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Head canon that whenever Natasha is asked sexist questions by the media, the boys just keep going to increasingly ridiculous lengths to get there and answer the question instead.

Reporter: Do you ever feel resentment for this job reducing the possibility of having a family?
Bruce, strolling by: I don’t know, I never really thought about having a family to begin with. I prefer spending my time in the company of friends.

Reporter: Do you feel like you have to be super girly to stand out or super masculine to fit in with all the men?
Steve, jumping over from his own group of reporters: See, that’s what I love about the 21st century. Lots of room for gender expression however you want. *pointed Disappointed Captain Look*

Reporter: Do you think your emotions ever get the best of you on the field?
Thor, landing with Mjolnir: I have spent many years learning to control my pride on the battlefield and not lose my head during a fight. I thank my shield brothers and sister for helping me.

Reporter: How do you come out of a fight looking so fabulous?
Tony, flying in on a private helicopter probably: It’s just genetics, dear. I always look fabulous. I looked fabulous while dying.

Reporter:  What kind of product do you use in your hair?
Bucky, ziplining in from the next building over: L’oreal. *hands out the expertly photoshopped ad Darcy made of him in a L’oreal ad*

Reporter: What kind of diet do you use to stay in shape?
Clint, leaping out of an air vent: You know, I’ve been thinking of trying paleo, but this is all natural. Pizza for days, baby. Keeping aliens from destroying the world tends to burn a few calories.

Little Sister Quill

Avengers x Reader x Guardians Of The Galaxy

Prompt: You’re the sister of the famous Peter Quill…or Starlord as the galaxy knows him, anyways he finds out that you actually exist and what happened to you when you were young.

Requested by: No one

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: You’re about twenty-five
Also sorry because I wrote this at like three in the morning…

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Age Five

You watched as a light took off with your brother still in whatever had taken you away hours before, whatever blue things were in that ship had decided against taking you along with your brother and dropped you back onto the earth’s floor.

But with a price.

Your five-year-old self didn’t understand what could’ve happened, you barely understood what had happened to your mother before the light had kidnapped you and your brother. 

It was morning when you woke up in the grass that was wet from the night before and the sun shown bright around the whole grounds of the hospital grounds….which didn’t have a hospital building anymore. 

Instead of the building you left behind, it was an open field with literally nothing.

Age Fourteen

By now you had realized that your family really was gone, no trace of them was anywhere. You had checked hospitals, morgues, even birth certificates, (you had become quite skilled in the hacking field) your families information was there but it seemed after you and brother left, everything just…..cut off.

So now you used your abilities to try and find your brother or at least find out what happened to him yet you never could, it’s as if he disappeared right with your family.

You lived in a van that you had stolen when you were eleven and a half, you had to survive, so you taught yourself how to drive… the age of eleven.

Age Eighteen

“Agent Quill, are you alright?” A man questions while placing a hand on your cheek, the blood dripping down as your head fell back against the wall.

“I…I tried.” You whisper as more blood starts to drip down from the corner of your mouth.

“No, you did fine,” Coulson states while shaking his head. “Fitzsimmons left wing now.”

“On our way sir, it’s a little difficult-”

Coulson cuts the coms so you couldn’t hear anymore. You shake your head again, drawing his attention back to you.

“I…I-I didn’t.” You mumble while weakly gesturing to the dead agents that lay next to you. “Look at them, they’re all dead.”

“You still protected the secret, the information that we’ve trusted you with since you were sixteen,” Coulson explains, applying more pressure to the wound that was causing the most trouble in your abdomen area.

“Thank you, Coulson.’ You whisper while squinting your eyes closed because of the pain. “For everything, for taking me in when I was fourteen, to caring….everything.”

“Y/N, stop. You’re going to be fine.” Coulson scoffs.

“I love you.”

Age Twenty-One

“You’re finally old enough to actually legally celebrate with us!” Tony cheers while throwing his hands in the air as you sip slowly on the drink that he had made you minutes before.

“Tony, stop overwhelming her/him so much. She/He drank before, this is just like any other-”

“No, Natasha.” Tony sarcastically interrupts. “She’s legally allowed to do this now.”

“Since when have you cared?!” You laugh, along with the rest of the team. “I’m pretty sure you were always the one to hand me the drinks in the first place!”

“Shut up. You’re still younger and I can take you down any day.” Tony seethes.

“At least buy me dinner first!” You whine.

“That’s it!”

“Tony! With her/his abilities, she/he can kick your as with just a wave of her/his hand!” Clint yells, stopping Tony from rushing after you. You triumphantly smirk while taking another sip of your drink.

“Look at her smirk, look at that devil.”

Age Twenty-Five

You had officially turned twenty-five three days ago, the Avengers had thrown you a large party to celebrate and now here you all were. Resting away the parties that you had had.

The Avengers had taken the place of your lost family, each of them helping through the hardships that you faced. Each offering something that would help you heal.

The elevators opening interrupt you from your thoughts, you quickly shake your head and look over the edge of the couch to see Fury walking in with a group of people. A man, a…green? woman, a raccoon, a tree, and a buff gray guy with red tattoos.

Fury’s eye scans across the room and stops on you laying on top of an unconscious Steve/Bucky. (Literally, don’t ask).

“Agent Quill.” Fury states.

“Pirate!” Both you and Tony salute, earning an eye roll from the man.

“I need to speak with you privately.” Fury states with an irritated sigh.

“Why? I haven’t broken any rules…..this hour.” You trail off. “Shit nevermind, but Tony said that he wouldn’t tell!”

“I didn’t tell!” Tony whines, Fury shakes his head.

“We will discuss whatever…that is supposed to be later.” He sighs. “This is a more important matter.”

“What’s more important than streaking across Times Square while shooting a picture of you on the jumbotron?” 

“You idiots did what?”


BLACK SISTERS + doodles.

The Real Infinity War

A/N: Enjoy this alternative to Infinity War with less feels.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Bruce.

Tony: I have a science bro.

Tony has added Stephen.

Tony: I have an awesome facial hair bro.

Tony has added T'Challa.

Tony: I have a billionaire bro.

Tony has added Peter.

Tony: I have a kid bro.

Tony has added Y/N.

Tony: I have a best friend bro.

Tony has added Natasha.

Tony: I have a traitor bro.

Tony has added Vision.

Tony: I have a grankid bro.

Tony has added Steve.

Tony: I have an old bro.

Tony has added Rhodey.

Tony: I have a bro bro.

Tony: Get it, Rhodey? Because you’re like family to me.

Rhodey: Bro.

Tony: Bro.

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Buddy Cop

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Request:  May I please request a fic with Tony, where the reader is his little sis, and she has powers (think like Legend of Korra, bending the elements and stuff) but has been hiding it from him, but he finds out? I’ve been wondering how he’d react to that! Thank you in advance!

Pairing: Tony x Sister!reader

Summary:Tony finds out about your little secret and he is a little more than shocked

Word Count:  1,219

Genre: angst, fluff


You stared entranced at the flames engulfing your fingers as you sat on the edge of your bed. It didn’t sting, it didn’t even hurt. It felt like the gentle warmth of sun on your skin, it was almost relaxing. With your other hand, you swirl it around a bit and create a small ball of pure air, it was hard to see with the naked eye but you could definitely feel it swirling freely on your palm. You bring your two hands together and watch the breeze from the ball of wind blow out the fire at your fingertips and you let out a content sigh. This is how you passed the time when you were alone, it was peaceful and it was quiet and you didn’t have to worry about it blowing up in your face. You had just relit your hand when you heard a knock on your door. You swore quietly, it had spooked you and  now you had a charred hole the size of a quarter in your new bedding.

You run to your door and open it to see your brother Tony looking at you worried.

“Y/n? Why does it smell like smoke in there? Are you okay?” he asks concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just…picked up smoking!” You said quickly. You cringe at yourself, really? Was that the best excuse you could come up with? Now he was going to lecture you.

“What! Y/n, you’re kidding right? Mom and dad would kill me if I let you become addicted to those cancer sticks.” he says seriously.

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Guess who got carried away with homework despite other courses needing attention too… it’s me. I’ve been working on this the past few days. Basically, I had to make a 2-media project that was Very Filipino, and I went with mythology duh.

So here are concepts for a theoretical monster and mythology game and companion comic!

  • In the game, you team up with Cool Deities and Creatures to go against the Mean ones. More focused on the diverse Filipino mythology!
  • For example in my big fancy illustration: Mayari, one-eyed moon goddess, helping you distract Bakunawa the moon-eating serpent (mostly because said moon is her sister) while shielding you against the elements.
  • And also, you can ram a manananggal with a sorbetes cart
  • The comic meanwhile would be focused on the cast of characters (this time, about the diversity of Filipino people themselves) dealing with weird monsters. Oh, and their Tikbalang friend.

It’s been a fun project haha, and I’m actually considering making the comic aspect of this, but for now, enjoy~

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Cryokinesis - Avengers x Mutant!Reader, Hinted!Wanda Maximoff x Mutant!Reader

A/n: The reader basically has cryokinesis, like Killer Frost from the flash but they can summon blizzards, hail and their kiss freezes people to the core… well… most people anyway… the reader is basically a non-crazy Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow. There are hints of Wanda Maximoff x reader…

You stood, gazing out of the window at the thrashing rain, one hand gripping a hot mug of hot chocolate whilst the other trailed the paths of lone raindrops on the other side of the window. You sighed as attempted to sip your hot chocolate, only for it to have turned to solid ice. Your eyes widened as you tipped the mug towards your hand, a lump of frozen hot chocolate landing in your fingers. 

You threw the ice chocolate into the bin as Steve walked in. “Meeting in 5… you alright Y/n?” he questioned. You nodded frantically in response, acting like you hadn’t just frozen steaming hot chocolate with your bare hands. Steve’s eyes narrowed for a second before Tony shouted him causing him to leave with a worried look.

You sighed as your shoulders relaxed, carrying the empty mug, you walked into the meeting room, taking a seat between Clint and Pietro. Wanda glanced at you from the other side of Pietro.

“Are you vearing blue lipstick?” Wanda questioned causing you to freeze before covering your mouth with your hand. You thought you had control over your powers. Obviously not.

Tugging on the toggles of your hoodie, you chewed your now blue lips. The meeting had now began and you were getting colder and colder. Pietro and Clint hadn’t noticed due to them being used to the cold, but Tony and Bruce had.

“FRIDAY why’s it so cold in here?” Tony questioned, glancing at his tablet at the room temperature. Wanda glanced at you worriedly as you tensed.

“Care to explain Stark?” Coulson questioned. Your eyes widened as, Melinda May, Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons stood next to Coulson. “Where are the guys?” Sam whined, hoping to have a guy’s night causing Bucky to roll his eyes.

“They have a mission, we were called in by Fury… why is it so cold in here I thought you could afford heating Stark?” Daisy Johnson exclaimed.

“FRIDAY results?” Bruce questioned.

“Thermal anomaly detected boss.” FRIDAY replied.

“A thermal anomaly, now what could that be?” Simmons exclaimed, excitedly.

You sighed under your breath, your breath visible to everyone in the room.

“FRIDAY scan Y/n… body temperature?” Tony requested.

“Y/n’s body temperature is -5oC although this has not caused any damage to organs or limbs.” FRIDAY explained. Wanda’s eyes widned in shock.

“That’s not possible, a human body basically is in danger zones at 35oC… you should be dead…” Simmons explained. You looked up, lips bright blue, hair turning snow white, eyes glowing.

“Then you should know my heart is pretty cold.” You snarled, voice frosty. All the Avengers leaped up and away in shock. “You’re probably wondering why this is happening? I’m cryokinetic, i freeze stuff, produce ice, cause blizzards and hail and my kiss is deadly… ughh…” You tensed, gripping your head as you sensed her near. Wanda stepped forward to you before Clint and Pietro stepped in front protectively.

“Dammit, I’m sorry…” You whimpered, leaping at the window, causing it to shatter as the rain glaciated, blurring everyone’s vision as you disappeared, frozen salty tears drifting down your cheeks.

“Inhuman, mutant or miracle?” Daisy Johnson questioned. Everyone shrugged in response. “What happened to the bin?” Natasha questioned, gesturing to the melting brown liquid oozing from it. “Explains the empty mug and why Y/n was so nervous earlier. She froze her hot drink.” Steve replied, crossing his arms.

“Are we going after her or letting a teenager who has a deadly freezing kiss loose in New York?” Bobbi questioned, uncertain. 

May smirked as she sensed Daisy’s upcoming joke. “Even if Hunter’s kiss was deadly you’d still make out with him.” causing Simmons and the other Avengers to cringe before laughing.  The blizzard began to snow them all in as they joked about. Wanda glanced out into the blizzard, wondering where you had gone and if you were okay.

Meanwhile, you’d hidden in your old apartment which you still owned, attempting to control your powers before you felt extreme heat flood the room. “You okay?” The flaming girl asked. “Yeah sis, sorry, I lost control.” You explained, hugging your knees.

“You lost your cool, which is weird since you’re ice and I’m fire… New York is now having a blizzard in October…suck on that global warming.” Your sister laughed, orange flames rippling around her.

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We made WWII Cap and SSR Peggy Carter QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Free for any star-spangled folks to use.

We accept requests here

Robbie Reyes is coming back to AoS … my crops have been watered, my skin is clear, the sun is shining, justice exists in the world again …

SHIELD and the Winchesters 1

Waking up in the hospital isn’t anything new- but when you realize Sam and Dean aren’t right next to your hospital bed looking worse for wear is when you become concerned. Your brothers never left your side when you’re in the hospital. You start to sit up only to hiss out in pain.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Someone says walking into the room. There is another person with him. “You took quite a beating.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” You retort. “Who are you guys anyways?”

“Agents Coulson and Ward.” The first man replies. Thinking that these guys are just hunters looking for another case, you ask them what agency they are from and if you could see a badge. Both agents flash you a badge of an agency that you have never heard of.

“What’s SHIELD?”

“Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.” The second man answers. “We’re the line… between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from the news they aren’t ready to hear- and, when we can’t do that, we keep them safe.”

“Okay… then why am I here?” The man, Coulson, tells you that you got thrown against a wall then hit over the head with a piece of floating wood. “That was a ghost, nothing that the government needs to be concerned about.” You then realise what you just said. You look over to the IV that’s in your arm. “That isn’t a normal IV is it?”

“What makes you say that?” Coulson asks.

“I just blabbed about the family business.”

“Family business?”

“Saving people… hunting things… the family business.”

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“Try not to die, Huntress,” she says as the Harvesters roar in over the dunes. 

Imperious, Eris thinks - if ever there were a woman born to be a Queen, this is she. No wonder she is the source of so many legends - one glimpse of her bright armor, gleaming in the ruddy light of Martian noon, and Eris believes them all.

Beside glorious Wei Ning, the wall of shield-sisters holds firm, unconcerned with the ineffective Harvester-fire, hardly blinking as the troops drop.

There are more than Eris expected. More than any of them expected - far more. None seem concerned. Behind the line of Titans, countless Ghosts work through the wreckage of the Collapse to recover…something. Something they feel is important - important enough to make a stand.

She pulls the rifle from her back. It has been her crutch for the last month, the tool she uses to navigate the endless sight-lines of the wide open sands, and the legion that has hosted her these past few months has not stopped needling her over it. 

A greenhorn’s weapon, they used to tell her. A coward’s weapon. The whispers faded when they heard her name, when they saw the overlapping tally marks etched the full length of the long, worn barrel - when they heard what she had done at the Gap. Now she recognizes the gentle ribbing for what it is; some sort of Titan bonding behavior. 

And they call the Hunters strange.

“Shields!” Wei Ning yells, as barrages from the distant Colossi rain down upon the Wards that blossom at her call. Dull explosions, visible through purple voidlight, shatter atop their heads, but their leader stares through it all, toward the lines of Phalanxes that march over blood-red dunes. 

“Hold, Sisters,” she says, arms clasped behind her back, “Until you can smell them.” 

Two Titans to a Ward. One carrying the Blessing, one the Fist. It is a mark of respect that Eris shares the Ward of Wei Ning and her shield-sister; the Ward of the commander of the Martian Shield-Lines - not just in name, but in the heart of every Titan on the planet. 

Either that, or it means Wei Ning thinks she cannot take care of herself.

Not a Queen, Eris thinks, an Empress.

Psions open fire from a distance, and Eris wonders again why they cannot understand that their bullets will never penetrate the Ward. Something very much like fear drives the legions here, some sick desperation that Eris can sense in every ambush, every assault. Not for the first time she wonders what forced the Cabal to Mars.

The Phalanxes grow larger, Ghosts still buzzing frantically through half-alive computing systems.

“Hold,” Wei Ning says again, this time a whisper that only Eris can hear, and she is certain the Titan is talking to herself. “Huntress, I’m afraid your long rifle may be useless when the fighting grows close. There’s still time to trade it out for a real weapon.”

Eris hears the laughter on her voice, as the huge woman pulls the sleek shotgun from the holster on her back, leans it back against her shoulder. The words on her right gauntlet glint purple-red; words that any Guardian stationed on Mars for more than a week can recite by heart.

“I’ll try to leave some for you,” Eris says, checking her magazine, and beside her Wei Ning’s shield-sister chuckles. 

She has seen Wei Ning’s Lines fight before, has watched them fall upon unsuspecting legions like the eagles from the old books, and she has learned enough about their kind that she knows it must kill their leader to stand and wait and defend, rather than take the fight to the Cabal. And yet that is what they do, and the muffled explosions beyond the Wards do not shake the grim calm of the Titans.

It is Wei Ning who leads the charge at last, as she always does, tearing from the Ward like a bolt of lightning, her fist shattering the skull of a legionnaire, two quick coughs from her shotgun felling the closest of the Phalanxes.

Eris has danced this dance before, and by the time the Titan whose Ward she shares has reached the battle line, Eris has neatly sidestepped from the bubble, lifted her rifle, and removed the head of a Centurion.

One, she thinks, and then the fight is on.

Wei Ning, to Eris’ dismay, is right. Landing shots grows more and more difficult as the lines blur, as Titans and Phalanxes crash together and the lone Huntress is buffeted by the changing tides of battle. Still, she is quick and sharp enough to find a line, here and there, and when she does she does not miss.

The Cabal do not stop. At first, they fall like the cannon fodder they are, but slowly - so slowly Eris is not certain that the Titans see it, close as they are - the sheer numbers begin to overwhelm the lines of gleaming plate. They are being pushed back; herded, almost. But wherever the Cabal begin to gain the upper hand, Wei Ning crashes through them, dragging her Shield-Sisters behind her, leaving corpses in her wake.

Eris knows that it will not be enough. 

She has abandoned her rifle, and now it is her cannon that does her bloody work. Before long her arms ache from its tireless kick, but still the Cabal come in an unending wave, their fear of death outweighed by their fear of whatever waits behind them. And die they do, in droves; they fall to Wei Ning’s fist, they fall to Eris’ cannon, they fall to callous lines of barking shotguns. 

Then a Titan falls. A Defender, caught off guard when her Ward finally shatters. And then another. The purple blisters on the dust begin to drop, and no new Wards blossom to take their place. The Lines shift, to shield the fallen, to allow for Ghost revival. And still the Ghosts ask for time. 

Across the dunes, Wei Ning, indomitable, drives her knee into the face of a Colossus, takes its head with her, but around her the Lines have begun to falter. Eris pulls her rifle from its sling again, yells into the screaming wind and sand, yells to call for a retreat; but this is not her Line, this is not her planet, and these are not Hunters.

It is not until Wei Ning, standing strong atop a dune, makes a motion with her hand that the Lines begin to fall back toward lonely Eris Morn, auto rifles keeping the ever-advancing wall of Cabal shields at bay as best they can, Eris’ own scope preying on those stupid enough to show their ugly faces.

The Ghosts are slow, so slow, but whatever they want from this dead place will have to be taken soon or be lost to the relentless march of the Cabal. Eris hopes that it is worth the ammunition, because their re-grouping has become a full-blown retreat, has become the desperate, crouching, backwards shuffle that Eris remembers from the Gap, and Traveler take her if she will watch another Guardian die.

The Light finds her knives, and the Trance consumes her. She runs through lines of retreating Titans, skips through rows of bulky armor now dulled by sand and munitions-fire, and she carves a hungry path through the advancing Cabal towards Wei Ning, towards the woman who will - who must - pull them from this disaster. 

She reaches the vanguard at last, crackling Light dripping from her armor, and with a final spinning lunge she breaks through to Wei Ning and her shield-sister, her commander’s shotgun still couched in tireless arms, hands still clenched into unbreakable fists.

“Wei Ning! We must leave!” she yells, but Wei Ning does not turn to acknowledge her. 

“Now!” she continues, “Before the Ghosts are taken!”

“Go!” Wei Ning screams, fury in her voice, and she thrusts her shield-sister towards the last defensible position in front of the Ghosts, to where they will make their final stand. And then she turns the full weight of her gaze upon Eris.

“Get behind me,” she growls, and Eris learns what it is like to fight back-to-back with her Empress of Fist and Thunder.

Together they hold the line, buying time for the scattered lines of Titans to retreat. Eris’ rifle may be slow but she is faster than any Titan, and with Wei Ning beside her there is nothing she cannot kill. They kill and kill and kill, with fist and knife and rifle, until Wei Ning grabs Eris and forces her to run, the massive Titan shielding her with nothing but her own bulk.

Eris sprints after the commander, breathing hard, diving in and out of the limited cover, and she is certain that the last sound she hears will be the hiss of Cabal artillery.

Wei Ning does not see the motion, far to their right, that pulls Eris to a stop. She skates ahead, and before long Eris is alone, sheltering behind the ruins of an ancient something. Eris has always seen more than most, and what she sees now makes her blood run cold. In the hollow of a dune, a Titan - her own Titan, the same Defender whose ward she shares - is pinned between two advancing lines of Phalanxes. As she watches, one of them raises a shield to block a shotgun’s shell, and with the same motion it smashes the Titan to the ground. 

Eris runs. She runs over the sand that does its best to trip her, runs through the hail of bullets and rocket-fire, runs toward the tiny purple shape in the distance, not noticing when her shields begin to chatter static.

She is not fast enough. The Phalanx lifts its shield again, slamming the edge into the chest-plate of the fallen Titan; once, twice, three times, and as Eris leaps from the edge of the dune she reaches forward through that endless distance and she pulls - and then she is there, and her long rifle does a shotgun’s work, hitting the Phalanx center-mass before her knife finds the beast’s throat, purple ichor blooming in the sky, and then she is in the dirt, leaning her full weight against the immovable mass of full Titan-plate, struggling even to shift it, as her shields fail and a bullet strikes her arm.

She screams, drops her rifle. Another hits her leg, and she falls to the ground. Around her, the ring of Phalanxes closes. She stares down the barrels of a dozen slug throwers, stares at them and snarls, but before she can lift her cannon something howls out of the sky and the ground shatters in blue arc-light, hurling Cabal soldiers away as though they are children’s toys. Then Wei Ning is beside her, auto rifle laughing at the Darkness, and before long there are no enemies left. With one hand she lifts her fallen squad-mate and hefts her over the shoulders of another Titan who skates away.

She pulls Eris to her feet as well, and her Ghost finally recalibrates and catches up with the damage she’s taken. The pain lingers, and Wei Ning lets Eris lean on a shoulder as they retreat.

“Ghosts have what they came for!” she yells, and Eris nods, trying to catch her breath. 

“What do they want here?” She yells back, as distant Harvesters disgorge yet more troops onto sand burned to glass. She reaches for her long rifle out of habit.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. They can have the place, and may they choke on the dust. Let’s go.”

“Wait. My gun.”

“My shield-sisters have already retreated. We’re not staying. You can get a new one.”

“I’m not leaving my gun!” Eris says, pulling away from Wei Ning.

“Hunters,” the Titan mutters, but she accompanies Eris back to the crater she made herself, and stands guard as Eris retrieves her worn rifle.

The Titans are waiting for them when they return at last, over dunes and away from the ruins the Cabal seem to want so badly, inside a claustrophobic bunker open to the Martian air. Wei Ning passes her helm to a Titan, then kneels in front of her battered comrade. Eris slumps to the ground, pulls her own helmet from her head, and leans against the comfortable weight of her rifle.

“Good eyes, Huntress,” Wei Ning says, not looking as she lightly slaps the Titan’s cheeks. “I should have noticed.”

“How is she?”

“She’ll live. Thanks to you. I suppose that’s what they call - ” her mouth curls into a grin - “‘Fine shootin’.”

Eris smiles a tired half-smile. Her whole body aches. She does not understand how this human wrecking ball appears none the worse for wear, but Wei Ning stands and offers her a hand. Eris takes it, and lets the woman pull her to her feet for the second time.

“You’re no Titan,” says Wei Ning, “But I name you shield-sister nonetheless. You can fight at my back any day, Eris Morn.”

Aside from a handful of appreciative grunts, no one seems to notice. The Titans are already intent on their next objective, but it is enough for Eris that a few nod in her direction. She cannot help the grin that spreads across her face then, as she returns her long rifle to its holster and trails her Empress back out into the alien light.

Once, she had thought that Twilight Gap would break them. Perhaps not. Perhaps it has made them stronger.

Perhaps this is what Pack feels like.


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Request:  Is it ok if I got a fic with 2 and 31, where the reader is Tony’s sister? Please and thank you! :)

Pairing: Tony x Sister!reader

Summary:    2. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”  31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”

Tony was always you night in shining armor, scaring away your nightmares but now it’s time to return the favor.

Words Count:1,172

Genre: Angst, fluffy towards the end

Notes: here comes the angst train toot toot! jk its not that bad, but this is is a pretty angstie/nostalgic fic


    When you were young, your big brother was your hero biggest hero. Tony has been your father figure since your parents had died when you were 7, he went to all of the parent teacher conferences and father daughter dances. He even did his best to keep you out of the media, you knew Tony was a party hound but no matter how late he stayed out he was always up early to make sure you got to school okay. Tony took over the family business and as soon as you graduated college you were given a job at Stark Industries. You and Tony had been with each other through it all, when he was kidnapped, becoming Iron Man, the battle for New York, even Sovokia and you knew better than anyone how Tony was struggling.Tony always scarred away the monsters in your closet when you were little, it was time for you to return the favor.

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