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Matchmaker Pt. 5 (Pietro x Reader) (Wanda x Vision)

Part 4

Summary: You are now being sworn in as a full fledged member of SHIELD and Pietro gains the courage to ask Tony’s permission to take you out on a date to celebrate. 

Warnings: Mentions of smut!! 

“Does it fit?” You ask Wanda as you try on your dress for the swearing in ceremony. Wanda and you had become increasingly close friends as you had gotten to be very good friends with her brother. Close enough that you had seen him naked! And your bodies had been flush against each other naked! And he got hard. Did that mean he liked you or did he just find you sexy? There was a difference and although you felt both towards him you weren’t sure if he felt the same about you. 

“It’s perfect!” Wanda squeals and you look at yourself in the mirror as you twirl around a bit. You looked at yourself in the red dress that Wanda let you borrow. It matched your skin tone and h/c perfectly. It was tight at the waist and up but then became a flare skirt at your hips and it lifted as you twirled a bit. It showed some cleavage but nothing too revealing. This was for a professional SHIELD swearing in ceremony after all. The two of you heard a knock on the door a few moments later. 

“Wanda it’s me Vision can I come in?” He asks and Wanda blushes. 

“Of course moja ljubav (my love).” She says and opens up the door to let him in. 

Vision is taken aback when he sees you. “Oh my Miss Stark you look absolutely gorgeous. One of the prettiest girls I have ever witnessed in my entire life!” He says honestly and Wanda arches an eyebrow at him. “Aside from my lovely Wanda of course.” He quickly adds after that. “You may be beautiful Y/N, but you can never be Wandaful.” He says and you laugh and Wanda hits his arm playfully. 

“I see you’ve learned about puns Android.” Pietro says from the doorway and you bite your lip and blush, waiting to hear his verdict on how he thought you looked.

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dont u love taking screens of your guard because its like

> find something to kill > use shield of courage/virtue of courage > let mob rip off your aegis before killing it > quickly find a nice spot and try to get as many screens as u can in ~60 seconds (also fuck u idle animations for taking so long) > repeat