shield of kaldra

Topi’s Daily Card #1177:  Darksteel Plate

Darksteel Plate is one of those cards I’m super wary of seeing.  More often than not this is put into a deck in which you want to protect your commander on way or another, and Darksteel Plate does a good job.  It’s used in conjunction in with Shield of Kaldra or the newly printed Hammer of Nazahn in order to protect your creatures, whether you want to keep your commander alive or to keep, well whatever you want alive in order to win.  Utility creatures, huge monsters, if you can equip, you can make it that much tougher to kill.  The fact the plating is indestructible as well makes it great and tough to get rid of, leading to people running things like Return to Dust instead of regular destruction.  It’s powerful, goes in any deck, and can be a headache to get rid of.  I’m surprised I don’t see it more often.

bulbasauruswrecks  asked:

Hey Mark! I'm a huge fan of everything you guys do. I wouldn't have a lot of the friendships or as close of a bond with my fiance if it weren't for this great game. Thank You for the Magic that is MTG! Today happens to be my birthday and I was hoping I could have some trivia on the Sword, Shield and Helm of Kaldra?

I came up with the idea of the Kaldra cycle. It actually required a little salesmanship on my part because others weren’t convinced we should reference a card that wasn’t printed yet. I think Helm of Kaldra was the first Magic card to do that.

Happy Birthday!