So, Steve is trying to take over Hydra himself….

Makes Sense The reality that Kobik created was under the impression of the idealistic bedtime stories Red Skull told her of how Hydra is the good guys that will save the world. Steve belongs to Kobik’s Hydra, not Red Skull’s.

Even as Hydra Scum he’s still trying to do the right thing

I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS LINE. This is not what everyone thinks it is, or at least, not completely. She is not suddenly so repulsed by him that his presence makes her sick. That’s not how it works. What this is, is a girl learning that a man she cares very deeply for, stands for everything she doesn’t. And while yes, some of her feelings might be due to his recent confession, I’m willing to bet a large part of it is the fact that she was JUST FUCKING KISSING HIM a few hours ago, and now? Now she knows that she’s lost him, that he really is Hydra. THAT. WOULD. FUCKING. HURT. It would make your head spin, your neck sweat, and yeah, it would make you nauseous as hell. Imagine that. You really, really like a person, maybe even love them, and then within a day, everything you thought you might have with them goes up in smoke. Boom. Gone. Everything. In this scene, Skye is realizing that. He’s gone. All her daydreams and hopes for them are shattered. She still has feelings for him, but if he’s Hydra (and he’s just proved he is) then they have no future. And that HURTS. The thought sickens her. She wants to throw up because damn it he was just holding her not too long ago and she was thinking that they might have something really special. But that was yanked from her. And that sickens her.

Headcanon that when Deadpool meets Maria Hill that he immediately responds with “Oh my god, ROBIN SPARKLES?! HOLY SHIT I OWN ALL OF YOUR CDS OH I LOVED YOU IN SPACE TEENS, I ALWAYS USED TO SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY MAMA WHENEVER IT WAS ON-”

In which Maria puts a gun to his throat and says, 

“Keep going and I will kill you.”

In which Deadpool responds, “Oh that’s the best part, you can k-word me as many times as you want! C’mon, sing it with me, 🎶 Let’s go to the mall! 🎶”

Cosplay Tutorial: Cheap and Sturdy Shield (made from a $5 plastic serving tray)

Time for another walkthrough of “Alanna’s cheap cosplay solutions because she don’t like spending money but still wants to look good”. This time it’s a DIY shield! 

The Wonder Woman cosplay I did at Fan Expo was based on @pryce14‘s design, so I needed to make a shield.

(Photo by Geek Inked Magazine)

I was originally going to get a Captain America shield from a party store and just paint over it, but the one I saw was $25 and super flimsy, barely a shield at all really.

Instead I found a plastic serving tray for $5 at Party City. You could potentially find an even cheaper one at a dollar store too.

It’s about 18 inches in diameter, perfect size for my arm.

All I had to do was give it some straps and paint it. My dad helped me out on this since power tools were involved. After I figured out where I wanted my arm to rest within the shield I drew 4 dots on the inside - 2 on either side of my wrist, 2 on either side of my mid-forearm (and made sure to centre it as much as I could in the middle of the circle).

NOTE: for this costume I wear bracers on my arm, so I had to make sure I was wearing those when placing my arm and measuring out the dots. If your costume involves something on your arm, make sure you’re wearing it when measuring.

My dad used the dremel tool to drill 4 small holes where I placed the dots.

Since the back of my shield would also be spray painted, we had to do that before putting the straps in, because I didn’t want the straps to get paint on them. If you want your straps spray painted the same colour, feel free to do the painting step later.

Since the plastic is very smooth and slick, we gently sanded the entire surface of the shield with a high grain sandpaper (about 2000 grain). While we did use Krylon spray paint that sticks to plastics, it’s better to sand it a bit to give it some grip (HIGH GRAIN is all you need, don’t have to overdo the sanding).

As you can see I drew an arrow on the inside of the shield so that I’d be able to tell which way my arm goes in. It’ll be painted over, but since it’s a clear plastic I was still able to see the arrow until I painted the front.

After painting the back we got the straps on. We used large Fender washers to make it sturdy. Wider washers mean the pressure on those spots can be distributed more evenly. If we used, for example, just some tiny screws, too much pressure could force the plastic to crack.

Here’s what the front looked like when we were finished.

As you can see, the large washers are secured with Chicago Screws. On the inside of the shield you’ll see the adjustable straps (cut off from old backpack straps; you can also usually purchase them cheap at hardware stores). Since they’re nylon I just cut/burned a small hole into them to fit the screw through, then screwed them on between a washer and the shield.

Now I am able to slip my arm through the loop and tighten it by pulling the loose end. Again, I should be wearing my arm bracers while testing out the sizing but I appear to have forgotten to wear them in this next photo. (OOPS)

I glued velcro onto the loop so once I pull it tight I can fold back the strap and stick it to itself to keep it secure. The rest was just a matter of drawing on the design, glueing on craft foam for the raised parts (the eagle and stars) and spray painting it all!

Here are some shots of the completed shield.

(^Photo by @ekwolfwood​)

(^Photo by Very Frank Pictures)

If you have any questions feel free to message me. You can also check out my other cosplay walkthroughs/tutorials.

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