Claressa Shields becomes the first American boxer to win two gold medals.

Flint, Michigan, native Claressa Shields, 21, made history Sunday when she became the first athlete from the United States to win two Olympic gold medals in boxing — a feat no American man or woman has achieved in the 112 years since the sport was introduced to Olympic competition.

In an ecstatic on-camera interview after her medal-winning performance, Shields made it clear where she stands on the echelons of boxing greatness. The above quote really says it all. 

Shields is just the latest example of #BlackExcellence at Rio.

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Daisy Johnson hitting people


“What if we send a dwarf into the plane from here? It can stow away inside so we can track where the bus is going.”

“Yes. Simmons, excellent suggestion! We can send sleepy he’s our best listener, next to you of course.”

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