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Vibrate at the Highest Frequency Possible.

All of Life is Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. Each frequency has its own life patterns and manifestations. The Universe is the ultimate “radio” and we each vibrate at our own frequency. The way we can change our personal life, or that of planet Earth, is to shift frequency to “play the tune” we wish to be or to create. All one really needs to do to change any aspect of their life, heal any disease, create abundance, or achieve Transfiguration of the physical body into the Ascended Realm, is to raise their vibration and frequency. Vibrational frequency is defined as the rate at which the atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate. The higher this vibrational frequency, the closer it is to the frequency of Light. Everything we do, every word we speak and thought we think sends out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like vibration. Very simply stated, if we send out fear, we attract fear. If we send out love, we attract love. Raising of frequency can be done by anyone. In addition to the personal benefits gained by vibrating to a higher frequency are the profound effects produced in the world and all life forms. Each person who shifts higher affects the entire planet, as all of life is lifted along with them to a certain degree. 

The Precession of the Equinox: What is Happening to Us?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why part 3 of our sacred geometry lesson hasn’t arrived yet. It will be here soon, but first I have to talk about this. I think it’s most appropriate that we discuss the changes that have been going on before we talk about anything else.

Most of you have probably heard of the precession of the equinox. This planet tilts about 23 degrees to the plane of its orbit around the Sun, which causes the four seasons. But there is another slight wobble in Earth’s turn, the precession of the equinox. It takes about 26,000 years to complete. There are many other periodical wobbles in Earth’s turn, but for right now we’re going to look at this one.

The picture above shows the wobble itself. The right end of it points toward the center of the galaxy. The bottom half of the oval shows when the planet is heading toward the center of the galaxy, and the top half shows when the planet is heading away from the center. Slightly after the extreme points on the oval, at points A and C, great changes take place. Change also happens at points B and D, but the change is not as defined and is less likely than at A and C.

When we move away from the center of the galaxy, approximately at point C, we begin to “fall asleep”, or in other words our level of consciousness takes a drastic dip. We fall through dimensional levels until we reach point A, where we begin to wake up again. Each time the cycle continues, we fall asleep less than the time before and we wake up more than the time before.

These time periods are called yugas by Tibetans and Hindus (yugas are just ages). Each yuga has a descending and ascending phase. The age at point C, according to the Hindu system, is called the descending satya yuga. Then there is the descending treta yuga, dwapara yuga, and kali yuga. The kali yuga has both ascending and descending. The kali yuga was when we were in the darkest times, in our deepest slumber (approximately 1,000 years ago).

Many people say that this is why a lot of information written during this time period in books have errors, because the people who wrote them were trying to interpret very conscious information written by people who were more awake. People also say that this incorrect interpretation of awakened people’s knowledge by those who are asleep can be the reason why some Bible stories just don’t make sense to us.

We are awakening right now. In history, at some points it would take thousands of years to acquire a certain amount of knowledge. Recently, the amount of knowledge that we have has been doubling and tripling. We’re at point A right now on the precession of the equinox. According to the Mayan calendar, we hit point A exactly on December 21st, 2012. You might remember this date being very famous, when a lot of people said that the world was going to end.

This again is an example of a group of people wrongly interpreting knowledge from a much higher, more wise kind of human beings. The world wasn’t ending on 12/21/12, it had just begun. We were entering a new age, The Age of Aquarius. The Age of Awakening.

Between 2013 to now, I know I’m not the only one who has seen drastic changes in myself, the people around me, my understanding, my knowledge, my energy, my consciousness. Everything is changing and this is one of the most important times for Earth, or maybe our entire solar system.

So, with this knowledge, you must ask yourself: why did my soul choose to come to this planet, at this very time? Why am I here?

Thank you for reading. Pictures have been borrowed from the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol 1. by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Stay tuned for more lessons from the Indigo School. Love & light!

Aquarius - The New Age Frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  
―    Nikola Tesla

As we move beyond the spiritual Age of Pisces into the secular Age of Aquarius, the world’s frequencies shift in gear and spray a new vibration to which human consciousness can experience and align with. As we enter the age of individualisation, technology, science, and the 5th dimension of love and creativity, children of the Water Bearer Aquarius emit the frequencies of the New Age. Aquarian people are vessels that provide new and innovative divine information for progression. Such individuals born under Aquarius experience the ultimate gamut of the intuition and sorcery granted by the Aquarian Age - telepathy, clairvoyance, the art of mass influence, and the electric psychic energies of their ruler, Uranus. Deliriums and hallucinations are considered pathology, but only from the realms of scientific reality. Aquarius symbolizes a sign where material is merged with meaning; and so clairvoyance, telepathy and dreaming become guiding forces. This is especially aligning with the energies of the Aquarian Age.

The nerve endings of Aquarians are the electrically charged sixth sense into the words, needs, and feelings of others. The Aquarian Age indicates the fulfilment of 5th Dimensional communities and the ascension to the 5th Dimension of love and creativity, and this is an intrinsic quality and flair in the Aquarius archetype. Like the Aquarius, the corresponding Age is set to overturn known social convention and breathe fresh air into the mundane and outdated. Electric Aquarians will send shockwaves through the world’s holy water and arouse all sorts of spiritual friction, high voltage and drastic changes and possess a hypnotic influence over the collective mass consciousness. The sign of Aquarius is at home in this Age, and it is truly time for the Air intelligence to shine and realign the world with their progressive virtue, rampant intellectualisation and belief in unconditional equality. They are already well informed and visionary when it comes to the themes and energies of the Aquarian Age. The promotion of the free, the radical and the reformist will streak through all known societal structures.

The Aquarian frequency is low, cool and refreshing. This is much like the breath of fresh air orchestrated by the divine for our planet during this New Age. As Jesus waits in the home of Aquarius, the eleventh house, the Water Bearer nourishes humanity with new insights, expansion and the promise of finding a peace that is truly individualised. Jesus will return, but he will return within us, and Aquarius is the mirror of this phenomenon. The key themes around the Aquarian incarnation including self actualization and individualisation will be echoed as an intrinsic development of each and every soul, as the patriarchy of religion and government slips away from grip. Traditionally in Astrology, the sign of Aquarius is understood to associate with heavenly or esoteric energies, and was introduced in Atlantis alongside its neighbour sign, Pisces. Here the water of Aquarius is baptising the new world, sensing our connectedness and responsibility for, the future of humanity. Humanitarian issues like asylum seekers, poverty freedom of movement, speech, thought and association are all concerns to which the Aquarian and its Age intend to align with justice. Aquarians hold their memory of the starry vault of heaven and cosmos from which we emerge, and lure or souls to return to these worlds and return to play with the galaxies far away.


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Mind of Frequency

Mind flows through Frequency

Spirit ignites through Vibration. 

Body shifts through Mass. 

Shift Your Frequency and Your Vibration will change. 

When Your Vibration changes Mass will Follow. 

Be Light. 

Create Light. 


You can tell who Pisces have been hanging around with, what they have been watching, the thoughts they have been thinking rather easily, because their whole demeanor changes to match just this. Their accent, the words they use, their attitudes and their opinions begin to shift in frequency, receptive as ever to the things around them, but rather unconsciously. Don’t be surprised if they come out with something you have never heard from them before, because chances are, next time you see them, they will have shifted again somewhat. 


High-res renders of certain rare hallucinations(?) that appear around Fazbear Fright. Pulled from the game files. Also included are some of the Phantom ‘trigger’ images I left off from the last post.

As for the rarer hallucinations, several of these manifest as posters shifting arbitrarily (the frequency of this is easily 1-in-100 passes or greater) - such as the Springtrap/Spring Bonnie poster in CAM10 or the two cupcake posters in CAM4. Also included is a high-res render of the whole office, and an incredibly rare visitation from an old friend


WARNING: ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 MANKIND WILL LEAP IN EVOLUTION. HUMAN DNA IS MODIFIED AND A NEW ERA BEGINS Earth moves in a region of the galaxy, which leads to increased cosmic energies affecting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted that this will lead to many changes in human society, including the major discoveries of advanced technology, the secret space program and extraterrestrial life. Dr. Simon Atkins, a famous doctor in Bioelectromagnetics prognostication disaster risk specialist, argues that the Earth and humankind will make a leap in evolution, with an episode of solar eruptions to take place in September. An acceleration and an increase in electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will take place from late August to late September, to cause, or around September 28, which is described as a ” frequency shift “in consciousness. Expected cosmic energy is called “X Wave” (Wave X). We experience a “wave of evolution,” says dr. Simon Atkins. “What we’re about to find out at a high level, unheard of in history, scale, is the real answer to the question” Who are we? “,” How come? “And” What is our goal? “. The planet is going to “take off” in such incredible ways, “says Atkins. He stated that the exercise Jade Helm, which began on 15 July and runs until 15 September, is the true purpose of obtaining information on the effects of cosmic energies received in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity. This exercise is very much linked to the change of frequency in which small states in which exercises are performed, will face a higher frequency in the field in July and August – the aim being to learn from them and manage effects the population of the larger states in September. Intelligence Community of the United States is aware of the potential effects of cosmic energy input and take steps to manage it. Simon Atkins believes that US special services are not the only entities in the world, conscious of incoming cosmic energies, and also take steps to manage it. A frequency change will take place in September in the 23-28 range, which is very significant. This will coincide with the meeting between Pope Francis US President Barack Obama at the White House (September 23), following the Pope to address the US Congress (September 24). Atkins claims that there will be an attempt to use the famous Geneva CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) to divert this massive wave of energy that will come. After visiting Washington, Pope Francis will address the world’s political leaders at the UN General Assembly on 25 September. Vatican Information Service is also aware of this wave of cosmic energies. It’s more than a coincidence that the strongest religious and political leaders of the world meet when these energies invade the planet. Effects of Wave X Incoming cosmic energies have profound effects on human DNA and will trigger major discoveries. Atkins argues that some stellar ambassadors stationed on Earth from the Galactic Federation have been appointed delegates to a group of aliens called Being Sphere Alliance. This group came in 2012-2013 with spheres huge size as Neptune, which formed frequency shields around the Sun and solar system. One of the most important functions of these spheres was to adjust the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so that mankind can integrate better and to prepare for major changes. Among the amendments that will be triggered by the entry of cosmic energies is the release of information on advanced technologies, the secret space program and extraterrestrial life as Corey Goode, a specialist in advanced technologies, known as an empathetic person intuitively described as event “total disclosure”. Goode recently announced that the huge size spheres are about to leave our solar system because they have fulfilled their purpose.There are certainly quite a few other events that occur before the latter event, then we will be left on their own. Atkins announces that on September 28, at 11:11, wave X bombard the earth with gamma-photon light particles, traveling at light speed and producing an instantaneous change in DNA. Of the people at a frequency in the Schumann resonance of at least 17 Hz will be propelled in the 5th dimension. The number of people projected to have a rise in the rate is a little over 2.3 billion, and the exact number depends on the collective conscience of humanity to manifest changes. Cosmic energies have begun to enter and spheres acted as buffer blocks them increasingly less. All this suggests that, at the end of September could be a peak moment in which cosmic energy will produce significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a growing mass of beings of light who raised their frequencies at high levels of love self. September 9, 2015 known as “Event Horizon” and is the most important day in human history, says Simon Atkins, stating that this is not the end but the beginning of an ascent mass worldwide, the beings whose vibration passes from the 4th to the 5th dimension. By Kate Ryna Daring, Zon Staff, 08/30/2015

For all the new parents out there <3

Diamond Children:
These children are predicted to be the next wave of children after the Rainbow Children. Diamond Children are also said to be first timers here on earth. There are already a few born but still need the earths energy to shift to a higher frequency in order to accommodate the critical mass of Diamonds. Many adults most evolve in order to be the parents of this next wave of children. Diamond Children are said to fully embody the Divine Light. They will be most comfortable with telepathic communication, will posses instant manifestation skills and telekinesis. They have never experienced the densities of earth and will have no concept of anger, hate, fear, greed and separation. They are unfamiliar with the drama of earth in relationships and between people. Diamond children are unable to cope with pain, suffering and drama of the Old Earth Energies. They will resonate to the highest frequency of Divine Pure Love and Divine Pure Light. We will begin to uncover more about these children in the time to come.
“Diamond Children carry nothing with them, nothing sticks to them, it all flows through them like water, like air, they come with nothing to personally clear. There vibration is so high it automatically and completely transcends density and negativity.
They can “overcome” they are able to overcome. They hold the DNA coding that allows those who are ready to overcome the illusion of this world.
Many of the healers on this planet also now carry this Diamond Coding and can therefore instantly awaken people. Can instantaneously remove the veil and bring someone (who is ready and willing and where it is aligned with their life path and purpose at this time and for there highest and best good) to return to fully knowing and remembering although the process is done over “time” and in alignment with the Divine. (divine timing)
Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
Diamond Children have many diet sensitivities, organically more of a “breathatarian”, not normal to eat through their mouths the way we do. Have many digestive issues, cording, draining etc…, find it hard to process food, and 3D energies in general, negativity is like poison to them. They require pure air to breath and pure water to drink. They have the wisdom of a Perfected Universe.
I recently met one Diamond Teen said that the world is like a battery with many layers that keeps it alive an and over time we have broken down and destroyed the layers of the battery, it is the Diamond Children that will provide the deep wisdom of to help “rebuild this battery”. Many of the older Diamond Children (and their aren’t many), have had a difficult time existing to this point with little resources to rebuild them and help them maintain balance and centeredness. They are sparkling perfection in their ability to shine their light/sparkle into the world.”
The Diamond Energy is all flowing, all glowing all loving all knowing
(Updated information about the Diamond Children as of January 1st, 2012)
The critical mass of Diamond Children are coming now and many of them will have diagnoses due to the inability for the masses to understand who they are. Many of them will be diagnosed Autistic and will therefore create the shift on the planet necessary to get our attention.
We will be unable to ignore the changes and uniqueness of our children anymore. They will need simplicity and ease in their homes and lives. They may experience a number of illness as they attempt to cope and clean up the energy.
You can see how depleted they get by the dark circles under their eyes, their lethargy and their need to stay home refusing to be in public places and places with a lot of noise and negativity (unconsciousness).
Transmuting the energies of the planet with no rest or proper energectic care and maintenance can result in flu like symptoms and vomiting.
The Diamond Children sparkle with the light of truth and will go thru periods of both sleeplessness as well as periods of great sleep. As their parents establishing a flexibility with their own rymthm will best serve them. They are of the timeless realm and therefore may create difficulty as they integrate into a world that still operates on clock time.

The story (the brief version) is a tale of Internet best friends growing up. It’s also (the longer version) a multigenerational universe origin/apocalypse epic about two sets of four kids, four sets of 12 Zodiac-based aliens (one set being a warped Jesus parallel), titanic wars between chess pieces and card suits, and two diametrically opposed twins living inside the same body. Sensual puppets, Insane Clown Posse, and a stuffed rabbit all play crucial roles. Gender equality and fluidity is the unstated but constantly reiterated rule. Throughout the narrative, a startling percentage of characters die, which doesn’t stop them from remaining active in the plot. Time and space are vectors that shift with alarming frequency, to the point where uncertainty of both is a hallmark of the story. A neat, albeit cryptic, summary of the story’s plot mechanisms is the title of Act 5 Act 2: ‘He is already here.’

I’m pure. Pure doesn’t mean empty, or innocent, or untainted. It means concentrated. Singular. Solid and real. I can burn everything outside my skin and I will still be. I can gather the planet in my bones. My dreams and feelings are shifting fragments. Frequencies buzzing and cracking. I am immovable fluid. I am threads of air and blood. I am pure.

There is a major tendency in general in queer circles right now to believe that gender terms (including many new terms, terms which weren’t popularly used until very recently) refer to a single objective experience, and that is absolutely untrue- one experience can be called a million different things, go by a million different names. Terms for gendered identities are created by dominant social discourses and ideologies, and these shift with incredible frequency. We can rest assured that just as old terms have passed out of favor, so will more current ones, and this doesn’t mean that we should walk around intentionally hurting people by using the wrong pronouns because it is inevitable that the terms will change, but it does mean that it is dangerous to try to work new terms into old frameworks which just weren’t built for and often don’t have room for them- for example, the way people juggle around what the relationship between nb people and patriarchal power is as though there could possibly be a single answer.

As a gnc woman I am actively threatened by the increasing tendency of many LGBT people (especially people who are very active in “queer” communities) to imply that anyone who does not call themself a woman is a misogynist oppressor- because a whole lot of terms which lie discursively (in popular conception) outside womanhood that are very popular right now implicate me, and people like me, and I’ve used them many times and could use them again without anything about my life changing. This is why trying to parse out individual gendered privilege is so silly and absurd to me- I didn’t call myself a woman for years because I was actively pushed out by the prevalence of discourses that render women like me (maybe because I like wearing ties, maybe because I am dysphoric, maybe because I like cars) either fakes who need to find new terms and leave real women alone, failures and jokes, or predatory misogynists. And when I was using different pronouns absolutely nothing about my life changed- I didn’t stop experiencing misogyny, my childhood didn’t retroactively change, my classmates didn’t see me differently, even as the way I thought about myself as a person changed on a daily basis. You have got to leave room for this, or you’re leaving us behind and causing the same kind of damage to other people that was caused to me as a teen newly stepping into LGBT groups and friend circles. And this is part of why I reserve my mistrust of men mostly for cishet men- because I don’t know anyone’s lived experience until I see it and they tell me about it. I’m not going much of anywhere with this but presuming to know what someone -really- is can be so incredibly harmful. Sometimes there isn’t much accommodation you can make- if for example, you create a space for women, it will only attract people who call themselves women and not people like myself two years ago who maybe didn’t see themselves as women. There’s not much space you can make there. But I am trying to hold this space even though it is so close to culturally impossible, or at least culturally improbable, and other women are trying to hold it too, and I do not like feeling like I am untrusted or ignored or WOULD be if I just changed my pronouns again.

When you shift your frequency, you holographically transmit the information on how it was done to the collective consciousness. Others may then access this information if they so choose. You give people who are struggling assistance and reassurance that it can be done, by simply being the living example.
—  The Great Human Potential - Wendy Kennedy - Ninth Dimensional Pleiadians

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I'm a female community/retail pharmacist. I have been hit on by so many men at work that I have literally taken to wearing a fake engagement ring during shifts to lessen the frequency and give me an extra way to say no to them, since they often don't like to listen to anything besides "I'm taken". Many are decades older than my thirty years, and some continue inappropriate remarks after I've already left the counter. Why?