Let’s talk about Wash learning about Junior.

Caboose shouting with excitement that he couldn’t wait to see Junior again, but Wash was too confused to ask who Junior was. Not that he got to see this stranger anyways. Which for some reason everyone seems upset the others. Not his place to ask though. How is he alive again?

Wash finds Tucker up early one morning baking a cake, but when Wash asks who the cake is for Tucker doesn’t say. Instead he just reminds Wash that they always celebrate birthdays. The rest of the Tucker vanishes into his room.

Wash finds an old Blue team flag and wants to throw it away. Caboose asks Wash not to throw it away, but when Wash asks why Caboose starts talking about Doc. Tucker sees the flag in the trash and starts a fight with Wash. “Don’t touch what isn’t yours dude!”

Wash catches Tucker whispering to about Junior in his sleep. Wash thinks its a past lover and feels hurt.

On their way home Tucker can’t stop talking about this Junior and how excited he is to see him again for the first time in forever. Wash is hurt and worried that this Junior will replace him.

After the crash Wash finds Tucker one night screaming to the stars that the world is shit and promises to see Junior again soon.

Wash finds that ripped up, old, dirty blue flag again in Tucker’s room. He wasn’t snooping though. He just needed a pair of socks.

After being reunited on Chorus, Donut getting excited talking about their past in BG and mentions how cute Junior was.

Grif and Simmons calling Junior scary but know he means the world to Tucker.


One night Wash finally spots the photo…

It’s a long night with a lot of confused questions.

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Pls tell me about your feelings on Breha Organa, I am Here For It, please talk to me about how this woman is amazing and overlooked.

My time has come!

Okay, I have a headcanon post about Breha here, as well as Alderaanian culture headcanons here and some very important information about Breha’s punning style here.

I’ve also got a fic about Breha and Bail as an asexual couple here.

Now that all the linking’s out of the way, here are some other thoughts.

In the supposed debate between nature and nurture, I tend to come down more on the nurture side, and in that regard I think Leia takes after her mother pretty strongly.

Breha is known for both her compassion and her devastating wit. She’s an accomplished debater, and she takes a hands on interest in every aspect of Alderaanian politics.

She always encourages that interest in her daughter: she brings Leia with her to everything, from state visits with foreign dignitaries to trips to dairy farms and nerf pastures. Leia watches the way her mother talks to people: the openness and genuine interest in her conversations with mountain herders, the closed off, careful mask she puts on for every meeting with an Imperial Moff.

When Leia is seven, she sneaks into one of the Queen’s top secret briefings, and later that night she asks her parents, “Mama, Papa, are we Rebels?”

Bail is terrified. How had she found out? Were they putting her in too much danger? And if she’d overheard something, was it possible others had, too?

But Breha hesitates only a moment before telling Leia, “Yes. We are.”

In a galaxy where the Empire poses an imminent threat to everyone, ignorance will not protect their daughter, she tells Bail later. Leia is already very aware of the political realities of the Empire, and she’d seen enough to ask the question. She deserves an answer, and Breha isn’t going to lie to her. The only sure protection will be the liberation of the galaxy.

Growing up, Leia sees more of her mother than her father. Bail is away on Coruscant with the Imperial Senate for about half the year, but Breha, as the ruling Queen of Alderaan, is based in the palace in Aldera. She travels frequently, though, and almost always takes Leia with her.

And she receives frequent visitors at the palace, too. In particular representatives of the Imperial government. When the system of regional governors is first introduced, Alderaan is one of the first worlds they visit. Breha entertains the newly appointed Governor Tarkin with a steely grace and cleverly disguised disdain - something Leia recognizes instantly but Tarkin doesn’t seem to pick up on at all.

As a child Leia thinks her mama is invincible. She can lie to Moff Tarkin’s face and never lose her smile. She can use her words as weapons and her silences as a shield.

When Leia follows her father’s footsteps to the Imperial Senate, it’s her mother’s cool, sarcastic, fearlessly direct approach she takes as a model.

Things we need to see in season 5
  • Daisy becoming the director of SHIELD
  • FitzSimmons wedding (and Fitz’s mom is definitely there)
  • Daisy getting a girlfriend (boyfriends just don’t seem to work for her, do they?)
  • Philinda leaving SHIELD and just being together (seriously, these two had enough)
  • More MackElena
  • MC: Hey Saeyoung, are you okay?
  • Saeyoung, beating his repressed memories back with a stick: I'm fine, why do you ask?