shield agents and christmas

No one truly understands fandoms unless you’re in one.

You don’t truly understand the feeling of pure excitement when something new is on it’s way, or how warm you feel inside when you know other people in the world feel the same way you do for the same reasons.

You don’t truly understand the stress of long waits and the relief when the wait finally ends, or the mixed emotions you go through when something was written so well that it pulls chords on every heartstring.

You don’t truly understand the overwhelming feeling of attending a Con for the first time, or for all the times after that, or the hours and hours of work that go into finding the right materials to pull together the cosplay you’ve dreamed of doing since you first saw that character.

You don’t truly understand the joy of finally putting on that full costume and becoming that character just for a few hours, or the slight sense of sadness when you put it away again.

You don’t truly understand how much each actor, writer, director or artist will mean to you until you’ve found one that just strikes something in you, or how it feels to find an episode or book or film that you’ll read or watch over and over again without ever getting bored of.

You don’t truly understand what it feels like to make friends from all over the world because you met on a social media fanpage created for your fandom, or how it’ll feel to spend hours talking in hopes maybe some day you can meet in person for the first time to really share your experiences.

You don’t truly understand the effort and all the hard work that goes into the fan-created content, from photo and video edits right down to the hand made drawings and paintings, the stories and the parodies.

You don’t truly understand any of the indescribable feelings you feel until you’ve found a fandom.

You don’t truly understand the sense of belonging you feel no matter what background you come from, or the sense of having a family that you found all on your own.

You don’t truly understand fandoms unless you’re in one.


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Imagine coulson and bobbi competing to get you the biggest gift

Mistletoe Kiss

Requested by Anon: Agents of Shield -Imagine Grant Ward taking you to Gramsie’s house for Christmas and her treating you like a grandchild of her own because she’s been pestering Grant to bring her and marry her and settle down, etc

Ohhh such a beautiful request! (More of this please) Hope you’ll like it! :)


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In the Bus:

Today was Christmas and instead of making yourself ready for tonight, you trained downstairs in the bus, to get your head free after a hard mission. 
Grant, your best friend, was looking for you. He was worried about you and tried to take care of you like always. 

**You parents died when you were twelve and Grant and you met each other on a street as some boys wanted to steal your food. He protected you and since that no one could tear you two apart.**

Ward watched you as you were beating and kicking the punching bag as hard as you could. He leaned over the bars. He didn’t know why, but Grant was smiling as he saw you. When you stopped, he walked downstairs.

“Hey sunshine.” he said and you were turning around.

“Hell no! Get upstairs!” You laughed. “I look terrible.. I’ll change before we go to your grams, I promise.” You chuckled.

Grant smirked and throw a towel, which was laying on the ground, over to you. “You know.. we could stay here like last year.” he suggested.

“No. You told your Grams that she’d finally meet the poor orphan woman you took care of.. after all these years. You can’t break a promise to a Grandmother!” You replied smiling.

“Don’t call yourself that, you’ve a family now.” Grant smiled a bit. “I was just thinking because of yesterday..The Mission was a bit-”

“No.. uhm, I’m fine.” You smiled soft. “I’ll take a shower now and get ready. Who said you would pick us up, after May let us out?” you asked a bit shouting because you started walking upstairs.

“My older brother actually but I’ll drive us now. I don’t want to see him to soon when I don’t have to.. but I’ll give you an advice, don’t let him flirt with you. He always does that.” He said after you.

“Don’t worry, I could handle one Ward and I’ll handle another too.” You said laughing and went upstairs to get ready.


Gramsie’s House - In the Car:

Ward stopped his car, as you were before a big house with beautiful decoration on it. You wasn’t sure if it was Grant’s Grandma’s Home because Grant always told you ‘bad’ things about his family, not about his Grandma but about the others.. and this house doesn’t seem like place with ‘bad’ people in it.

Grant saw a smile in your face but looked worried at you, “Are you sure you want to get in there? There is my whole family and my brother and-”

You turned to him and touched gently his face, “Stop.” You smiled. “You know for how long I want to meet your family and-” You paused and blushed a bit when you noticed that you were touching the face of your best friend. Then you let him go, “-And you don’t have to worry. It will be great.”

“My brother is going to tell you things..” He replied and looked at Gramsie’s House.

You smirked a bit when Grant looked so worried. “I won’t listen. Come on.” You said and opened the door.

You waited walking over to the front door ‘til Ward was standing next to you. You gave him a last short smile and then you walked together to his Grandmother’s House.


Grant pulled out a key and you were wondered why he’d have a key to his grandmothers house. You looked confused and he laughed a bit because he knew how it must have seemed.

“My Grandpa gave it to me because sometimes he was laying outside and he never heard the bell. I have this key since I was little.”

“Does your brother have one?” You asked curious.

Grant smirked as he opened the door, “Nope.”


Gramsie’s House:

You both were half in the house when Grand’s Grandmother came around a corner and hugged her grandchild. 

“Graaaaaant!” She smiled while she hugged him and you had to because it looked so cute and Grant blushed a bit as he looked over to you. “You’ve to be Y/N, right Dear?” She smiled at you.

You nodded, “Yeah, yeah I am. Nice to meet you Mrs. Ward.” You answered a bit shy.

Gramsie was looking to Grant and smiled a bit. You didn’t know what you said, if you did something wrong.. but before you could even ask, Gramsie pulled you in a hug. You saw Grant smiling and you had too. 

“Please call me Grandma, Gramsie or Grams. I heard so much about you all these years and you’re like a sister for Grant so..” She smiled again and you nodded. “Come on in now, the others are waiting.”

You followed Grant’s Grandma with a faked smile and walked together with them into the living room. The whole family welcomed you with open arms.


Gramsie’s House - Porch:

After you met all of the Ward family you needed a short break. It wasn’t like they weren’t nice to you, they were but not to Grant. They made some terrible jokes about him which doesn’t seem like jokes to you, but every time you wanted to say something Ward gave you a look. The look he gives you on every mission, when you should hold yourself back. It was hard for you to do that because you always had his back so you needed some fresh air.

You heard a door opened behind you and hoped that Ward decided to join you. Maybe to give you his jacket. because it was a bit could outside. When you heard the steps behind you, you knew immediately that this wasn’t the Ward you wanted to have next to you.

“It’s cold here. Don’t you want to get back in?” Christian asked gently.

“Actually I’m good, thanks.” You said sitting on the ground.

You had in your mind that Grant warned you about his brother and that Grant probably wouldn’t want to see you talking to him all alone. You tried to avoid him the whole evening but now you couldn’t, your only hope was that Grant would show up but you didn’t knew where he was.. and if he was with his Grandmother you didn’t want to disturb them.

Christian sat next to you, “Gramsie seems to like you.” 

You turned to him, “She’s a wonderful woman.” you replied with a smile.

“Yeah, she can be.” Christian responded. “I didn’t like her so much.”

You looked a bit pissed and confused at him, “How could anyone not like her? You should be thankful to have a Grandmother like that.” You answered sharply. “She took care of you and your siblings when you parents died.”

Christian smirked, “Ah, yeah my sister told me about your Orphan thing. You should be thankful not to have any family or be in this one.” You shook your head and tried to stay calm. “You’re freezing.. here.” He smiled and gave you his jacket. 

You weren’t comfortable with it, because you could saw why Grant didn’t like his brother but he was right you were freezing and you still didn’t want to get inside. It was quiet for a minute and you hoped that Christian would go inside but he didn’t instead he broke the silence again.

“You’re to beautiful for Grant.” He looked flirty at you. You laughed a bit and shook your head again. “You deserve something better.” Christian turned to you and came a bit closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said and looked into the sky to avoid his eyes.

He laughed soft, “He’s into you. Grant never brought someone to Gramsie’s. Well, never to anyone of this family.. and to be honest he never had a girl for over a year. How long are you two now some sort of a team? Over 7 years?” You nodded soft because you were still thinking back on the ‘into you’ part. “I don’t know how you do that. He’s still a stupid little boy and I think you deserve a real man.” Christian came again closer to you.

The whole Christmas evening Grant’s own family talked badly about him. You didn’t understand how people could be this bad. Everyone except Gramsie was a bad person and tried everything to make Grant looking like a totally loser and now you finally had enough. You made a fist and tried not to punch Christian. You focused on Grant’s smile but tried still to avoid your feelings for him but otherwise you couldn’t stay calm.


You heard the door opened again, this time it was the right Ward and you smiled.

“Graaant, in the right moment. We were talking about you.” Christian said provoked.

Grant didn’t give his brother much attention as he saw how focused you seemed. “Y/N, want you to come in? Gramsie want to show you your room for tonight.” Grant asked gently.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” You said and stood up while you gave Christian his jacket back. You noticed Grant’s look as he saw that you had his brothers jacket. “It’s not what it looks like. I promise.” You said calm and Grant nodded.

Grant’s brother stood up. “What is he jealous? We had just a little chat.” 

Christian wrapped an arm around you waist and Grant looked really pissed. You smiled at Grant and he looked confused, he thought you wanted his brother to touch you. So Grant was about to go back inside. Grant’s family saw you three and laughed a bit as Grant wanted to go inside with his jealous face.

“So how about a mistletoe kiss?” Christian suggested as he looked short up and you laughed.

“Looks like Y/N finds the other Ward brother better.” His sister laughed sarcastic at Grant.

Grant turned around and seemed sad. You came closer to his brother, punched him into his face as he tried to kiss you and kicked straight into his stomach. Than you pulled him off of his feet and he fell to the cold ground.

“If you ever and I mean ever, say something bad about Grant or Gramsie.. I’ll find you and I’ll do that again. Harder.” You threatened and waited til Christian nodded on the ground. “Merry Christmas.” You said and walked inside.


Gramsie’s House - Your room:

After Christian’s sister helped him to get up and drove him in a hotel, Christmas was over.. You ruined Family Grant’s Christmas and felt bad for it. You walked straight into your room, you found it by yourself and sat on the bed. You were thinking if it was right what you did because in the moment you did it, it seemed pretty right but you felt ashamed because of Grant’s Grandmother and a bit for what you did to Christian, just a bit.

>>knock, knock.<<

You took a deep breath, it doesn’t matter if it was Gramsie or Grant you wanted to apologize. “Come in.”

Grant came in with a small smile and a hot chocolate, “Are you okay?” he asked and gave it to you.

“Are you? I’m so sorry for ruining everything, I shouldn’t have come-” You paused and put the chocolate on a little table which stood next to your bed. “I swear I’ll make it up to you and your Grandmother. I’m so, so-” 

You turned around and Grant was smiling, you looked confused but then he took your head gently in his hand ans started to kiss you. You kissed him back and hold yourself a bit on his arms but then you stopped kissing him.

“What was that for?” You asked curious and asked yourself if he knew about your feelings for him.

“Actually I wanted to ask you out, for a real date before I’d kiss you but after tonight.. I just had to.” He smiled and you tried not to blush. “God, I should’ve have done that a long time ago.”

Then Grant leaned forward again and this time you kissed him first. It was an amazing feeling to kiss him after all these years. You knew you had feelings for him when he saved you for the third time in the fight against the Aliens in New York, where you both helped a bit out. Since then you tried to push this feelings away but you couldn’t.

“Want you two something to eat?” His grandmother asked as she came but clapped into her hand as she saw Grant and you and you two stopped kissing. “Finally you had the courage to do it!”

“You told Gramsie?” You asked and he nodded soft.

“I needed some advice.” He smiled over to his Grandmother. “I couldn’t ask my best friend because I totally fell for her so, I need to ask the other woman in my life, that is the most important person to me. Don’t be mad.” Grant replied laughing and you smiled.

“But he did all wrong.” Gramsie said and sat next to you two. “His Grandfather told me that he loved me on Christmas, like Grant should do. It’s so romantic when two persons who love each other, are kissing under a mistletoe.”

“So I did what she told me and hang the mistletoe outside but Christian-”

“He was always a difficult child Grant, it’s okay.” Gramsie replied. 

You looked confused, “How did you knew that I-” You started to ask Grant, how he could have possibly known about your feelings.

“Darling, I told him. After what he told me about you, it was pretty clear you had these feelings for him. Grant had them since he protected you on the street. Since then he talked about you every time he visited me.” Gramsie smiled and Grant blushed. “ “Anyways, his Grandfather was such a charming man-”

Gramsie was telling Grant and you stories the whole night until she felt asleep in the bed where you should actually sleep but you didn’t mind at all. You never met your Grandmother and it was nice to feel a bit how it might would be to have one. And so you could sleep in Wards room, into his safe arms.

Christmas With the Avengers (Preferences)


no sign of sleep

it has become extinct



Warnings; none

Steve Rogers/Captain America

You guys would probably spend ages giving out gifts. Like you’d give them out to everyone the night before at Tony’s Christmas party and then realise you’d forgotten to get one for each other, so you’d rush out to the nearest store and bump into each other, and it’d be all like ‘fancy seeing you here!’ but at the end of the day, sitting around the fire on Christmas morning with hot chocolate and marshmallows and your puppy is good enough. You’d probably also go ice skating and walk around Central Park because cliche Christmases are the best kind.

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony goes all out - There’s the huge party the night before, and every member of the Avengers and their extended family is invited. Like who’s the old lady at the bar? Don’t worry, it’s just Bruce’s great aunt’s best friend’s dogsitter! 

When Christmas actually comes, you’ll spend the entire morning opening the momentous pile of gifts he gets you (usually involving a car, but one time it was  a private island), and then you’ll spend time with the Avengers, because they’re the nearest thing to a family he has. Everyone will try and cook a Christmas dinner but it usually ends up in Thor trying to microwave a Turkey, so you end up having takeout.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Christmas with Bucky is quiet - You’ll have the loud, rowdy party on Christmas Eve where alcohol is consumed, and the next morning he’ll wake up with a giant drawing of Santa in a Mark 42 suit scribbled on his metal arm in Sharpie. After recovering from the shock of the impromptu tattoo, you’ll spend the rest of the day in Christmas jumpers, watching Home Alone and then seeing who can react the booby traps in the most accurate way possible. (He always wins, but he was also a seriously stealthy assassin for years, so it’s hardly fair play.)

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Sam loves helping people, so on Christmas he’ll always help out at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Or at least just in the mornings, because the afternoon he’ll spend with you and maybe some of his family. It usually all goes nice and smoothly until his great grandma asks when you’re going to have children and he ends up choking on turkey out of shock. But other than that, its usually great. (But Sam spends half of it trying to persuade the aforementioned granny that dogs are just as good as kids.)

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Bruce always spends Christmas with Tony - it’s become a tradition since they first met. You don’t mind, because it’s always fun. They try to do really stupid shit like building Christmas trees out of Bunsen burners, or see which suit looks best dressed as Santa. One year, he tried to help Tony make a Santa/Ironman fly around New York, but the costume fell off in mid-air, fell down a couple hundred floors and smacked Steve on the head. It was eventful. 

Thor Odinson

Christmas with Thor was always interesting. In fact, the idea itself was totally wild when you tried to explain it to him, because Asgardians didn’t have anything of the like. But once he was accustomed to the idea, he got really into it. This means having the biggest tree that you can fit (gave the landlord a heart attack), presents everywhere and going wild at Tony’s party. He’ll also get you crazy gifts - One year, after watching Harry Potter, he bought you a literal baby dragon to your balcony from Asgard. For some odd reason, Homeland Security weren’t very fond of this idea and it was removed before Christmas morning, so he bought you a mug instead. 

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Clint loves Christmas - the bad ass assassin exterior will melt away, and the usually serious SHIELD agent will turn up to Christmas parties in flashing jumpers and reindeer ears. One year you accidentally double booked Christmas with your family and the Avengers, and your mother was mildly terrified to say the least when she found Tony Stark cooking a turkey in your kitchen and you had to explain how your boyfriend is sort of an Avenger.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Nat is the most Christmassy person, but she will certainly try. She always gets you the best gifts and makes the best food, but her Christmas spirit is terrible. You’ll usually stay at the tower, because of the party and Tony always gives the best gifts (and obviously, you enjoy his presents. The free helicopter is just a bonus.) but then you’ll do something later in the evening like ice skating or sitting out on the roof and looking at New York with all the lights.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro is a nightmare at Christmas - He’s like a literal child. He’ll have advent calendars and will make a huge ass deal over decorating your apartment. He gets so hyped up and takes you all over the city to see every last Christmas themed event, and then it’ll come to Christmas morning and realised he forgot to get everyone presents. It doesn’t matter though, because you still get to do fun stuff like decorating the tree, making Christmas lunch and seeing the Christmas lights at Times Square.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda is actually really laidback at Christmas. You could be stressing over everything from what your exclusively vegan cousin is gonna eat to how you’re gonna cover the cost and how you’ll get the tree up to your apartment - Meanwhile, she’s getting everything done without fretting at all, and will have everything done by the beginning of December. You’ll never understand how, but when you’re covered in sellotape and chasing after your puppy, who has the wrapping paper in his mouth, and tripping over fairy lights, she’ll be sat on the sofa watching Elf with a smug look whilst you silently curse her. On actual Christmas day, you’ll unwrap your presents to one another and have dinner with your family and Pietro, who is even more excited about Christmas than all the little kids.

Avengers Christmas Headcanon

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-Lots of Christmas parties thrown by Stark (no surprise)

-Lots of competition between topping each others gifts last year/getting the best gift for everyone

-Making Thor wear ugly christmas sweaters

-“what are these furry things with horns?” “And why is a fat man drinking milk and cookies on here?” “And this puny being with pointy hats and feet? Are the hats and feet for protection? He’s puny he can’t defend himself.”

-Making the ugly christmas sweaters with pepper

-When going shopping for a new sofa to fit all of the avengers you have to take thor with you to ikea so he can tell you how to pronounce things

-Having to hide Natasha’s,  Wanda’s, Clint’s presents in another building because they always end up finding it

-Trying to get hints from each other at what they want

-Everyone struggling with Thor because he doesn’t know about any human things, so he doesn’t know what to ask for

-Getting Pietro a whole bunch of running shoes

-Getting Bruce a whole bunch of science things

-Getting Wanda makeup because she surprisingly loves doing it

-Getting Natasha gun accessories

-Getting Tony socks and shirts that say “im a boss ass bitch” or “sassier than you”

-Getting Steve christmas movies so he understands references to Home Alone and other christmas movies

-Getting Clint a whole bunch of things for the baby

-Getting Sam an actual falcon

-Getting Bucky a puppy

-Getting Thor a stand up cardboard of himself

-Thor commenting on how short they made him in the cardboard and how ‘un-mighty’ he looks

-Getting Vision all the books of “How to, for dummies”

-Clint bringing his kids over

-Them braiding Thor’s hair and playing with Thor

-Them bringing action figures of all of you

-Bruce making surprisingly good hot chocolate

-Having a nice christmas dinner like a family

matching sweaters

-Christmas photos with Santa

-Christmas photos (and a lot of them while matching)

-Having mini contests and games like beer pong with egg nog

-In which, of course, Stark has spiked with vodka

-Playing christmas songs and dancing with each other

-Laughing and telling stories

-Sharing stories about each other’s past in a circle around the coffee table while drinking hot chocolate

-Laughing at memories you guys have shared

-Falling asleep on each other’s shoulders while telling stories

-Christmas morning everyone sharing their gifts with each other

-Christmas party  with the Agents of Shield (Maria Hill, Nick Fury, etc.)

-Everyone enjoying themselves after a year of hard work


Requested by anonymous

“Oh okay, yeah I’ll let Fitz know,“ you spoke into the phone.

“I’m sorry about this (Y/N),” Coulson said.

“No it’s okay.”

“It’s not though. We all want to be there.”

“Coulson, seriously I have Fitz don’t worry.”

“Okay… Merry Christmas.”

“Yeah, Merry Christmas.”

You hung up the phone. Coulson and the rest of the team had gotten stuck in a snow storm so you and Fitz were going to be in the Bus all alone.

“Hey Fitz?” You called, walking down the spiral staircase to the lab.

“In here!” You heard him call from somewhere in the storage area behind the lab. You followed his voice and found him rummaging through some Christmas decorations. You had no idea these were even on the Bus, but you assumed Fitz-Simmons and Skye had gotten them here.

“So apparently snowstorms are a SHIELD agent’s worst enemy and we will be spending Christmas here alone.”

“What?” He asked a sadden look falling over his face.

“Yeah, Coulson said the snow won’t let up until the 27th. And there is already two feet of snow on the roads.”

Fitz frowned and sat down, his back to the Christmas decorations. He looked like all the Christmas spirit had been drained out of him leaving him depressed.

“It’s not all bad, at least we have each other.” You nudged him hoping that you could cheer him up.

“As much as I love your company (Y/N), it’s not quite the same.”

“Yeah I know,“ you sighed. After a moment you decided that you had had enough of the sad vibes, it was Christmas Eve and you and Fitz were going to decorate the Bus.

“Okay no more of this, its decorating time.” You stood up and held your head out to Fitz. You smiled brightly at him and wiggled your fingers. “Cheer up buttercup, it’s Christmas Eve!”

“Yeah, okay.” He nodded and took your hand. You hoisted him up and then surveyed the Christmas decorations that had been accumulated. There had to be at least twenty strings of rainbow lights, a few fake garlands, various ornaments some Chritsmasy and others just downright silly which you attributed to Skye and finally a six foot tall fake tree leaning against the wall.

“Wanna start with trying to get the tree up the stairs?” You asked Fitz.

“Yeah, that’s going to be the most difficult part,” he agreed, moving to grab the top of the tree. You took the bottom and then made your way out to the staircase.

“Okay, I’ll walk backwards up the stairs?” You asked.

“You sure? I can do it if you’d like,” Fitz offered.

“I’m sure,“ you responded with a smile.

“Okay, here we go.”

Ten minutes and lots of maneuvering later the tree was situated in the center of the longue area near the bunks. The both of you went took a few trips to bring all of the boxes and lights up.

“Music! We need Christmas music,” you cried hopping up and going to the big screen. “Wait Fitz how does this work?”

He laughed and followed you.

“It’s basically a huge iPad. It’s not that complicated,“ he told you, easily pulling up some Christmas music. He clicked on one at random and the sound of White Christmas filled the Bus.

“To you maybe. What with your genius capabilities.”

“You’re smart too, you just didn’t know about this that’s all.”

“Aww you’re sweet Fitz.” You pecked him on the cheek before going to back out to the decorations. He blushed and followed you back out.

“So I was think lights around the garlands and then those around the railings on the stairs.”

“Yeah then we can use the left over lights on the tree and along the windows.” He pointed behind him to the planning room.

“Yeah!” You were excited now and it seemed like Fitz had forgotten that most of the team would be missing on Christmas and was now becoming excited alongside you.

After an hour of bad impressions of Aaron Neville and Frank Sinatra most of the Bus had decorations. You and Fitz had moved all the presents you could find to under the tree so when everyone got back you could have a proper Christmas.

You and Fitz were now cuddled up on your respective couches with blankets and hot chocolate talking about your favorite Christmases.

“I think that was the best present I have gotten,” Fitz remarked. He had been talking about a present Simmons had made for him, you didn’t completely understand what it was but you knew Fitz loved it and still used it to this day.

You shivered and pulled your blanket closer around yourself.

“(Y/N) are you okay?” Fitz asked.

“Cold,“ you told him, curling further into the couch.

“Come here,” Fitz said, throwing his blanket off and opening his arms up.

You laughed, “Is it snuggle time?”

“Yes,” Fitz replied with a deadly serious look on his face. You looked at him surprised, but he only kept his arms open. You obediently went over to his spot and settle on the couch next to him.

“Oh my gosh (Y/N).” He rolled his eyes and pulled you to his chest. You made a noise of surprise and he grabbed his blanket to pull it over the both of you. “Don’t be so stubborn.”

“See isn’t that better?” He said rubbing your back.

“Mmm-hhmmm.” You hummed and snuggled closer to him. Fitz blushed, even though this was his idea it still made him blush that you two were so close.

“Merry Christmas,“ you murmured, starting to fall asleep.

“Merry Christmas,” Fitz whispered back.