shields of brooklyn

  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*

Nick Fury: Tony, can I speak to you for a second? 

Tony: Oooh, someone’s in trouble. It’s me. I don’t know why I did that. 

For all people that enjoy TV Shows. Return Dates

Fear The Walking Dead: August 21

From Dusk Till Dawn: September 6

American Horror Story: September 14

Gotham: September 19

Lucifer: September 19

Scream Queens: September 20

Brooklyn 99: September 20

Marvel Agents of Shield: September 20 

Chicago PD: September 21

Modern Family: September 21

Grey’s Anatomy: September 22

Chicago Med: September 22

How To Get Away With Murder: September 22

Once Upon A Time: September 25

Quantico: September 25

Marvel’s Luke Cage: September 30

Shameless: October 2

The Flash: October 4

Arrow: October 5

Supergirl: October 10

Chicago Fire: October 11

Legends Of Tomorrow: October 13

Supernatural: October 13

Jane The Virgin: October 17

The Vampire Diaries: October 21

The Walking Dead: October 23

Grimm: October 28

Teen Wolf: November 15

Sense8: December 24 (Not sure about this one)

These are all the TV Shows that I watch if you have more feel free to add them!


💕 Happy Galentine’s Day 💕

What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, Leslie Knope and her lady friends leave their husbands and their boyfriends at home and just kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, frittatas!


can we talk about this moment?

about how peggy goes to brooklyn for the first time on the show to say goodbye to steve?

not captain america - no, this is steve’s blood.

she looks over the water, the very same kind which still unknowingly houses the valkyrie, and returns to brooklyn what is brooklyn’s. the city has seen his blood in dark alleys before when bucky would find him in them still standing - and it will have it again in the end.

this is how she says goodbye.

this is how she lets him go.


But you’ve got green eyes like the forest, 

I got lost in on the way to some other life

- Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness // Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me

September is my favorite month of the year because after months of a desert wasteland of TV, all of my shows come back and it’s like I’ve found that magical oasis!!

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I need blogs to follow!

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The 100, I stopped watching after the events of 3.07
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Agents of Shield
Jessica Jones
Orphan Black
Faking It
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Miraculous Ladybug
Rizzoli and Isles
Red Band Society 

Any combination of Adrien, Marinette, Cat Noir, and Ladybug  
Bobby x Ellen
Alya x Nino
Frankie x Nina