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Junior AKA Agent Three x The Avengers

‘The airship was taken down this morning by an anonymous hero, despite the act it has caused several million dollars of damage and cause four people serious harm.’ The news blared as Wanda made herself breakfast.

“What’s that?” Steve asked with a frown.

“Someone has destroyed part of the city, near the Shield facilities.” She muttered, floating her spoon to her mouth as she made a mug of coffee.

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"How the hell did you break a toilet?!" "In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Prompt: “How the hell did you break a toilet.”
“In my defense, I was left unsupervised.”

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none, maybe swearing?

A weekend alone in the tower was exactly what you needed. Tony had taken Pepper away for their anniversary. Clint had gone back to be with his family and Natasha had tagged along to see her surrogate children. Wanda and Vision volunteered to fill in for a trainer at the SHIELD facility in California. Steve, Sam, and Bucky were having a ‘boy’s weekend’ somewhere, whatever that meant.

As much as you loved being Bucky’s girlfriend, you had to practically shove him out the door to have a weekend away. You needed the peace and quiet.

With everyone gone, you had the entire place to yourself, just you and FRIDAY, and you were loving each and every second of it. Currently you were sliding across the floor in a pair of spandex shorts and one of Bucky’s t-shirts, while jamming across to your favorite tunes. You were looking through the cabinets of the kitchen trying to find something to eat. You had ordered takeout the past two days already, and since the boys would be coming back from their weekend soon, you figured it would be best to go shopping.

Two hours later you returned with all the groceries. Getting enough food for all of the team was a mission in itself. You finally finished unpacking everything in the kitchen when you heard a noise coming from down the hall. You paused and listened, hearing something crash in one of the rooms.

You walked silently out of the kitchen, pulling the spare knife from inside your jacket, in case whatever was in the tower decided to come after you. The noise got louder as you made your way past the bedrooms of your teammates, until you reached yours and Bucky’s room at the end of the hall. A crash sounded and you pushed the door open. The room looked fine, but the bathroom light was on.

Just then you heard a crash followed by a very long string on curse words. You knew the voice, Bucky was back, but from the sound of it, he had just fucked up. You pushed open the door to the bathroom and were shocked and confused as what you say.

The toilet, or rather where the toilet should have been was gone. The only sign that it had been there was the porcelain pieces on the floor. You looked at Bucky, shock evident in your eyes. He looked back you, like a kid who just got caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

“How the hell did you break a toilet?!” you finally shouted at him.

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised,” he replied holding his hands out in his defense. He was soaked in what you knew was toilet water.

“You’re a 100 year old ex-assassin! You don’t need assistance Barnes,” you yelled at him again.

You saw the fear grow in his widening eyes. He knew that you only called him Barnes when you were mad at him. Although this wasn’t as bad as when he had eaten the last container of your thin mints. That was the one and only time you had called him by his entire name, and he was not about to make that happen again.

“I can explain,” he said getting up off the floor hastily.

You crossed your arms over your chest, and waited. He, luckily, took it as a sign to keep talking.

“Okay, so me, Steve and Sam got back like an hour ago, but Steve got called on a mission and Sam wanted to go with him. I wanted to stay here, because I wanted to hang out with you and tell you about our boy’s weekend, well at least the stuff they said I could tell you. So I jumped in the shower, changed but left my phone, but when I went to grab it, it fell in the toilet, and I reached into get it, but my arm got stuck and I pulled, and then it broke,” he finished his crazy story.

You couldn’t help but start to smile and then finally just burst out laughing. Your crazy super soldier boyfriend was an absolute goof sometimes. This was definitely something you would have to tell Nat and Wanda about when they got home.

“Okay well get changed and clean this up,” you finally said with a smile and began to walk out.

“Not even kiss after a long weekend?” he asked leaning against the door way.

“I’m not kissing you until you are no longer covered in toilet water,” you sang as you walked out the door. “Oh and you’re telling Tony that you broke his toilet.”


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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader x Bucky, when she and Steve’re helping him adjusting to modern world and they’re best friends and she knows that Bucky hates his metal arm so she goes to SHIELD facility and asks Fitz to make a hand for Bucky like he did for Coulson (because everyone on the team knows that Coulson is alive, seriously, that choice not to tell them is stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it) so Bruce gives her Bucky’s DNA and Fitz makes this new hand for Buck? It may stay platonic or become romantic

Hello! Here’s the Anon who asked about Reader & Bucky when the reader asks Fitz for help? Could you write it to be a surprise and no one knows except Bruce who gave the reader Bucky’s DNA so Fitz could make a hand that would for for Buck?

A/N: All righty, so I did some research in an attempt to write Fitz okay, as I’ve not yet watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I hope I did okay.  In all honesty, I’ve been trying to finish this fic for probably more than a month now.  I don’t know what was so difficult, but I finally got it to a place where I think it’s decent.  I hope it’s not terrible and I hope that the original requester likes it!  Sorry this one took so long…

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“I hate it.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s true.”

“Your arm’s done a lot of good, Bucky.”

“It’s done more harm than good.”

“Last mission, you used it to lift rubble off of some Hydra prisoners.”

“Two years ago, I used it to kill a man in front of his family.”

Your eyes meet and you see the pain in Bucky’s eyes.  You sigh and fight the urge to reach for his metal arm.  You know he hates it when you do that.

“I hear Tony’s working on a new prototype for you,” you say, trying to shift the conversation.  “Maybe you’ll finally like this one.”

“Maybe,” he says in a way that assures you that he will not.  “Let’s just keep sparring.”  As the two of you fight, you watch his technique and you suddenly realize that he intentionally fights with just his right arm, his real arm.  The metal one hangs limp at his side, occasionally twitching forward instinctually, but always jerked backwards at the last moment.  Bucky avoids touching you with it, even if it means taking a hit instead of blocking it.

It’s at that moment that you decide that you hate the arm too.  Not because of its past, but because of what it means to Bucky and how it makes him feel.  And it’s at that moment that you decide to do everything in your power to get Bucky a new arm.


“Where is this kid?  He’s late.”

“He’s seven minutes late.  Cut him some slack.”

“Most people I know aren’t seven minutes late to a meeting with the Hulk.”

“You’re so dramatic, Bruce.  The Tower’s huge, he probably got lost.”

“Well you certainly got that right.”  You crane your neck to try and post the source of the awed Scottish voice just as the speaker rounds the corner.

“Hi,” you smile, walking forward and extending your hand.  “Fitz, right?”  He nods and shakes your hand, his eyes darting around he lab as if he’s a kid in a candy shop.  “I’m (Y/N).  And this is Dr. Bruce Banner.  I asked him to sit in because he’s better with the science.”

“Dr. Banner,” Fitz says, his eyes growing even wider.  “My Simmons…well, she’s not my Simmons, she’s Jemma…anyway, she’s a biochemist and I’m sure she would love to meet you.”  Bruce nods and the three of you stand in awkward silence for a bit.

“So,” Fitz finally says.  “Um…thank you for inviting me here.”

“Right,” you say.  “Well, I had something to ask-”

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to turn down the job offer,” Fitz says.  “I’m flattered, but the work I’m doing at S.H.I.E.L.D. is very important and-”

“Oh, it’s not…” you trail off, looking to Bruce for help.  He shrugs and shakes his head.

“I mean, you have a very nice lab and everything here,” Fitz continues, oblivious to the silent conversation between you and Bruce.  “Much fancier than what we’ve got at S.H.I.E.L.D., actually, but-”


“I mean, I’d be foolish not to consider it, but I really can’t be convinced.  What type of job are we talking about here, exactly?”  You sigh and allow him to maintain his dignity.

“Well, since we know that’s completely off the table for you,” you say tactfully.  “Perhaps you’d consider a small, freelance project?  A favor, of sorts?”

“Well, that wouldn’t be out of the question,” Fitz replies.  “What sort of favor?”

“The work you did,” Bruce says.  "Crafting the prosthetic hand for Agent Coulson, really well done.  We’d like you to do it again, but this time, it’d be a whole arm.”

“A whole arm?” Fitz says.  He goes quiet, and you can practically hear the gears turning in his head.  “I suppose I could do it.  What type of socket would I be fitting it for?”

He and Bruce enthusiastically begin talking about cybernetic ports.  Normally, you’d jump right in with your opinion on artificial nervous systems, but you’re so excited you have a hard time focusing on the conversation.  It’s then that you hear your name being called.

“Earth to (Y/N),” Bruce says.  He smiles, and you know he’s thinking the exact same thing as you.  “We were talking about the timeline for the project.  Fitz says he can have it done in a few weeks.”

“That sounds great,” you smile, aware of how dazed you sound.  “Bruce has a DNA sample to give you, along with measurements and such.  He understands the science much better than I do.”

“(Y/N), I do have to warn you,” Fitz says and you feel your stomach flip over.  Not the words you want to hear.  “The prosthetic, it takes a while to get used to.  And even once the wearer does get used to it…it’s not the same.”  You take a deep breath and nod.

“I think it’ll be fine,” you say, more confident than you feel.

“And do you want there to be any special features?” Fitz asks, pulling out a pad of paper and jotting down a few things.  “For Coulson’s I did some strength enhancement, scanning capabilities, signal interruption, energy shield-”

“No,” you cut him off.  “A completely normal hand, nothing special.  As close to the real thing as you can get it.”


Three and a half weeks later, you tell Bucky to meet you in Bruce’s lab.  He smiles when he sees you, though you can see the apprehension in his eyes as he scans his surroundings.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“So…” you trail off, not quite sure where to begin.  Your mind is racing so fast, your thoughts scattered by nervousness.  “I know Tony’s been working on prototypes for your arm and you haven’t really liked any of them.”

“It’s not-”

“It’s okay,” you say quickly.  “It’s your arm, you have a right to an opinion.  So anyway, since Tony’s stuff hasn’t been working, I wanted to try something else.”  You reach for the box that Fitz dropped off only hours before, pulling it across the table towards you.

You unlatch the locks and lift up the cover.  Even though you’ve already seen it, you’re struck by how life-like the arm looks.  Your eyes dart up quickly to Bucky, whose face is blank.

“It’s kind of weird looking, sitting in the box like that,” you say, trying to add some humor.  “I, uh, yeah.  One of the guy’s from Coulson’s team, Fitz, he designed it.  He made a hand for Coulson, a while back and-”

“What does it do?” he asks quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“The arms Tony does, they have all these special features,” he says.  “Extra strength, built-in weapons…”

“Oh,” you say.  “It doesn’t have anything.”

“Nothing?”  Bucky’s face is still completely devoid of emotion, but you think you detect a note of…something in his voice.

“I mean, apart from the fact that it’s all robotics and metal and wiring on the inside,” you explain.  “It’s a perfectly normal arm.”  Bucky stares at it for a while longer and you let him.  You glance around the lab, wondering what Bucky’s thinking, but leaving him to his thoughts.

“How soon can I try it out?”

Your eyes widen as you realize what Bucky just said.  He’s allowed his lips to curve up into a tentative smile.  It’s different from the other smiles you’ve seen Bucky give, more relaxed and less forced.  You feel your stomach flip as you realize just how beautiful Bucky is when he’s truly happy.

“We can have Bruce do it right now, if you want,” you offer and Bucky nods quickly.  You shoot Bruce a quick text and turn back to Bucky with a smile.  “I hope this one works out.”

“I think it will,” Bucky says quietly.

You can’t help but smile at this.  You had expected Bucky to hate the new arm, like he had all the others.  Or at the very least, be hesitant about trying it out.  

Bruce peeks his head through the door and you wave him in.  He approaches slowly and starts pulling out some tools.

“In order for this arm to work,” Bruce explains.  “I’m gonna have to replace the socket that you have.”

“Okay,” Bucky says.  Bruce looks at him and sighs.

“The socket you have is wired to your nerve endings,” Bruce says.  “Even with the anesthetics I can administer, it’s gonna hurt.”

“I’ll be fine,” Bucky says and Bruce nods, going back to his prep.  You hover next to Bucky, unsure of where you fit into all of this.  You move closer to him, watching as Bruce assembles a collection of tools on the counter.  

He hands you a syringe and turns back to work.  You look to Bucky for permission and he nods.  Gently, your fingertips feather-light on his skin, you slide the needle in and push the contents into his veins.  You realize then that this is the longest period of time Bucky’s ever let you touch him for.  

You take a half step back as Bruce steps forward with his crazy soldering tools.  You look at Bucky, who’s doing his best to keep his face composed.  But even he can’t hide the tiny flash of fear, and you know that he’s thinking back to all the times Hydra did work on his arm.  Mechanical arm checkups have always been difficult for him, have always made memories resurface.  Memories you wish Bucky didn’t have to live with.

Without even thinking, you reach for Bucky’s hand, his right one and squeeze it.  He whips his head to look at you, his eyes wide.  You do your best to smile, masking the panic you feel inside.  

You hold Bucky’s gaze as you hear Bruce’s tools whirring to life.  Bucky’s eyes slowly start to droop as the anesthesia kicks in.  His lips move silently, as if he’s trying to speak.  Your brow furrows as you strain to hear, eventually leaning forward so that his lips are mere inches from your ear.

“Bucky, what is it?” you ask quietly.

“Stay with me?” he says, his voice barely a whisper.  “Please.”

You squeeze his hand again and smile.  


Mermaid - Clint Barton x (f)Reader

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Words: 1251
Pairing: Clint Barton X (f)Reader (mostly platonic)
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: none??
Requested by @deansinkdbitch
Are you still taking requests? I have this idea for a Clint imagine. "Reader is a fellow archer who uses the SHIELD training facility. Always crushed on Clint and vide versa, but one day Clint find out your unusual cool down/workout regime of swimming in a pool using a mermaid tail” or something relating to Clint finding out you’re a part time professional mermaid" it sounds weird but I really want this crossover lol!
Authors Note: soooo I know mermaids can be guys too but just for this specific imagine it worked better with a female since I mentioned some things that is mainly used for females…yeah, sorry:/ BUT GUYS, IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN A PROFESSIONAL MERMAID I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOOKING A VIDEO UP THEH ARE SO COOL. (I also really loved writing this.)


He was easily your best friend. You guys had the same interests, made the same (stupid) jokes, and always seemed to know when to help, but not pry. It just worked out.

You and Clint were pretty competitive with one another, considering you both were really good with the bow. And sure, maybe the reason you decided to become friends with him was that you crushed on him, and he on you, but no one needed to know that.

Even though you said that you two told each other everything, you still had a few secrets. One being the crush, and the other being your part time, professional, job.

Sure, since being part Avenger, it was harder to find time to do your favorite hobby, but every once in a while you were able to squeeze it in. Whether you had the facility to almost yourself, or if you were able to sneak away for a few days to fill time spots- it didn’t matter. No one new about it, and that was good- it was your secret getaway.

”(Y/N), I have to show you this thing Natasha showed me!“ Clint ran into your room, and jumped to your laptop, pulling open YouTube.

Professional Mermaid.

You laughed at what he typed in. "Clint, mermaids aren’t real.”

“Yes, they are! Just, look at this!” He was so excited, and you were beginning to worry.

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I want a scene where a newly-recovered Natasha is at a SHIELD training facility and she gets cornered by a bunch of recruits (a la Gamora in the Kiln in GotG) and just as she’s about to launch herself at her assailants (and take them all fucking apart bc do you really think a bunch of baby agents would stand a chance against the fucking Slavic Shadow? Nah bro) and then Clint shows up

And Natasha might be infamous, but Clint is a legend. Carnie that trained himself to be a sharpshooter and despite preferring a bow and arrow is one of SHIELD’s most prolific agents. So the baby agents just scatter, leaving Natasha and Clint together.

“I didn’t need your help,” she growls, and Clint cocks his head at her.

“What? I don’t have my hearing aids and your accent makes reading lips super hard, so I’m going to assume that you said ‘thank you.’ You wanna get outta here? I’m craving pizza that doesn’t come from a SHIELD cafeteria.”

Duncan had been making his way through the shield facility to his office– well, it was kind of his office. He did all of his paperwork there, but it wasn’t officially his. It was one of the many rooms field agents often used to get their paperwork done before being sent out to work again.

He had been walking mindlessly, making his way through the wall, scrolling through emails on his phone when he bumped shoulders with someone. Both of them seemed to be brick walls so the only thing that fell was Duncan’s phone. He cursed softly, going to pick it up before looking to see– oh.

“Good morning, Captain Rogers.” He said with a small him, giving a gracious and charming smile.


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You want to play dodgeball in the hospital...?

bob’s burgers sentence meme || accepting 

“Is it still dodgeball if I whip a medical tray at your head?” She didn’t want to play dodgeball period, but she wanted to go to jail less. Breaking out of SHIELD containment facilities was a pain in the ass, and she always had to kill more people than she wanted. So to avoid arrest, she’d gladly play dodgeball in a hospital. 

Cruel World || Closed


“Will you shut up?” Eve turned around to hiss at her partner as they approached the Shield Facility. Always running his mouth, even when they were in enemy territory undercover. She could understand the nerves that came with a first mission, but now was not the time to crack under pressure. All they had to do was get in and get the information they’d been sent for and get out. It was simple, but they hadn’t even gotten in the building and he was already mucking it up.

“If they find out who we are we’re both dead.” She glared, fire behind her green eyes. It was all she could do to resist knocking him out cold and collecting him once she had retrieved what they’d been sent for. All the training and torture they had put the kid through, but as soon as they put him in play he goes running his mouth.


Bucky’s name is on the wall of valour in ALL SHIELD facilities

YES, Peggy and Howard added his name postmortem as the first fallen agent 😭💔

Also, can we just take a moment to imagine Steve seeing Bucky’s name on it when he first came out of the ice? 😭😭😭

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Testing Wings (Sam x Reader

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(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Sam Wilson

Persona: Female

Word Count: 317

Warning: Swearing

Drabble Friday: Reader x Sam Wilson where reader wants to try out the Falcon wings but Sam doesn’t want her to get hurt

Sorry it’s late. enjoy <3     ( (Y/M/N)=Your middle name    (Y/L/N)=Your last name)

It was a training day in the Shield facility, it was when the lower ranking agents had practice drills all day. It was basically a day to do whatever you wanted though for the Avengers, though they had to stay on high alert in case there was a national threat.

You were running around the building with Sam, being a nuisance as always. You ended up in the room which contained everyone’s suits, while you were there you saw Sam’s wings.

“Hey Sammy!” you squealed with delight, “Can I try these on?”. You ran over to the wings, but Sam stood in front of them, “NO” he said sterenly. You pouted at him and tried to move him, “I promise I won’t break them”. Sam started to push you away, “I’m worried that they’ll break you” he told you and you rolled your eyes. You’d get your go with his wings with or without his permission.

You had been able to get Tony to help you, he was always up for a bit of fun. “Hey Stark, you seen (Y/N)?” Sam asked Tony, he’d looked everywhere for you but hadn’t seen you.

“You know I think I have” Tony said, completing the second part of the plan. All he had to do was distract Sam until you gave him the all clear. “Have you seen her or not?” he asked annoyed. “Ummm…” Tony trailed, Sam frowned and rolled his eyes starting to walk off.

“WAIT!”, Tony shouted, he’d received the all clear, “I have actually”. “Really Tony? Where?” Sam was clearly unamused with his game. “Out there” Tony pointed casually to the window, as if on cue you came flying past with his wings and gave him a wave.

Sam ran over to the window and opened it while screaming, “(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF THE SKY!”.


Requested by halfprincefans 

You slowly opened your eyes. Weren’t you supposed to be dead? Or, no, you were just recovering in Tahiti. You ALMOST died. And man, your chest where Loki stabbed you really hurt.

But you found yourself waking up in a SHIELD facility, a doctor and Agent Hill conversing quietly on one side of the room. The doctor looked over, starting towards you when he saw you were waking up.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” the doctor asked.

“Like I just got stabbed in the chest,” you replied. “Why am I not in Tahiti anymore?”

Hill took that answer. “We wanted to bring you back to test how well your recovery was going. Sorry we woke you up to leave, but you fell right back asleep on the ride back,” she said.

“So, what have I missed?” you asked.

“A lot,” Hill said, shockingly gently. You knew what followed had to be bad. She stepped closer to you. “Your supposed death was used to motivate the Avengers,” she said. “Everyone who has a clearance level below seven thinks you’re dead. And Fury and I decided to make sure it stays that way.”

It wasn’t quite registering what she was saying. “I can’t see the Avengers again?” you asked.

“You can’t see a lot of the people you know again,” Hill stated, putting her hand on your shoulder in a sort of calming gesture.

It hit you. You may not have actually died, but to a lot of people you did. A lot of people mourned you, and had no idea that you were actually still alive. And apparently a lot of them will never know.

“But I’m alive,” you insisted, tears welling up. “Can’t you just tell them?”

“It’s been a few weeks,” Hill stated. “People have moved on. It would probably do more harm than good to suddenly have you back.” She sighed. “You still have a lot of recovery. You won’t be seeing many people anyways. Just focus on that for now, and when you’re back on your feet, we can discuss protocol for this situation.”

You slowly nodded and tried to relax. Something felt a little off, but right now, getting some more sleep felt more important.

Agent Daisy Jiang aka “Quake”

During an operation in the Guangdong province of China, SHIELD raided an AIM facility that was hastily abandoned, leaving behind a mysterious baby Daisy Jiang. Her name was the only piece of information SHIELD could find for her at the time. Not having the facilities to raise a child, SHIELD decided to place her up for adoption and kept tabs on her. She was raised by a Taiwanese couple who lived in New York City.

As Daisy grew up, she she began to develop an interest in computer science and hacking. Buy the age of 12 she was able to crack into corporations’ databases and program her own viruses to infiltrate other computer networks, often leading her into trouble. However, Daisy ended up getting caught in a attack on Manhattan, where a person had stolen what he thought was a bomb from a SHIELD caravan and detonated it in her neighborhood in Queens. The bomb, however, turned out to be a containment vessel for Terrigen Mist, which ultimately revealed Daisy’s Inhuman background, transforming her into the superhuman she is now. 

After her exposure, Daisy was granted geo-kinesis and was able to manipulate and move rock and earth at her own disposal. It was here where she was approached by SHIELD and recruited into SHIELD Academy where she eventually earned the title of agent. She is a force to be reckoned with and it is no wonder Nick Fury keeps her close by, with her combination of hand to hand combat and earth manipulation, she can defeat almost any enemy. She has been nicknamed “Quake”.

Design Notes: [AOS SPOILERS DONT READ THIS] Basically I combined the television adaptation of Daisy with the comic book and then shifted her powers to be less “earthquakey” and more “earthbendy”. I also based her costume off of Kuvira and Suyin’s armor in the Legend of Korra series.

Make It Okay

Everything hurt, everything hurt, and would never stop. Pain would never leave T8 alone, always this raging ache in it’s hands, in it’s feet, in the stinging evidence of tazers.

It was going to be gone this time. Was going to see the sky and find new shadows, ones to hide in forever, ones so dark and deep that no one would ever find it, would never never touch or even see it again.

There was another black-suited hostile attempting to engage, a baton sparking dangerous and blue. But T8 slid down, knees against the floor, bare feet leaving a bloody trail from the baton’s emergency cabinet. It threw a leg out, catching a foot between the hostile’s knee, bending up and over to put her on the ground, springing away as another flare of darts lined it’s path.

“Someone cap the bastard!”


“Negative,” Phil responded, holding the comm link open, even as he attempted to keep the man in the sight of his firearm. “Lethal action is not approved.” He could already feel the heavy judgement of May’s narrow gaze, but this wasn’t a call he would debate. Not when SHIELD was so much at fault for this man’s continued suffering. “Maintain-.”

Rage spiked over the line from the facility’s SO, sharp and difficult not to grimace through, “Goddamnit, put the dog down!” 

“Negitive!” Phil repeated, louder, ducking for cover when he noted that the man had liberated a firearm from a downed agent. “Lethal action not approved! Do not engage with intent to kill!”

Gunfire bellowed beneath the high ceilings, a rolling thunder that strongly suggested that the SO had rallied his people and gone rouge. But the man was quick, still so amazingly quick despite how bloodied and battered he appeared, already sprinting for the facility’s far entrance, glass shattering as the stolen firearm shattered a high window, clearly for escape.

Along Came a Spider | natashathewidowromanoff | BlackFrost RP | Closed

Loki stretched his body as best he could as he lied down along the small cot that adorned his new cell. His healing powers had begun to kick in but they did him little good with these bindings attached to his wrists. A gift to Odin from Eitri, no doubt. It warded him against using his magic. 

He wondered why Thor had deposited him here in this SHIELD facility. Could he not figure out how to use the Tesserect to bring them home? He had been sitting here for a few hours since the battle with the Avengers had ended and he had not seen the thunder god one since he had placed him inside this small chamber and closed the cell doors behind him. The young god was bored out of his mind.

He heard the faint click of heels along the floor of the corridor. His dark green eyes glancing upward. He knew who it was. She came to gloat no doubt. The irony that the very beast he had planned on using against the Avengers had been the one to clubber him to near unconsciousness was not lost on him.

It wasn’t long before the red-haired spy appeared in front of his bars. “Come for another chat?”


alltimeisnaptime  asked:

Imagine that pierce isn't killed at the end of CATWS, just captured. Imagine bucky confronting pierce in his cell once he remembers what pierce did to him.

If it was any other circumstance, Bucky might appreciate the irony of the man being kept in the bowels of a derelict SHIELD holding facility: the corridors artificially lit with bare bulbs, the industrial no-color paint incongruously antiseptic and sparse against the faint smell of mildew, stale air and burned dust. It makes an odd sort of sense. The last of SHIELD’s secrets, their buried treasure deep underground in a crumbling ugly box.

He trails his fingers along the wall as he walks, a faint scraping sound of metal on concrete, and his footsteps are dull thuds against the linoleum floor. Bucky could be silent if he wanted to. He’s had more than enough practice.

Bucky wants him to hear him coming.

The thought makes him smile a little, lips curving a not-quite quirk, a feral sort of grin with a flash of teeth. The Winter Soldier didn’t have much occasion to smile, but Bucky has - the last year marked with rare moments where it felt almost natural, when the emotion would bubble up from his chest, out his open mouth.

This is the not-smile of a hunter’s satisfaction, deep set in his bones, of a closing in.

The wolf who finds a rabbit in a cage. The soldier with his enemy in his crosshairs.

He stops in front of the narrow door - it looks like a janitor’s closet, grey like everything down here, except for the the tiny retinal scanner; he pops it neatly with his metal fist and waits as the door slides into the wall with a hydraulic hiss.

Pierce looks old, sitting on the corner of the cot in the far corner of the room. It’s not very big, 10 by 12 feet perhaps, and a set of slim bars still separate the two of them. Maybe it’s the drab grey of the jumpsuit, or maybe the harshness of the light the pours in from the hallway, but he looks like paper, like ash, like a thin and fragile thing.

Bucky cocks his head, curls his fingers around the bars. They are cool. This room is cold.

“So it’s true,” the shadow man says. “The ghost is alive.” His voice is calm. Clear, confident, except Bucky-the Soldier-the wolf can see the the dilation of his eyes, the way his shoulders rise with a sharp intake of breath.

Bucky rests his forehead on the bars, taking in the room from under his lashes, makes his posture inky and loose. Steve’s in his ears - not literally, the comms don’t work this far underground - but a memory, earnest blue eyes and serious expression “you don’t have to do this, you know; it’s your choice” and Stark, pragmatic as ever, “he won’t be expecting you, of course, maybe you can shock it out of him,” and Natalia who said nothing, but set the line of her mouth and left the room.

It has been a year. He is a man, a man who makes choices, who weighs the rights and wrongs of his life on his own scale. Open the hutch, squeeze the trigger. Leave the rabbit quaking, holster the weapon, walk away.

Pierce scoffs, makes as if to move, and the scale tips.

“No,” Buckys says softly, lifts his head and raises his gun. “No, he isn’t.”

The Unexpected

Peggy was sitting in the SHIELD medical facility, left arm in a sling. She had been shot on a mission, it was just in the shoulder, but it would render her left arm useless for a few weeks.

Her husband at her side, she assured him that she was fine. “You’re very lucky Director Carter, but you probably shouldn’t be in the field, better for the baby.” Peggy’s head snapped in his direction, a look of shock on her face. “The what?”

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