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GIGN | Gilles “Montagne” Touré

Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm. He brandishes an extra-large riot shield, first issued in the 1980’s, that has seen more action than most operators.

Back to my theory about Rose being in Steven’s gem-

My boyfriend pointed out that when Lapis was freed the mirror (her host) had to be broken.

So if I’m right, rose wouldn’t be able to come out unless, well, if Steven dies.

Let’s say he were to die and rose immerses.. The same cycle can reoccur endlessly. And while that seems really spiffy with possibilities, the reality is mother and son could never coexist.

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Sabrina Ratté - La Lune (2010)