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The Nanny

Dr. Melinda May has been looking to hire a nanny. But between her and her daughter, Daisy, Melinda is starting to think she won’t be able to find anyone who can make both of them happy. When she hires Phil Coulson to do the job, however, Melinda finds out just how untrue that belief had been.

A Philindaisy au.

Also on AO3.

Melinda closed the door behind Nanny Candidate #14 before turning around and letting out a short sigh.

Another failed attempt.

Each person she interviewed seemed so promising in the beginning, but none turned out to be a good fit. She was too protective of her four-year-old to leave her with just anybody, and Melinda’s gut instincts told her she hadn’t found “The One” just yet, even though she’d given several a chance. As if Melinda wasn’t picky enough herself, Daisy hadn’t liked a single one of the potential nannies that had watched her for the past month either. Between the two of them, Melinda was starting to think there was no one in the world who would make both of them happy.

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Coulson just walks in during infinity war like “kiss and make up or I will tase you and watch supernanny as the world explodes” then leaves and tony’s just like “ok so either that was a ghost or it was real either way I’m terrified we good?” And steve in a daze just like “yeah we’re good” then they hug it out and civil war is never mentioned again under pain of phil’s rage and taser

Unexpected Date

Title:Unexpected Date
Character(s): Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Thor Odinson
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Genre:Comedy/Romance (Fluff)
Rating:T (Teen) contains profanity
Author Notes: Hello, hello, hello everyone! I hope y'all doing okay. I’ve received another Pietro x Reader request. This lovely Anon writes: “Can I ask for a pietro x reader imagine where she has a crush on Pietro and everyone knows about it except Pietro. She is really shy and goes to high school where she is bullied because she is really weird and has powers, like intangibility or like Wanda. So the Avengers find out it and they try to set up Pietro and the reader. Maybe with fluff and funny things and also smut in the end…” Now, I have to admit this was a bit of a challenge for me. Reading the request, ideas of sadness and angst popped in my head, changing what the Anon wanted. In order to flip it into something less tragic, I had to change the character a bit. So Anon, I did the best I could to keep the concept. It’s more fluffy than anything. I hope you like it nonetheless. Here it goes!
Summary: You’re a shy and timid mutant who was unofficially adopted by S.H.I.E.L.D. when you were found as a young child on the streets of New York. The organization believed that Avengers would be the best fit for you while you grew into your abilities. You’ve been always an eclectic kid, but you’ve never thought you were different…until you hit nineteen and in the final year of high school.

You stepped out of the elevators of the Stark tower, quickly passing a confused Tony and Bruce. Your h/l h/c hair flowed as you power walked to your room, “That’s it, I quit. I’d prefer getting my GED than staying one more day in that god forsaken academy!” Your bedroom door slammed shut, causing the two men to cringe at the loud sound. Banner raised an eyebrow towards Tony, “Do I wanna know what’s that all about?”
“I’m just as oblivious as you, Banner. Hold that thought.” He said as he picked up his cell phone. It was the principle of your institution, calling him in regards of the incident that just occurred not too long ago. Apparently, several students picked on you because of your attire as well as your introverted tendencies. What’s worse was it’s been happening for some time now, you just happened to conceal it better through the years. The final straw was when they printed posters of you entitled, ‘Most likely to become a villain’ and plastered it all over the walls of the school. Your abilities of mind manipulation and control rose to its highest levels ever, causing everyone to be paralyzed from the neck down and revealed their deepest darkest secrets. Now everyone was a 'freak.’ Parents were now petitioning for your expulsion. Stark’s square jaw clenched, trying very hard not to send the Iron Legion to each of their homes while Bruce looked on perplexed at his friend’s shifting facial expressions. As soon as the engineer hung up, he had to ask, “What was that about?”
Tony let out a heavy sigh, “Did you know y/n was having issues at school?” Bruce shook his head in response. “Apparently, the kids over there have been picking on her and this isn’t first time. It’s been happening over the past four years…” Tony solemnly said.
The physicist was stunned, “How come she hasn’t told us?”
“I don’t know. Knowing her, she thought we already had enough on our plate than to worry about her. She probably thought she could handle it on her own…”
You buried your head in your pillows, muffling your screams of distress and frustration. It was like no matter what you did, you would always be deemed 'different’. It’s been like this since kindergarten. You were a baby back then and didn’t know any better so you would sometimes purposely use your powers to play by yourself, not realizing it was considered unnatural. The children teased you, pulled your hair, shunned you from any game they played. Their parents weren’t any different. While your 'nannies’ from SHIELD attempted to diffuse the growing issue, it didn’t stop the bullying.
The older you became, the better you got at ignoring everyone. You stuck to yourself and focused mainly on your studies which caused you to have the highest GPA in the district. That didn’t help your case either. Weird, quiet, and now smart? You were a walking target. Why did you believe high school would be any different?
You heard small knocks on your door, only to open without permission. It opened wide, revealing a tall muscular European with silver and black hair. “Princeza! You’re home! I’m so- Ej…what is the matter? Are you crying?” He walked to your laid out form, your back facing him. Crap, just what I need right now. My crush knowing that I’m being a big baby… You thought to yourself before you placed a fake smile, “Hey, no I’m not crying. I’m just a little tired, that’s all. What’s up?”
Pietro shrugged off your somber behavior and continued what he was planning to say, “I just wanted to say that I am so glad you’re home. I finished that book you let me borrow and you were right, I really liked it.” His blue eyes widened in excitement, waiting all morning to tell you the news. You chuckled, “I just let you borrow it yesterday.”
“I am a fast reader,” Pietro smirked, handing you back the hardcover novel. “Perhaps, you have the second one to the series?” His long dark lashes fluttering, attempting to act innocent and coy. You shook your head and you giggled. You’ve had an infatuation with the speedster after he was the first one to approach you. You were still uncomfortable in the environment you were practically thrown into that you didn’t speak no more than yes or no to the team. The eldest Maximoff was persistent, and kind of annoying that he rammed his way into your heart. If only he felt that same… “Sure, P. I’ll just grab it from my bag.” You went to your backpack and took out the second installment of the series. You placed it in his hands, lightly brushing against yours. Heat rose to your round cheeks, and your heartbeat picking up speed. “Thank you, divan!” His gratitude echoed as he dashed out of your room. A deep sad sigh slipped out of your lips. Luck just isn’t on your side…
With much difficulty, you finally fell asleep. Having no knowledge that a meeting was going on, and the subject was you. The entire Avengers Initiative were there, minus a young silver-haired man who seemed very preoccupied with a story. “I got a call today from y/n’s school. The kids there have been picking on her and it’s been happening ever since she started there. Did any of you know about this?” Stark asked, nursing a scotch on the rocks. Bruce’s hands were folded over one another, a look of uneasiness etched on his aging face. The rest looked at each other confused and surprised at the news being presented to them. You were always smiling or kept your button nose in a book. They never suspected something was going on. Tony explained everything the dean told him, their faces frowning more with every factor the billionaire revealed. “What are their social security numbers?” Natasha demanded.
“Agent Romanov, you are not going to kill them.” The captain told her, as she crossed her arms in protest. “Have they spoken to their parents?” He asked.
“Of course they did, but let’s face it, it’s not going to make y/n’s situation any easier. In fact, it could’ve made it worse.” Bruce explained, cleaning his glasses as his brows furrowed in disappointment.
“We were taught to fight our own battles. We can not treat y/n like a child anymore. She is nineteen years of age. In Asgard, she would have been arranged to be wed by now. There is only so much we can do.” Thor added.
“Well, this isn’t Asgard, Viking Barbie. We protect our own, even if she isn’t of our blood.” Tony snapped. The Norse God stood up in anger, “Are you attempting to say I do not care for y/n because she isn’t my kin? Loki isn’t of my blood and I still love him like my brother. The same goes for y/n!” Steve raised his hands between both men of iron and thunder, trying to calm the storm brewing between them. “That’s enough, boys. Remember why we’re here. We’re trying to find a way to help her, not to tear her family apart.”
“There are only so many viruses I can send those little shits,” The physics and engineer genius muttered as he adjusted his body in his seat. Thor Odinson sat back down, relaxing his clenched fists. Bruce turned to Tony, “You didn’t…”
“What? It’s not like I killed them. They’re just going to have to deal with no technology for a few months. If we’re lucky, they’ll destroy themselves from within.”
“Why don’t we arranged an outing? Some place y/n would love to go to.” Wanda suggested, remembering some locations you wished to visit. “And I just thought of something else that would make her smile.” The whole team looked at the young witch, listening intently to her plan.
A week has passed and Tony arranged for you to be home schooled instead. Being in an environment you felt more comfortable in helped your mood a lot however, you still felt lonely from time to time not having anyone to your age to talk to. You laid on your bed, reading the assigned pages of your homework when Natasha ran into your room. “y/n, I need you to do a huge favor for me.”
“Sure, I can spare some time. What do you need?” “There’s this package Fury wanted me to retrieve on the other side of Manhattan and it slipped my mind, do you think you can get it for me?” She asked kindly, appearing to be troubled by her mistake. You had no problem helping, “But wouldn’t Pietro be your guy? He can get for you in a blink of an eye.”
“I was going to ask him but he’s running an errand for Clint. Please?” You lifted yourself from your laying position and walked to your closet to change. The thing is, all your casual clothes were gone! “What happened to my clothes?” You wondered loudly. “Oh, Tony decided to do a mass laundry wash tonight so you’re gonna have to wear that party dress.” She stated, as a matter of fact. You turned your head to the Russian, believing she was joking. She wasn’t. You weren’t going out in your pajamas so the only choice was to wear the small cocktail dress. You let out a groan as you got ready, not noticing the creeping smirk on Nat’s face.
Your e/c eyes looked again at the directions Romanov gave you but the building you were supposed to be in was nowhere to be found. Instead, you were in front of one of the entrances to Central Park. Either you got lost or someone was playing a trick on you, neither one seems appealing. You were about to give up and head back home when you heard a familiar voice call out your name, “y/n! y/n!” You turned your heel to see Pietro lightly jogging to you, in a handsome black suit and tie. He grinned widely, “I am sorry I am late, lepa dama. I just wanted to look nice for you.” His hands wiped off any particle of dust that may have landed on him, readjusting his shirt and jacket. He looked amazing in his dress clothing but you didn’t understand what he was talking about, “Pietro, what are you doing here?”
“I came just like you wanted me to. You told me to meet you here for dinner. In the letter you dropped under my door?”
“I didn’t write you any letter…” You stared at him strangely. He bowed his head in embarrassment and chuckled before he brought his head back up, “I thought your handwriting looked a little funny. Wanda must have done this…”
“Wait, you want to set up y/n and your brother on a date? How is that going to make her feel better?” Tony asked, scratching his head in confusion.
“Because y/n likes him…Come on, you haven’t notice how she behaves around him?” Natasha added, asking the befuddled men around the table. They looked at one another, attempting to recollect any shift in your behavior and could not think of any. Natasha and Wanda rolled their eyes, shaking their heads at the ignorance of their male team members. “Boys…” Natasha muttered under her breath.
“Anyway, I will write a letter and leave it for Pietro to find. Natasha, can you think of a way to y/n to meet him there?”
“I can think of a way.”
“Okay. Let’s just hope this works…” She said, with a mischievous grin.

“I believe we have been duped.” He smiled, not having a clue to his sister’s method. The Sokovian took this opportunity however to take you out on the date he has been uncertain to ask you for. He reached out his hand to you, “Since we are already out…Would you like to have dinner with me?” You looked at his hand astonished by the words that left his mouth. The moment you’ve asked for has arrived. Now what the hell are you supposed to do now? Crap, your ability to speak was lost, and now you were blankly staring at him like a deer caught in headlights. “Uh, y/n?”
Speak, dammit, speak! “Sorry, I spaced out for a second. I could’ve swore you said you wanted to take me out to dinner.” You nervously chuckled which ended in a really embarrassing snort. His grin widened, finding it fascinating how flustered you were becoming. “I did. I am asking you if you would go out with me tonight.”
Internally, a part of you was dancing Hava Negila while another part of you was screaming in sheer panic. Externally, you simply nodded and took his hand, beginning to walk to the nearest restaurant.
You were able to find your tongue at dinner and continued the night with Pietro walking through Central Park, taking a lovely boat ride on the lake, and ended the night with soft served ice cream. He linked his arm with yours, taking you into the tower, up the elevator, and escorted you to the front of your door. He made you laugh, trying to get you to say some phrases in his language. “Try this: Zdravo, moje ime je y/n.”
You butchered it naturally, and you both laughed at your incapacity to utter those syllables. “Give me another one.” You told him, your e/c eyes twinkling from happiness. Pietro paused for a moment to admire your beauty. He overheard the team speak about the problems you were having in school and it broke his heart knowing you were suffering and still hidden it behind your beautiful smile. He couldn’t see you in pain anymore. He wanted you to be happy. Most of all, he wanted to be the reason you were happy. Pietro heard his sister’s plan on setting them up on a date and he went along with it because it was the perfect excuse to finally push himself to take you out. So when you saw the white envelope slip under his door, he knew what he had and wanted to do. “Okay, okay. Try…Daj mi poljubac?
“Die me pol-u-bass?” You slowly and softly spoke, not having a moment to collect your emotions when Pietro’s lips met with yours. It was gentle, yet powerful. His cologne filling your nostrils with its musky scent. Your hands found themselves entangled in his silver locks as he wrapped his arms around you. You two broke for air, your eyes still closed hoping that if that moment was a dream, may you never wake up. “Wh-what did I say?” You whispered, as if any loud sounds or movement would ruin everything. His baritone voice rumbled in soft laughter, “You told me to give you a kiss and I did.” His forehead leaned against yours, caught in the bliss of your embrace. “Would you like to try saying it again?”
“As long as you help me practice.”

The Nanny - Chapter 2

I am completely overwhelmed by everyone’s amazing and encouraging responses to my first chapter. It’s hard to explain just how much your comments mean to me! You guys are just the best. I hope you enjoy everything to come!

Special thanks to Corinna, my amazing Mandarin translator!! And always Kaiya and Liz. Love yall. =)

Also on AO3.

“Do I have to go to school today?” Daisy looked up at Melinda imploringly from behind her bowl of cereal.

“Eat another bite, Daisy, and yes.” Melinda answered, glancing at her daughter from the island where she was assembling a turkey and cheese sandwich for Daisy’s lunchbox. The disappointment on Daisy’s little face made her want to change her mind, but her shift started in an hour. She couldn’t call out now unless there was some kind of emergency.

“But-but I wanna go to work with you.” Daisy sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

Melinda set down the sandwich and immediately went to crouch beside her little girl. She was used to Daisy’s reluctance to part from her. Especially when she was a baby, her separation anxiety had made it difficult for Melinda to go anywhere alone. But this was something different. She usually wasn’t this clingy anymore unless she was sick…or something was upsetting her.

“Daisy, xiǎo huā,” Melinda had given Daisy the Mandarin nickname when she was still just a baby: little flower. Melinda put a hand on her back and switched to Mandarin, as she frequently did at the house with Daisy. “What’s wrong?” She probed.

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shield-nanny-archives-squared-d  asked:

Phil makes it a gift. Because it should be a gift, something from the heart, and he knows that the Captain will appreciate this more than anything. A long wool overcoat, a matching wool scarf, and earmuffs, because damn if New York isn't cold, and Phil knows that the Captain gets colder than most. He leaves a note: "It's not Christmas yet, but I figure you could use them." and doesn't sign it. It's enough to know that he's done it.

When he finds the pile of winter clothes, Steve’s brow knits in confusion. At first he thinks that maybe Natasha had left it – he’d complained to her about the cold more than once – but the handwriting isn’t hers. He picks up the coat and holds it out, and catches a whiff of cologne he’s not used to.

Steve frowns even more, and his mind repeats one word.


fxmiliarity  asked:

why is Noctis in a wheelchair tho

AHHH BASICALLY he was attacked as a child by a monster that killed a bunch of his guards, and then tried to kill him, but his nanny shielded him and although she died, she protected him enough so that he only got badly hurt from it (seems like it sliced up their backs? maybe injured noct’s spine?)

then papa regis kicked ass and saved noct (ffxv brotherhood)

noct then falls into a coma from the attack/trauma and has a vivid fever dream where he meets carbuncle and fights an iron giant as an adult, where he wakes up only once it’s defeated. (platinum demo)

and theeeeennn he and regis visit tenebrae while noctis recovers (hence the wheelchair) and meets lunafreya, who’s the princess of tenebrae. AND THEN TENEBRAE IS ATTACKED BY NIFLHEIM BECAUSE REGIS AND NOCTIS ARE THERE INSTEAD OF IN INSOMNIA WHERE THE WALL HAD BEEN KEEPING THEM SAFE

regis is then forced to abandon tenebrae to niflheim in order to save his son again. (ffxv kingsglaive)


and i do believe it’s true

the nanny au continues! 
– Skye. Is. Thirsty.  Grant is the most perfect person in the whole world, and she’s really trying to work out the qualms she has with bedding and wedding the nanny.  There’s only one clear situation: she has to get a dog.

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