The soldier & the spy fell in love.

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(Sorry this looks so terrible. Just a quick edited gifset for you guys.)


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Hope you like this AU gifset because in my head is canon ♥ ♥.
Love you all :).

collegefangirl3791  asked:

Can you recommend some good Romanogers blogs? I'd prefer ones that don't post a lot of smut - just good blogs that reblog meta and fic and art or your faves? I don't have enough of them on my dash lately

I actually… don’t follow a lot of blogs for them?

I just went through my following list and the only ones dedicated to them that have posted within the last month are @shieldandgun and @stevenatdaily.

I follow a few blogs dedicated to Natasha and Steve, individually - @fyeahnatasharomanoff @fyeahmcublackwidow @dailysteverogers - and they can post a lot about the two of them together because they’re such a dynamic duo and share a lot of scenes together. Especially on @dailyteamcap. But once again, they’re not focused solely on Steve and Natasha as a couple.

I get a lot of my fix from just talking with my darlings @evanzski @sassaspazz @gomustanggirl16 @sleepygrimm @xo-stardust720 @romanovascap @swietek93 @bloodredmoon87 @kingslxyers and I’m sure more I’m sorry I can’t remember everyone off the top of my head who are the sweetest people ever and love to bounce ideas back and forth with me! And I’m sure you’ve recognized the edits by @evanzski and @kingslxyers because they’re beautiful and those ladies are a gift to our ship!

And I know this won’t help your dash situation but @sassaspazz and @evanzskistarted a discord group that can absolutely help with your Romanogers fix! It has a chat within that group dedicated to NC-17 so that means you won’t have to worry about smutty things popping up elsewhere as long as everyone follows the courtesy of leaving it in that one chat!

Also - shameless self promotion - but if it’s about getting Romanogers back on your blog, you can always go to my side menu and click the “Romanogers” link to take you to my #romanogersbubble page, which is basically a masterlist of tags organizing every single Romanogers post on my blog because I use it as a reference and also I’ve got issues.

I hope any of the information I just dumped on you helps a little!

Romanogers Head Cannon

God I’m going to hell for this one.

We all know and are still praying for Mark Ruffalo’s job due to his Instagram incident.

But imagine Steve Rogers using Instagram live for the first time and accidentally outing him and Nat.

You can fill in the rest yourselves.

@sleepygrimm @chalantness @heyfrenchfreudiana @mylifeisloki @faith2nyc @theshieldass @ym4yum1 @xo-stardust720 @shieldandgun

(I know I’m missing a ton of others in this fandom but it’s for all of you)

Abby’s Follow Forever Christmas Present

I’ve spent almost five years on this site and not once have I made one of these. I finally decided to make one to show appreciation towards you guys. Whether we’ve sent dozens of messages to each other, or if you just post content that makes me smile, you’re going on this list. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful holiday season & a very happy new year!

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anonymous asked:

i dont think that kiss was a "quick kiss me to protect our cover" type thing because even though their wardrobe was kinda suspicious the picture of her looking rather intense at steve kinda said it wasnt. but ehh who knows? does that make sense lol

It makes sense. I get where you’re coming from, it does look that way, but we’re also seeing a still frame and our imaginations can get very carried away with what-happens-next.

Like I said on my personal blog, I don’t care about context. For one thing, the “let’s pose as a couple” trope is kind of hot. For another, a kiss is still a kiss, and no matter what the context is, we get to run that into the ground and then carry it off into the sunset in victory! (that was a weird metaphor, but basically… we win no matter what!)