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“Thank you Tony.”

OMG the Cardboard Iron Man costume is SO ADORABLE THAT I THINK I AM GOING TO BE SUFFOCATED FROM THE CUTENESS ; w ; (And I find a video on Youtube (x) on the storyline of Cardboard Iron Man :D)

And somehow my imagination convinced me that Tony will definitely make a cardboard shield to Steve, so that they can go fight monsters made of bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts together :D

Side By Side - a daemon Academy AU

Rating: Teen                 Chapters: 11 / 18
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Additional Tags: Academy Era, Alternate Universe - Daemons, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, POV Jemma Simmons, Daemon Touching, Teen Angst, Light Angst, Pining, Hurt/ComfortPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSDInjury 

Summary: When Jemma Simmons and her lion daemon arrive at SHIELD Academy, they don’t really find anyone that interesting - except, that is, for Leopold Fitz.

From this chapter:

The air around Jemma was cold and stale, her closed eyelids were not enough to dim the room’s lights, and someone was holding her left hand so tightly that it hurt.

Waking up was more difficult than it should be, and it took her a lot of wincing and blinking to adjust to the bright fluorescents. One of her legs was completely immobilized, she was clearly in a hospital room, and her head swum in a medicated fog reminiscent of when she’d had her scoliosis surgery as a young girl. When she finally had her eyes open, she looked around the miniature, sterile room to get her bearings. Her right leg was raised above the mattress in a sling and covered with a hard cast. Caedmon lay curled in as small a ball as he could manage at the end of the bed, fur singed in multiple places and cuts scattered along the entire side of his body that she could see. Jemma’s hand was being held captive, to her surprise and confusion, by Fitz; he had it clutched against his chest as he leaned his head on the mattress next to her, shoulders shaking as he cried.

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by romanovacarter

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Ways The World Might Have Gone To Shit Without ‘Agent’ Phil Coulson:

1) Another Handler probably would have ordered Clint to kill Natasha - the world has no Black Widow. 

2) Natasha was never there to bring Banner in - it’s possible without her it would have been impossible.

3) Coulson led Fury’s expedition to find Steve Rogers - it’s possible without Coulson he was never found.

4) The Avengers (what few there were - if any) never would have assembled - Phil’s death was what motivated them.

5) Shield ran out of options and New York went nuclear in an attempt to destroy the alien threat.

6) Shield was weakened by this attack. Hydra saw this as an opportunity and made their comeback.

7) Therefore Hydra’s attacks on the Shield academies coincided with the time in which Fitzsimmons were there and this is when Jemma died.

8) Phil never met and mentored Daisy and so she was simply, maybe forcibly (like so many), recruited by Hydra post their resurgence. 

9) As for May. Coulson was a huge part of her life for 30 years… so who is she without him? An actual Hydra agent?


Coulson never joins SHIELD –> Avengers never assemble–> Hydra takes over


Fitz teams up with his dad instead of joining SHIELD–> Fitz never meets Simmons


Simmons dies in Hydra takeover?