shidou subaru

Hi. I am writing a silly ficlet based on Sweet Fuse: At Your Side that is basically EXTENDED MAKE-OUT SCENES because dammit a quick kiss just ain’t enough for me.

So uhm, working on one for Subaru Shidou that takes place at the end of stage 6. This is only the start, but it is going to be racy and I will probably do one for after his good ending as well.

I haven’t written this kind of thing in a loooooong time, so feedback would be nice.

Here’s the first bit. I started with an actual line from the game and continued in the same first-person past-tense from the protagonist Saki Inafune’s POV.  You don’t actually have to know Sweet Fuse to enjoy this, I think, though it would certainly help. Thoughts?

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