both fairly calm, knowing there’s no reason to waste unnecessary energy stressing out beforehand. You take a deep breath in and then exhale, pushing out the nerves in your stomach.

“What do you think our first test will be?” Mitch asks.

“I’m not sure,” Auston replies, disinterested. He may be even more focused than Steph.

“I think it’ll be the plate jump thingy. Or maybe the anaerobic test? I just hope it’s not the bench press, because I like to warm-up my-”

“Mitch, babe - relax,” Steph says, placing a hand on Mitch’s arm. “They’ll probably do our measurements first.”

“Oh.” He stops bouncing for a second to consider this. “You’re right.”

The coach steps up in front of the crowd, calling out for everyone to quiet down. Several other men and women stand off to the side, all smartly dressed in suits or tailored skirts with crisp collared shirts.

“Hello everyone, and congratulations for making it to this year’s scouting session. I’d like to give a warm welcome to our panel of scouts and evaluators this year.” The coach motions to the people off to the side as everyone claps politely. He introduces each scout, taking the time to explain who they represent, and allow them to make a statement on what they are looking for.

A strong looking woman in a grey pantsuit steps up to speak into the microphone the coach passes to her. Her expression is blase, her eyes cold and serious. “Hello everyone, my name is Catherine, and I am representing the CWHL. Today, my fellow associates and I are looking for a well-rounded player that will bring aspects of leadership both on and off the ice, particularly someone who leads by example, and who has a passion for the game that surpasses everything else.”

Auston nudges your arm. “She basically just described you,” he whispers.

“No, she didn’t,” you deny, feeling your cheeks flush.

“Sure. You can keep lying to yourself, Y/N, but you know you’re going to make the Toronto Furies.”

“I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

“Alright, I get that - but I truly believe that you’re going to make it.” He takes your hand and brings it up to his mouth, pressing a kiss to the back of it.

You smile softly at him, leaning your head against his shoulder and relaxing into him as the rest of the scouts make their statements.

You stay with Auston all the way until you get to the arena, where they split you up into boys and girls, shuttling you to opposite ends of the rink. They’ve taken out the ice from one of the arena’s pads, leaving space for stationary bikes, jump plates, long jump pits and other various fitness equipment to be placed out along the concrete floor.

You check in with one of the many officials wearing red shirts and lanyards, and she directs you over to the measurement centre. You’ve given a shirt with the number 23 on it, and you slip it on and line up behind a girl wearing number 22.

When it’s your turn, they ask you to stand against the wall, barefoot with your heels together and arms spread, measuring your wingspan and height.

Once they’ve gathered your data, you move on to the next section - the pull-up station. You stretch your arms while you wait, looking around at everyone else. William catches your eye from across the rink and smiles nervously.

“Good luck,” you mouth to him. He nods and gives you a thumbs up in return.

“Y/L/N, Y/N,” one of the official calls your name, and you step up onto the box, positioning your hands along the bar. Your eyes slip to the scouts panel, where Catherine from the CWHL is staring at you intently. You nod your head slightly at her, before shifting your feet up off the box and beginning to pull your body up and down, your arms straining with effort. You manage to do ten consecutive pull-ups before jumping down from the bar.

Your name flashes to the top of the leaderboard, where you hope it will stay, but there are at least fifty more girls that will complete the test after you. Trying not to think about it too much, you head over to the grip station, where they have you hold onto a dynamometer and squeeze as hard as you can, first with your left hand, and then with your right.

After you complete that, you walk over to the long jump, and then to the jump plate, the bench press, and finally to the agility test. You glance at the leaderboard, where your name has slipped down to the second spot. Your bench press hadn’t been as good as you hoped. You need to do well on this test to move back up to the top, and also because ten dollars is on the line.

You search around for Auston, and find him leaping into the long jump pit, completely focused on his test. You smile to yourself at his intense expression. You’ll talk to him later to compare scores, and see who owes who.

The official calls you up to the start line and then blows a whistle, signaling for you to begin. You dart to the right, running 15 feet, and then squat low, touching the ground by the pylon, before crossing over and sprinting to the next pylon. You fly through the exercise, not putting a foot wrong. This will probably be your highest score out of all the tests. As you cross over the finish line, the scouts glance at each other and scribble down notes on their legal pads. You’re given a minute to rest before you complete the same exercise, but crossing over to the left instead of the right this time.

The official calls out your score. “Number 23, Y/L/N, score of of 4.33 on the left, and 4.41 on the right.”

You hear a whoop from the stands, and you glance over to see your family cheering, your mom hollering, “way to go,” at you. You smile and wave back at them, pleasantly surprised by their arrival. Your dad had texted you last night, mentioning that they would try to make it in time for the fitness test, but they weren’t sure if they could get there in time because your little brother had a hockey tournament yesterday in Orillia. Your mom cheers again as your name pops back up to the first spot. You grin widely. Now, all you have to complete is the cycling portion of the test and then you’ll be done.

You wait in line, shifting and hopping from side to side, trying to keep the blood flowing through your legs. This is supposedly the hardest bit. When the official beckons you forward, you take a deep breath, readying yourself. You climb onto the bike and adjust your seat and pedals.

“Just warm up your legs for two minutes, I’ll keep it on the low resistance,” the official explains, turning the dial on the bike slightly.

“Okay, thanks,” you reply politely and cycle for a bit, getting your heart rate up.

The official’s timer beeps, and he turns to you. “Alright, now you want to start pedalling harder, gradually moving up to maximum effort. When you hit max, I will let you know, and you’ll maintain that effort for a total of thirty seconds, okay?”

You nod and he clicks his timer. “Go!”

You push into the pedals, spinning your legs faster and faster. Your thighs and lungs burn as you push yourself to go harder.

“Max!” the official yells, and you try to keep pedalling at the same rate. “Thirty seconds starting in!”

You can feel that your leg muscles are fatigued, but you push past the burn of the lactic acid building up and continue to pedal.

“Fifteen seconds!”

Your breath comes in short gasps, and you can feel the sweat rolling down your spine.

“Ten seconds!”

You’re not sure if you can make it. You feel your legs hesitate for a second, and you think you’re going to have to stop, but then you hear his voice call out to you.

“C’mon, Y/N!” Auston shouts, and you glance up briefly to see him standing off to the side, urging you on. “You can do it!”

A rush of motivation fills you, and you force your legs to pedal, pushing through the last few seconds.

“…and done!” the official yells and you immediately cease your effort, gradually slowing your legs down until the wheels stop spinning.

When you hop off the bike, Auston is waiting for you.

“That was amazing.” He pulls you into his arms.

“Auston, I’m all sweaty,” you whine, trying to escape from his grip.

“I don’t care,” he says and squeezes you tighter. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank-you,” you mumble against his chest. “I’m proud of you too. You looked great doing your long jump.”

“Eh, not my best, but I tried.”

“Auston, you’re holding first spot by a mile. I doubt anyone will catch up with you.”

“We’ll see. Will and Mitch still have to go through the wingate, and they might knock me down.”

“Well, regardless, you’ve done your best. Like I said yesterday, that’s all that matters.”

He smiles and presses a kiss to your forehead. “Do you want to go grab some lunch while we wait for the final scores?”

“Yes, I’m starving.” You take his hand and walk out of the arena.

Baked Goods (Poly!hamilsquad x reader)

Time: Modern

Gender: Fem

TW: Cockroach mentions, awkward laughing.

A/N: it kinda turned into lams x reader oops

Requested by anon: The poly!hamilsquad visits a bakery daily just to see her, trying to work up the courage to ask her out.

You worked a small bakery. You considered the baked goods delicious and well priced. You had regular customers, like the four men who came in every day at 4:00 pm regularly.

They acted slightly different towards you, but you thought nothing of it. It was half past three now. You snacked on a cupcake.

Your four best friends worked with you. Peggy helped with the baking along with Eliza. Angelica helped you upfront. Maria was an all around girl.

She washed dishes, helped bake, managed money with Angelica, and she could count like no other.

She and Angelica made a great team, but Maria loved Eliza. They were such a cute couple. Every so often, Maria would surprise Eliza with a special red velvet rose.

Red velvet was Eliza’s favorite.

You wished you had something like that. You rested your head on the counter next to the machine. The store was empty until you heard the little bell chime, signaling that someone was there.

“Welcome to Schuyler Sisters Sweet Treats.” You said as enthusiastically as you could. “Hello!” A familiar southern voice greeted.

“Hey John.” You said. “Hey Y/N, can I talk to you?” Eliza asked. “Y/N they all have a major crush on you.” Peggy blurted as soon as they were out of ear shot.

“What?” You asked, shocked. “They like you!” She repeated. “Whatever.” You rolled your eyes, walking back out.

“It’s the truth!” Eliza yelled. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” You smiled. “Is there anything else?” You asked, looking up at them through your bangs.

“U-Uh..” Alex rubbed the back of his neck. You noticed Lafayette and Hercules weren’t there. “Yes?” You pried, trying not to.

You saw Eliza harshly motion for them to ask out of the corner of your eye. “Nope!” Alex paid, grabbing the bread and carton of cookies and leaving with John.

“That was strange.” You noted to yourself. “It’s because they like you!” Maria insisted.

You had two hours left in your shift. That went by fast. You drove home. You made dinner and took a shower. You did think about the possibility of there actually being a crush.

They were kinda cute. They were really cute. You finished rinsing your hair.

You got out, deciding you’d wear something cute tomorrow. You laid in your bed, dreaming about what could happen. You smiled, realizing you liked them.

You chose a F/C day dress with white flats. You curled your hair. You went a little bit further with your makeup today, but it wasn’t too extreme. You had an hour left until your shift.

You hopped into your car and drove to work. The cute little bakery came into view, next to George Washington’s law firm.

“Isn’t that where Alexander and John work?” You questioned to yourself. You parallel parked and walked in.

“Hey guys!” You greeted, walking behind the counter. You were fifteen minutes early, but you knew everyone was here because you saw all the cars. “Hey girl” Angelica greeted back.

“Could I get a cupcake?” Peggy asked you from the other side of the counter, mocking a customer. “Yes, Ma’am. Now, what kind can I get you?” You asked, playing along. 

“How do I choose?” She giggled, thinking. “I’m going to have to go with the ever classic confetti!” She laughed. “Coming right up!” You said, running back and grabbing one. “Your total is $1.25″ You said, handing her the cupcake.

“Here you go” She hands you the money and you put it away. “Have a good day!” You giggled, along with peggy and the rest of the girls. “Ohh, you’re dressed up.” Eliza noted as you put on your apron.

“Yeah, are you guys positive that they like me?” You questioned. “Yes, Y/N. Remember when you were sick for a week? Well, they came in nonstop everyday asking how you were. John thinks he can hide his emotions well but he can’t. He looked so worried. You’ve got to do something soon.” Maria told you. 

Maria took the counter. You snacked on a slice of bread with jelly on it. It was a Saturday, so very few work places were open. A few loaves of bread were in one of the ovens. You picked up a list that was kept around for things that needed to be made.

  • Muffins, 12 
  • Chocolate, 12, vanilla, 12 

It was short today. You didn’t have very many orders since that new bakery opened down the block. You started on the muffins. They must want plain ones, but it would’ve been nice to just say that.

An hour later and you had the muffins halfway done in the oven. Peggy and Eliza worked on the other order. The radio was playing. Eliza was a huge musical geek, so it wasn’t unusual to hear Dear Evan Hansen or Be More Chill when it was just you girls.

Just as For Forever from DEH ended, the bell rang. It was around 10 am. You heard Peggy harshly whisper before shoving you out to the counter, claiming that she needed to make a special order.

“Y/N! Good morning.” John smiled from across the counter. “Good morning. Is there anything I can get you or are you going to look around?” You politely smiled, counting the freckles on his slightly pink cheeks. Somehow you knew Peggy was frantically waving her arms and motioning. 

You giggled, covering your mouth and looking down. You brushed a strand of your hair out of your face. “Uhm, we actually came to.. ask you.. on a date?” You heard Alexander ask from behind John.

It took you a moment to process what he said, which they took as a bad sign. “But if you don’t feel the same that’s fine because you aren’t entitled to anything or som-” Alexander rambled, but you cut him off. You couldn’t help but giggle, it was your reflex to awkward situations.

“She means ‘Yes’!” Angelica yelled from the back. “Yeah, definitely. Here’s my number. I’m free tonight?” You handed John your number. “On one condition-” You said. They all looked like they got shot. “You’re a lawyer, right?” You asked John and Alexander. 

“Yeah, why?” John confirms. “Well you know that bakery down the street? Is there any chance you can get someone to inspect that place? For me?” You asked. “I’m sure there’s something we can do.” John smiled down at you. 

::One Week Later:: 

Turns out there was something up with bakery. It was infested with cockroaches. The bakery was shut down and people started coming back. You enjoyed your date with them so much that your next one was on Tuesday.

Othello Headcanons

Because I really love him. He’s shady and tiny and I wish to squish his face.

-Buys takeout food every night after his shift is over

-Gets hopped up on caffeine and then dies when it runs out

-Realizes his routine/habits are problematic but does nothing about it because he legit does not care

-Has accidentally gone to work in his fluffy bunny slippers on multiple occasions

-Loved picking on Eric when he was alive

-Adopts every cat he finds and yells at them when they eat the science specimens he brings home

-Goes out shopping with Grell and gives them honest opinions on the outfits they try on

More modern day related:
-video game nerd, he has a fancy gamer headset and every console (bonus: nobody saw him for two weeks straight when Overwatch came out)

-Likes watching CSI/NCIS/Law & Order/etc and mocking the actors (“That’s not how that works! That’s not how any of this works you buffoons!”)

-was introduced to snapchat and instagram by Grell, takes a lot of stupid selfies and posts cool science videos of chemical reactions and things exploding

-master shitposter and photoshop expert

"On April 9th, 1916 the World Was Blessed..."

“Anonymous: If you can could I have like Vampire Gerard Way oneshot where he tells the reader he’s a vampire and wants her to be one when she doesn’t run away he bites her in the heat of my moment when they’re doing some ‘stuffs’ and he apologises and she says it’s okay Like smutty in the middle (depends how far you want to go with it) with like fluffy beginning and end”

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Toothbrush [Stiles Stilinski x Reader]

Author’s Note: Cute idea. Kind of whatever. I’m not sure what I think about this because I gradually got more and more tired as I wrote lol. Hope it’s decent? Toothbrush by DNCE was the inspiration, sooooo… you should def listen to that. ^^ I’ll proofread later, I promise, when I’m not tired. 

Word Count: 1,606

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closed starter for @cepheusadviser​​

;; 🌸 →  Takeru steps off the airship that brought him to Ereve, taking the moment to stare at his surroundings in awe. Floating islands are not completely foreign to the young ghost hunter, given that one of the Ganma he fought raised a part of his home’s land–but he didn’t have a chance to admire the Ganma-enduced floating island, considering that his friends were there and about to die when the island began to fall. But now, what with the lack of danger, he could take the moment to take in his surroundings before he makes his way deeper into the island to meet the person Princess Sakuno recommended. A ‘Nikola,’ he believes.

;; 🌸 → “It’s really beautiful here,” the ghost comments with a hushed awe, double checking to make sure that he is currently visible to the…odd fuzzy humanoids residing on this island. What are they called again? Takeru couldn’t recall–and he didn’t want to come off as rude by asking them what they are. Is this Nikola the same species as them?

;; 🌸 → He shakes his head, forcing himself to return to focus just as one of the individuals approaches him, beckoning him to follow. Understanding that he is being led to the person he arranged a meeting with, Takeru quickly jogs after the retreating back of his guide, silently savoring the warmness of Ereve’s temperature, and the sweetness of its air, as he marks the memory of this place to eventually share with his friends when he finds his way back home.

“Somewhere (Demo)” by Eastern Shift // Soundcloud Demo (2014)

Passion Pit frontman, Michael Angelakos, has gone and dropped a demo for a new track under the moniker Eastern Shift. It’s just a little over ninety seconds in length, but it has some of the earmarks of Passion Pit’s earlier work - pitch-shifted vocals, distorted electro beats - but with a much heavier hip-hop vibe. If anything, the track sounds a smidge like early Kanye West beats (back when he was better known as a producer, than all around entertainer). Perhaps it’s a sample of what’s ahead for Passion Pit or it could be some one off experimentation from Angelakos. Whatever the case, it’s an interesting listen and one worth a couple of spins. 

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Moments - Bodhi Rook/Reader

Title: Moments

Pairing: Bodhi Rook/Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1,431

PROMPT REQUEST: Request for a moment between Bodhi and Reader (with a guest appearance from a certain reprogrammed droid).

Originally posted by jeroncassianandor

Bodhi Rook is a fascinating person. Someone in your team likened him to a cat amongst dogs, an empirical defector among people whose families have been killed by the empire. It’s only some people, but you can’t help but listen to the whisperings. It didn’t matter that their squadron came home with the plans, that they gave the rebellion a new hope for their fight. Some of the people in the barracks still held on to the fact that he started off with the rebellion.

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[NEWS] BTS Soar to New Heights With 'Blood Sweat & Tears'

2016 has been a big year for BTS already. The Korean septet headlined major events on both U.S. coasts, released a bevy of new music in Korea and Japan,became the first K-pop group to receive their own Twitter emoji, saw artistic growth from individual members, and have continued to boost K-pop’s popularity around the globe. Now their newest single, “Blood Sweat & Tears,” introduces BTS’ most mature and versatile sound to come out of the group since their debut in 2013.

Released on Sunday (Monday in South Korea), “Blood Sweat & Tears” is the lead song from the group’s Wings album. Known initially as a youthful boy band with aggressive songs about empowerment, BTS began shifting gears earlier this year and the new single picks up where May’s tropical trap hybrid “Save Me” left off.

Featuring ethereal vocals and whirring, tropical house melodies resting upon pounding beats, “Blood Sweat & Tears” maintains BTS’ bombastic style even while shifting away from hip-hop and toward a more mainstream, Major Lazer-esque sound. The group’s rappers – Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope – co-wrote the song and have their chance to shine, but it’s BTS’ vocalists, Jimin in particular with his high notes, who bask in the spotlight in this game-changing single as they match their tones with the intense musical shifts.

The complexity of “Blood Sweat & Tears” comes from the multiple sonic elements layered atop of one another: gentle chimes, echoing sirens and synths, rhythmic claps and more all sit beneath the song’s forefront to create audible depth. The song’s chorus, cumulating in a two-word chant, is almost banal in comparison to the rest of the song’s production, but provides “Blood Sweat & Tears” with a steady hook upon which each verse builds up to.

“Blood Sweat & Tears” was released alongside a haunting music video that explores ideas of fate, reality, life and death, and falling from grace. The six-minute clip features the BTS members roaming through an echoing hall filled with classic sculptures and weeping angels and, alternatively, kept in dark spaces, tied up and trapped. Intermixed into the more classical imagery are bright, jarring sets and references to the afterlife, such as shrouds and veils. The video also featured an interruption to the song that does not appear on the album version of ”Blood Sweat & Tears,” featuring Rap Monster reciting from a passage of Hermann Hesse’sDemian, which acted as the the inspiration for the video’s concept.

Less than 2 days after being uploaded to YouTube, the music video was viewed more than 7 million times.

Wings is BTS’s second Korean studio album, and the first Korean album since the completion of BTS’s impressive Most Beautiful Moment In Life trilogy. (They released their second Japanese album Youth in September.) In addition to “Blood Sweat & Tears,” most of the songs on Wings were co-written by BTS members, with all members aside from Jungkook receiving production credit on the 15-track album.

Shortly after its release, Wings went to the top of the iTunes album chart, shifting Solange’s A Seat at the Table out of the number one slot, and is a contender to surpass the group’s previous rankings on various Billboard charts.

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New Beginnings

Fic Request: Can you please do one set after 5x05 where stiles shoulder gets worse and ends up getting sick from it, and Lydia is the only one who notices. Stiles then has a panic attack when Lydia confront him telling her that he killed Donovan and she comforts him and Lydia makes sure he gets better

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort, Canon Divergence

Author: shamelessprayberry

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Something Sweet

Chapter 2

(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: swearing, food mention

It was cold, but not uncomfortable yet, more like the kind of cold that makes you want a soft scarf around your neck and something hot in your hands. It was precisely the kind of cold that made Natalie sell hot chocolate at an alarmingly fast rate. The kettle never cooled so it was no wonder she burnt herself. It was bound to happen among all the bustle of single-handedly running the bakery, but following her mother’s echoing advice, she ran water over her hand until the sting faded and bandaged it. Then she went back to work.

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A little drabble. High school AU, Charles is in love with his best friend. 

Erik looks strange straddled over the seat of the moped. It an odd juxtaposition, his long, tall body and the shining, compact machine geared to hipsters who buy them in order to wax nostalgic over their summer in Italy then sell them when the rain started. Charles thinks his friend might look better leaning against the lean, strong lines of a Harley Davidson. He doesn’t say anything though, because the smile Erik flashes him as he walks down the school steps is wide and unusually sunny. It also steals Charles’ breath away, so even if he was going to question his best friend’s decision to use his meager savings on the powder blue scooter he was standing over so proudly, he couldn’t have. Life was funny that way. Being head over heels in love with your best friend has a way of stealing your words away. 

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