shield nanny

and i do believe it’s true

the nanny au continues! 
– Skye. Is. Thirsty.  Grant is the most perfect person in the whole world, and she’s really trying to work out the qualms she has with bedding and wedding the nanny.  There’s only one clear situation: she has to get a dog.

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Phil makes it a gift. Because it should be a gift, something from the heart, and he knows that the Captain will appreciate this more than anything. A long wool overcoat, a matching wool scarf, and earmuffs, because damn if New York isn't cold, and Phil knows that the Captain gets colder than most. He leaves a note: "It's not Christmas yet, but I figure you could use them." and doesn't sign it. It's enough to know that he's done it.

When he finds the pile of winter clothes, Steve’s brow knits in confusion. At first he thinks that maybe Natasha had left it – he’d complained to her about the cold more than once – but the handwriting isn’t hers. He picks up the coat and holds it out, and catches a whiff of cologne he’s not used to.

Steve frowns even more, and his mind repeats one word.