shield stance

Some "For Honor" translations.


Vikings, Icelandic:

Jump heavy: Þú ert dauður! – “You are dead!”

Deflect: Náði þér! – “Caught you!”

Shield stance: HORFÐU Á MIG! – “Look at me!”

Unblockable: ÉG RÍF ÞIG Í BITA! - “I’ll tear you to pieces!”

Leg sweep: ÉG DREP ÞIG! – “I’ll kill you!”

Shield charge: Dauðastund! - (Literally means the moment of death, but can be used as something glorious such as being killed whilst surrounded by your enemy.)

Knights, Latin:

Dominion bots:
Nulla misericordia! – “No mercy!”

Shoulder bash: Miserum! – “Pitiful!”

Te secabo! – “I’ll cut you into pieces!”

Shield Stance: Te occidam! - “I’m going to kill you!”/ Te affligam! - “I’ll crush you!”

Stab: Peri! – “Die!”/“Perish!”

Morituro! – “You’re gonna die!”

Top unblockable: Ad mortem, inimicus! – “To death, my enemy!”

Pull: No superstes! – “No survivors!”


All of them

When grabbed: Nani? (何) - “What?”

Top heavy finisher: Jinjyo ni shoubu (尋常に勝負) - “Let’s have an honorable showdown!”

Side heavy finisher: Korede shimaida (これで終いだ) - “This’ll be the end!”

Demon’s embrace: Isagiyoku shine (潔く死ね) - “Accept it and die!”

Charging heavy attack: Waga shuchuu ni ari (我が手中にあり) - “It’s in my hands.”

Riptide Strike: Nigashimasen (逃がしません) - “There is no escape!”

Riptide Strike (Male): Jinjyo ni shoubu (尋常に勝負) - “Let’s have an honorable showdown!”

Deflect: Shine (死ね) - “Die!”

Light finisher that bleeds: Sonata ni shi wo (其方に死を) “I give you death!”

Side cobra strike: Oshite mairu (推して参る) “Here we go!”

Now, I havent heard all of these and heard rumors of the dominon knights saying “Deus Vult”.

One’s Promised (Part 1/?)

Description: Living a double life was not a choice when one was the daughter of Alexander Pierce. Y/N was the youngest agents of SHIELD and one of the most respected threats within Hydra’s empire. No matter her allegiance, she was feared by both. Y/N Pierce would’ve tried to escape it all… if it hadn’t been for The Winter Soldier. 

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 5,758

The first time Y/N met The Winter Soldier, it had been a terrible mistake. Her dad, Alexander Pierce, had sent him on a mission. Pierce thought his daughter and wife would be out of town for at least a week. But their flight got canceled and Y/N’s mother was too exhausted by the idea of rearranging all of their travel plans.

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anonymous asked:

hey, do you happen to have anything interesting to read on sasha braus? meta? headcanons? character analysis? i went through your sasha tag and barely found anything. she's my favourite character! :D

I have very few meta posts about Sasha but I’m proud of two of them - her unbelievable bravery in chapter 36, and speculation about why she was chosen to stitch Levi’s shoulder during the uprising arc. The fandom focus on the latter was on Levi’s abs but it provides an interesting look at Sasha as well.

I’ll share my favorite character moment with you. I loved her shooting flaming arrows during uprising, but for me her best moment was in Return to Shiganshina during the attack on Reiner when shrapnel from the thunderspears came flying at her and Jean.

Jean saw the debris and instinctively took a protective stance, shielding himself from the worst of it. It’s what most of us would do. But Sasha didn’t. She barely flinched. She saw it coming and kept going. She made the conscious choice not to let it slow her down. I love how Isayama chose to show this parallel. All of these characters in SnK are brave, but Sasha has a little something extra special.

I’ve loved this seasons anime, and I appreciate the efforts WIT has made to include her. But it does make me a little sad that they are using her for comic relief, much like they did with Hange in season one. I hate seeing her reduced to a trope. Hopefully you are in the camp of “any Sasha is good Sasha” and those moments are delighting you!

Thank you for the ask, anon! She’s a fun character to think about. I need that reminder.

(and please, if anyone has good meta about Sasha, add it to the comments for this anon. I’d be interested in reading as well)

It's Not Personal Pt. I // 11:48 PM

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Swearing, fighting

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that alleged threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. if you’re liking this and what to make sure you don’t miss the next parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Following Parts:

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

The field was dark, only the grass was lit by the moon and stars. Two figures slipped into the shadows to not be seen by any one lurking by. They stayed low, their breathing shallow and their voices hushed. It was a secret mission. No one from the outside knew about the threat that imposed on SHIELD. It was their mission to take down the threat and rid it from any possible means of danger.


Crouched high, just high enough to not be seen on eye level, was you. Sitting, waiting, scanning your area awaiting the two intruders who were looking for you. It was obvious that they’d be on the hunt. Ever since you made an appearance after New York. It wasn’t your fault, exactly. The Mind Stone just happened to fall into your lap. By accident, really. It wasn’t really clear how it happened. After you fled New York, staying low and issuing false identities, you managed to stay out of SHIELD’s line of sight.

That only worked for awhile, though. Now, as you were crouched in a tree, with who knows what kind of bugs flying around you, you awaited your attackers.

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Work of Art (Part 2)

Characters in this part: reader, Steve, Bucky
Summary: The reader accidentally leaves a doodle tucked into the couch. The next day, she finds someone else has continued it….
Genres: fluff
Word Count: ~650

A/N: Ahh I started this series at 4am last night and am not super happy with this part…but…welp.

Masterlist Here | Part 1 (previous) |Part 2| Part 3 (next)

Picture credit: @deafeninghighheels

You gaped at the picture. But, seeing that no one had barged into your room this morning to confront you about the notebook, it was safe to say that no one suspected it was yours. You brought it back to your room, ever curious about the mystery artist, but too afraid to ask anyone about it. You forgot about it for the rest of the week, caught up in work and the stress that came along with it.

Secretary Ross had come down pretty hard on everyone this week. Tony had warned you, tried to get the team to be more careful on missions. But during the most recent one Hydra had targeted Bucky. And Steve, the self-sacrificing friend he always was, had barely gotten everyone out unscathed. The result had been successful, Steve had argued, but Ross still wanted him suspended for at least a month as punishment, and Bucky permanently for being an conflict of interest.

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sethkate week | day 1: favorite scene from the episode they met (1.04)

*. °  ⚔   @dechaagny

  ❝ Kidnap?  She  belongs  in  the  sunlight,  Monsieur !! Christine  does  not  belong  here.  Can  you not  see  it  or  are  you  blinded  by  your  own  ambitions  for  her? Your  work. Her  voice. You’ve taken  her  against  her  will.  Can  you  not  see past  this  madness  for  her.  You  may  want  us apart… I  cannot convince  you  otherwise  and  I  shan’t  try, ❞  Raoul argued.  Christine  still was  held  tightly in  his  arms, the veil too large  and  almost  swamping  them together.  This  man had truly  thought  they would  be married. Did  he  believe  her  to be  a  songbird  of  the  night,  when  she  truly  needed  the  light.  She  deserved  to  go  home  to  her  guardian.  To  be  given  the nicer  things in  life,  for  she  had  suffered  for  too  long.

He  pulled  Christine  closer  to  him, a protective  stance,  shielding  her  away  from  the  the unmasked  kidnapper. ❝ So  you  would  CONDEMN her to  a  life  like this ?  Living  in  a  cave  like a  trapped  songbird  for  your  sick  pleasure.  I cannot allow it. ❞

Raoul  was  decided  in his  convictions. Christine  would  be  free  even  if he  would  end  his  days  in  a  watery  grave  in  this  place  that  god  had  forsaken.

      THE BOLD WORDS OF THE VICOMTE  rang in his ears  like the tolling of a death bell  — the beating of a drum before the hangman.  his mind was a storm.  the torrent had clouded his judgement , replacing it with the all consuming need to have Christine as his. she’d always been there , since the moment his eyes met hers behind a mirror , the first time she’d unknowingly looked right into the face of death and held a smile on her lips. HOPE instilled where it never before could exist ; the dreams of a child brought forth to his mind  &  soul once more.  he was always doomed to follow a path with her.  it only lead to ruin in the end.  she didn't  WANT  to be his. she never would    (     not so long as the boy lived    ).    this reality was settling over him and left his outward demeanor eerily calm  & foreboding  —  as though each word the man spoke drove him to further madness barely concealed within.  it was apparent to him that this moment would define everything.   desperation enveloped him , as his sharp eyes stared with nothing short of absolute hatred toward the man that took Christine within his arms , deemed himself her protector from a monster that claimed to love her.

       but  the vicomte was a FOOL , believing his intentions lay solely in that ethereal voice , as though it somehow outshone the radiance of the woman herself.  denial was a trait he easily distinguished , familiar with all its intricacies  —  the boy employed it now.   he wished to disqualify his  fears that somehow a creature so dark & twisted could be capable of holding the aspirations of humanity.   it was ridiculous.   TIRESOME.       ah ,  look Christine !!  your lover believes he knows our story.   have you told him , or shall I  ??       of course those details were not owed , he wouldn’t speak aloud his most treasured recollections to be dashed by either of the two that clung to each other with nothing less than fervent adoration.  it SICKENED him.   unhinged , careless of the consequences now that Christine would never have him willingly , he pursued the risky venture.    ❝     he wouldn’t be able to BEAR IT.  so insecure  &   assured of his ways , he would rather be blind to the truth.  isn’t that so , monsieur ??    ❞    he kept his amber gaze boring from his malformed face directly to their guest , aware that the distraction would provide ample time for him to secure the noose around the boy’s neck.


Anne, “Mercurial Justice”
Starting Class: Hero

Personal Skill: Impulsive - At the start of every turn, +4 to one random stat and -2 to another.  Resets at the start of every player phase.

A traveling mercenary-turned-author hailing from Notre Sagesse.  They thrive on tales of heroism and valor and join the Avatar’s forces in the hopes of finding more inspiration for their own stories.  While generally amicable, they have an explosive temper and impulsive personality that can get them in dangerous situations.  

I HEARD FATESONAS ARE COMING BACK IN STYLE SO I DECIDED TO REVISE MY OLD FATES SELF INSERT (plus i figured i’d be better suited to a class where i can swing a sword with little actual precision, haha)

you can read more about them under the cut!

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Growing Up Means Friendships Are Tested (But Not Always As One Expects)

Happy birthday, @mab-speaks! I wrote this for you because I know you like Jercy and canon verse, hope you like it! =D

Summary: For Percy, growing up and going to college comes with a side of losing sight of some of his friends. Until Jason enrolls in college in New Rome as well…

Word count: 2,212
Also on AO3 and
Thanks @carpedm87 for beta-reading!

One lesson Percy learned in the most unexpected ways: it gets harder to keep in touch and stay friends with someone when you’re not forced to see them on a regular basis.

He probably should have figured that out after transferring high schools so many times, of course, but Percy’s closest friends had all been at Camp Half-Blood, and that part of his life never really went away, even after he went to college in New Rome.

What did go away was the Argo II crew. Sure, they were all still friends, but nothing like the closeness they’d developed after weeks on a magic ship that sailed and flew across half the world, from New Rome to Greece. It was easier with some of the crew than others: while Hazel and Frank lived in the same city as Percy, Annabeth had resolutely gone to a college in the mortal world, and Piper and Leo gravitated more around Camp Half-Blood. They were considering enrolling in college in New Rome the next year too, but Percy wasn’t sure they’d be anything beyond old friends by that point.

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Another Potential Moveset for Lucina

Hey, tired of potential Lucina moveset updates? Well, too bad! More Lucina!

What I’d like to see for the next Smash Bros. or for upcoming DLC for this Smash Bros. is for Lucina to make the jump from clone to fully fledged character. Honestly, though? I don’t see that happening. By the time a new Smash comes out, there’ll likely be a new Fire Emblem and a new character to add from that game. And, as a clone, Lucina would be first on the chopping block.

If she does get this update to separate her from Marth, maybe besides slight changes to how she stands and moves in general, her specials could change something like this?

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Dance The Night Away (part 11)


Alright, I know I lied last time, but that really was the last cliffhanger.

Summary: “I found out who Chat Noir is!” In which Alya shows her detective skills and Adrien has no choice.

Pairing(s): Chat Noir x Ladybug/Adrien x Marinette

Word count: 1740

Warnings: Just the general OOC-ness, lack of plot. You know the drill.

Description: if we all chant around a Satan’s symbol then maybe but unless that happens…


Part 2Part 10 | Part 12 


“I found out who Chat Noir is!”

The entire school yard fell silent, each person waiting with bated breath for the blogger to reveal one of Paris’ great secrets.

Alya looked around self-consciously, before taking Marinette’s hand. “Sorry folks,” she exclaimed, “nothing to see here! Let’s go Mari.”

With that, the pair disappeared inside and the students gradually started talking again, all conversations focused on one thing: him, or more specifically, Chat Noir.

They both knew it was only a matter of time until Alya pulled a Sherlock Holmes and discovered who they really were, but he thought he would have more time than this.

“Hey are you okay?” Nino asked, drawing his attention back, “you look kinda pale.”

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shadyspeaks  asked:

Imagine Steve Rogers playing or watching someone else play any of the Five Nights at Freddy's games

Imagine Steve Rogers playing/watching someone (Tony?) playing the Five Nights At Freddy’s games.

Steve hears a high pitched scream coming from the rec room. Instinctually he grabs his shield and runs to where the distress sound came from. “What’s going on?” he asks frantically, skidding into the room.

“Huh?” asks Tony, turning from the screen. He takes a moment to look Steve up and down – shield and battle stance at the ready. “Jeez, Cap, I’m just playing a game. It’s called Five Nights at Freddy’s.” He launches into an in depth description of the game while Steve sets his shield down and pulls up a chair.

“Okay, so you have to watch the security cameras and also not run out of power. Let me help. Maybe two sets of eyes are better than one?” Steve asks, settling in.

Three hours later, both Steve and Tony’s heart rates are considerably higher. They’re in the last night. It’s only 3am and they have 20% power left.

“No Tony, stop changing the camera view all the time. You’re wasting power. Let’s just keep watch on the adjacent rooms.”

As Steve is explaining his strategy, one of the animatronic figures pops up on the screen.

“Holy fuck!” yells Tony, throwing the mouse across the room in surprise.

“What is going on in here?” asks Natasha, ducking just in time to miss the rouge computer mouse.

“Playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. Wanna play?” replies Steve, pulling over another chair.

They take turns being in charge of the controls and eventually the whole gang is playing and there’s so much shouting and cursing that everyone is distracted and they keep losing.



Word count:

Summary: Basically, you work for shield and are on team Cap. Steve asks for your help confronting Bucky and get caught up in the stairwell chase, featuring BLACK PANTHER.

Steve’s shoulders bunched up as he inhaled sharply. He stood in front of you, looking down at a dog-eared notebook, examining the loose and fragile pages. The room you where in was bare and poor. A thin, spring mattress was pressed into a corner, a simple kitchen set was placed by the wall and that seemed to be it.

“Steve,” a raspy voice whispered from behind you. You jumped, turned and saw a raggedy man in a hoody and cap, his face was dirty and hadn’t shaven in a long time. He seemed to stare right through you and straight to Steve, who now stood facing him. Bucky.

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New Mods

The following Mods are Transmutable and will also appear in purchased booster packs (with exception to Depleted Reload, which is a Corrupted Mod):

  • Adhesive Blast: Launched grenades now stick to the first surface it makes contact with.
  • Covert Lethality: Melee attacks from stealth are always lethal (Daggers only).
  • Seismic Wave:  Increases the range of ground slam damage by 50/100/150/200%.
  • Concealed Explosives:  Thrown blades have a 50/60/70% chance to explode on impact.
  • Combustion Beam:  Enemies killed by beam weapons explode for 50/100/150/200/250/300 damage shortly after death.
  • Depleted Reload: Increases reload speed, decreases magazine capacity.
    Mobilize:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.
  • Firewalker: Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time. Landing on enemies procs Heat damage.
  • Lightning Dash:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Electric damage.
  • Ice Spring:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Cold damage.
  • Toxic Flight:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Toxin damage.
  • Battering Maneuver:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Impact damage.
  • Rending Turn:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Slash damage.
  • Piercing Step:  Increases parkour Velocity, Aim Glide and Wall Latch time.  Landing on enemies procs Puncture damage.
  • Patagium:  Adds +15% Aim Glide / Wall Latch duration.
  • Final Harbinger (Sword and Shield): STANCE - Powerful slashes and shield attacks.