Is this where Field Music got their cover artwork influence from?

This is a photo of the album artwork for ‘Plumb’ by Field Music.

This is a photo of the Stoddart St garage in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne (coincidentally, where I sometimes used to fill my car up, back when I used to live up that way and drop in on the nearby Polestar music studios).

Thank you Mr E for being the first to notice this. Considering that Field Music are from the North East, this seems all pretty conclusive!

Incidentally, this is a cracking album too! Read our review here.

-MJ (for Music Junkie UK)

5th Year Architecture Exhibition
External image

I was informed at the beginning of the week about a 5th year exhibition that was to take place all this week and comprised of a year group project that proposed a 30 year urban development scheme for a nearby suburb of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Shieldfield. The proposal included many interesting insights and possibilities that were all recorded down into a commercially printed book that is available apparently for £76.18, this high price is due to its uniqueness and I must say it did look like a rather well put together book. The 5th year tasked with the book advised me that they used a site called which allows you to create a book from scratch and have it properly printed with as many or few copies made as you wish. 

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Thanks to Jamie for helping me put this together.