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The Best Laid Plans Companion Piece - Sansa’s Prayers - Chapter 1

You just never know with writing, what’s going to happen years later …

Read the very first chapter of a new The Best Laid Plans piece here on AO3. 

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I am actually VERY DEEP in the Academy Era, but I have no friends to talk about it except my younger sister, but she’s always at school or at computer, and I don’t like to express emotions in front of her cause she seems to have non (I know it’s not true, BUT), but I don’t wanna make new friends now, but none of my friends doesn’t know Expanded Universe or doesn’t know about it so much WHAT DO I DO

🛡Shielding Visualizations🛡

Sometimes traditional ways of shielding visualizing doesn’t resonate with some people, including myself at times. Here’s a lil list of ideas i have about ways to visualize a shield around yourself! Whatever calls to you, give it a try! Feel free to add on.

  • The classic gold bubble
  • Any color bubble you see fit! Whatever works for you works perfectly fine, so don’t doubt whatever you feel!
  • Ocean waves crashing & circling around you, hitting away the unwanted energies
  • Being enclosed in clouds that absorb unwanted energies and dispell them
  • A tornado of wind, throwing negative energy out of your path
  • A large, floating mideval shield that moves & expands to protect you from all angles
  • An enclosed ring of flowers that close up when unwanted energy comes your way, bouncing it right off
  • A sphere of tree roots enclosing you & swatting away bad energy
  • Mirrors surrounding you from all angles to reflect energies back at the sender, spherical form or just loose mirrors
  • Surround yourself in gentle winds that brush away harmful energies
  • An asteroid belt surrounding you, connected by an intergalactic web to keep anything from getting inside
  • Constellations connecting all around you, creating a wall to block out the unwanted
  • Heart shapes enveloping you and only allowing love and happiness inside ypur space
  • Smoke swirling around you, whatever unwanted energy comes in gets lost in it and is sent back to where it came from later on
  • Magnets pushing bad energy away before it even tries to reach you
  • A sphere of ice, freezing unwelcome energy in its tracks
  • Icicles surrounding you, sharp points that cut through bad energy
  • Sun rays warming your skin & enveloping you, shining so brightly that no low vibration dares to come through
  • The moon’s light around you, soft and comforting, sending anything unwanted right past
  • Flames flickering & swirling, burns away anything you don’t want coming in
  • Spinning wheels (pinwheels, pirate shit wheels, bike wheels, up to you) spinning on all sides, throwing unwanted energy away
  • A void that follows you that sucks the negative energy in, never to be seen again
  • A soft spherical shield of snow, absorbing negative enegies and purifying them

That’s about all i’ve got for this round! Remember whatever way you shield needs to resonate with you, not what other people do/tell you to do. Feel free to add on & let me know if you use any of these, i’m curious to see which ones you like! (Personally, i’m a fan of the waves 🌊)

Love & light 💕☀


GIGN | Gilles “Montagne” Touré

Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm. He brandishes an extra-large riot shield, first issued in the 1980’s, that has seen more action than most operators.

A continuation of this prompt. Read that before this one. 

For @bloody-bee-tea @dreamcatchersdaughter & @doctorwhooves87 who all bribed me with puppies for more. 

I think I might have made it worse though. ¯\_(:/)_/¯   

The Soldier stared at the young boy he had just knocked out before picking him up and slinging the young boy over his shoulder. His mission had been to acquire the boy, Hydra had assumed it would be an easy snatch and grab but plans had changed.

Intel had said that the two older Starks would leave the younger boy at home with the ageing butler. They already had the blueprints of the mansion and a mole hidden within the security to make sure no alarms went off. However a day before the Soldier was supposed to head out a problem arose.

The butler had gotten injured meaning the Starks would be taking their young son with them to the party. Hydra had called off the mission worried about the increased security and the amount of people that would be in the area. They didn’t want to risk any witnesses. However the handlers failed to order the Winter Soldier to stand down.

The Soldier had easily discovered the location of the party and began scoping out the mansion. He had just been ready to use the vents to try and sneak into the young Stark’s quarters when he spotted his target on the balcony.

It was strange how the boy didn’t beg for his life or even start promising money or rewards as so many of the Soldiers other targets did when he raised a gun towards them.

“My dad won’t pay ransom. He never does.”

The Soldier felt a pang in his chest. He took a moment to see if it was reason for concern, when nothing else happened he dismissed it before regarding the boy.

“My mission is to acquire young Anthony Stark.”

A resigned look settled on the boy’s face and then before he even knew what he was doing the Soldier brought the gun down with the strange urge of never wanting to see the look on one so young.

He was almost back to his handlers when the boy started to stir.

“My dad won’t pay. He never does. He never comes.”

His voice was slurred but the belief in the boy’s words made the Soldier pause.

An image of a young blonde boy, older than the one currently over his shoulder, flashed in his mind.

‘The little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.’

He didn’t know why but he couldn’t had over this kid to Hydra. That image, the blonde boy, he would never have—

Whatever the case he wasn’t handing him over. The Soldier for the first time gave himself his own mission.

‘Protect Anthony Stark’

Shale is part of the ALLY course at the university.
 it was the only thing her tutor could get her into. Without previous combat training or even basic knowledge of history Aboveground, she had no chance at the HERO course, especially with her being Non-inherent (a being unable to channel or produce magical energy), as with all Goblin-kind.
 But it was better than nothing? her tutor, a travelling witch who was a good friend of her clan, shrugged as she bundled Shale into a cart on its way to the city. She had seen Shale’s intelligence, her ability to create machines and concoctions that could rival their magic equivalent and the goblin’s determination.
 that would take her a long way, the witch believed.

Anyway, Shale is very aware of her strengths in combat, and uh, strength is not one of them. she is not built for close combat or any sort of physical contest. Her bones are brittle and light, made for sprinting, her fingers spindly and clever, perfect for climbing to hiding spots. Also, of course, for creating things to distract and capture her opponents.
 She keeps vials of experimental solutions on her at all times, in her light leather jerkin and down her legs. her gauntlets are made of Devor, a lightweight metal that absorbs magical attacks. Devor can only be made by goblins, the source and smithing methods kept close, never written down but passed by word of mouth from smithing master to apprentice.
(The use of Devor has gone down since the elven/goblin peace treaty in ‘43 but was a great asset to the goblins in halting the Siege of the Great Underground, known as the Ten Year war in Elven textbooks.)
Shale uses the pressure plates in the glove section of the gauntlets to release shields to cover her if the open fire is too expansive for the gauntlets alone. she can also utilise the gauntlets to cause a high pitched reverberation when hitting them against other objects/each other to distract her opponents. she has made ear plugs that block out this frequency, naturally.
Her friend Adora, a fire mage who shale bonded with over explosives, says she looks like a bat with the shields expanded, crawling over the walls and ceilings with ease.
 Shale takes this as a compliment.

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Meeting the Family

So, I’m a total slacker when it came to CyborgBunny week >.>  I REALLY wanted to take part but between not being able to think of what I wanted to write and procrastination, I’m only now just getting started XP

For those of you that follow me for the D.Va/Junkrat story, have no fear, I do plan on continuing that at some point >.>

Day 1 theme: First time

Interpretation: First time meeting family


“You’re sure he’s going to be here?”  The brunette asked as she shoved her hands into the pockets of the hoodie she was wearing.  Her eyes rolled up towards the taller male beside her, though his armor clad body gave nothing away to the emotion that may have been hiding behind his response.

“Yes, my brother has come here every year after he tried to kill me.  He will be here,” Genji replied as he stared towards the vast emptiness that was the main entrance to Hanamura, the ancestral home to his family.  Around them, the rest of the village was bustling with activity as shoppers and workers continued their daily routines.  While the village itself was quite the tourist location, locals and tourists alike didn’t dare step foot on the desolate temple grounds, though that didn’t stop people from taking pictures at a distance.

Commotion started to rise up from behind the pair, pulling Hana’s eyes from the bell hanging in the pagoda before them.  A small group of people had formed at one of the shop corners, they were excitedly whispering to themselves, pointing at the shorter woman.  Catching onto what that meant, the woman rose two fingers in a peace sign and winked at the group, sending them into a further fit of excitement.

“Not to ruin your little moment of reminiscing, but unless we want to deal with troves of fans, we may want to move,” she said as she took a step closer to the ninja that had seemed to go totally unnoticed at that point, under the wave of D.Va’s popularity.

Genji looked down at her for a moment, the green of his visor reflecting her eyes back to her, only for a moment though.  Hana had learned that if you focused behind what the light wanted you to see, you could faintly make out the darker eyes of the male behind them.  Zenyatta (or Master Zenyatta as Genji was trying to get her to call him by) may have taught her that.

After a brief moment, he turned to look back at the group that had grown since D.Va had last looked back.  A slight hum came from the male before he said, “Yes, this could indeed prove problematic.”  Genji slowed wrapped his arm around Hana’s waist, his grip tightening for a brief moment as he lept from the ground, seeming to instantly vanish from the sight of the crowd behind them, their groans of disappointment carrying through the empty temple grounds.

While Genji had jumped, he had only moved them to the upper floor of the room that sat on the left side, beyond the main gates to the grounds.  He was more than aware as to why the grounds were avoided by the locals and the fears and worries they had were spread to the tourists.  For years, tourists would enter the grounds, but as the locals persisted that the grounds were bad and dangerous, there seemed to be this odd attraction.  Tourists continued to flock to the area, some wanting to go on the grounds that became “taboo” to enter, though there was really no such rule setup.  Others wanted to see the grounds to see if there indeed was criminal activity going on from the Shimada family.  Unfortunately for them, the Shimada family had long since moved on from their ancestral home.  The falling out that Genji had with his brother may have played a part in that, but the criminal activities of his family no longer took place there and the grounds were left to be forgotten.

The area outside the temple almost instantly fell back into its usually noisy pattern, almost as though the superstar D.Va had never been spotted.  Once satisfied with this, Genji released the woman and began walking towards the steps down.  “Follow me,” he said, his voice sounding more flat than usual.

The stairs led to a small, open barren room.  Genji paid little attention to anything around him as he walked out of there and turned away from the main entrance they had just stood before.  Under this new archway, Hana was greeted with a magnificent view of a massive temple surrounded by sakura trees, walk ways and numerous outer buildings.  Though abandoned, the temple was still a sight to behold as its multi-tiered roof towered over every other building not only on temple property, but in the village itself.  It was far larger than all the other buildings as well, the building itself easily being able to fit over the village square they were just in.

Genji paused near a gazebo outside the front entrance to the temple and without looking at Hana said, “You brought what I asked you to, correct?”

Hana nodded, shifting her weight slightly to allow the rabbit backpack on her back to sway into partial view around her back.  “Yes, sir,” she replied in a slightly teasing tone, in an attempt to break the seriousness that her partner had picked up since getting the Hanamura.

“Good,” he replied, his gaze focused on the large building.  Genji then grabbed her hand, pulling the woman along behind him.  “Stay close and stay behind me.”  Biting back any other comments to try and lighten his mood, Hana simply nodded, using her free hand to brush against her hoodie, ensuring that her blaster was concealed but present on her hip.

Genji ran them to the right side of the temple opening, his back pressed against the large boulder that separated the couple from the actual wall.  He leaned over, peering inside, Hana leaned in closely behind him seeing a single man kneeling before a large tapestry hanging from the ceiling.  “Is that–” she tried to ask but was hushed when Genji released her hand to place a finger against her lips.

“Are times really changing,” the man inside asked, his voice no higher than speaking volume and was nearly lost to the wind from the distance.  “When you continue to flaunt women around here.”  If it hadn’t been for the time that Hana had spent watching Genji, she would not have noticed the other man’s slow movements towards the weapon sitting at his side.  As the male beside her slowly pulled his finger from her mouth, she could watch him tense as he too slowly reached for his swords, though not immediately grasping them but preparing to move.

“You dare insult our family by continuing this behavior,” the man’s voice now boomed, echoing through the temple as he whipped around and in a trained manner had not only drawn the bow but released an arrow towards the couple.  Genji’s arm thrust backward, shoving Hana back and onto her backside as the sudden movement left her unbalanced.  He then sprung forward and into the hall across from the main opening.

“You continue to act brashly, brother,” that calm, almost rhythmical voice said, though it was difficult to pin from what direction it had come from.

The man looked furiously towards the opening, but when he didn’t see anyone, he gaze instantly darted towards the upper floor and where he had heard the voice initially.

“You tell me that you have accepted who you are, Genji.  You have not changed.  Perhaps I must finish the job that I clearly did not finish all those years ago.”  The arrow he notched flashed for a moment before flying through the air and as it found purchase on the wall of the second floor, the shattered, sending smaller arrows bouncing in various directions.

Genji’s voice this time came behind the irate male.  “You say you try to honor my death and what you did to me, yet you do that listen to what your own brother has to say.”  A fine, this piece of metal swept past the archer’s ankles sending him to the ground, though years of training allowed him to lessen the impact of the fall he was still left on his back, looking up at the cyborg suit that was now his brother.

“I have no time to waste on those that go against our family,” he replied with a sneer as something hit the ground behind the ninja, the explosion of it stunning him.  The older brother took that opportunity to plant a kick square in his brother’s stomach, sending him crashing into one of the tall lantern-like lights, the green light in his helmet flickering for a moment before fading.

“Do not think I didn’t not anticipate your return again this year, Genji,” he said as a male in a cowboy hat rounded the corner before helping him up.  The newcomer looked at the ninja, a saddened look in his eyes before he sighed, shaking his head, saying,

“Didn’t think we would end up on opposite teams, part’ner.”  The light in the cyborg’s helmet came to life once again as he pushed himself to a kneeling, ready position before the two.

“Ah, Jesse, perhaps you could speak some sense into my brother,” Genji replied, his tone void of any threat he felt from the cowboy’s sudden appearance.

The other shrugged in response before unholstering his revolver.  “Hanzo here was talkin’ about how someone’s been interruptin’ him while he honored his lost brother.  Wouldn’ta thought you were him though.  Honor is honor though and if a man ain’t able to get that back, what’s he got left.”  The two men rose their weapons toward the other as he unsheathed his blades though wasn’t ready to fully stand just yet.

“Hold it right there,” a female’s voice yelled out before the sound of rocket boosters filled the air.  A large pink mech landed in front of the ninja, a green projected shield expanding out before her as a volley of arrows and bullets rained towards them.

The archer sneered at the newcomer that was protecting his brother as Genji said, “Hana, we agreed on not bringing the mech here.”  Her eyes glanced down to her wounded partner for a moment as she shrugged saying, “Plans change, now hop on.”  The male simply nodded before pushing himself to his feet and jumping onto the top of the mech.  Once he was on, she brought the shield down and flew to the second floor walk way behind her and then out the window.

“Hana, what are you doing?”  Genji asked as he looked behind him, confused as he watched the other two males tailing them.

“This place is important, right?  I mean, you told me when you first visited your brother, you drew him outside.  Inside is important and still a temple, it should be honored, not destroyed.”  Genji shook his head, though he was pleased with her answer.  Even though she was competitive, almost to a fault, could be moody and act bratty, she still sought to respect customs, even if it was out of her usual character to do so.

“So what’s the plan?”  She then asked as she turned to face the two that had rejoined them just outside the main temple.

“We separate them.  I will talk to my brother, you keep Jesse busy.”

“Roger, roger.”  The two then split up, Genji jumping to the roof of the gazebo, Hana charge towards the cowboy.

The brothers took to the roofs, leaping across them and the ninja tried to reason with his brother.  “If you took as much time to listen as you did to honor those you harmed in your past, much could be avoided.”

As he loosed an arrow, the other replied, “Your actions have not changed.  You still continue to surround yourself with the company of women.  You are loose, Genji.”

As the combat continued, arrows flying towards the other, Genji never sought to attack his brother, but would deflect the attacks taken against him.

“She is the only one, brother.”  He said, suddenly turning towards the other, running towards him.  He watched as his brother steadied his attack and at the last moment, the ninja jumped, flipping over the other.  “She has accepted who I am and who I was.  Can you say the same, Hazo?”

Arrow still notched, Hanzo spun around towards his brother, but before he could say anything, another voice called out,

“Hanzo, darlin’, could ya maybe call a truce with yer brother fer now?  Don’t think I’m winnin’ this one.”

The brothers looked down towards the courtyard, the gravel was scattered and uneven, holes were bore in the wood structures and surrounding boulders, boards and splinters from the gazebo lay scattered on the ground as the pink mech had the cowboy cornered, hands in the air.

Hanzo stood slack jaw, utterly surprised at the sheer amount of destruction that took place over a few minutes.  “What sort of monster did you bring here, brother?”  He asked, his voice laced with astonishment, as well as fear and slight disappointment to what happened.

Genji smirked from beneath his helmet, though no one could see it.  “My fiance,” he replied simply.  He caught the flabbergasted look from his brother, but before he could say anything, the ninja had already jumped off the roof and was making his way towards the other two.

Once Hanzo caught up, the mech stepped backwards.  McCree’s hands planted onto his knees as he said, “Thank the stars, wasn’t sure if we could keep that up much longer, Hana.”  Hanzo looked at the trio confused, his grip on his bow tightening as his eyes narrowed.

“What is going on here,” he asked, his voice coming off as a warning.

Genji ignored the question as he gestured towards the mech.  “Hanzo, I would like to introduce you to my fiance, Hana Song.”  Hanzo’s gaze snapped to his brother before the mech, a surprised look crossing his face.

The back of the mech suddenly opened as a petite woman flipped out from the inside, landing gracefully in front of the older Shimada brother.

“Nice to meet ya,” Hana said extending a hand, giving the male an exaggerated wink.

Hanzo didn’t accept the hand but cast his angry gaze over the whole group.  “What is all this?”  He asked, his voice seething as he watched each one in disbelief.

“I told you, I wanted to–”  Genji started before his brother waved a hand cutting him off.  “No, not that, what was that Jesse.”

The cowboy smirked, shrugging to the other before saying, “We work together.  They asked fer my help, so ‘course I’m gonna do it.  Can’t stand in the way of true love after all.”  He then pushed Genji and Hana towards Hanzo, enough into his personal space that he was, for the first time, forced to really pay attention to the two.

Hanzo’s eyes focused on the smaller girl.  Jesse worked with her?  Genji was engage to her?

“Oh!”  She exclaimed suddenly, pulling her backpack round to her front.  “Genji asked me to get you this,” she said reaching into her bag before pulling out a neatly wound poster that had been partly sticking out of the top.  She held it out to Hanzo whom cautiously took it, watching his brother as he carefully unrolled it.

“It’s one of the originals,” Hana pointed out.  “Not one of those cheap ones you find in store.”  Hanzo then looked to what he had unrolled, it was a poster for Hana’s movie Hero of my Storm, signed by the lead actress herself.  The male rolled his eyes up, he had enjoyed that movie when he had seen it, even though it didn’t have the greatest of reviews.

“Jesse told us you were a fan, sooooo,” she added, her voice trailing off at the end.  Hanzo quickly rolled the poster back up, once done he pointed an accusing finger to his brother.  “If you do anything to break her heart, Genji, I will kill you second time.  This time for good.”  He then cast a gentle smile down towards the superstar, though the excitement in his eyes told far more of the emotion he was actually feeling.  “You tell me if he hurts you.”

Hana laughed and said, “You clearly don’t know your brother very well if you think he would do something like that.”  The emotion on Hanzo’s face seemed to calm as he slowly looked towards his brother replying,

“You may be right.  Perhaps it is time I did try to get to know you again, brother.”

There was a synthetic sounding laughter that came from the cyborg as he planted a hand on his brother’s shoulders.  “So it takes your favorite actress to get you to want to repair things between us?  Do not think I will let you get that close to her.”

The sound of people running on gravel soon reached the ears of the group.  The Shimada brothers instantly looked towards the main entrance where a large group of individuals in black suits were running towards them, some drawing weapons, others phones.

“We must go, our time is up.  You best leave too, brother, you know you are not welcome here,” Genji said to his brother with a nod.

“See ya next time!”  Hana said as she climbed back into her mech, Genji leaping on top.  “See you back at base, Jesse!”  The two then flew off.

Hazno and Jesse took off back towards the temple where a teleportation pad had been prepared for them, though Hanzo hadn’t asked how.

“Yer brother has changed, Hanzo.  Maybe it’s time to let go of the past and move on.”

The older Shimada sighed before saying, “Perhaps.  Perhaps it is time for some our of family to rebuild.”

How I communicate with spirits

So I thought maybe I’d do a little intro to how I communicate with spirits in case anyone wanted to know. I’ve been communicating with spirits for probably over 6 years now, and when I was younger I was able to do it with fairly little effort. It’s true that in my family we seem to attract spirits and have an easier time getting in touch with them, but that doesn’t mean no effort is required.

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That blacksmith from early in the season is a legend, man. All this time, Jaune had a huge trick up his sleeve!

He sheathed his sword into his shield, and then…! The shield expanded just a little, and with its bladed edge the weapon has fused to form a claymore.

This is literally a weapon from Bloodborne. Like, just straight up. But it’s my favorite weapon from that game so fuck yeah!

Badassness aside, this horse has bizarre properties. This makes twice now that Jaune has sliced at its hind leg, and both times the weapon merely phased through it.

You’d think the limb would be severed, but no visible damage happens… However, it’s not for nothing. The horse screamed in response to this, so it definitely hurts. That’s good.

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Okay, let me tell you about project MOOSE.

In the early 1960s, General Electric proposed an escape system for astronauts to NASA. Now, if the engineers at GE were even remotely sane, MOOSE would have been some small automated reentry capsule. But no…

MOOSE, or “Man Out Of Space Easiest” consisted of a chest-mounted parachute, a flexible, folded 1.8 m diameter plastic heat shield designed to burn up upon reentry, and a canister of polyurethane foam. That’s it.

To operate it, the luckless bastard cursed by g-d astronaut would pull the deployment cord, which would cause the shield to expand into shape and entomb the astronaut in perfectly form-fitting polyurethane foam. Said foam would also conveniently mask any screaming and crying accompanied by barely coherent streams of expletives. She would then use a small hand-held gas canister to orient herself, and then fire a solid rocket motor STRAPPED TO HER CHEST. This would send her careening into the atmosphere, with only the unspoken assurance of g-d to ensure that she wouldn’t meet her end in a gravity-assisted human barbecue. After what GE euphemistically termed a “ballistic re-entry” she would pull the ripcord of the chest-parachute, which would yank her away from the heat shield and allow her to land with her body (if not her mind) mostly intact.

And this really doesn’t even rank in the top 50 most absurd engineering proposals made during the Cold War, which included indiscriminate LSD dosing of the general public, radioactive mosquitoes, spying using psychics, nuking the Moon for propaganda value, and getting to Mars by setting off tiny nukes behind a large metal plate…