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Okay but,,,,what if,,,,Tony's the over protective one. He makes sure Peter has a sweater before he goes out, he calls Peter on patrol every 30 minutes exactly, he makes sure Peter has all his homework done. Meanwhile Rhodey's helping Peter sneak things passed Tony because he thinks it's funny to see what kind of excuses Peter will come up with when Tony catches them stealing a jet from SHIELD and flying to Disney World

IM.,,..,,.., MARRY ME>??

Tony is very overprotective bc in his opinion Peter is the Most Special Person on the planet. like, tony wants peter to be safe and all but he’s also a very bragging dad..?? he almost never stops talking about how much he loves his son and how his son is perfect and did you see the way his son makes his own webbing??? iconic. he’s so proud of his son. must protect his son at all costs.

Rhodey is a fun dad but he tries to teach Peter humility. Rhodey is like, “just because you have these abilities, it doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” meanwhile Tony is in the background shaking his head. Rhodey lets peter ride his bike with no helmet. 

The quiet ones

(A/N): I honestly love Timid/Shy requests

Request: Hey can you please do a Steve x reader where you’re his super shy/timid and quiet girlfriend and he lets you join the team and at first no one can understand why and question him until they all get captured on a mission and you save them by yourself

Warnings: swearing

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   Steve smiled sweetly at (Y/N) who was nearly clinging to him at some avengers party. They had an iron tight grip around his upper arm and if anyone so much as looked at them they’d cower in fear.

    (Y/N) had been with the Avengers for a few months now but no one could really see why, perhaps Steve had just taken some pity on the kid, or maybe they were a somewhat good fighter, but no one knew. They were so shy that any conversation anyone tried to have with them would immediately die so most times no one would even try, leaving (Y/N) on their own.

   But that very night, the same night (Y/N) had clung so desperately to Steve was the night everyone realized exactly why Steve recruited (Y/N) to the avengers. 

   The team had been having a great time chatting away and sipping on wine when they all got the call. 

    “We’ve got an emergency A.I.M attack,” Friday calls over the speakers. “A.I.M agents have invaded top secret bases in Siberia.” Everyone shares the same scared look before springing into action, grabbing suit and needed supplies before boarding the Avenjet.

   “Steve,” (Y/N) complained as the man got suited up, not even giving them a second glance. “Let me come with you guys, I promise I can help-”

   “(Y/N),” Steve states calmly, turning to look at them as he laced up his boots. “This mission is going to be too dangerous, I don’t want you coming along-” 

   “But I can really help! I promise!’ 

  “I know you can doll,” Steve whispers as he places a quick kiss to (Y/N)’s lips. “But I don’t want you getting hurt, okay? I don’t want your first mission to also be your last,” (Y/N) sighs as they fold their arms over their chest, huffing slightly. 

   “Fine,” Steve smiles softly, pecking their lips one last time before grabbing his shield and nearly rushing out the door.

   “I’ll call you if I need anything, okay?” 

   “Okay,” (Y/N) smiles softly, waving goodbye to Steve as he all but rushed to the Avenjet. 

   “(Y/N), this is my call for help, It’d be great if you could drop by the mission and save our asses,”

   “Why?” (Y/N) asks, already changing their outfit. “What’s going on?”

   “A.I.M got to us, they’ve taken Clint and Nat as prisoners and their starting to get to Bucky and Sam,” 

   “Fuck, yeah, kay, I’ll be there in half an hour,” 

   “We’re all gonna be goners by then (Y/N),” 

   “You guys took the Avenjet and technically I’m not supposed to be using Shield issued jets, so I can either let you guys get captured or I’m gonna be a few minutes late,” 

   “I- ugh, fine, just try to be careful, okay?” (Y/N) smiles as they grab Steve’s ID, most likely to break into Shield headquarters. 

   “Shouldn’t I be the one telling you that?” 

   “Touche,” Steve’s voice cuts out slightly as the signal falls just a bit, crackling and a number of horrid sounds taking his place. “(Y/N) need help,” Steve’s voice makes it through the crackling before the line falls completely silent, leaving (Y/N) to assume the worst. 

   Stealing the Shield jet was easy (God, Shield really needed to up their game) but what was hard was landing the damn thing without drawing any attention to it. (Y/N) didn’t have time for stealthiness however and rather than waste their time trying to find somewhere to park the thing they merely touched down in front of the base, grabbing a weapon of their choice before marching straight into battle. 

   Steve glared at his captors with an angry look, his eyes narrowed and lips nearly snarling at the suited men. 

   “Don’t look so angry Cap,” One of the agents calls, no doubt smirking to themself like an idiot. “Boss just wants to talk to you a bit,” 

   “You mean me?” Tony asks, smirking despite the situation. “He wants to talk to me and he used my team to get to me,” 

   “Guess you’re not as thick skulled as we thought you were,” The agents chuckle together, obviously finding themselves rather funny. However, their laughter stopped immediately when a small thumping sound came from the outside of the door. 

   “Sh, sh, sh, sh, shh,” One of the agents whisper, their hand falling to their gun. With soft steps they walk to the door at the front of the room, making sure to stay below the small window that it had. The agent grips their gun a bit tighter as they press an ear to the door, listening for any sound. All seemed quiet, eerily quiet, but only for a moment before the door was being kicked in and two guns were being aimed directly at the two agents standing watch. Everyone squinted against the lights behind their savior, attempting to get a good look at them. 

   “Holy shit,” Tony whispers, his eye sight having returned the fastest. Standing in the doorway was none other than (Y/N) themself, standing taller and more confident than the avengers had ever seen. 

   “If anyone moves I’ll shoot, anyone so much as breathes I shoot, got it?” One of the agents shifts a bit and (Y/N) pressed the barrel of the gun directly to their skull. “I said got it?” The agent nods quickly, raising his hands in defeat. “Now, I’m just gonna go untie these nice people and you two are going to stay completely still, if you so much as move a muscle what am I going to do?” The agents remain silent, quivering in fear. “I asked you two a question,” (Y/N) growls, their sweet persona completely gone. 

   “Y-You’re gonna shoot us?”

   “Damn right I’m gonna shoot you. So what are you not going to do?”


   “Good job, you guys catch on quick,” With one last threatening press of the gun against the agents head (Y/N) quickly moves over to the group of chained heroes, keeping their guns aimed directly at the agents. Without taking their eyes off the two (Y/N) begins to untie Steve’s restraints, quietly engaging in a conversation with him. 

   “Thanks for the help,” Steve mutters, rubbing at his wrists as (Y/N) began to untie Bucky’s very well knotted arms. (Y/N) casts Steve a small smile, quickly moving onto Nat’s restraints next. 

   “It was no big deal…not so bad for a first mission though, huh?” Steve smiles as he crouches beside (Y/N) to assist them, quickly freeing Sam of his ropes. 

   “Not to bad at all,” 

   “Is no one going to talk about the fact that (Y/N), the shy sweet one of us totally just came in here and threatened these agents lives?” Tony asks, squirming a bit when Bucky broke his bonds. Steve chuckles a bit, standing once everyone had been freed of their bonds. 

   “(Y/N)’s not as sweet and shy as you think they are,” Steve crouches down,  grabbing his shield and locking it onto his back. “Why’d you think I let them join the team?” Steve smirks a bit as he passes Tony, taking (Y/N) by the hand and leading them out of the small room. Everyone else stares at each other in shock and surprise, not quite knowing how to interpret the situation. 

   “Damn,” Tony finally replies, smirking as he nods his head a bit. “Steve sure knows how to pick ‘em,” 

You know, I find it funny when people hate Paul because he’s an asshole. Like, he is MEANT to be an asshole. 

And in my honest opinion, he’s the best rival character we’ve seen to date. 

If you grew up with Indigo League, you’ll know Gary was Ash’s first ever “rival”, but Gary didn’t feel like a rival to me. Gary wasn’t an asshole, Gary just WANTED to look like a dickhead. I don’t think Gary was naturally an ass at all, but he wanted to seem tough and arrogant to outshine Ash. I’m not gonna talk about their rivalry in detail because they’re friends now and Gary has mellowed down a lot ever since he lost in the Indigo League.

But anyway, Paul actually was Ash’s rival. He constantly criticised him, he constantly called him pathetic, he constantly pointed out his flaws and he constantly acted rude towards him. He wasn’t doing that to annoy and tease Ash, like Gary would call him “Ashy-boy” to tease, Paul was picking on him because it’s what he actually believed. And did this bother Ash? Yes. And oh my how it did bother him. Ash’s frustration with Paul’s methods and critics is what made Sinnoh Ash so great; yeah you can say that Dawn’s contest moves (spinning dodge, counter-shield, ice aqua jet, etc) helped Ash but it was PAUL who drove Ash to that edge of absolute anger that we haven’t seen much of in Ash. It was a grain of Ash’s personality that the anime haven’t gone so in-depth with, his prior anger moments were mostly comedic relief such as his arguments with Misty. The only true anger we’ve seen in Ash before was in M3 when Delia was kidnapped, and now we had so much more moments as such. 

The other problem we didn’t really experience with the Ash/Gary rivalry was that it wasn’t consistent enough. I mean, Gary’s appearances in random episodes were mostly comedic, he would come on, take the piss out of Ash and leave. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those moments because I found it hilarious to see Ash’s reactions, but it wasn’t relevant to the plot. 

Paul and Ash’s tense rivalry was a very important plot to the DP saga. We saw Ash mature in this season and we got a very special Pokemon that a lot of us hold dear in our hearts: Infernape.

Infernape is basically the icon of their rivalry and their methods. Paul’s methods were crude but they were quick and effective, Chimchar was a very skilled and strong Pokemon, despite the fact Paul saw him as pathetic. The problem Paul had was his obsession with activating Chim’s Blaze, otherwise I’m sure he easily could’ve been the powerhouse.

Ash’s methods were very ethical and friendly, but they were slower. However, they overall had the most results. Chimchar’s happiness was obviously increased while being with the DP Trio but he also learned how to control Blaze when it was activated, which was an important point in the saga as Paul’s original intentions were actually realised through Ash.

And at the time, a lot of people believed Ash’s only SInnoh starter would be Turtwig, as Dawn had Piplup and Paul had Chimchar, therefore meaning it would be like AG and Ash’s Torterra would be like Sceptile, so when Paul abandoned Chimchar it was a shock to a lot of people.

Now what is very important in their methods is the development in the series.

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Remember their first fight? It ended in a draw, thus meaning they were equal in strength when they started out in Sinnoh. But ever since, Paul DOMINATED Ash in battles, and hard. Especially when he knocked out Ash’s whole team.

And did Ash just go “oh well, shit happens! We’ll train more tomorrow and beat you!!” right after like he usually would? Hell no. Ash was distraught.

This was a dynamic in Pokemon that we haven’t really experienced before. Ash was always optimistic about his losses and saw them as a way to improve on his mistakes, but this time was sulking. Hard. Sure, he got back to his old self seconds after his team joined him, but it doesn’t change the fact that Ash was absolutely devastated after a battle, the one thing that he loves to do most.

Paul was such an important character.

Do you think Ash would’ve been like THIS if Gary beat him in such a crude way? Most likely not. Ash would’ve probably just gotten really defensive and shout something like “WHATEVER LOSER I’LL BEAT YOU NEXT TIME”, because Gary in Kanto was nothing more to Ash than just a massive dickhead. Paul to Ash, however, was a threat. And the fact that Ash lost to him made him believe that he’s not strong enough and maybe Paul’s methods were actually right. Who knows what he was thinking?

But if it weren’t for Paul kicking Ash’s ass so hard, we wouldn’t have gotten that ever so satisfying final battle at the Sinnoh league. I mean, how many of us were expecting Paul to win? Probably a couple. Maybe some people knew Ash was gonna win for the plot, but I thought it could go both ways.

If Paul was a nice rival, we wouldn’t have had such a strategic Ash in the anime. We wouldn’t have had the dynamics, or the tension or even the amazing final battle. We probably would’ve had some last-minute decision like Tobias having fucking legendaries in his team but that’s another point.

The rivalry between the two is the reason why Ash had advanced in the Top 4 in Sinnoh, his best yet, as it shows how much his hatred towards Paul has pushed him to improve. In my whole and honest opinion, if Paul wasn’t a character in this series Ash would’ve been top 8 again or something. Ash needed an asshole to calm down his confidence, Ash needed an asshole to drive him over the edge, Ash needed an asshole to bring down his self-esteem, Ash needed an asshole to help him develop. Ash needed Paul.

This rivalry was so beautifully written and developed that I doubt any future rival would be able to deliver what Ash and Paul have. Their rivalry is one of the main reasons why DP is my favourite series of all time. 

So all of you unicorn-huggers out there who want everyone in Pokemon to be little, positive bunnies who do no wrong and they should all hand-holding friends who write “BFFLXOXO” on their notebooks stop hating on Paul because he was an “asshole” and realise WHY he was an asshole. Realise why he would’ve been a shitty rival if he was also an unicorn-hugger. Assholes exist in the real world, so Pokemon needed a real one for once. If he doesn’t make an appearance in the anime in the future I’ll be extremely disappointed, because he’s a character that needs to be kept relevant.

But don’t forget what Cynthia said, they might meet again in championship tournaments.

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Canadian Girl

Chapter Six

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC  | Word Count: 2701
Warnings: Fluff, Mild Violence, Stereotyping of Canadians (I’m allowed, I am one)

Three days later when the quinjet landed, Kennedy was skating on the pond. She was alone, Matt and Jesse having gone inside when her mood had proven foul.

Everyone had been home when she’d made her impromptu arrival three days ago, appearing on the doorstep with nothing but the clothes on her back.

The family all lived together, still, in the mansion of a farmhouse her grandfather had built. It was so damn big one could go the whole day without seeing another soul if they wanted to. Or, as they had been when she’d arrived, they could all be together in the living room, watching the game.

It had been nothing to go back to her apartment, scoop up her passport, and catch a cab to the airport. She’d been home and crying on her mother’s shoulder within hours, soothed by her dad’s tight embrace, and comforted by her brothers. All who now wanted to kick one super soldier’s ass. Which, really wouldn’t go well for any of them. The family rallied around her and had been making plans to have a big family dinner so everyone could have a visit with her before she went back to New York.

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Shield Me, Part 5

Title: Shield Me (Part 5/?)
Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Characters: Steve, Nat, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Reader
Warnings: fluff!
Words: 1849
Summary: Reader has a shielding power that’s relatively new. The team teaches her to develop her powers, fluffiness ensues with Bucky!

A/N: I’m still very new at writing; this is only my second fic. Please be kind! If you want to be added to the tag, just let me know!

Y/N woke slowly, feeling like she had run a marathon. There was something heavy on her that felt like it was holding her down. If she were more awake, this might have been a problem, but she was so comfortable and warm, it was hard to care. As she tried to climb into consciousness, she became aware of someone’s breathing. After taking stock and determining it wasn’t her breathing, Y/N began to try to move. It was difficult because she was so sore. Her memories flooded back to her of the mission, making Nat disappear, and extending her shield around the jet to get home, but she couldn’t remember landing! She tried to get up and began to struggle against the weight keeping her down. Something had her strapped down around her middle, just under her breasts.

She began to struggle in earnest until a voice broke in, “Hey hey, it’s okay, Y/N. It’s me, it’s Bucky.”

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One Mission

Summary: It’s your first solo mission and things don’t go according to plan.
Word Count: 1,666
Characters: Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Language, angst, blood, & injury.
Author’s Note: I have NO clue where this came from. Bloody GIF after the break. GIF not mine. Yours? Let me know. GIF credit [x]

You thought you could handle a mission on your own. You were wrong. So very wrong.

Gritting your teeth, your shoulder slammed into the wall. ‘Son of a bitch,’ you shouted.

You pulled your hand away from your belly and almost passed out. Thick red blood covered every inch of your skin, dripped off your nails and down your forearm. You were officially fucked.

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Becoming Me (Avengers x Reader) Part 1/?

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Warnings: Swearing

Ft: Jarvis 

Summary: You are a villain that can control the elements and heal. You are retrieving a person from Shield's jail, but the Avengers are there to stop you. 

A/N: This is not my GIF and other parts will be done soon. Enjoy reading! If you have any request messenge me or ask me in my ask box. 


You fling backwards catching yourself with your arms and with that 2 agents go down on the ground. You run back over to your boss and a few of your own agents who are waiting for the jet. “When is the stupid jet going to be here?” you ask your boss before punching another agent who is coming after you.

“Right now.” You here through the line of the coms. You turn around to see the jet landing on the roof of the Avenger’s tower. You sigh as you lead your boss to the jet, but as you get to the entrance a shield bounces off the side of the helicopter and back to the owner.

“Get out of here. I will be right behind you.” You state turning around as more agents get on the jet. You see the Avengers lined up ready to take you down. “Finally, took you guys long enough.” You state with a smug smirk on your face before conjuring up the fire power in your hands. You blast a fireball at them. Captain blocks it with his shield as the jet takes off. 

The Avengers and you have a bit of a past. Your kind of the top robber/kidnapper in the world. You have robbed a few of SHIELD’s facilities for terrorist groups, but nothing too vital. Though they see you as a threat because of your ability to get in and out of the facility in two minutes without an alarm or shot being fired. They’ve tried stopping you, but you were always ready for them. 

“Y/N, my least favorite villain.” Tony remarks as he begins to fly towards me, but I use my water power to send a powerful surge of water on him making him crashing down.

“Nice to see you again Mr. Stark.” You laugh, but it’s short lived as Romanoff fires a gun at you. You forget for a minute and look at your side to see it’s bleeding. Luckily, you had healing powers. You send a powerful wind to knock her and Barton on the ground. Thor flies off in the air after the jet, but you send a powerful wind. It makes him fly into a building, but he bounces off flying away. “Thor coming at you boss.” You inform through the com as Captain throws his shield at you, but you catch it before sending it flying back at him. It hits him in the chest making him stumble back.

“You don’t have to do this, Y/N.” Captain tries to reassure you, but you laugh before conjuring up a fire ball.

“But you see Cap. I have to. I am the villain here.” you state bringing back your arm to throw the ball. “Your the superhero this is how it works.” You are about to the throw the ball, but Captain says something that throws you off.

“Jarvis now!” Captain yells and you throw the fire ball. 

“Right sir.” The fireball hit’s Captain’s shield, but suddenly you are on the ground. You groan as you feel your self going in and out of consciousness. You try to fight to get up, but your body wouldn’t have it.

“Great job, Cap.” Barton states and you see him patting Captain’s back.

“Urg. Asshole move!” You say between breaths as the rest of the team forms a circle around you. “What did you do to me?” You groan rolling over slightly as you hold your side. You didn’t want to seem weak, but it hurts so much. 

“It’s an electric pulse that disables your body from using your powers. How does it feel?” Tony asks and you groan in response. 

“What are you going to do to me? Torture me? Prison me? Use me as bait?” You list off as Romanoff pulls you up putting your hands together. She puts handcuffs on you with her other hand. You don’t feel any powers running through you now. 

“Fury would actually love to have a word with you.” Romanoff comments before pushing you towards the roof stairs. You stumble and almost fall. Turning around you glare at her as she has her arms crossed over her chest with a smirk on her lips. 

“Watch it.” You seethe at her, but she just shrugs her shoulders. You kick her in the stomach making her stumble back. You do a swift kick to her head, making her fall to the ground. The others try to get a hold of you, but you kick and swing your arms getting hits in. Captain was standing there ready to stop you with legs apart. You smirk before throwing a punch at him, faking him out before sliding under his legs. Your running with all your might, but you didn’t see the next events coming. Someone shoots your side making you slow down, but as you were about to run Captain’s shield hits you in the bullet hit side. You fall to the ground in pain about to stand up, but Romanoff is already there looking down on you.

“See you later.” She kicks you in the head hard. Knocking you out cold.

☽Fight it. Take the pain, ignite it.☾
✧Inspired by Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots✧

✦What you will need✦

∻Ziplock bag - You can always use a jar, although I find that’s a bit wasteful and ziplock bags are more easily attainable.
∻Paper and writing utensil
∻Lighter or matches
∻A safe space to burn things on

✦Optional, but important✦
∻White candle - For destruction of negativity and inspiring peace
∻Yellow candle - For realizing and manifesting thoughts and mental clarity
∻Dragons Blood or Sage incense - For protection and strength
∻Loose sage - For protection
∻Lepidolite - Calming
∻Amethyst - Strength, peace, calming
∻Hematite - Calming, grounding, absorbing negativity
∻Pyrite - Shields from negativity
∻Jet - Dispels fear, diminishes depression

✧Before beginning, make sure your crystals are clean if you’re using them. Cast a circle for protection, and set your crystals carefully around your area.

✧Write down how you’re feeling on a piece of paper. Write down sentences, phrases, words, etc of how you’re feeling. Scribble, draw pictures, fill up the whole page. Take your negativity and put it on the paper. As you put it on the paper, imagine them leaving your body and transferring to the page. If you’d like to, you can even draw sigils that help with your personal purpose for using this spell. It works best with mental health issues, as that is what this spell was written for.

✧Take three pinches of dried, loose sage and put it in the center of the paper. Crumple the paper up in to a ball. As you do, imagine the feelings you’ve transferred to the paper crumpling up and shrinking.

✧Take the pain, ignite it. Carefully light the paper on fire and make sure that you place it in a safe area where it will not burn anything. Safety first, please.

✧As the paper burns, imagine your negative feelings burning away. Imagine your negativity being tied to a tree in a secluded area. Repeat to yourself “You belong to me. You must obey me.” in reference to your mental health and mind three times. Throughout the process of the paper burning, focus on positivity coming in to you. Take a few moments to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes, sit comfortable in front of your burning paper and focus on all of the positivity. Imagine a bright, white light radiating from you. Think positive thoughts about you overcoming your difficulties.

✧As the flame comes to an end and your paper is burned and has turned in to ash, be careful not to touch it. Put the ashes in a ziplock bag and draw a sigil of banishing negativity on it. It can be personalized to you, or a general one that you’ve found online. I find that using a personal one that you’ve made works best. Once finished, bury the bag or simply throw it away.

✧Make sure to clean your area, blow out your candles, and clean your crystals once finished.

This was the first spell/ritual type thing I’ve created, and it works for me. It genuinely makes me feel better and helps me. Twenty One Pilots is a very inspirational and influential band to me, and their lyrics help me find reason on a daily basis. This means a lot to me. It helps me with my depression, anxiety, and even things that aren’t as general such as the abuse I’m suffering through or self hatred. This spell, and this song in general, means quite a bit to me. I hope you enjoyed it and are able to make use of this as well! 🔮✨

Absolute Beginners [Bucky x Reader] Part 5/6

Second Chances Series

 Title: Absolute Beginners

Pairings: Bucky/Reader, past Bucky/Natasha

Rating: PG-13/T

Summary: Bucky is trying to save himself. You are trying to save yourself from heartbreak.

 Part One [] Part Two [] Part Three [] Part Four

Notes/Tags: I can almost guarantee there will be an epilogue after Part 6. I’m not horribly thrilled with this chapter, but it is what it is.


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Part 5:


The team, minus Clint and Natasha, had piled into a van procured by Scott and were headed to a deserted location about twenty minutes outside of the city. No one spoke much, too tense for the upcoming fight to bother with idle chatter. Sam was driving, leaving Steve in the passenger seat. Scott was lounging quite comfortably across the third row of seats, legs draped over the bags full of weapons and ammunition needed for the mission and head propped up on Wanda’s lap. This left you and Bucky seated awkwardly together in the second row.

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you for much of the ride. It had been like that for the past few days. As you would walk around the house, doing your best to avoid being left alone with the former Winter Soldier, you swore you could feel his eyes following you.

Once or twice you caught him staring, but then his eyes would dart away and he would fidget uncomfortably. He seemed to be working his way up to something, but what you couldn’t imagine. To be honest, if he was just trying to figure out a polite way to let you down, you weren’t that interested in hearing it.

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Should You Heal Someone As Mercy?
  • Genji: You have a death wish? You think he's going to stick around when the enemy sees you? Fuck no, he's going run off, leaving you holding the bag and cursing.
  • Mcree: He's an old man who can't run very fast, and he's almost never too deep in enemy territory. Hop on down to help him and you'll be back in the skies before you know it.
  • Pharah: Bird wife is best wife, and anyway, as long as you two are in the sky, you'll be safe and away from the enemy. By the time she finishes saying "I need healing" you better be up there.
  • Reaper: Go kill someone to get your health back edgelord.
  • Soldier 76: By the time you get over there, he'll have popped his own healing ability, making you feel very silly. But he's usually away from the battle, so what the hell?
  • Sombra: I dunno, half the time she's super grateful, half the time she's already left by the time you get there, almost as if she's trolling yo-HEY!
  • Tracer: Between her speed and recall, she can either handle it herself or get back to you to get her healing, you ain't going to her.
  • Bastion: HAL-9000 here never moves, so you're gonna need to fix him. Unfortunately everyone is gunning for him, so you better have a way out.
  • Hanzo: That bow wielding jerk is usually dead before you get there, so you should generally not bother.
  • Junkrat: If he's someplace convenient, like hiding behind Reinhardt, sure. If not, it's usually not worth it.
  • Mei: Can't you just hide in your little ice bubble? What do you need me for?
  • Tobjorn: You need his turrets and his armor packs, so I guess it's polite to keep him alive. I don't have to like it though.
  • Widowmaker: If she's someplace you can easily get a Guardian Angel to, she's probably already dead.
  • D.Va: She goes through her health like she goes through Doritos, so you'd better. Don't expect gratitude though, and don't be surprised if 2 seconds after you brought her health back, she's already jetting off to lose it again.
  • Reinhardt: He's protecting you, help him out. At least until his shield breaks and he jets off, that's your cue to leave.
  • Roadhog: Very dangerous, and he's usually gonna heal himself before you get there. Plus that enemy Roadhog is always hooking your girlfriend, so he can go to hell.
  • Winston: If he wants to get healed, he can come back to you. I'm not following him into the thick of the enemy.
  • Zarya: She better shield you, but she's gonna die if you don't help her.
  • Ana: What's another healer doing on your team? Whatever, she's your stepmom and she can't heal herself so you should probably help her out.
  • Lucio: Still more healers? And can't he heal himself?
  • Symmetra: You want that teleporter don't you? Well you gotta earn it. Just don't expect me to follow you into the enemy.
  • Zenyatta: Healing him while he's got his harmony orb on you is impractical but hilarious.
Imagine getting hurt during Civil War

Request Prompt: Maybe a Steve Rogers request where you both fell in love but then during a fight at civil war you get hurt badly. Steve rushes over to you and cradles you in his arms, trying to Keep you awake. As soon as the other Avengers see the scene, they stop fighting and run over to you two. They all help you then back on the Jet and fly home. At the Hospital you’re in a coma for a while but Steve is with you all the time, begging you to come back so he can tell you he loves you ? (with a happy end please hihi)

Author’s Note: This is my very first request. Thank you so much! I hope it is what you wanted and I hope it was worth the wait!! <3 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: injury, head trauma

You sat in a SHIELD jet and looked at your team around you; Wanda, Clint, Scott (still in wonder from everything), Bucky, and then there was Steve. He stood in the middle of the jet, doing what he did best, giving commands. He led his team with such natural ability. (Oh God how you loved it when he gave commands and took charge like that. You could just imagine him-)

“Y/N, heyy…. Earth to Y/N.” You were interrupted by Clint. You looked over at him. “We are getting ready to land. Are you ready?” He asked from the cockpit. You blinked and then quickly nodded. Clint looked at you skeptically, but replied with an okay. 

Even though you were not physically related to anyone on the team, Clint was like an uncle to you. The crazy uncle that everyone liked and the one who was always looking out for the team. Seeing only the back of his head, you knew he was smiling and he shook his head, like he knew exactly what you were thinking. And you didn’t doubt that he did. Everyone knew that you had a huge crush on Cap. Apparently it was quite obvious. You loved him and you knew he loved you too.  The team would always tease the two of you. Steve would never deny it, but he would never admit to it either. Of course. As skilled as he was in defending what he cared about, he lacked in the ability to express his feelings towards you. You sighed.

Captain America always found a way to your heart though. He would catch your eye at the most mundane moments and you couldn’t help but stare at him, whatever he was doing, and just soak in his beauty. This particular time, you were carefully watching him during a fight. He moved with such confidence and poise. He stood there with those deadly jaws of defiance. His eyes carried his passion as he looked at his target. He had such swift, effortless strength with that shield.

You were fighting beside him during this particular fight of Civil War. You were not enhanced in any way, unlike some of the other Avengers. You weren’t a Super Solider, in fact you were quite human. You were a SHIELD agent and you were trained purely for defensive purposes. You knew how to handle a gun well and you could certainly defend yourself. Sometimes though it was annoying not having cool powers, but often times you were the only practical, authentic person in the group.

As hard as it was to fight against those who you once called your friends and for as long as the fight was up to this point, you were doing pretty good. Until you were faced with your best friend, Natasha Romanoff. You naturally hesitated before proceeding. Though of course because you hesitated, Natasha took the punch. It didn’t take you by surprise that she punched you, but it was the force that she punched you with that surprised you. You stood there hunched over with your arm across your stomach. You started to throw a punch back. 

Just then something grabbed your fist that you were punching with. It was sticky white goo. Gross. You looked over to where it came from. It was Spiderman. You gasped. “Hey there, watch out!” He said down to you as he swung by. 

All of a sudden, you saw a flash of bright red, white and blue that resulted in the tension of the web being released. You breathed out a deep breath that you didn’t realize you were holding in. My Steve to the rescue.

And then Natasha kicked you. She literally took your breath away, as you stood there trying to get your bearings back. Unbeknownst to you, she did this so she could throw one of her glowing batons at Steve. Naturally Steve reacted by putting up his shield, which, in turn, made the baton bounce back. Ultimately bounce back at you. It hit you hard right on the side of your head. You felt yourself slowly moving back. You briefly saw Steve’s face looking at you in horrid shock. You then felt a swift, strong pair of arms pick you up. You heard your name, but didn’t recognize it. You tried to look over to where the source was. All you saw in front of you was Steve’s face looking down at you. The scenery was changing around you until you realized you were back in the Jet. You saw all the Avengers huddled around you. You were comforted by their faces. All you could focus on though was Steve’s face. His precious face. You noticed tears running down his cheeks. Then everything went black.

Steve’s POV: Steve paced back and forth in the small hospital room. He ran his hands through his hair multiple times and sighed deeply. The love of his life was lying unconscious on a hospital bed. He didn’t know what to do with himself. He was filled with so much regret because he never proclaimed his love to her. He was a distraught mess. For the man being out of time, of course, it was him who waited until it was too late to realize that this woman was the one he loved. Steve stopped pacing and looked over at her. He realized he just couldn’t live without her. This was too much for him. He knelt down by the side of her bed, grabbed her hand and started sobbing deeply into it. He continued for a while. 

After he gained some thought, he looked at her face. “Y\N… I just… cannot live without you… please wake up.” Tears streaming down his face. He used both of his hands to hold her one hand. “Please,” he moved his hands in emphasis as he spoke with each word. “Please wake up.” He paused. He reached up and kissed her on the forehead. He looked her in the eyes, even though they were closed, and said “Y/N I love you.” He set her hand down, got up, sat down in a chair next to the bedside and then fell asleep.

Your POV: Unbeknownst to Steve, you heard every word of his plea for you to wake up. You did not comprehend much of it until you woke up though.

“I didn’t even…. I never told her… I loved her…” You heard a familiar voice say between sobs. “Clint, I –.” More sobs. 

You heard the other person in the room reply. These voices seemed so familiar to you, but you didn’t have the strength to identify the people the voices belonged to nor try to understand what they were talking about. You heard the reply but the words just drifted in and out through your brain. They were so soothing to you. You just focused on the tone and depth of the voice and let the words move through you, until you fell back into an unconsciousness.

You heard some conversation going on. At first you couldn’t quite comprehend it, but you slowly were able to focus. You opened your eyes to see Uncle Clint sitting in the corner of the room, with a whole box of pizza on his lap and a slice in his hand. He was talking between bites, which made you smile. You were afraid to move at all, so you just moved your eyes over to see that Steve was sitting in a chair right next to your bed. Of all the things that you overheard and all the questions going through your mind, the only thing that you could focus on saying was:

“On your left.”

Steve just about fell out of his chair from an excited shock. He bounced out of his chair and was kneeling by your bedside in a flash.

“Y/N!!” He grabbed your hand. You could hear the pizza box falling on the floor and Uncle Clint walking towards you. But before he made it to your bedside, Steve, without the words to say what he was feeling, swiftly brought his lips onto yours in a passionate kiss. 

Clint paused. “Finally!” He proclaimed. 

Steve slowly drew out. You looked up at him and smiled. He smiled right back you. He brought his hand up to your cheek, put some hair behind your ear and then proceeded to run his hand through your hair. You sighed. It felt so nice. With his other hand, he grabbed your nearest hand. He moved his other hand to the back of your head and then pulled in for another kiss. You kissed back. Oh how you craved this so much. He looked at you deep in the eyes. “I love you Y/N, so much!” He said and you knew it was from his heart.

You opened up your mouth to reply but realized you had an extremely difficult time trying to figure out what words you were going to say. It shouldn’t be this hard to reply, should it? 

Uncle Clint interrupted the silence and said “hey lovebird, you may be love struck now, but the doc did say you might have trouble finding words to say at first from your head trauma… He also said you will more than likely have a difficult time focusing and will be wanting more sleep.” …Well that explains it.

“H.. How long.. was..?” You started.

“Four days.” Uncle Clint replied.

Damn. Four days. It felt like you were just in that jet. Then it all came back to you. You looked around you and then looked back at Steve.

“I, I love you.” You said in reply to what Steve had said.

He just stared at you, gleaming like a proud puppy. He held your hand tighter.

“This sucker was here right beside you the entire time.” Clint motioned towards Steve. 

You looked at him in awe. “I can’t leave my best girl.” Steve said smiling. 

Sitting On Children

PIETRO + COOPER + LILA + NATHANIEL + YOU = shit, idk, man, hell…? 

I made this for an anon request of reader being innocent and Pietro doesn’t know how to impress her, and I tried doing that but I got a bit carried away. Oops.

Here is all I have to say: Goddamn it, Pietro. 

Warning: Screaming Children 

(credit to gif owner of little john here hehe) 

Sitting on Children
(Pietro Attractive Maximoff x Reader Attractive Reader) 

Clint and Laura needed a break.

Clint had recently hung up his bow for a little while and had started helping around the house more often, and Laura was more than happy to have her husband back. It was all fun when the whole family was involved, but they never had the time for themselves. If ever they did, then it would always be interrupted by the children—most often, Nathaniel. Not that they minded, of course, they loved their children with all their heart and would drop anything in a heartbeat for them, but they needed some time for them—some husband and wife, Clint and Laura time— even just for one night. This then led to the inquiry of someone they trusted with the kids, someone who would make the children feel as if their mommy and daddy never even left or who would distract the children for the whole night. That someone was Y/N, Laura’s niece.

Since the very first night Y/N babysat the children, they decided that she was perfect. Y/N loved the kids with all heart and would be more than glad to watch over them every night for that matter. After a few more months of getting used to the family, and the family getting used to her, the frequency of Clint and Laura calling on Y/N increased, whether it was to babysit, or for a sleepover requested by Lila or just to help Laura out when Clint was called back to his job. Y/N was there, thanks to the support from SHIELD and the jet that brought her from her hometown to Clint’s little cottage.

It was the third Wednesday of the Month when Clint and Laura called her again. It had been set that Wednesday nights were their nights and that Y/N was to watch over the kids, but this Wednesday night was particularly more significant. When Y/N was called for that morning, she was excited to see the kids, but had trouble with her schedule.

When Clint called her that morning, he was in the Avengers Tower and Y/N had said she wasn’t sure if she were free that night due to her job and that she’d call him back or send him a text when she has a solid yes or no answer for him. This sent Clint into a small wave of panic and he sat in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal at three in the afternoon as he thought of a plan if ever Y/N said she wasn’t free.

“Hello, old man,” Pietro greeted Clint as he waltzed in the kitchen. Clint gave him an acknowledging nod and glanced back at his phone to check if Y/N had texted or was calling back.

Pietro, who had grown fond of Hawkeye since the day he woke up and found out that he named his child after him, sat beside Clint after grabbing Steve’s handy cereal container that contained “Steve’s Fruit Loops” and said as he munched on the colorful rings, “You look troubled, what is wrong?”

Clint sighed and glanced over at Pietro. Clint then filed this encounter with the quick little bastard as another rare moment. “My babysitter isn’t sure if she can come for the kids tonight and Laura and I were planning on going out.”

“Then don’t go out.” Pietro stated simply, giving the situation a two second assessment, while stuffing his mouth with a hand full of Steve’s fruit loops. He was very aware that Steve would not be pleased with the empty container of his cereal.

Clint groaned and glanced back at his phone. “But I made reservations to this really cool restaurant because it’s an important day and we were on the waiting list for six months. Tonight was supposed to be a special one.”

“Then do it in another six months.” Pietro dead panned, oblivious to Clint’s hinting tone.

Clint gaped at Pietro, who was still eating handfuls of dry cereal, and said, “It’s mine and Laura’s anniversary.”

It took a moment for Pietro to process the information as he chewed his food for a moment before, as if he were hit by a truck from where Clint was sitting, his eyes snapped towards Clint as he stared at him. His mouth formed into an “O” shape and he started snapping his fingers in realization. “Oh!” He finally exclaimed, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! I understand. You and Miss Laura have been married years from today.”

“You got it, dude,” Clint chuckled at Pietro’s excited state. Pietro never experienced these anniversaries, but he knew they were like birthdays, which had to be special. Pietro clicked his tongue as an idea dawned on him and he nodded at Clint, “I will watch the children.”

Clint, taken aback, took a double take. “What?”

“Yes,” Pietro stated, still over excited. “I will watch them while you and Miss Laura have a fun time. Anniversaries are to be special, no? Go out, get drinks, make another Pietro,” Pietro winked.

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