shield poncho

Killjoys and weather

One problem with living in the zones is the temperature changes. In battery city every building has an temperature stabilizer to keep days cool and nights warm. But out in the zones you have to deal with what the desert throws at you.

During the day you can catch zone dwellers in loose flowy outfits that cover their whole bodies. They also wear large hats and ponchos to shield from the sun. Other times you might find a person living out in the zones with less clothes but covered in mud. The mud helps to cool the person while protecting from sun. Most people try to not go with the mud as water is scarce and using enough to cover yourself is wasteful.

At night people in the zones switch to thicker clothes. The temperatures can drop to 0 degrees at night and sometimes even lower. Most people don’t sleep under blankets but usually in a group with multiple layers on. The lack of a blanket lets a zone dweller leave if dracs come without getting tangled. Some new killjoys might build fires but soon learn that fires are a quick way for BL/ind to find where you are. In extremely cold nights killjoys might sleep in their cars, letting the smaller space build up heat faster.