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Head canon that whenever Natasha is asked sexist questions by the media, the boys just keep going to increasingly ridiculous lengths to get there and answer the question instead.

Reporter: Do you ever feel resentment for this job reducing the possibility of having a family?
Bruce, strolling by: I don’t know, I never really thought about having a family to begin with. I prefer spending my time in the company of friends.

Reporter: Do you feel like you have to be super girly to stand out or super masculine to fit in with all the men?
Steve, jumping over from his own group of reporters: See, that’s what I love about the 21st century. Lots of room for gender expression however you want. *pointed Disappointed Captain Look*

Reporter: Do you think your emotions ever get the best of you on the field?
Thor, landing with Mjolnir: I have spent many years learning to control my pride on the battlefield and not lose my head during a fight. I thank my shield brothers and sister for helping me.

Reporter: How do you come out of a fight looking so fabulous?
Tony, flying in on a private helicopter probably: It’s just genetics, dear. I always look fabulous. I looked fabulous while dying.

Reporter:  What kind of product do you use in your hair?
Bucky, ziplining in from the next building over: L’oreal. *hands out the expertly photoshopped ad Darcy made of him in a L’oreal ad*

Reporter: What kind of diet do you use to stay in shape?
Clint, leaping out of an air vent: You know, I’ve been thinking of trying paleo, but this is all natural. Pizza for days, baby. Keeping aliens from destroying the world tends to burn a few calories.

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can i prompt touch starved tony who loves any and all physical contact he has? someone puts a hand on his shoulder? amazing! someone lens into his side at movie night? the best! someone actually hugs him? omg! the avengers start to notice and perhaps do something about it?

Tony is a puppy. He soaks up affection like a sponge. (I threw in some Bucky because I wanted sleepy, helpless Tony.) Look out for under the cut!

You can find this story on my Ao3 here.

Natasha noticed first. She had a leg up on everyone though, having been sent to spy on him. She’d noticed when Pepper would reach out to casually touch him—a pat on the shoulder, playing with his hair, sliding her foot up his calf—and Tony would look ecstatic. At least, as ecstatic as an emotionally constipated person could look. At first she’d thought it was flirting, and Tony was happy to finally have it reciprocated.

But then Jim Rhodes had stopped by and swept Tony up into a hug that brought his feet off the ground, and Tony had made a happy little noise that had… done something to her heart. While Rhodes was visiting, it seemed like they were always touching, whether it was an arm over Tony’s shoulders or Tony pressing his feet against Rhodes’s thigh.

Happy was touchy-feely with Tony, too. Even after boxing matches, when they were both bruised and sometimes bloody but always smiling, they’d lean their shoulders together, or Happy would be escorting Tony somewhere and keep a hand on his elbow. Tony didn’t even fuss, even though usually he would bitch about not needing anyone’s protection.

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i keep thinking about katya (kievan rus’) being the best big sister to ivan. poor kid had to go through so much while he was growing up that it must have hurt katya profusely to not be able to shield her little brother from all the pain and suffering that accompanies existence as a young and turbulent nation

Маленький хлопчик, ти тут, ти є! У тебе тіло – воно гниє (x)

The family connection on AoS is everything to me. On one hand, I am sad S5 has a smaller budget and in an earlier death slot. But on the other hand, I hope it forces the writers to dig deep and focus on what we have come to love about this series. 

Relationships -whether platonic or romantic- that go past planets, dimensions, AI or the distance that a hurt person creates. 


“Hold up,” Robbie said. “You’re dating the Earthquake vigilante? And didn’t ever bring that up to me?”

“It’s just Quake, actually,” Daisy replied. “And we’ve been dating for four years.”

Robbie looked at you in disbelief. “Four years? You’ve had a girlfriend for four years and never told me?”

“I didn’t tell you because you’re an overprotective freak!” you said, bickering with your big brother.

Robbie turned to Daisy. “If you ever hurt my little sister -”

“Yeah, yeah, you’ll go all macho matchstick on me,” Daisy said. Robbie glared. “Trust me, Robbie. I would never hurt Y/N.”

“Yeah,” Robbie muttered to himself. “Trust the girl who makes earthquakes with her hands, that makes sense.”

You rolled your eyes. “For fuck’s sake, your head turns into a flaming skull.”

He glared at you. “This is why Gabe is my favorite sibling.”

His rock

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Dean finds comfort in the reader’s arms after a hard day.

Word Count: 1962

Triggers: Not really, a bit of fluffy angst, or flangst if you will.

Y/N = Your name 

Note: I’m actually pretty proud of this one so I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!!

Dean was tired, not only physically, but mentally. You could see it easily in those green eyes whose light was a little duller than normal. Somehow you could always tell which days it was harder for the hunter to keep up appearances. He called it your special little gift, you just called it love.

On days like that one you knew he needed to just be held, be loved, feel safe. Out there, in the real world, he had to stay the soldier, the hunter, the big brother. But in the room he shared with you, he was just a broken man. And he needed your help to pick up the pieces.

Dean was exhausted, and so you’d made up some lame excuse to return to your room earlier than normal to Sammy and pulled Dean along. Seeing the signs of exhaustion easily on his face the minute you shut the bedroom door behind him. His smile falling away and the armour he’d so carefully crafted through jokes and physical strength crashing to the floor the minute you were alone.

Moving to the bed you sat up with your back against the wall and stretched your arms out. An open invitation for him to hide in your embrace and just let go of all his worries for the night. No words were spoken as he climbed onto the bed and into your arms. Staying low, he buried his head in the crook of your neck, arms around your waist as if you were the life raft keeping him afloat in stormy weather.

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Coulson: This thing in you … Is it as desperate to destroy AIDA as we are?

Robbie: Yes.

Coulson: Great. Then we should–

Robbie: Hold up. I’m going to go see Gabe first.

Coulson: Wait, what?

Robbie: Yeah, I’ve been gone for, what? Months, now? And not one of you were trying to figure out how to come rescue me.

Coulson: Yeah, well… we were busy… with things…

Robbie: Sure. Anyway, so I am just going to go pop over to L.A. real quick to hug my little brother and let him know I am, in fact, alive, and then I’ll come save all your asses, like I always do.


Robbie, puts on shades: Reyes out!

Fragments - Part 7

Word Count: 8219 (yikes)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence

A/N: I can’t add any new tags and I’ve had to abandon the Fragments series tag list, but if you follow/turn on post notifications for @torn-and-frayed-writes you won’t miss an update. All updates will be reblogged over there right after they’re posted here. 

Fragments Masterlist

“Um, Dean, why are you getting in the back seat?” The three of you had just come out of the woods after another hunt. It seemed you’d been marathon hunting lately, not that you cared. It actually seemed to help keep your mind off everything. You enjoyed it.

“Decided to let Sammy drive for awhile. Thought I’d sit back here with you.” Dean shrugged. “Are you not ok with that?”

“I’m fine with it, unless you’re back here to gloat about killing Hitler some more because if you are I’m gonna throw you into traffic.” Sam’s laughter reverberated through the car but Dean didn’t find you at all funny.

“Killing Hitler is kind of a big deal, Y/N.” Dean grumbled. “You could show some more gratitude. Especially since I saved your ass from some Nazis too.”

“I know. I was there.” You rolled your eyes as Sam started up the car and started driving away. “But you really, really don’t need to tell me about it another thousand times. I got it.”

“Geez. Testy much?” You shot Dean a glare and he held up his hands in surrender. “Sorry.”

“It’s so good to have you back.” Sam chuckled.

“Aw, thanks Sam.” You giggled. “Someone has to keep your brother’s ego in check.”

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The Accident- Pack imagine

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Request: Anon said:

Could you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader gets kicked out of the pack for a stupid reason, and then the next day she’s pulling up to school with her brother and they get in a terrible accident right outside of the high school and like the whole school including the pack witnesses it and everyone freaks out (especially the pack) thank you💓

Words: 1806

A/N: I don’t know what exactly you were after so I hope this is ok xx remember if you ever want me to write anything, my inbox is always open <3

‘Just go for it’ you thought to yourself. Liam was stood at the opposite end of the corridor, sputtering his words to Hayden. He had promised you he’d work up the courage to ask her out but all that had happened so far was a short and awkward chat. You were getting frustrated. You knew Hayden liked Liam back and yet neither of them could see it. They were both blind.

You picked at your nails as you waited, listening intently to their conversation, or rather lack of one. You sighed, if you used your powers of mind control this would all be over in two seconds. You shook the thought out of your head. There was no way you were going to use your mind control on a friend, especially a member of the pack. You didn’t even know if your powers worked on other supernatural creatures, never having tried. The aggravation and curiosity build up inside you, seeping through every pore. ‘That’s it!’ you thought to yourself, strutting closer to Liam and Hayden. You stopped a few metres away from them, close enough for your powers to take their hold. You focused your mind on Liam, climbing inside his brain. Liam’s back tensed so his posture was rigid, you could see the vein in his upper arm throb as he tried to fight what was happening to him. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he fought, your powers maintained their hold.

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Natasha walked into the living room with a bowl of popcorn. She nearly dropped it when Tony glanced at her and then promptly stuck his leg up in the air.

“Pay attention to meee,” he whined, waving his foot back and forth.

“No,” she answered immediately. “I just came in here to watch trash TV.”

Tony huffed and drew his leg back down, scowling as he returned his attention to his tablet.

Natasha had to struggle not to laugh. It would only encourage him.

Bruce came in, and Tony’s leg went straight up again. Natasha mashed a handful of popcorn into her mouth to muffle her laughter.

“Bruciiiieee,” Tony whined, waving his foot back and forth. “Pay attention to meee!”

Bruce looked deeply unimpressed and slapped his foot when it came a little too close to his face. “Seriously?”

Tony gasped, bringing his leg down and clutching at his foot with a wounded expression. “Why don’t you love me?”

“I do love you,” Bruce deadpanned. “It’s why I choose to still live with you despite your feline quirks.”

Natasha crammed another fistful of popcorn into her mouth when Tony brightened at Bruce’s answer. This was way better than trash TV.

She only noticed Clint came in because she saw Tony’s leg go up out of the corner of her eye.

“Pay attention to–” Tony began, then screamed.

Natasha whipped around, hand going for a knife, only to pause when she saw Clint had grabbed the feline’s ankle and had used the grip to raise his butt up off the couch.

Clint laughed, only a little hyena in it, and dropped him. “Careful what you wish for, Stark. Man, I’m starving.

Tony looked horrified. “I’m not edible.”

“You’re right,” Clint agreed. “No meat on your bones. Just a skinny little kitty.”

Natasha threw her knife at him before Tony could pitch a fit and claw his face off. “Leave. I am watching Real Housewives.”

Clint shrugged, giving Tony a pat on the head that had the feline hissing and reaching up to fix his hair. “Fine, fine. I’m going.”

“Asshole,” Tony muttered to himself.

Thor breezed through, booming, “Shield brother, I will give you attention later! For now, I am going to see Lady Jane. I am taking her out to sup!”

Tony grumbled and sank lower on the couch, crossing his arms petulantly. “No one wants to pay attention to me.”

“At least Thor acknowledged that he’d pay attention to you later,” Natasha offered.

The feline somehow sank lower. Natasha wondered if it was true that cats were made of water.

“I’m just sayin’ that if the Dodgers wanna be fuckin’ sellouts then I’m rootin’ for the Mets.”

“Why would you say that when you know it causes me actual, physical pain?”

Natasha glanced at Tony from the corner of her eye.

Tony perked up, ears twitching. He peered over the back of the couch at where Bucky and Steve were bickering, and waited until they were closer before he threw his leg up again.

Bucky yelped and tripped as he jerked away from him in surprise, taking Steve down with him. “Shit!

“Ow Bucky what the-!”

Natasha actually felt sad as she watched Tony slowly draw his leg back down and start to curl up against the back of the couch. Even Tony had described Bucky as ‘a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.’ He was even more skittish and anxious than Bruce. And Tony was very good at making himself feel like shit. This wasn’t very funny anymore.

Before she could say anything, though, Bucky was back up on his feet and reaching over the couch to drag the feline into his arms.

Tony squawked, flailing, and accidentally kicked Steve in the face because he hadn’t stood up all the way yet.

“Ow fuck–WHY.”

“The leg,” Bucky answered.

Steve stared up at him in confusion and just a hint of betrayal. “What does that even mean?”

“He was doing the leg,” Bucky repeated.

“So you decided to just fucking knock both of us over because Tony wanted attention?!”

“The leg startled me,” Bucky muttered petulantly.

Natasha slowly grabbed some more popcorn. This seemed to be going… okay?

Bucky scowled. “If you don’t want to cuddle with us, you can just say so.”

“I’m gonna cuddle the shit out of both of you,” Steve snapped back at him.

Tony made a vague sound of confusion and concern as Bucky turned and walked away, still carrying him.

“You wanted attention and you got it!” Natasha called after him.

“Is that what’s happening?” Tony asked, still confused, before Steve leapt into the elevator after them and the doors closed.

Natasha reached for more popcorn and, because she was all alone, made a sad sound when she realized it was all gone.