@Dsd_kgn: Dsd_kgnは2012年6月12日23時39分 に自爆しました。 #zibaku

Shidzu: Dsd_kgn suicided on 6/12/2012 at 23:39.   #suicide

@Dsd_kgn: Dsd_kgnは2012年6月14日15時57分 に自爆しました。 #zibaku

Shidzu: Dsd_kgn suicided on 6/14/2012 at 15:57.   #suicide

@jin_jin_suruyo: しづさん最近自爆しかしてねえ

Jin: Lately, Shidzu-san’s been doing nothing but suiciding.

Finally finished watching the Mekaku City Days namahousou from the timeshift! It really was a great hour and a half– Jin started by introducing how the album and novel will release on 5/30 and the manga starts 6/15. He said it felt like it’d end since he already said everything important and there wasn’t anything written on the papers he had, but Wannyanpuu told him to do his best and put more energy out so they could keep going. I’m going to write a report, but I skipped a lot of parts, and it might be out of order, so sorry in advance!

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Watching the Mekakushi namahousou again (as it’s uploading) and Jin talks about how they became a group of three. At first, Jin and Shidzu weren’t together, but one day, Jin said that he heard a voice came from somewhere saying: “Do you want human strength/assistance? (ningen chikara ga hoshii ka)” and so they started doing the videos together until the fourth song, Kagerou Days.

And then that was when “Well .. you know .. that. Wannyanpuu .. appeared.” She laughed at how simply she was introduced, just like, “she was there.” And Jin started imitating her voice how she went, “I’ll make the videos too! Let’s do it together, waaa~i, this is the best! (saikou desuuuu)” Although Wannyanpuu laughed and said she didn’t exactly say that.