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Not-so-first impression, and yet...

The first actual field job that Sharon Carter has as a student of SHIELD Academy is posing at the Smithsonian’s Cap exhibit as a security guard. Well, actually, she didn’t get the job, instead she volunteered, firstly, because fuckton of credit points to get out of the equation, and secondly, because she wanted to do some actual field work without the actual danger of field works first. It was very unlikely that anything major or serious issue would happen in the heart of Washington DC without anyone knowing it beforehand.

And she loved the exhibit. Aunt Peggy and Granddady Michael took her there as a kid more than she was able to count, until she could recite the texts by heart, and it was always among her favourite places. The dim lights of the movie rooms, the bright flashes of the reflectors on the most important items, the whole scene fuzzing with motion and energy was kind of magical.

As an adult, and as a wannabe SHIELD agent, it was mostly frustrating. The location was a tactical nightmare. The constant movement of the guests were nearly untraceable. The weapons of an ordinary museum guard were nothing compared to the ones which would have been needed if some maniac really would decided to cause trouble here.

And yet, she loved her job. It was just perfect for a wannabe agent. She played all day during her shifts. She liked guessing about the life of the visitors - where were they from, why did they come here, how did they live, what were their familial and financial status and so on -, and anytime someone talked to her, she had the mental challenge to guide the conversation until they literally told her whether she guessed the information right or wrong. She was sure her professors would be very proud of her success rate (and some of them would be ashamed for the method of her practice).

One of the other security guards, the senior named Mr. Lee, found out anyway. He approached her one day, sharing their time together at the same room (though it was actually not allowed to chill with the others during shifts, if she looked at the job description correctly), and questioned out her result on a guest. She was so shocked that she actually answered. They sorta became friends from that moment, playing together - discussing who to figure out next through their radio and then trying to force some answers from the guests faking it as casual and polite conversations.

She considered it the best year of her life yet - but she usually considered them as such, so it didn’t meant much.

No one in her family knew about this job, so she was genuinely surprised (and a bit startled) when she saw Aunt Peggy walking into the exhibit one day. Sharon considered to say hi to her, but then decided against it. It was a great opportunity to test her skills anyway - hiding in a public place from someone who knew her more than most of the people seemed like a great challenge. Considering the fact that this person also happened to be the best spy this country ever had, made the task almost impossible.

Almost. Never to say Sharon wasn’t confident.

She shifted his center of gravity, half turning around to avoid facing Peggy, shaking her hair in front of her face. She was glad they didn’t yet met this year personally, so her aunt probably didn’t know she was a brunette now. She slowed down her breathing and made her movements more rough.

Peggy took her time looking at the pictures painted on the walls, and passed the room without looking at her niece. Sharon felt her aunt’s gaze glied through her once, but nothing showed that Peggy actually saw her.

Naturally, Sharon had to push her luck. She followed Peggy.

It was strange, going after someone, chasing a person like a dog that got scent, staying behind and in the shadows at the same time. She would lie if she’d deny that she enjoyed it.

Until she didn’t. Until she first saw the tears rolling down on her aunt’s face.

Sharon’s breath was taken like if she was hit hard in her gut. She never, ever saw Peggy vulnerable before, but at that particular moment - when she looked at the photo of Steve Rogers, pre-serum, still skinny but determination burning in his eyes so brightly even the camera lenses caught it  for eternity -, Margaret Carter was not a hero. Her pain and loss was so visible that Sharon had to look away, and didn’t dare to move for a long time.

When she looked up, Peggy was gone, and she didn’t follow her anymore.

She wished to know what happened. No, that was not true. If she was honest with herself, she knew.

Sharon wished she could know the man that had such a huge impact on her personal hero. For the first time in her life she wished she could meet not Captain America, but Steve Rogers.

(Nine years later, as a neighbour of the guy, she wanna laugh about the memory, though her eyes get a bit teary because of it.)

go (please stay)

forever and ever ago @chinesebakery requested a drunk!fitz mirror to this drabble, and here it is! Academy era. Not angsty but not fluffy.

“Thank you, officer, I can handle it from here.”

“I really am sorry, ma’am,” the patrolwoman repeated, eyeing Jemma’s pajamas and the blanket lines on her bare arms. “But he said he has no friends and your name was on the roster next to his—”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t destroy anything else,” Jemma confirmed grimly, then shut the lab door behind her.

Fitz blinked up blearily from the lab desk they’d only been sharing a few weeks. His curls were smooshed on one side, like he too had been trying to sleep, though according to the campus patrol that had roused Jemma from her dorm room, he’d been here at least an hour, “improving” upon the other students’ experiments, in his own words.

“What’re you doing here?” he mumbled, a bright pink blush blooming across his cheekbones. He shook his head and turned back to the model in his hands – or rather, the remnants of what had once been a model before he’d handily dismantled it. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“You’re right, Fitzy, I should be sleeping.” She ignored his scowl at the new nickname. “We should all be sleeping. Our first demonstration is on Thursday, or did you forget?”

“Didn’t forget.”

“But you thought you’d celebrate with a drink, or five?” She gestured to the empty glass tumbler on the counter.

He shook his head, sharp enough she was surprised not to hear something crack. “Not celebrating.”

Jemma groaned. How the greatest minds could be reduced to a few syllables through alcohol or the presence of a shapely derriere – “Do you want to talk about it?”

This time Fitz actually laughed, a derisive scoff matched with a smug smirk he’d never have chanced with her sober. “With you?”

“Yes, with me, Fitz. You’re drinking alone on a schoolnight and breaking into private school property – you should’ve called me.”

“Didn’t want to.”

Jemma had had about enough. She didn’t need to be friends with Leopold Effing Fitz to graduate: she only needed him to pass this lab, which would require several more months of barely tolerating each other and stepping on each other’s toes, but she could do it.

“You know what?” she snapped, stepping right up to Fitz and flicking his floppy hair with one finger, “You know what the cop said? ‘He has no friends.’ And that’s true! It’s not even a pathetic self-pitying exaggeration. Because anytime anyone tries to help you or get close to you, you do this! You act all sullen and self-sufficient and you just drive everyone away!”

He was staring at her, mouth slightly ajar, and the instant she stopped speaking Jemma felt shame wrap around her.

“Fitz, that wasn’t—”

“I think you should go,” he cut her off, turning away and sitting heavily so she could see only his back and the uneven way he was breathing.

I’m just like you, she wanted to say, would’ve said if she were a different person, the type of person to reach out and touch his back and let him cry like he was so obviously about to do. I can’t do this either.

Instead, she walked away towards the door, twisting the tie of her pajama bottoms between tense fingers.

She had just opened the door when behind her, Fitz whispered, “Please stay.”

Imaginary shows: “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” (version 2.0)

So let’s say, hypothetically, AOS gets one more season to finish off their remaining storylines. All of a sudden, Marvel TV announces a spin-off featuring Robbie Reyes. Here’s my fancast:


1) Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider 

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2) Lorenzo James Henrie as Gabriel “Gabe” Reyes 

(AN: So I learned recently that Lorenzo is Italian. Shame on you AOS, now I feel dirty for keeping him on here)

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3) Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson / Quake: Back due to popular demand from the fans, Chloe signed on for the Ghost Rider show. Daisy’s in-story reason is that SHIELD assigned her to watch over Ghost Rider since he returned, a task that she immediately accepted. I’d imagine her and Robbie’s relationship to be similar to Angel and Cordelia. 

As for the other main AOS cast, I’d imagine there’d be 1-2 episode guest roles for them but nothing too heavy. I can see Mack coming on the show in a recurring role but Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, and May, not so much. Maybe just to say hi to Daisy.  

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4) Genesis Rodriguez as Lisa Ortega: A child prodigy / law school student who befriends Robbie after he stops a group of thugs trying to rob her. She eventually becomes an integral member to Team Rider and is Robbie’s main love interest (the Iris West to his Barry Allen). 

Or is she? I’d imagine sometime around season 2 or 3, the writers would set up a love triangle between Lisa, Robbie, and Daisy. That’d be fun. 

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5) Becky G as Azucena Gonzalez: A high school student and Gabe Reyes’ best friend. She is a bit of a smart-ass but is vocal in her support of Ghost Rider. 

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6) Martin Sensmeier as Detective William Talltrees / Red Wolf: A LAPD detective who is assigned to investigating the Ghost Rider killings. He eventually finds out that Robbie is the Ghost Rider but has a change of heart when he realizes that GR is fighting only the wicked.

In season 2, William quits the LAPD and becomes the vigilante known as “Red Wolf”. As Red Wolf, he joins Team Rider.  

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7) Sophie Wu as Ruby Minh Tran: A half-Scottish, half-Chinese sorceress who hails from the London Sanctum Sanctorum. She is sent to Los Angeles by Doctor Strange in order to monitor the Ghost Rider. 

A fun little subplot that I came up with is that Ruby reveals to Daisy that she was Fitz’s first girlfriend. They broke up around the time he left for the SHIELD Academy and she left for “cooking school” (magic training). 

When Daisy asks for any funny memories with Fitz, Ruby says, “He tried complimenting me on our first date. I think he wanted to say I had a nice face but he ended up saying I have nice feet”. (that’s a reference to ‘The Fades’, a BBC show that featured Iain and Sophie)

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8) Ryan Guzman as James Ramirez: A rookie sorcerer who hails from the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. He is assigned to work with Ruby Minh Tran and the two immediately clash (she’s a bit more sassy and fun, he’s a bit more stern and serious).

So Ramirez and Tran are basically the Fitz and Simmons of the Ghost Rider show. But instead of science, it’s magic. And instead of falling in love, they can’t stand each other. 

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9) Diego Boneta as Hector Morrow: Robbie’s cousin and Eli’s son. He despises Robbie and Gabe and has a bit of an arrogant streak. But as the series goes on, he eventually redeems himself by joining Team Rider.

So…the Draco Malfoy of the show. 

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10) Emily Rios as Alejandra Jones / The Punished Rider: A woman who was a victim of human trafficking. She eventually escapes her captors, who are all eventually killed by Ghost Rider. Inspired by GR, she joins Team Rider. She’s recognized as the ‘hardcore’ member of the team because of her sheer hatred of all criminals. 

In season two, she takes on a Spirit of Vengeance separate from Robbie’s. It’s this moment that Team Rider realizes there can be more than one Ghost Rider.

To distinguish herself from Robbie, she nicknames herself ‘The Punished Rider’.  

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11) Santiago Cabrera as Dr. Javier Ybanez: Robbie’s best friend from childhood who grew up to be an oncologist. He is a member of Team Rider, offering Robbie his medical advice.

NOTE: Santiago is only on the main cast for season one. Javier is killed by Blackheart in the season finale. 

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1) Steven Yeun as Hannibal King: A private investigator who was turned into a vampire. He is now a vampire hunter, seeking to prevent others from suffering the same fate. 

Hannibal King’s appearance is meant to foreshadow the appearance of Blade. 

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2) Emilio Rivera as  Lt. Michael Badilino / Vengeance: An army veteran who initially joins Team Rider as an ally. He eventually leaves the team due to growing tensions with Robbie. Robbie has a strict no-killing-of-innocents rule while Michael didn’t care for collateral damage.

Michael eventually comes across a Spirit of Vengeance and becomes a rogue Ghost Rider, simply named “Vengeance”. Although not a true villain, Michael ends up becoming one of Robbie’s main enemies of the show. 

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1) Walton Goggins as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider 1: The original Ghost Rider. Johnny returns to Robbie’s life and acts as his mentor from time-to-time. 

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2) Naoko Mori as Roxanne Simpson-Blaze: An investigative journalist and Johnny Blaze’s wife.

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3) Burn Gorman as Mephisto: Arguably the main antagonist of the whole series. He’s the Devil, nuff said. 

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4) Reg E. Cathey as Carter Slade / The Phantom Rider: One of the first few people to take on the Rider. He was Johnny’s mentor and ends up becoming Robbie’s mentor as well. 

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1) Dylan O’Brien as Blackheart: Main antagonist of season one. He is a powerful demon and one of Mephisto’s sons. Blackheart comes to Earth, seeking to overthrow his father. 

During his rampage, he manages to kill Javier Ybanez, which led to Robbie losing his mind and destroying Blackheart with the full power of the Ghost Rider. 

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2) Emily Kinney as Zadkiel: Main antagonist of season two. She used to be an archangel before being tossed out of heaven for attempting to usurp God. Desperate for payback, Zadkiel went after the Ghost Riders on Earth, seeking to obtain their power in order to be powerful enough to return to heaven and defeat God. 

Zadkiel was eventually defeated in combat by Robbie, Michael, and Alejandra. To make sure she wouldn’t return, she was dragged to hell by Mephisto.

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3) Kate Micucci as Andrea Wallace / Jose Zuniga as Eli Morrow (visions and voice only): Main antagonist of season three. Andrea Wallace was a struggling comedian who bothered no one. One day, while walking home from a gig, she becomes an accidental victim of a gang shooting. Just minutes later, she is resurrected after accepting an offer from a strange spirit who told her he would help her get revenge. The spirit was later revealed to be Eli Morrow, who also wants revenge on Robbie.

So Andrea ends up becoming the host for Eli. She’s still there but slowly loses her mind due to Eli’s influence. Like in the comics, due to Eli’s spirit, Andrea can transform into a being similar to the Ghost Rider. Because of this, Team Rider nicknames her “Fool’s Rider” since even though she looks and acts like a Ghost Rider, she’s technically not one since her powers didn’t come from a Spirit of Vengeance. 

Andrea is eventually defeated by Robbie, who uses his Penance Stare to punish Eli’s soul. Although free from Eli, Andrea is quaked to death by Daisy in order to make sure Eli doesn’t return. This is the moment where Daisy starts becoming more of an anti-hero. 

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jewishfitz  asked:

Some fs academy era maybe? Thanks!

I’m actually really happy with how fluffy this turned out to be. I hope it makes you as giddy as it made me while I was writing it. I’m an emotional mess today and I desperately needed this. Thank you for the prompt! 

After being the victims of a messy freshman prank, Fitzsimmons clear up exactly what they mean to each other in a less than clear way. 

It probably isn’t worth mentioning to him. She’s just finished cleaning herself up after all, so it’s completely over and done with, and he’s heard countless stories from her about the havoc she’s had to endure this semester. He’s likely tired of it. Calling him would be fruitless. Although she feels as if she may cry, and would very much like for him to make her laugh, or argue with him to get her mind off of it. No, It was just a silly prank. Crying to him about it would be absurd. They’ve only been friends for a few weeks now and she’d be an idiot to foil their comfort level by sobbing over something so frivolous.

She wiggles her toes and makes note of how soft the flesh between them feels. Too soft, probably. She must have missed that, and It’s certainly not comfortable. She captures a deep breath and slowly sets it free as she takes a seat on the edge of her bed. She bends over to remove her socks and then plops on her back, stretching her whole body to grab the tissue box from the nightstand beside her bed. She pulls out a tissue and begins to slide it between each of her toes. Remnants of the red goop that once covered her entire body comes off onto the tissue.

There must still be some of it in her ears because she thinks she hears a noise outside her door, but it’s very quiet and she can’t decide if it actually occurred. After briefly pausing her movements to assess what the noise may have been, everything is completely quiet. She takes the tissue again and runs it along the back of her pinky toe.

Suddenly she hears a string of loud thuds on her door. She jumps at the sound, then grabs another tissue from her box and cleans her ear as best as she can until the thuds turn to clear knocks. Insistent, unceasing, loud knocks.

She collects her tissues and drops them in the trash can beside her desk on her way to the door. She grabs the handle and opens the door to see Fitz, standing, soaking wet and half naked, shaking with splotches of red goop in his hair similar to what she was covered in earlier.

“Fitz! What on earth-”

“I can’t get it out of my hair, Simmons!” he says in a rush, his cheeks flushing and his arms crossing over his chest. He frowns, and looks down at his feet.

She can’t help but look him up and down, and she immediately notices an increase in his self consciousness. He’s stripped down to his boxers, the knowledge of which prompts him to move his hands to carefully cover sacred territory. Not to mention he’s dripping wet, and his boxers stick to his legs. She’s willing to bet she’d have quite the view if she were to behold him from behind. Bits of the red goop is stuck to the hair on his legs as well, and she can’t imagine that he tried all that hard because it only took a bit of shampoo for it to wash out of her hair.

She must have been eager to somehow relieve stress because within seconds of looking at him, she can’t stop herself from bursting into laughter. Crying would have surely been the alternative, had he not shown up looking like an absolute fool. He instantly looks up at her, mouth agape and brow furrowed.

“Wha- Hey this isn’t funny!” he shouts as she grabs at her stomach and bends over, still puffing out laughs and gasping for air when she can. She thinks she must sound as foolish as he looks, because her laughter is mostly silent swift exhales coupled with an occasional squeak or snort. “Simm–” before he can finish his sentence, she grabs his arm and yanks him into her room, closing the door behind him and desperately trying to compose herself so she can help instead of hinder. She’s at war with herself on whether or not she should empathize with him or make him the subject of all her jokes, but she would certainly be asking a series of questions to expose exactly how he handled being pranked. What happens in the process of said questionnaire is beyond her control.

“What did you do? Remove all of your clothes and hose yourself down in the courtyard?” she taunted, grabbing the towel she had used for her hair and throwing it at him while still trying to control her laughter. He keeps quiet for a moment until she grabs her desk chair and rolls it to him, looking up at him when it’s stopped by his knees. He looks stunned, his eyebrows reaching his hairline. He reaches behind him to scratch at his lower back. “That’s exactly what you did, isn’t it?” she says, narrowing her eyes. When he doesn’t respond she topples over laughing again.

“Well I wasn’t about to go back to the boys dorms covered head to toe in pig guts and smelling like a graveyard now, was I? I want to maintain some level of dignity among my fellow men.”

“But you thought it would be better to go to the girls dorms, dripping wet in only your boxers?”

“Wha- I-”

“And Fitz, you don’t honestly believe that was actually pig guts, do you?” she says, prompting him to wrap the towel around himself.

“Well–” she grabs him by the shoulders and turns him around, guiding him to sit in the chair. “We have different gifts, Simmons.” he finally says, as she lets out a final huff and combs through his curls with her fingers. He has to keep himself from closing his eyes at the way it feels, and clears his throat instead. “What’s your conclusion, doctor?” he says, smirking at the title.

She sighs and says with as much sincerity as she can muster “We’ll have to shave it.”

Fitz ducks as soon as the words leave her mouth, grabs his head and looks back at her.

“WHA-” he starts, just as he notices her laughter break out again, much harder than before. She has to lean on her bed for support.

When she finally manages to regain control of herself to spit out a few words, they come out strained.

“Relax” she says, messing up his hair. “Mine came out with shampoo, you just gave up after courtyard water.” she says, grabbing at her stomach again after the last word. Now she’s nearly as red as the goop, and has melted into sitting on the ground next to her bed with her knees bent in front of her but not quite touching her chest.

“Don’t you think this is a bit of an overreaction?” says Fitz, scowling down at her from the desk chair. “And what do you mean ‘yours’?” he squints, suddenly curious, then looks down at the towel he’s wrapped himself in. “Oh wait agh Simmons did you just use this?” he starts to pull it off, but she lurches forward and slaps his hand.

“Oh Fitz, calm down, I only used it for my hair.” she says, finally getting ahold of herself completely. “And yes, if you must know. I’m just as much a victim as you, although you went to great lengths to make yourself look even more ridiculous.”

“Would you hush.” he snarls, then looks down. He notices he’s grabbed her hand and instantly lets go, sucking in his lower lip and biting at it. He avoids eye contact at all costs and wipes his hand on the towel as if he’s just touched something repulsive and then finally looks back at her. “I just need your help, as my best friend, getting this gross red mess out of my innocent, beautiful hair.”

Jemma pauses and looks up at him, stunned. He’s never called her that before. His best friend. Up until they’d gotten paired together, she’d only known him as her enemy even though she’d never asked for it to be that way. She wasn’t hesitant to befriend him once they’d acknowledge how strong they were as a pair, but she was under no assumption that he felt quite the bond to her that she felt to him, and it took her by surprise when he put it into words. It really shouldn’t be a big deal, or a deal at all, but she can’t help the butterflies that tickle her stomach when he says it.

He notices her gaze and looks embarrassed again although this time it strikes him that he doesn’t know why. “What? What did I say?”

“N-nothing just.. That… As your… I’m your what?” she shrugs slightly, trying not to look too happy or excited.

“My… best… I mean are we not?” He says, trying to hide his disappointment.

Jemma jumps to her feet and steps behind him, grabbing at a lock of his hair. “No we are! I-”

“- I mean I just figured -”

“- No of course I just-”

“- cause we-”

“- You’ve never called me that-”

“- Spend a lot of time together-”

“- before-”

And then they’re quiet for a moment or so. She absent-mindedly fiddles with the lock of hair that she grabbed when she stood up, and bites her lip to keep her smile from widening too much. But she can’t help the little giggle that escapes her, praying in her head that he didn’t hear it.

“I’ll go get the scissors.” she jokes to break the silence.

“Very funny.” he grins.

waitingforeleven  asked:

Idk if you've addressed this yet, but in SBS, when did Fitz finally get around to proposing? I just read your answer about how they started thinking about marriage right before she gets taken by the monolith, so how much time passes before he pops the question? And how does he go about it? ;-) ❤❤❤

I haven’t addressed that yet, but - it happens during what’s 3x17 in canon. :-)

they’ve just survived yet another bomb - for Fitz and Sarama, this is far, far too similar to 8/8. so Fitz snaps unnecessarily at Lincoln, and moodily agrees with Coulson that they lie low for the time being. 

once the four of them are in their room, Jemma gets right to work, leaning back against Caedmon at the end of the queen-sized bed and grumbling about how they should be in the lab. Fitz, agitated, just stands in the center of the room for a bit, trying to calm down from the horror of having seen a second bomb go off far too close to Jemma and Caedmon. what if next time the bomb hits its target? absent-mindedly, she reaches up to the edge of the bed to rub the backs of her fingers against Sarama’s scales, and that familiar feeling of her touching his soul just crashes over him. what would his life be without her? without knowing that at least she was somewhere

and as Fitz is watching her do work, something he sees her do every day but now with cuts and bruises on her face, he just blurts it out:

“Will you marry me?”

Jemma blinks up at him, lips parting in shock. “What?”

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Clint digs out stories of Phil's time in SHIELD academy.

“Did you really set a fire in the back of the bus to get the driver to pull over by a Jack-in-the-Box?” Clint asked from the doorway of Phil’s office.

“What?” Elbow deep in paperwork, it took Phil a few seconds to process Clint’s question. “Did I … fire … when?” 

“Did you … and I quote … convince the substitute history of warfare professor that there was a planned field trip to Arlington Cemetery to get out of stats test?” Clint read from an open manila folder, flipping pages as he went. “And add permanent green dye to the Engineering Academy’s fire sprinklers before the annual science fair presentations?” 

“Where the hell did you find that?” Phil was up from his chair in a flash, crossing the space, and reaching for the file. “Old academy records are private.” 

“Anderson decided I deserved to spend a day working on that mountain of backlogged filing in the basement.” Clint snatched the file out of Phil’s reach. “Didn’t realize I’d strike gold. A chicken, a fog horn and a vat of peroxide? Genius, Phil. Pure genius.”

“Clint,” Phil warned in his best Agent Coulson voice; Clint ignored him. 

“Who knew suntan lotion could be used as a …” 

Phil cut him off with a hand over Clint’s mouth, pulling him in the office and slamming the door. “The whole office doesn’t need to know about my childish exploits.” 

“But, damn, you were cool as hell back then,” Clint said as soon as Phil released him. “Hell, I love you just for the mac & cheese invasion alone!” 

Tamping down on his wayward emotions, Phil didn’t show any sign how Clint’s declaration affected him.  “I’m not that boy anymore, Clint. Everyone has to grow up.”

“Bullshit.” Clint tossed the file on the ugly couch in the corner. “You’ve just gotten better at hiding it.  I know you’re the one who set Jasper up on that blind date. You are one stealthy bastard, Phil Coulson.” 

A smile curled at the edges of his lips. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he denied.

“Oh, you know.” Clint’s eyes sparkled. “And I intend to learn all your secrets. Just you wait. You won’t be able to get rid of me.”

Now that was a promise Phil hoped was true.  

Side By Side - a daemon Academy AU

Rating: Mature                 Chapters: 18 / 19
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Additional Tags: Academy Era, Alternate Universe - Daemons, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, POV Jemma Simmons, Daemon Touching, Light Angst, Pining, Slow Burn, Best FriendsFluff, RomanceFirst DatesMaking OutAwkward Sexual Situations, Sexual Content 

Summary: When Jemma Simmons and her lion daemon arrive at SHIELD Academy, they don’t really find anyone that interesting - except, that is, for Leopold Fitz.

From this chapter:

They took a detour around the edge of campus to get back to their dormitory, ambling beneath the streetlights hand-in-hand. Caedmon trotted ahead of them, proudly bearing Sarama on his head – and occasionally feinting that he’d drop her. (He never did.)

As they strolled together, Jemma could feel some indefinable energy crackling between the two of them, each sneaking glances at the other as they enjoyed the post-dinner walk. At last, she just couldn’t stand it anymore and found herself tugging Fitz against her for a kiss. By her estimation, it had been at least a couple hours since they’d kissed, and that was unacceptable. His expression when he realized what she was doing was the purest form of excitement she could remember seeing on him, and he hummed happily against her lips, fingers spreading out wide against her back.

“You’re adorable,” she murmured, brushing their noses together and then stretching up for another kiss. Everything about the night felt enchanted, with pools of streetlamp light dotting the path before them and crickets buzzing in the bushes. Jemma had been a scientist for as long as she could remember having conscious thought, but she couldn’t help loving the idea of romance, too, and feeling that everything about the moment was perfect.

Fitz leaned back, a frown on his face. “I am not.”

Read the rest here.

Never Did

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Someone from your past tries to make their way back into your life but not if Steve has anything to say about it.

Pairing: Steve X Reader
Warning: None

You had been inside your room watching Netflix with Steve. You had been watching some tv series, but you weren’t actually paying attention. You had a mission a day earlier that really took the energy out of you.You had your head resting on Steve’s chest and were listening to his heartbeat. The steady pulse lulled you to sleep. Just before your mind wandered off, you felt a buzz in your pocket. You groaned and took out your phone. You unlocked your phone and went into your messages. Your eyes widened when you realized who had texted you.

Come outside. You’re not going to want to miss this.

You locked your phone and shot up from off the bed. Steve looked at you confused.

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Agents of HYDRA

Daisy’s first morning in Framework and it’s one horrible discovery after another.

That’s not Lincoln in the bed. It’s Ward and it was painful to watch how she shrivels from his touch. And Lincoln is dead. Captured and experimented on like all Inhumans. And Daisy has to help like a good agent of HYDRA.

Because here she is still Skye. In this reality she never learned she was Inhuman. Never got to know her parents. Never learned her name. But if HYDRA has the tech to find Inhumans before Terrigenesis how do they not know?

This was the moment I knew Ward in this reality was secretly working for the Resistance. This was obvious reason for him to behave so fishy. As Jemma said, obviously, he was the mole.

Jemma has much easier time remembering this isn’t real. Not real Vijay or Lincoln. Not a real lady in a car. Not a real kid. But her avatar was dead before she got there so there was no fake life waiting for her to get entangled into. However, that means she is a fugitive with no documents in a totalitarian regime and none of the real people she came to save remember their real lives.

It was fixing May’s regret that messed up this reality. She saved the girl. But it didn’t fix the girl. She was still an emotion vampire. And she went on a rampage and Inhumans and SHIELD were blamed for the massacre. And now HYDRA rules by using fear of Inhumans to take way all the rights. They spread propaganda of fear and suspicion. It worked before for the Nazi  - find a group you can blame for everything and turn people against them and justify oppression by telling people you keeping them safe. When you act like a Nazi…

But the massacre in SHIELD Academy wasn’t even real. Instead of dying from contamination Jemma was executed and put in a mass grave so no one saw that she was shot not poisoned. It’s all as fake as lives everyone has in there. Just a perfect excuse for HYDRA to take over. And for AIDA to get a total control over the simulation - Madame Hydra who rules it all.

May is a dutiful agent of HYDRA out of guilt over bringing that girl and she considers all the Inhumans a threat. If a little girl did that what others can do?

Fitz is building a surveillance state and finding new innovative ways of hurting the Inhumans he blames for the death of Jemma and the massacre in the Academy. Now AIDA has her other creator all to herself.

And Coulson is a teaching kids anti-Inhuman propaganda and misinterpreting history in HYDRA’s favour. With new, better facts. And like all good citizens he snitches on subversives - like a weird woman saying she is from SHIELD.

But Jemma was right. Tahiti - it’s a magical place. And Daisy is like family. This is not Coulson’s first memory erasure so he collected the pieces of his memory and then he remembered her name. 

Good thing too because AIDA has cut off their exit form Framework. Either they all find a way out or no one does.

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fs+ things you said with the tv on mute!

send a ship and a number!

‘All I’m saying, Simmons, is that I can’t see the point in watching a film without the sound on.’

And what I’m trying to tell you, Fitz, once you let me get a word in edgeways, is that I’ll put the subtitles on instead. You can read, can’t you?’

Yes, but that’s not the point…’

With a sigh, Jemma turns around to face him, the large bowl of popcorn balanced on her hip like a washing basket. Curled up on her narrow dorm bed with a blanket pulled up to his chin and his hair sticking up in soft tufts, her best friend looks unusually adorable. 

‘Fitz, do you want to watch Prisoner of Azkaban on my television or don’t you?’

His shoulders slump reluctantly. ‘Ye-es…’

‘Good.’ Jemma flicks a couple of kernels of popcorn at him. ‘In which case, shut up about it being on mute. Unless you want Melissa from next door ratting you out to Weaver about being in the girl’s dorms at night.’

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Ways The World Might Have Gone To Shit Without ‘Agent’ Phil Coulson:

1) Another Handler probably would have ordered Clint to kill Natasha - the world has no Black Widow. 

2) Natasha was never there to bring Banner in - it’s possible without her it would have been impossible.

3) Coulson led Fury’s expedition to find Steve Rogers - it’s possible without Coulson he was never found.

4) The Avengers (what few there were - if any) never would have assembled - Phil’s death was what motivated them.

5) Shield ran out of options and New York went nuclear in an attempt to destroy the alien threat.

6) Shield was weakened by this attack. Hydra saw this as an opportunity and made their comeback.

7) Therefore Hydra’s attacks on the Shield academies coincided with the time in which Fitzsimmons were there and this is when Jemma died.

8) Phil never met and mentored Daisy and so she was simply, maybe forcibly (like so many), recruited by Hydra post their resurgence. 

9) As for May. Coulson was a huge part of her life for 30 years… so who is she without him? An actual Hydra agent?

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Now in light of this gifset: /post/159608654687 (the lion cubs!!!) which is just so freaking cute, how many kids do you imagine Fitzsimmons having in the SBS universe. And have you imagined anything else in terms of a Fitzsimmons family in this verse ;) I LOVE this universe and I love it that you frequently publish your HCs about it :D It's so awesome :D

hehehe no lie, I’ve been just waiting for someone to ask me about family/child headcanons for this universe. like, real talk, I basically don’t care about and am not interested in FitzSimmons baby headcanons in any normal AU or canon, but suddenly you mention the Side By Side ‘verse and my entire brain turns into mush. and wasn’t that post adorable?! I have so many misc animal (well, lion and lizard) posts in my Academy AU tag now, lol. 

most of what I’ve imagined so far involves adorable new baby and daemon scenes - and most of them are Fitz-focused, lol. for example, I set one out in this post a while back (@eclecticmuses​ has been the sole victim of me occasionally having SBS!baby daemon feelings-attacks, lmao). they’re all snippets seen through rose-colored glasses that don’t take into account any of the difficult baby/kid stuff, but, y’know. I have a few little scene-lets that have popped into my head over the past few months that I just love. 

I’ve really only ever headcanoned FitzSimmons as having one child of their own, Margaret (named after her), and so that continues in this universe. her daemon eventually settles as a monkey, to Fitz and Sarama’s pure and utter delight. 

read on for so much tooth-rotting fluff you’re gonna need to floss after.

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