Claressa Shields becomes the first American boxer to win two gold medals.

Flint, Michigan, native Claressa Shields, 21, made history Sunday when she became the first athlete from the United States to win two Olympic gold medals in boxing — a feat no American man or woman has achieved in the 112 years since the sport was introduced to Olympic competition.

In an ecstatic on-camera interview after her medal-winning performance, Shields made it clear where she stands on the echelons of boxing greatness. The above quote really says it all. 

Shields is just the latest example of #BlackExcellence at Rio.

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endless list of favorite things: [1/?] favorite things that happen a lot

Daisy Johnson hitting people

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The Shield x Reader One Shot request - One Night

I fumbled with the key, cussing as I jiggled it in the door but it didn’t budge.

“Fuckin’ hell,” I muttered under my breath as I tried again. This time it worked but not because of my key. The door swung open and I was met with a pair of amused brown eyes.

“Can we get this stupid ass door fixed sometime soon,” I grumbled as I stepped in and tossed my purse on the nearby table.

“Well, hello to you, too,” Seth grinned down at me as he kissed the top of my head.

“The door works just fine for all of us, babe, so maybe you should work on learning how to use keys instead of complaining about doors.” Roman’s deep voice was full of laughter as he wrapped me up in a quick hug.

“Fuck all of you,” I grumbled as I untangled myself from him and made a beeline for the fridge.

“What’s up buttercup,” Dean came around the corner and gave my shoulder a quick squeeze as he walked by me in the kitchen.

“Not much, D, not much,” I grinned in spite of my foul mood as I grabbed a Stella from the fridge. Loud throat clearing from behind me clued me in to the need for a few more beers. I grabbed three more and spun around, placing them on the island. “Use your words, guys,” I smirked as I slid the beers towards each of them.

“Our method seemed to work just fine,” Seth said innocently.

“Savages.” I called back as I headed towards the huge couch in the family room.

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whufflepuff  asked:

what's aro's top ten collectible talents list? how does sulpicia feel about them? is caius already plotting their demise? how jealous wIll jane be?

 Ah yes, Aro’s list of questionable ideas. It goes something like this, in no particular order:

  1. general illusionist (for those long, boring afternoons when there’s nothing better to do)
  2. gift neutralizer (because the Cullens are In Trouble)
  3. clairvoyant (but the kind who can see currently-happening-elsewhere things, not the future)
  4. somebody who can make people experience their worst fear (more resources should really be invested into psychological torture)
  5. really excellent shield (back to the whole Cullens-must-be-destroyed theme)
  6. memory manipulator (Aro has this plan to permanently borrow one of Joham’s daughters, and he’d prefer it if she didn’t have too many fond recollections of her sisters)
  7. person who ruins relationships (A theory: there are already fissures among the Cullens. If a person who’s basically the mythological Apple of Discord in vampire form could influence the coven, maybe their bonds would break down to such a degree that Chelsea could get at them? More research required.)
  8. something to do with paranoia? (Aro haaaates the Cullens’ allies, or at least the idea of people willing to fight and die for an ideology not his own. Scattering them and making them afraid sounds really good right now.)
  9. decent invisibility gift (Point one: Afton sucks. Point two: stealing national treasures is getting progressively harder. Something should be done about this.)
  10. some kind of strengthening gift?? (Aro realizes that he might have to go to war with the Cullens, in the physical sense. He’s considering anything to give his side an edge, including vampires who induce berserker rage or simply boost strength and speed.)

Sulpicia, for the record, thinks 1 is a waste of time, that 3 already exists and is called the internet, and that 7 is redundant because the Cullens will separate out of necessity in a decade. Oh, and she doesn’t approve of 8, because nothing says “dread” like awaiting certain death. Why mess around with gifts when you could just kill Amun/Siobhan/the Romanians and let the rumours spread? She’s a peach, that Sulpicia. 

Caius, being Caius, doesn’t trust any of the stronger psychic abilities on this list. Still, he grudgingly acknowledges their utility because they’re all rather warlike, and the Volturi are in destruction-mode. 

Finally, Jane– who isn’t aware of 4 and 8 yet– would probably hate them most because they’re encroaching upon her domain. She likes being the main disincentive/punishment the Volturi have. 

The Razor Edged Protosteel Shield was Toa Nuparu’s Toa Tool. Upon first glance, the weapon’s full potential would likely be lost on most. This was not the case for its crafty wielder, however. In his skillful hand, Nuparu utilized the shield far beyond its excellent defensive capabilities by taking advantage of its deadly sharp edges. Since it had the ability to cut through most substances, the shield was particularly useful in combatting heavily armored opponents.

While its purpose as a primarily defensive tool set it apart from the vast majority of Toa Tools used throughout history, it shared their common ability that allowed Toa to channel his or her elemental powers.

What your preferred Legendary skin says about you: Tank Heroes

balderich-way too agressive
griefhardt- less agressive than balderich but you can be assholes too. tries to pin opposing griefhardts at EVERY OPPORTUNUY to prove your superiority.
lionhardt- the true blue steadfast reinhardt mains. excellent shield, cornerstone of their team, know exactly when to attack and defend.
stonehardt- similar to lionhardt; the only hardt who has a problem being too defensive, rather than too aggressive.
blackhardt-very calculated, leans more toward the agressive side but still a good shield. gets a lot of charge kills and is likely to get potg.
bloodhardt-asshole. minimal but crucial shielding. probably targets one player, though in your defense, you’re still an effective team member
wujing-you’re either quiet af like the raptorion pharahs/nomad genjis, OR a tremendous cornball who hops around and spams voice lines and flirts with the healers all match. pretty good players either way. type A is balanced, while type B can be a little too defensive.
sidenote: while black and bloodhardt’s player types remain consistent, these skins seem to swap a lot. there’s plenty of asshole blackhardts and calculated bloodhardts too. for some reason they’re always really nice; they’re the ones that’ll try to befriend you after they catch you flanking [this is also common on Tangerine?]. b.vas are more friendly, junebugs are more skilled.
junker/scavenger- you dont’ even play much but you’re like REALLY dedicated to this skin
palanquin-the die-hard dedicated mains/fans; similar to witch mercy, you either cried when you unboxed it or while having to shell out the 3000 coins for it. not much notable about your playstyle though.

mako/sharkbait- literally can’t think of anything notable
toa/islander-seem to be the best players of the roadie variants
junkenstein’s monster- if you see one in a skirmish they probably won’t kill you
bajie-probs a kindhearted person who loves roadie’s softer side but you murder everyone in matches.
sidenote: all roadhog players seem really, really similar to me. but again, i main support, so all i ever get from them is a priority on their hooks.

weightlifter/champion-ur fucknig gay. you will never replace this skin.
siberian front/arctic- spam hello during the ENTIRE MATCH. you’re a bunch of goofballs, but still fairly effective players. probably ships zarya/mei.
industrial/cybergoth- pretty good zarya players and know how to graviton effectively, but literally if you use these skins i don’t trust you

safari/explorer- just here to have a good time–which for you means nudging your team to victory by doing exactly all the things winston shold be doing. freindly, but a very effective player, definitely won’t kill you in skirmishes.
yeti- probably didn’t even use winston much until this skin
undersea/frogston- honestly i can’t even tell these apart from the default design in battle half the time. no one really uses them.
wukong-upset bc you JUST bought yeti and now this one exists and you want it too.
sidenote: we all know winstons are super rare outside comp so i’m going more on intuition here, i’m easily way off.

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‘Pate has an unique way of using his Shield, it looks like he has it straped to his forearm while the player uses the shields handle to carry it.’

‘"Pate’s favorite greatshield. Appers rather humdrum, but in fact was forged by layering thin sheets of iron, a process that creates a shield with excellent defense for its weight.“

i mean…pate made that fucking shield i think he knows how to properly wield it…so maybe WE ARE WRONG


The Signs as Gotham Girls (pt.3 of 4)

Gemini - Vicki Vale

Vicki made herself a name in Gotham as a very persistent and fierce reporter. She has a quick tongue when it comes to tickling out the truth of suspicious-looking characters. Gotham provides a broad operating base for her hunt after the newest, most scandalous but also dangerous-to-look-into stories for the criminal freaks striking in Gotham are  never to be underestimated. Vicki will be the first to have her camera and microphone under the nose of the suspects and she won’t back off from uncovering business which could draw some dangerous attention to her. Due to her sense of justice, Vicki sees it as her duty to inform the civilians which at some point really annoys the hell outta the cops shielding crimescenes. Her excelling skills in journalism let her even always be close to proving her theory about Bruce Wayne being Batman. But after confronting Wayne with her readiness to publish her findings, Wayne calmly answered if that’s what Vicki has to do, he wouldn’t stand in the way. Vicki realized unveiling Batman’s identity would be of no real use for anybody so she destroyed all evidence. Instead, she offered her investigation skills to join Batman in crimefighting.

Libra - Martha Wayne

Martha, née Kane, was born into the second wealthiest family of Gotham after the Waynes. Actually, the two families were rather reserved towards each other and when Martha fell in love with Thomas Wayne it wasn’t perceived with exuberant joy but the two would anyway marry soon after. Together with her husband, Martha now was the most influential figure of Gotham: Investing into promising projects, philantrophy at the highest stage and patronage of art, music, charity and business affairs for the sake of the city - all that Martha would actively support her husband with. She was of an elegant appearance, witty and sophisticated. She wouldn’t scrimp on her outward during charity balls held at her venerable home, Wayne Manor. It was easy for her to socialize, lead conversations and to make her appreciation of arts accessible to anybody. Her harmonical aura had an attracting, entertaining effect on others, people would listen to her suggestions how to fight poverty, end homelessness or protect children from abusive homes. Martha was of a genteel humour, sincerely loved her Thomas and was as tender as protective towards her son Bruce who had to witness the tragic murder of his parents as a child. Eventually this led to his transformation into the Batman.

Aquarius - Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)

‎Dinah took up the role of her mother, the original Black Canary, at the age of 19. She is blessed to be a metahuman able to do the Canary Cry - an attack in form of a powerful scream that stuns enemies, shatters objects or damages the sense of hearing. She controls her vocal chords so that she can imitate sounds and voices of people and animals. Black Canary is an expert in everything martial arts but also a calm leader and strategic thinker. She has a desire to better the world, strongly believes in equality and fights in the sense of brotherhood. Canary likes to have people around her. She’s rather proud of what she is capable of and likes to show how she’s better than others at doing good in this world. This may leave the impression of her being a show-off but actually she just seeks connection to others. Canary prefers to think first, take it to action later. But when she’s involved in a fight, then kick-ass style. Once you really get to her, Dinah opens up to also be vulnerable, deep in her thinking and serious, because the world ain’t a joke to her even though she often play-acts like that. Black Canary has a deep on-off relationship with Green Arrow alongside whom she often fights and feels taken seriously.

Expanding the agency

Some Steggy pregnancy headcanon for Day 4 of Steggy Positivity Week (Domesticity):

As somebody who has always relied on knowing her body’s capabilities, pregnancy is hard on Peggy, because she never knows what to expect next.

First there’s the constant nausea, which is more than a little inconvenient when trying to get an international spy agency off the ground. For a while, she can’t even sneeze without subsequently losing her breakfast, and the smell of coffee at a morning meeting does her in more than a few times. Steve takes to eating breakfast at the Automat on the way to work, where Peggy suspects he and Angie compare notes on this new, overly-sensitive version of herself.

At least, Peggy jokes, she’s finally developed an honest-to-goodness superpower – the power to smell food from an astonishing distance. But she has never been a good patient, she’s always pushed every convalescence she’s ever had, and waiting and waiting for the indeterminate day when the nausea will pass drives her absolutely batty.

The situation is not helped by the fact that she has developed a strong aversion to tea (Edwin Jarvis is the only one who shows the proper sympathy for this dismaying development).

Then there is the constant, all-encompassing sleepiness. She finds herself threatening to nod off even in the middle of the most important meetings, and often lies down for a short nap after work only to find herself waking up well after midnight. Steve tries waking her for dinner a few times, but they eventually agree that it’s best if he just leaves her a sandwich in the refrigerator, and saltines and ginger ale on the counter. He feels a little helpless in the face of all of the vomiting and hibernating, both of which are very unlike Peggy, but this at least is something concrete he can do for her.

She mercifully starts feeling better midway through the pregnancy. There is a brief golden period where, although her usual clothes are past the point of stretching to accommodate her growing midsection, she feels energized and invulnerable. She rather enjoys sitting in meetings and feeling the tiny secret flutters of the baby moving about inside her. She has another superpower, she realizes. She is growing a human being inside her own body. Top that one, Rogers.

But then, she enters the third trimester. She looks unmistakably pregnant now, and seems to grow larger by the day. She has always been very sure of her balance, but her centre of gravity is shifting so quickly that she feels clumsy and lumbering. Bending down is a chore, and buckling her shoes, while still possible if she stretches her knees to the side one at a time, is much more of a workout than she could have thought possible.

Although her doctor has instructed her to avoid exercise, she wants to reassure herself that she can still defend herself if necessary. Steve holds the heavy bag for her, reasoning that since she’s going to do it anyway, it’s better if he’s there. They discover that, while her balance is off and she can only kick at ankle height from the front, her kicks from the side are still as deadly as ever, and her punches are fantastic, not that she’s planning to get into any fights. “And if you do, you can kick them viciously in the ankles,” Steve advises, and ducks away from the right cross she immediately throws in his direction, although he is pretty sure she meant to miss.

The workout session leads to a workout of a different sort. Peggy has found herself rather insatiable lately, and Steve is not complaining.

Steve’s favorite new game, though, is to place items on Peggy’s belly and watch the baby kick them off. Peggy does not find this quite so amusing, although she agrees that the baby has superb aim and power, and will probably make an excellent SHIELD agent one day.

Approaching the due date, the baby takes to digging its toes into Peggy’s ribs, and attempting to punch its way out in all directions. With no room for her lungs to expand, Peggy finds herself out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs, and she has a maddening need to empty her bladder every ten minutes. 

She suddenly finds, though, that she is in no hurry to be done with all of this. She doesn’t fear the birth itself, but she has come to the frightening realization that she is about to be a mother. She finds she does not share Steve’s supreme confidence that the two of them will magically know what they’re doing.

When their daughter does finally decide to emerge into the world, it is clear that she takes after both of her parents in terms of impulsive behavior, and has inherited a good dose of drama from her father. Margaret Sarah Carter Rogers makes her debut, rather more quickly than expected, in the back of one of Howard Stark’s favorite cars, delivered by an extremely unprepared Edwin Jarvis.

There are frantic radio calls, and a lot of yelling by all involved, but by the time Steve arrives the baby is cradled on Peggy’s chest and Jarvis is half fussing over them and half fretting over whether it will be possible to clean the upholstery, or whether it’s better to give up entirely and just advise Howard to buy a new car.

In the week following the birth, Peggy cries more than she has since Steve went down in the Valkyrie, develops ridiculously large breasts that she and Steve both threaten to punch Howard for ogling, rediscovers her taste for tea, and one afternoon suddenly falls so deeply in love with their daughter that she can’t imagine what on earth she had ever done without her.

However, neither Peggy nor Steve get a good night’s sleep for a very long time after that.

I’m With You - Clintasha

on ao3

SHIELD often forgets how fragile, how explosive, how catatonic its agents are. They train for the field, not for what comes after. Agents wade into war, guns blazing, but they are afraid of the dark. 

SHIELD is excellent at using its resources.

Natasha Romanoff knows St. Petersburg like the back of her hand. Natasha Romanoff is the best assassin in the world. Natasha Romanoff works well with Clint Barton.

So, they get on a plane and go to Russia and execute the mission perfectly. They sit on opposite rooftops, comms in their ears, but their silence is typical and comfortable. She takes the shot, and Clint doesn’t need to see to know that the target is dead. 

“I knew him,” whispers Natasha, “when I was younger.”

Clint can’t find words, knows she wouldn’t want them anyway. He says nothing when she takes his hand in hers, nearly breaking the skin with her nails. 

That night, he wakes to her straddling him and pulling back for a punch. He catches her fist, but she’s ahead of him, she’s nailing him in the throat. 

“Natasha!” he chokes as she hits him again and again and again. “It’s me! It’s Clint!”

She pauses for half a second before gritting her teeth and slamming his head into the headboard. He curses under his breath. “Please, Tasha, please, please.”

And then she collapses into him. It’s without grace. She simply goes limp and falls. She’s dead weight on his chest, as if she simply ran out of battery. After a moment, she says, “Clint?”

The breath leaves his lungs, and she sags further. “Yeah, yeah, you with me?” It’s their phrase, their fail-safe, their go-to for panic attacks and anything else terrible and unseen.

“I’m with you,” she murmurs, voice strained. She starts to push herself up, but he can see the terror in her eyes, so he pulls her back.

“C'mere, Tash. You’re alright.”

“I hit you.” She sounds as if she shot him, not punched him. 

“I get hit a lot, it’s okay.”

“I thought you were…”

“It’s alright. You’re okay. You’re safe.” He can feel her skin trembling as her fingers find his shoulders.

“Clint,” she whispers, fingers curling against his chest. “Oh, Clint.”

“It’s okay, Natasha. I’m right here. I’m not leaving you.” His hands move through her hair, curls catching on his fingers. “I’m gonna stay right here until you don’t need me.”

“I’ll always need you.”

Part of him hears it as her being too scared to make sense of herself, part of him thinks it’s too late for it to mean anything. But in the back of his mind, he understands that it’s a confession, that it’s a prayer. 

“I need you too, Tash. Always will.”

Cheer Up Post #3789 - Ruth Negga Edition

She’s beauty, she’s grace, and she’ll punch you in the face.

Black Excellence

Women Masterpost

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Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond

I’ll be using all evidence up to the latest episode (Reformed). Which means this may be revisited in the future. I will be linking any ones who theory texts or images i directly took form tumblr! 

Evidence for this theory:

1. Pearls space suit in ‘Space Race’

At first i messed with the possibility that the diamond could possibly be Yellow at first (seeing as the lighting is different than we’re used to) but then i found this image which also features Pearls pallet in a night setting, notices something? Her star (which is yellow!) isn’t Pink in the slightest but her diamond is! in fact the stripes on the space suit almost are the exact same color as the star!

2. I have to thank  charlesoberonn for noticing this and I wouldn’t of known this (


and secondly:

The stevencrewniverse always does things intentionally. If Rose was truly meant to be a rose quartz they would’ve made her gem lighter! in fact that would match the entire series pallet a lot better than the bright pink they use! And it closely resembling(and referencing) ‘the Pink Star’? a Pink Diamond ring? That’s too similar to be a coincidence!

3:  Rose’s belongings

Ok why exactly am i showing you her flag and shield? Excellent question!

Whats this?

A Flag meant to represent Nobility/Royalty during Mid-evil ages. And whats on those flags? The family’s crest or SHIELD. Also take another look at roses flag and look closely. Notices how there’s Diamonds on the background of it. Why would rose have chosen a flag design with diamonds on it? unless she’s not the one who designed it? What if All the Diamonds had flags similar but representing their own powers (like Rose having plant influencing powers)? It would still make sense for the rebellion to use this out of respect for Rose.

4: The Rose Imagery

OK, so the fountains statues i can kinda understand, She was a healer, she saved lifes like an Angel! And we have Angel statues but look at how regal she looks i dunno maybe its just me.

Look at the temple picture. Rose is the same size as who we assume to be a Diamond. This means 1 of 2 things. 1, the diamonds are 8 foot tall and Rose just so happens to be the same height  or 2, she is regarded on the same level of power as the diamonds. Both seem pretty strong evidence for Rose being a Diamond to me.

5. Roses Secrets I would have never though of this on my own but Rose kept secrets for the sake of others. If she was a diamond maybe the gems didn’t know. Amethyst would be least likely to know so this part of my theory isn’t really sound i just wanted to mention it.

6: This (sorry i didn’t have any other name to call this point)


The KING of the Jungle. Diamonds seem to be like Royalty/Dictators (at least to me). Anyways their held with High regards just like a king. We still don’t know why Rose has a lion, or what Lion represents but the crewniverse could’ve made him any animal, but they chose one associated with power, with being royal.

Now let’s look at things against this theory:

1. Her name

Jaspers (and everyone) refers to Rose as Rose Quartz not Pink Diamond. One would think that because Rose would’ve held high respect Jaspers would’ve called her Pink Diamond no matter what, unless she didn’t know rose used to be one but this is unlikely.

2. The color of steven and rose’s gems could just be a stylized choice (but like i said an rose quartz original colors would fit the show much better)

that’s all i got for now concerning this theory. I know someone will ask ‘what about how pearl acted during rose’s scabbard?’. I didn’t add this in for a reason, Pearl’s feelings of admiration/love/thirst for Rose could easily affect how she would act. (making her seems like a bigger deal than it should). and alot of what she did could’ve just been out of respect of anything, not really about Rose’s position.

Anyways plausibility rating: (this is calculated using the ratio of for and against items for a theory and converting that into a percentage) 78%

Like i said it’s likely as information for this theory comes out i’ll re-visit which could change the plausibility rating.

Hope you enjoyed my analysis.

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What's you favorite SU soundtrack? Steven's Shield just crashes me

oh man, this is the hardest question I’ve ever been asked, haha. Are the lyrical songs off the table, just the instrumental tracks? Can I do an ‘in no particular order’ top 5?

  • Amalgam (Giant Woman) - This track is essentially our first introduction to fusions, being a fusion of Amethyst and Pearl’s individual themes into an amazing blend to reflect their relationship. It’s really lovely and there’s so much story told through the music alone, harmoniously weaving two different styles together. It’s just a really fantastic track, easily my first favorite from the series and its so strong that 40 episodes later its still one of my favorites.
  • Dance of Swords (Steven the Swordfighter) - This one has been one of my favorites for a while, I love songs that sound like they’re ‘moving’, like just listening to it gives you the feeling of motion, I like that. High energy, its sounds really nice, plus its from one of my favorite episodes
  • Sugilite Returns (Coach Steven) - I love this because its so dangerous sounding, its such a ‘boss fight’ type music and I love that, especially with the dramatic piano portion. I love the heavy industrial clangs and that sort of dialtone sound at the beginning, its lets the track sound very hostile while still being nice to listen to. (it was actually difficult to choose between this and Synchronize/Sugilite but decided I like this one slightly more) 
  • Rose’s Fountain (An Indirect Kiss) - It’s not really this track in particular so much as I just generally really love Rose’s Theme (which you can also hear in other tracks, like The Hill(Lars and the Cool Kids)). It’s just a really nice, serene sounding theme and there’s just something inviting about it
  • I’m Still Here (Rose’s Scabbard) - I like this track because its emotional and sad without bringing you down, it carried the mood for its scene so well. It makes sense since this track is basically meant to carry the last minute of the episode which is devoid of dialogue and it just plays over Steven and Pearl bonding, so much of the feeling had to be conveyed through the music. And also honestly the title really sold me on this one, it carries so much weight.

Please know how difficult it was to whittle down this list to just 5, haha. Almost There (Space Race) just missed the cut but its still one of my favs. I use Dad Museum (Laser Light Cannon) as my wake-up alarm and The Waterfall (Together Breakfast) as my alarm to remind me to feed my dogs, because they’re excellent. Steven’s Shield (Gem Glow) is excellent too!

Incidentally! If you have Audiosurf (music game), some of the SU tracks make really excellent tracks and its pretty nice to make a playlist and just ride along all the tracks. Some don’t work so well but others are amazing

“The Devil’s Own” part 1: Natasha Romanova

Your name is Natasha Romanoff, aka The Black Widow. Your former lover The Winter Soldier is living at Avenger Tower. He doesn’t remember you, or your torrid history, and it is making your life very complicated. 

Bucky Barnes x Reader (Natasha aka Black Widow)

Present Day

You rolled over and peered at the small red digits on your clock. Red like the blood flowing through your veins, red like your hair, red like the country that you hailed from. You closed your eyes, but sleep didn’t come for you. It was like this every night. You would lay in bed for hours until you finally drifted off, but tonight, the comforting arms of slumber were even more elusive. You glanced back at the clock, back at the blood red numbers. It was 1:47 am.

Things had been up in the air the last few weeks at the tower. Hectic, chaotic, but mostly, complicated. You knew this was a new scenario for everyone, since the amnesiac soldier had arrived, and that things were hard. Hard for Steve and hard for Bucky, but deep down, in a place that no one knew about, things were extremely hard for yourself as well. You shook your head slightly. It was strange, how quickly you’d taken to outwardly calling him Bucky, but in your mind, that would never be his name. His name was James… You thought back to cold, dark times; cold dark nights, when he’d had no name. He’d been the Soldier, and only the Soldier, and despite all of your trained detachment, it hadn’t seemed right for a man to have no name and so you’d given him one. You’d called him James

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Imagine #002

During the raid of Strucker’s base (Hydra), instead of messing with Clint; Pietro goes after you instead; to flirt with you.



You had been an avenger for a while now, a shield agent known for your excellent use of psychological warfare, strategy, and unique weapon choice.

Your favorite weapon was a wooden bat with nails haphazardly hammered into the head. It was sharp, lightweight, quiet, and easy to crack a skull open with. Not to mention, it made you look like a total badass. Truth be told, you liked interrogations more than anything; the mind being your favorite thing to study and intimidation your favorite pick-me-up.

You were in the forest, looking for the best route to take on the Hydra agents that were firing a mini-gun up ahead. Your plans however, were halted when you felt a hand smack you upside the back of your head.

Your hands immediately dropped your weapon and went straight to your skull as you turned around to face whoever had assaulted you. But there was nobody. Just the same pile of dead leaves, trees, and snow.

“We’ve got two enhanced in the field!” 

Your earpiece buzzed, and you swiftly bent over to snatch your weapon; but the moment you laid a finger on it, you felt a firm hand on your rear. Out of pure instinct, you grasped the bat tightly and swung behind you. Your eyes widened when realized that there was nobody there once again. You were beginning to  get very unnerved. 

Were you going crazy? 

All of a sudden, a streak of an electrifying blue came into your line of sight.

“Steve, I think I’m with one of the enhanced.” 

You manage to communicate with your team members, your knuckles now white with the force you were holding your bat.

“Do you have a clear visual of the enhanced?” 

Steve’s voice resounded through your ears. Suddenly, you felt a warm hand around your mouth, and a solid wall being pressed against your back. Due to the warm temperature and the size of the hand, you assumed you were being pressed against your assailant’s chest. You swung your bat back with a strength even Thor would admire, and was met with the same white scene of the snow covered forest. There was one detail though, that you didn’t overlook. 

The large droplets of blood decorating the canvas that was the ground.

Before you knew it, your bat was flying out of your hands, and you were being pinned to the ground by a strikingly handsome man.

“Y/N, do you copy?”

You could only pant heavily, as the wind had been knocked out of you. You struggled to get up, but his frame was much more muscular and bulky than yours. Your bodies were inches from each other, every breath another bit closer to his built chest grazing yours. You gaped up into his vibrant blue eyes, taking notice of his pink lips and oddly colored hair. The sharpness of his jawline, and his scruffy beard. He was very attractive to say the least.

“What’s the matter?” he smirked,

“You didn’t see that coming?”