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He continued to listen to her story with half-lidded eyes, and as he did, he nearly drifted back to sleep. Not necessarily because he was tired, but because her voice was so soft and soothing, and the Fade was so close to them in these forests, that- even just being comfortable was but a thought away from being in the Fade.

He opened his eyes fully when he felt her kiss, and smiled. 

“An inspiring tale, vhenan. And with a happy ending. Thank you for telling it.” 

Ok Sanster fans, hear this out.

Two skeletons meet, both scientists, both after the position of Royal Scientist. Wingding, and Aster. Aster works in quantum physics, Wingding works in sustainable energy. They get together to tease each other on how ridiculous each other’s proposals sound and end up helping iron out issues they find in each other’s work. Wingding gets his proposal, the CORE project, accepted and gets to hire his own staff as Royal Scientist, he hires Aster right off the bat.
After making the CORE together, they work on other various interests and end up building a relationship together. They create a couple of monumental things together, the Gaster Blaster, and a little development they name Papyrus. The pair are parents, over the moon about it, they have a family and successful careers in high paying positions and everything is going flawlessly for them.
Ten years after Papyrus is born, the CORE experiences a massive temporal meltdown and Wingding falls into their creation after the railing fails. Time shifts, everyone forgets Wingding and Aster ever existed except Aster. To provide for his son alone, Aster takes on multiple jobs, calls himself Sans and doesn’t correct anyone when they think he is Papyrus’ older brother. He slaves away in a lab behind the house in hopes of pulling his lover out of the void one day.

Nation’s Sexiest Politician

A very random season 4 Olicity ficlet

Author’s Note: The adorable duck face photo gave me this idea… but it is really shitty and I’m not very proud of it. But hey, it is slightly entertaining (at least it was entertaining to me as I wrote it) and I got to go through gorgeous photos of Stephen Amell in the process so I won’t complain. Enjoy…

It started with one selfie.

A selfie that was meant to be funny, with her sporting a duck face and him attempting one as well. But then he changed his mind right before she snapped the photo, shifting from a failed duck face to a look of part stoicism and part confusion. “Oliver!”

“What?” he asked.

“You were supposed to duck face.”

“I don’t even understand that.”

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The age of loneliness is killing us | George Monbiot
George Monbiot: For the most social of creatures, the mammalian bee, there’s no such thing now as society. This will be our downfall
By George Monbiot

“, , , factories have closed, people travel by car instead of buses, use YouTube rather than the cinema. But these shifts alone fail to explain the speed of our social collapse. These structural changes have been accompanied by a life-denying ideology, which enforces and celebrates our social isolation. The war of every man against every man – competition and individualism, in other words – is the religion of our time, justified by a mythology of lone rangers, sole traders, self-starters, self-made men and women, going it alone. For the most social of creatures, who cannot prosper without love, there is no such thing as society, only heroic individualism. What counts is to win. The rest is collateral damage.”