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GIGN | Gilles “Montagne” Touré

Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm. He brandishes an extra-large riot shield, first issued in the 1980’s, that has seen more action than most operators.

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The Soldier stared at the young boy he had just knocked out before picking him up and slinging the young boy over his shoulder. His mission had been to acquire the boy, Hydra had assumed it would be an easy snatch and grab but plans had changed.

Intel had said that the two older Starks would leave the younger boy at home with the ageing butler. They already had the blueprints of the mansion and a mole hidden within the security to make sure no alarms went off. However a day before the Soldier was supposed to head out a problem arose.

The butler had gotten injured meaning the Starks would be taking their young son with them to the party. Hydra had called off the mission worried about the increased security and the amount of people that would be in the area. They didn’t want to risk any witnesses. However the handlers failed to order the Winter Soldier to stand down.

The Soldier had easily discovered the location of the party and began scoping out the mansion. He had just been ready to use the vents to try and sneak into the young Stark’s quarters when he spotted his target on the balcony.

It was strange how the boy didn’t beg for his life or even start promising money or rewards as so many of the Soldiers other targets did when he raised a gun towards them.

“My dad won’t pay ransom. He never does.”

The Soldier felt a pang in his chest. He took a moment to see if it was reason for concern, when nothing else happened he dismissed it before regarding the boy.

“My mission is to acquire young Anthony Stark.”

A resigned look settled on the boy’s face and then before he even knew what he was doing the Soldier brought the gun down with the strange urge of never wanting to see the look on one so young.

He was almost back to his handlers when the boy started to stir.

“My dad won’t pay. He never does. He never comes.”

His voice was slurred but the belief in the boy’s words made the Soldier pause.

An image of a young blonde boy, older than the one currently over his shoulder, flashed in his mind.

‘The little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.’

He didn’t know why but he couldn’t had over this kid to Hydra. That image, the blonde boy, he would never have—

Whatever the case he wasn’t handing him over. The Soldier for the first time gave himself his own mission.

‘Protect Anthony Stark’

How I communicate with spirits

So I thought maybe I’d do a little intro to how I communicate with spirits in case anyone wanted to know. I’ve been communicating with spirits for probably over 6 years now, and when I was younger I was able to do it with fairly little effort. It’s true that in my family we seem to attract spirits and have an easier time getting in touch with them, but that doesn’t mean no effort is required.

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Draco Malfoy x Reader

Title: Opposite Sides of the Battle - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Request: Could u write a 3 parts oneshot where u and Draco are dating and u have a huge fight with him because he became a death eater (u are from Gryffindor) and there is a battle and u are on oposites sides and have to fight eachother but u cant because both of you are to scared that u might hurt eachother So he apoloziges and cries a lot and change sides so he end up fighting by your side Thanks! XX

A/N: It’s really long I’m so sorry. I may have gotten carried away..


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You stood at the front of the castle, in front of the bridge, wand raised as you helped create a shield charm with the professors of Hogwarts. Next to Hermione, you had exceptional skill in magic.

Protego horribilis. Protego maxima. Fianto duri. Repello Inimicum.” You spoke, bursts of blue light escaping from the tip of your wand, winding upwards before spreading out as if hitting glass. The blue shield expanded, connecting gently with the other areas of expanding shield charms which were being cast by the more experience Professors.

When you had finished, you lowered your arm, glancing at the students who stood around, speaking softly as they prepared for battle, to busy in their own conversations to notice you. You let out a deep breath, and turned on your heels, striding into the castle. You nervously twirled your wand in your hand as you walked to the common room hurriedly, you had to send a message to your parents in case you… well… died.

Once you reached portrait, you found that it had been removed and placed upon the floor, leaning against the wall, the canvas empty and void of the Fat Lady. You brushed off this change and stepped into the common room, immediately noticing the eerie silence that engulfed it. The only sounds that you could hear were those of your own steady breathing and quiet footsteps.

“Expecto patronum.” You broke the silence, waving your wand in a circle as you cast the charm. A small sliver of silver light escaped the tip of your wand. The light twirled and danced before it joined to form your tiger patronus. Your patronus raised its head proudly, stalking towards you. You smiled gently, “I need you to send a message to my parents.”

“Mum, Dad,

the battle will start soon. Voldemort is coming. I am staying to fight, if I don’t send a letter in a few days, I suppose you know what happened.

Mum, I’m sorry for all the things I’ve ever said to you. You are the best mother anyone could ask for. I know that you didn’t want me coming back to Hogwarts, but this school is as much as my home and family as both you and dad are. Please know that I love you, and that I will never regret dying for a good cause. Please don’t blame anyone else for my death. Thank you for accepting Draco into our family, I love you.

Dad, thank you for everything. Thank you for your support when you found out I was in Gryffindor, not Hufflepuff like you, or Ravenclaw like mum. Thank you for your acceptance when I told you I had started seeing a Slytherin (even though that took some time), but most of all, thank you for accepting my choice for me to come back to Hogwarts, understanding my need to protect what little of it was left. I love you.

I need to go now, Hogwarts needs me. Hopefully, I’ll talk to you soon.” 

You finished your message, and with a nod your patronus dashed around the room, exiting through the window, taking the light with it. You shivered in the sudden coldness and with a flick of your wrist, fire rose in the fireplace, crackling as if they had been burning for hours. The flames lit up the room in a golden glow, warming the room immediately.

As you stood in the middle of the common room, the severity of the situation crashed down on you. A tear ran down your cheek. You may not survive the fight. You may never see your parents again. You may never see your mother relaxing by the fireplace, a sketchbook and pencil in her hand as she draws steadily, with you curled up on the floor, doing your homework over the holidays and stopping only to greet your father as he walks in from work, tired and stressed but happy that he’s home with his family. You may never get to see your friends again, laugh over something stupid with Seamus, or have a debate with Luna and Ginny. You may never get to see your boyfriend Draco again. 

Guilt and remorse hung in the pit of your stomach as regret overwhelmed you. You and Draco were not on good terms. Not anymore. Your mind travelled back to the day you were on a date with Draco - your final date, it seemed.

“So, are you going to attend Hogwarts this year Draco?” You asked, sipping on your butterbear and watching Draco as he leaned back on his elbows, soaking up the warm sun. It was just the beginning of the holidays; you and Draco had apparated to Mill Dam in Scotland, and were relaxing next to the lake, a blanket under both of you and food littered around you.

Draco glanced at you, “I don’t know.” He shrugged.

You frowned crossing your legs, looking out at the expanse of water, “I thought Snape made it compulsory for pure bloods to attend?”

“Well yes, but I’m not sure. I need to stay home, my parents need me. I have some things my family needs to do.” 

“Hogwarts hasn’t been the same since Dumbledore died.” You sighed, “Snape has ruined everything Hogwarts was, and now that he is bringing in the Carrows, it seems that the first years will need every help they can get.” You looked at Draco, “It’ll be nice if you come and help us protect them.”

Draco shifted under your gaze but didn’t meet it, his eyes wandering over the lake, “You know I can’t. Y/N, you know my parents’ views and they will be disappointed.”

“You can’t keep hoping to please your parent’s Draco. When are you going to stand up to them?” You asked lightly, trying not to create a fight.

“You know I can’t. My father, the family name means everything to him.” He rubbed his forearm absentmindedly, the shirt crumpling and smoothing under his thumb. 

You sighed sadly, “I understand Draco. I just..” You paused, heart sinking at the memory of seeing Dumbledore dead, “I just want Dumbledore back. Hogwarts needs him, we need him. If we have any hope at winning this war, at peace. Dumbledore was the one person You-Know-Who was afraid of.”

“Dumbledore wasn’t that great of a man. A death eater managed killed him, he was pathetic.”

“Don’t, Draco.” You spoke, your voice tense, “Dumbledore was a brilliant man. He fought You-Know-Who, he actually won.”

He scoffed, glancing at you. The shirt sleeve rode up as Draco continued to rub his forearm, flashes on black ink on skin revealing itself every so often.”

“What’s that Draco?” You asked curiously, eyes trained on his forearm.

Draco stopped rubbing his forearm, glancing at you. He followed your gaze and froze, quickly looking at you, “It’s.. uh-its nothing.” He spoke quickly, pulling down his sleeve.

You laughed lightly, “Is that a tattoo? Did you get a tattoo, Draco?”

He shook his head, “No, Y/N.” He lied, thinking of a lie he could tell you. You moved to sit on your knees and reached for his arm but he pulled it away, standing so he could move out of your reach. You laughed at his movements, whatever he had gotten must have been incredibly embarrassing.

“What did you get Draco?” You teased, “Don’t tell me its a naked lady.”

Draco forced a laugh but you failed to spot the falseness of his light grin. You stood, reaching for his arm again only to grasp air as Draco moved from your grasp once again. “Come on Draco!”

You sighed loudly, exaggerating your actions. Draco smiled sincerely this time at your actions, and you took the chance to quickly whip out your wand and with a small flick of the wrist you forced the sleeve up. You laughed victoriously before you saw the tattoo, the laughter dying in your throat.

A snake coiling a skull inked your boyfriend’s forearm, the Dark Mark clearer than day. Your wide eyes flicked up to Draco’s, whose own blue orbs were filled with sadness and disguised fear.

"Y/N, I can explain.” Draco began, stepping forward. You immediately stepped back, keeping the distance between you. You had trusted Draco, disclosed your darkest fears and brightest dreams to him.

“Explain!?” You exclaimed, “How exactly can you explain the reason you’re a death eater?!”

“Please Y/N, the Dark Lord gave me no choice!” Draco defended, hurt brewing in his eyes.

“No choice?” You echoed, “You had a choice Draco! You had the choice to say no!”

“And what?” Draco spat, his own anger rising, “Die? Let him kill me? Face the wrath of my father?”

“Yes!” You exclaimed, “I would rather die than work for him!” You paused, chest heaving with rage, your hands clenched at your sides. All at once, the anger left you as fast as it had came. When you spoke, your voice was almost defeated and barely audible, “When? How long have you-” Your voice broke.

Draco looked away from your gaze, almost wishing that you were angry again. He could deal with your anger, deal with the hatred that you may have felt towards him. But what he couldn’t deal with was the disappointment and naked hurt he could hear in your voice. “Since.. the beginning of the sixth year.”

You laughed bitterly, “Almost a year.” You looked away from Draco, the thought that he hadn’t trusted you enough nearly bringing tears to your eyes. After everything you had been through together, you accepting him, you sticking up for him when no one else would. He turning to you when he had no idea what to do, he turning to you when he felt sad or hurt. He only ever showing his weakest side to you, because truth was, he loved you, if only you knew it.

“Y/N…” Draco’s voice was broken, his teary eyes pleading for you to look at him.

“Don’t.” You stopped him, still looking out at the lake, watching a duck dip into the water before ruffling it’s feathers and settling. “I trusted you. I loved you. Clearly, my feelings weren’t returned.”

“No, Y/N, please-”

“Had you loved me, you would have told me you were a death eater. I would have preferred you telling me than keeping it from me! Were you spying on me? Hoping I would give some sort of clue where Harry was, so You-Know-Who could kill him?” You asked, “Did you ever love me? Or was it all an act?” Your eyes searched his, hoping for sincerity.

“No!” Draco exclaimed in disbelief, “I do love you! Believe me Y/N, I love you. Please, let me explain.”

Had it been another day previous to this, your heart would have swelled at this declaration, but now all you could feel was your heart breaking, pieces of it being torn off and thrown away by the man you thought you loved. “I don’t know what to believe any more.” You stated, your voice monotone and void of any emotion. You took off the thin dragon cuff bracelet he had given you for your birthday and threw it lightly at his feet. “Good bye, Draco Malfoy. Don’t bother talking to me ever again.”

And with that you disapparated, leaving Draco standing by himself. As soon as you vanished from sight Draco fell to his knees sobbing, his chest heaving as he grasped the bracelet, still warm from your touch.

Part 2

Part 3

Rainmaker guide and tips!

So the Splatoon dev team just released a new ranked battle mode, Rainmaker, which is super fun. Understandably, a lot of people are still very much getting used to it. So after playing quite a few rainmaker matches myself, here’s my explanations and tips for the Rainmaker mode.

Rainmaker rules

Rainmaker is very similar to Tower Control. Each battle starts off with the rainmaker in the middle of the stage, and the objective is to carry it to a pedestal near the other team’s base. The pedestal is the cone in this screenshot:

And here’s the GUI that shows you how the battle’s going:

Like I said, very similar to tower control. The teams who’s in the lead is the one who’s managed to get the Rainmaker closest to their pedestal so far. If the battle times out, this team wins. If a team manages to get the Rainmaker on top of the pedestal, they win with a knockout.

The Rainmaker’s Shield

At the start of each match and whenever the inkling holding the Rainmaker gets splatted, the Rainmaker has a shield around it. It looks like this:

If you’ve played any of the Octo Valley levels, you might think it looks familiar. If you didn’t guess it, it’s the same shield that the zapfishes have! Well, not exactly the same though. Here’s how it works:

  • Hitting the shield with your ink will gradually cover it with your ink and make it expand
  • If one team has made the shield expand, the other team’s ink will make it shrink (until it’s back to its default size, then it will expand again when ink hits it)
  • Once the shield has expanded to about four times it’s original radius, it will burst
  • When it bursts, it also blasts out all the ink it absorbed from the team that burst it
  • That’s A LOT of ink! Its blast radius is wider than even the inkstrike and you will be splatted if it touches you at all, provided the other team burst the shield
  • The Rainmaker’s Shield will also damage you and knock you back if you touch it- I’ve been pushed into water a few times because of this…
  • Unlike the zapfishes’ shields, this one doesn’t reappear after a few seconds. It stays gone until someone takes the Rainmaker and then gets splatted

The Rainmaker

Pretty cool, huh? The Rainmaker is essentially a charged inkzooka. Here’s how it works:

  • Once the Rainmaker’s shield has been burst, the first inkling to touch it will automatically pick it up and be able to fire it.
  • Like any charged weapon, you don’t have to charge it fully in order to fire it- but it’s very weak and short ranged when not fully charged
  • The Rainmaker doesn’t have any GUI element to show you when it’s charged, so you have to rely on the sounds it makes to know that
  • Its range is shorter than an inkzooka, and the path it inks looks roughly like this:
  • There are a few things you can’t do when you have the Rainmaker:
    - Use your sub weapon
    - Use your special ability
    - Receive a bubbler from your teammates
    - Superjump
    - Let go of the Rainmaker
  • The good news is, the Rainmaker has unlimited ink!
  • The bad new is that the moment you take the Rainmaker’s you become the other team’s Public Enemy #1
  • And it doesn’t help that the rainmaker glows and always shows up on the map, so they can always see exactly where you are (even when you’re swimming through your own ink)
  • You can only hold the Rainmaker for 60 seconds. After that, it’ll burst and splat you

General Tips

  • Recon each stage before you play any matches in it. Out of all the ranked battle modes, Rainmaker has the most layout changes to the stage. This means that there’s lots and lots more ways for your team to advance- and for the other team too ;) Therefore, knowing these routes as best you can is essential
  • Unlike Tower Control and Splat Zones, camping in one spot in Rainmaker mode won’t get you into that much trouble if the other team finds you there, since they’re mainly focused on the Rainmaker
  • Stealth is important in this mode. Hide in your ink and behind obstacles until inklings from the other team come past you, then jump out and splat them
  • Don’t face the Rainmaker head on. You will get splatted if you do this. Instead, flank them!
  • When the other team is getting close to their pedestal, the pedestal can be either the best or worst position to take. The judgement is up to you
  • If you have the lead towards the end of a battle, it can be pretty effective to stop trying to advance and instead just keep the other team away from the rainmaker; preventing overtime

Shield Tips

  • If it’s looking like the other team will burst the shield, take cover as fast as you can
  • It’s not always the best idea to splat the shield right away- ink it a little bit, then wait for the other team to get near and burst it on them!
  • Bursting the shield will not guarantee your team the Rainmaker. Once the shield is gone, anyone can take it
  • Throwing bombs onto the shield is generally ineffective, as it consumes them immediately
  • However, throwing bombs over the shield can push the other team away from it, so that you can have a good go at it!
  • Often in order to burst the shield, you need to splat an inkling or two first. The danger of this though, is that they might burst the shield while you’re trying to splat them (and then you’re the one who gets splatted)

Rainmaker Tips

  • Before taking the Rainmaker, consider if you’re a good candidate for it
    - If your special is charged or nearly charged, will it be good for supporting someone else’s advance?
    - How soon will you be splatted if you take the Rainmaker right now?
    - Does your team have your back?
    - Should you use your sub or special first?
  • Despite its resemblance to an inkzooka, the Rainmaker is actually not all that great at inking a path to swim through
  • But it’s still just as good at splatting people (perhaps better!)
  • One charged shot from the Rainmaker is enough to ink any wall for climbing
  • Don’t shoot the Rainmaker when you’ve got a ledge behind you- it has knockback on it
  • Don’t retreat when you have the Rainmaker! Even the game tells you this if you try it. Why? Here’s why:
    - The moment you pick up the Rainmaker, you’re pretty much dooming yourself to get splatted within 60 seconds
    - So you really may as well make some progress before then
    - Bringing the rainmaker closer to your base actually makes things easier for the other team
    - And it’ll speed up the timer that makes it explode!
    - The only way to not get splatted when you have the Rainmaker is to get a knockout. I’ve been in so many Rainmaker battles and only seen three of those
    - The only way you’re gonna get a knockout is if you just go for it
    - Seriously; just push forward as much as you can, no matter the cost
  • If the other team has a really good vantage point, consider a diversion. Make them think you’re going towards their vantage point, then turn and take a different route

Supporting the Rainmaker

Being so vulnerable, the inkling carrying the Rainmaker needs all the support they can get from their team. Here’s what you can do for them:

  • Ink a path for them. As we know, the Rainmaker isn’t the best at this
  • Go on ahead of them and splat any threats you find
  • Die Get splatted for them. Whoever holds the Rainmaker is by far the most valuable member of your team
  • Along with your team, try to protect them from all angles. If you’re only making sure the way in front is safe, someone’s going to splat your entire team from either the side or the back

Splatting the Rainmaker

This is absolutely the highest priority when the other team has the Rainmaker, so you should have some solid strategies for it.

  • Most of the time, the Rainmaker will be shooting forward. Go around the side or back of them and then splat them
  • Unless you have a charger, then you might be able to get them from in front simply due to range
  • Although high ground always has its advantages, the Rainmaker will most likely be able to splat you in most vantage points
  • Splat bombs, suction bombs and inkmines are excellent for putting in the way of someone who has the Rainmaker, especially if they don’t see you putting them there
  • Splatting whoever has the Rainmaker is actually pretty easy if you can avoid getting splatted in the process, since they’ll always have the Rainmaker’s glow on it

Tips Per Weapon Type


  • Use these in about the same way you’d use them in tower control mode
  • You’ll mainly be trying to splat the other team as per usual
  • Hide behind obstacles and wait for the other team’s inklings to turn their back to you, then splat them


  • Blasters are good for bursting the shield, as you can ink the shield and splat the other team if you aim your shots right
  • Get up in peoples’ faces I guess? I’m not good with blasters tbh


  • New stage layouts means new sniping points
  • Due to their range, chargers are particularly good at cutting through the other teams’ turf- meaning they have to un-squid to ink it again (and you can splat ‘em!)


  • Hiding in your ink and waiting for the other team to run past you is a surprisingly good tactic for rollers in this mode
  • Rollers are also good for paving a path for your Rainmaker, but note that you’ll be vulnerable while you do this


  • Brushes are the best at getting to the Rainmaker before anyone else at the start of a battle
  • Use your brush to run around obstacles and splat the other team from behind
  • Avoid being splatted by chargers by running/inking in a zig-zag


  • Sloshers are a good defensive weapon when the other team is trying to climb a wall
  • Conversely, sloshers are also very good at inking walls. Use this to climb shit and slosh the other team from above


  • Splatlings are generally good for controlling a specific area of the map. Use your splatling to pressure them out of their favourite route
  • Try to position yourself to the side or back of people with your splatling, since its lack of mobility while shooting could easily get you splatted (especially by the Rainmaker!)

Tips Per Sub Weapon

Splat bombs:

  • Use these to drive the other team out of their vantage points
  • Generally, no-one notices if you throw a splat bomb underneath you straight after superjumping. Doing this can usually ensure that if you’re gonna get splatted for super jumping, you’re at least gonna take someone with you
  • With bomb rush, these can be good for laying down an area of ink to get through a place the other team controls well

Suction bombs:

  • Try to guess which route the enemy is taking, and throw a suction bomb in there to cut them off
  • See point 2 for splat bombs
  • With bomb rush, you can use your suction bombs to set up a Death Zone for the other team

Burst bombs:

  • Since people get around fast in this mode, burst bombs aren’t so good when you’re on the offensive. Instead, use them to get the jump on someone who’s trying to splat you
  • A single burst bomb can quickly obstruct a path that the other team might swim through
  • With bomb rush, you can definitely use burst bombs to splat people in this mode


  • Wait for the other team to burst the shield, then send your seekers towards the Rainmaker. They’ll run straight into them!
  • Inklings carrying the Rainmaker are usually pretty vulnerable to seekers, but don’t count on it

Ink mines:

  • Try to put this in the way of the other team’s route to their pedestal, but also slightly out of sight
  • Ink mines work surprisingly well near the rainmaker’s shield! If the shield bursts and the other team tries to go for the Rainmaker, they’re going to run straight into your ink mine. Otherwise, it’ll help your team burst the shield
  • Put ink mines at the top of walls the other team is trying to climb. By the time they see it, it’ll be too late

Splash walls:

  • A splash wall is an effective way to block off the other team’s intended route
  • You can also use your splash walls to momentarily protect one of your team members form being splatted while they have the Rainmaker
  • Shoot through your splash walls to safely ink a path for your team\

Squid Beakons:

  • You should put your beakons in vantage points- places above where the other team is likely to pass
  • Although people don’t bother to destroy beakons much in this mode, don’t get carried away with them - or the other team will slip the Rainmaker right past you


  • You should definitely throw your disruptors onto whoever has the Rainmaker if they’re from the other team. Remember, they’re Public Enemy #1
  • If there’s a particularly pesky inkling who’s stopping your advance, throw a disruptor on them to hinder their plans

Point Sensors:

  • Point sensors honestly aren’t incredibly useful in this mode, since whoever’s holding the Rainmaker will be visible at all times anyway
  • But you could use them to scope out enemy turf, I guess

Tips Per Special Ability

Killer wail:

  • The killer wail is good for splatting whoever has the Rainmaker, or at least cutting off their route
  • I’ve seen people use the killer wail at close range a lot in this mode. I guess it’s a lot harder to miss a cluster of inklings that way


  • The inkstrike is good for pushing the other team out of their vantage point, once your Rainmaker is in trouble
  • It’s also good for putting their Rainmaker in trouble! Using an inkstrike can and will often block off more than one route at once, and may even splat whoever’s holding the Rainmaker

Bomb rush:

See the sub weapon tips


  • Like the point sensor, this isn’t incredibly helpful for splatting the Rainmaker, which is the priority
  • But it can be useful when advancing with the Rainmaker, as you can tell where the other team and either splat or avoid them
  • Also useful for picking off members of the other team who are particularly elusive


  • Although the bubbler can’t be given to a teammate who has the Rainmaker, it’s still very useful for advancing without splatting!
  • The short period of invincibility lets your team splat those who stand in your way, and you can even act as a human (or rather, inkling) shield for the inkling carrying the Rainmaker


  • As always, the Kraken is excellent for splatting people when the time calls for it (all the time)
  • Use the Kraken to assist your advance- the other team will focus on avoiding you instead of splatting the Rainmaker
  • You can also use the Kraken to stop the other team’s advance but get beside or behind them first as the Rainmaker can knock the Kraken back a lot

Aaaand that’s all for now, I hope this was helpful! :D Feel free to comment or edit in any additional tips you have!

SWORDS & BROKEN SHIELDS  || ★ REMASTERED ★ alternate canon - explicit - ongoing 

Summary: At long last, here is the new edition of Swords & Broken Shields, revised and expanded, because it deserved more, more of Cullen and more of Alistair, sometimes apart but always together, where it matters, from 9:26 Dragon to 9:60 Dragon. Follow them through thick and thin, the journey of two boys growing up together and finding each other, losing each other, and ultimately reuniting once more, changed by time and turmoil, but still beating with the same hearts. Divided in 4 Acts: The Chantry Years, The Blight & Kirkwall, The Inquisition, The Years After.

LIGHTS IN THE SHADOW || side stories within the same verse as swords & broken shields + general drabbles

my king, your lionheart (nsfw || s&bs verse)
morning sex  (nsfw || s&bs verse)
good morning (with rotoscope)
caboodles (s&bs verse)
shock bomb
the next best thing (nsfw art || s&bs verse )
nightmares (nsfw art || s&bs verse )
sneaky witch-thief (s&bs verse )
mistletoe  (s&bs verse)
pieces of us (major character death || soulmate-ish AU)
a taste of you (nsfw || s&bs verse || co-written with @aeradae)
happy thanksgiving

BUTTERFLIES & HURRICANES || modern AU - explicit - ongoing

Summary: Cullen’s forgotten what it feels like to let people in. He’s lived a mundane life by choice, ever since he left the Armed Forces, a daily routine his friends vow to change. One of them does, and a well-crafted dating profile later, Cullen accidentally stumbles upon Alistair, a breath of fresh air he never suspected could spin his carefully shielded world upside down—let alone his heart.


THE CAT THAT SWALLOWED THE PIGEON || alternate canon - mature (AO3)

Summary:  A twist on Alistair and Wynne’s banter, if Cullen had been the recruited Warden || First of many drabbles that’ll be included in a series called Commander of the Grey.

SWOOPING IS BAD || crack - complete

Summary: In which Garrett Hawke desperately tries to turn into a dragon, lest he be eaten by a shark. Loosely based on this gorgeous piece by greendelle.
Tags: Crack, Fluff, Terrible Humor, Terrible Puns, Sap.

Back to my theory about Rose being in Steven’s gem-

My boyfriend pointed out that when Lapis was freed the mirror (her host) had to be broken.

So if I’m right, rose wouldn’t be able to come out unless, well, if Steven dies.

Let’s say he were to die and rose immerses.. The same cycle can reoccur endlessly. And while that seems really spiffy with possibilities, the reality is mother and son could never coexist.