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So if you request something I will maybe draw it for you :3

And here are some examples of my works because I think some people wouldn’t believe I can draw. I just have that feeling :/ *shrugs*))


Kyliah meets Valki (and Sven).

It happened when Kyliah tried to travel to an alternative universe where her parents were happy and together because she couldn’t stand her own timeline any longer with all the quarrels, hatred and fights.
There she stumbled on Valki and realizes to her shock that this little girl was the daughter of her parents in this universe (and she also had two other siblings!!). She never existed in this universe so no one knew who she was.
But she was a strong female warrior and Valki found the perfect role model in her because she wanted to be one herself as well.

Actually I wanted little Kyliah to meet Valki but… she wouldn’t be powerful enough as child to use such magic. Thought I really would love little Kyliah to meet Valki….. BAWWW my brain comes up with stupid ideas again! xD

This is for the lovely artist of ask-the-odd-family-from-asgard! alias~ superficial-skull